No Regrets with Callie

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My name is Graham and I just graduated college with my Masters degree in business. It has been a long road and a lot of hard work but I finished and it is now time for me to go out and get a real job rather than just interning and flipping burgers. Graduation, of course, is a weeklong series of parties and drinking. I don’t party as hard as I did when I got into college but I don’t mind loosening up and downing a few drinks now and then.

I got home early from about the third party of the week. Feeling rather partied out, I was tired and I just wanted to sleep. I was surprised to see my younger sister Callie home when I walked in the door. She just graduated high school this week and had a similar string of parties to attend.

She was sitting in the living room in the dark and I heard her crying. I flipped on a light and said, “Hey sis…what’s going on? Why are you home so early?”

She sniffed as she wiped her tears away and said, “Jake is such a jerk! He broke up with me!”

“What? Why?” I said as I sat on the couch next to her chair.

“He decided he is going to Arizona State and he didn’t want to try to maintain a relationship from that far away.”

“Oh sis…that sucks. I’m sorry.” I said as I patted my hand on her knee. She hid her face in her long blonde hair. She was supremely hot. She was wearing a white tank top with cut off shorts. In spite of being her brother, I have to admit I have had a crush on her for years. She is gorgeous with her blue eyes and a smile to die for. I have never done anything about it and doubt I ever will do anything. She would never go for anything weird like that.

“I can say it is hard to have a relationship that far away. You would hardly see each other. Besides, this means you are free to date and meet new people in college next year.”

“We were in love. I don’t know if I can ever love someone else. My world is over!” she sobbed.

“Oh come here. It will be okay.” I pulled her in and she curled up next to me.

After about 20 minutes, I broke the silence and I told her, “Hey…I think I know what you need. You need to calm down, forget about Jake, and have some fun.”

“What do you have in mind?” She asked.

“Just wait here.”

I wanted to get her settled down and I figured she could use a drink. I made my way into the kitchen and mixed her a cocktail with vodka and cranberry juice. I wasn’t sure how much experience she had with drinking so I went easy on the vodka and just gave her a single shot while I took three. I knew this should settle her down. I carried two drinks back into the living room. She was now sitting on the couch and I handed her a glass.

“Here you go. Try this.”

She sheepishly took a sip and made a face. “What is that?”

“Vodka and cranberry juice. It will calm you down and you won’t even worry about what’s-his-name.”

She quickly took another long sip as forgetting Jake was some incentive.

“Take it easy there. Have you drank before sis?”

“Just twice. Heather and I got into her parent’s alcohol and we made ourselves sick. The other time I have had a beer once at a party.”

“Well, trust me. I know what you will like and you won’t get sick. You will like it. Besides. When you go to college next year, you will need to know what you will like to drink.”

“This is good. Nothing like what I had at Heathers.”

“Do you remember what it was.”

“Not really. Something really nasty and it was a brown or amber color. Really harsh.”

I laughed a little and told her stories about when I was in college and some of the drinking parties I went to at school. It was a really good time and I hadn’t had a chance to talk with her like this for a while. As we talked, I ended up making her two more drinks. The second had two shots and the third had three; as much as mine. I’m not sure if she realized it but she was starting to act buzzed and loopy.

What also surprised me is that as she got more buzzed, she also got more crude and sexual. I had never seen this side of my sister before and it was a little shocking.

“You know that I sucked that ass hole’s cock!?”

I almost spit out my drink, “Oh…really?”

“Yeah. He is such a shit head.”

“So are you a virgin Callie?”

“God no” she said in between sips. “I lost that years ago.”


“Yeah…it was with Jason. We had sex once in his basement. It wasn’t all that great. It was his first time too. He ended up cumming before anything really happened.”

“How many guys have you been with?” şirinevler escort

“A lady never tells…” she said with a coy smile. “But Jake and I fucked all the time.”

I was buzzed, but I was still getting used to hearing these words come out of my not-so-innocent sister. She tilted her head back to finish what was left in her glass. She held it out to me as a way to ask for more.

“I think you better slow down. How are you feeling?”

“Oh God…I’m feeling great. You are right Graham, this is much better than what I had before. Can I have a little more? Please?!”

She slid off the couch and dropped to her knees as she played out the begging look. I sat in the chair and stared at my sister. I have to admit that she looked sexy as hell and I felt my cock jump at the sight of her on her knees. I quickly finished my drink and got up to make us another one. I can’t think like that about my sister. It is wrong.

As I mixed our drinks, I heard music start to come from the living room. She must have turned on the music channels. I came walking back in and saw her slowly dancing to the beat of the music. She held her hair up and swung her hips slowly from side to side. I almost dropped the glasses right there with such a sight. My cock jumped again and I wasn’t sure how things were going to go.

I sat her glass down on the table, adjusted my cock in my pants, and sat in the chair to enjoy the view. She slowly moved around with her sultry and seductive moves. I doubt she even realized how she looked but she looked heavenly and damn sexy.

She turned and found her drink on the table. She picked it up and took a drink from it without missing a beat of the music; then held it close to her chest while she danced with her eyes closed. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a killer smile as she set her glass back down. She closed her eyes again and her hands started to rub up and down her body. Her hands touched her stomach and lifted her shirt revealing her tight stomach underneath with her pierced bellybutton. Her hands slid around and rested on her hips as she swung them hitting the beat of the music.

She stumbled as she attempted to kick off her shoes. She fell towards the couch and laughed, even snorted a little as she tried to regain her balance. She fell to her knees and rested her elbows on the couch cushion. I stood up and made my way over to her to make sure she was okay and not getting sick or anything.

She continued to laugh as I put my hands around her and lifted her onto the couch. She laid down on her back and just laughed and laughed. She was passed buzzed and was seriously drunk now.

“Oh wow…I have never felt like this. This is awesome.” She laughed as she waived her hands in front of her face. Her hands returned to her body and rubbed herself up and down. “I feel all tingly and wonderful.”

I stood over her and stared at her body undulating on the couch. Definitely drunk…I would almost call her wasted now. I guess the six shots she had been too much for her small frame. She probably hasn’t eaten anything for a while either.

“It makes…me…feel…so…I…I…want…to be…naked.” She stammered. Her hands sloppily made their way down to her shorts that she somehow managed to unbutton. I was torn between stopping her and encouraging her. She had white lace panties on underneath and she lifted her hips off the couch as she pushed her shorts down. She lifted her legs in the air and pulled them off tossing them to the side. She sat up and crossed her arms quickly yanking her top off flinging it on top of her crumpled shorts.

“Do you think I’m sexy?”

I almost couldn’t answer, “God yes! You are amazing! You are gorgeous!”

She forced herself back up onto her feet where she quickly unfastened her bra letting it fall to the floor exposing her perky b-cup breasts. She was looking at me but with a blank stare almost as if she wasn’t really in there. She put her hands on her hips and pushed her panties down to the floor next to her bra revealing her shaved pussy.

Once naked, she posed for me. “What do you think? Preeetty hot! Huh?”

“Oh my God Callie. You are amazing.”

“I want to…run around…nn…naked. I want evvvveryone to see!”

Before I could do anything, she took off for the back door. I was surprised how well she made her way when she was stumbling just minutes ago. I was several feet behind her when she opened the back door and ran naked into the backyard.

Our backyard was an odd şişli escort shape with neighbors on the left and right. We only had a large empty field behind us. Luckily, the neighbors on the right side were hardly ever home and the ones on the left couldn’t see very well because of some trees in their yard.

Callie made her way to the center of our back lawn and spun around with her arms stretched out.

“Oh the night air feels ammmmazing! I love how this all feels.”

She slowly collapsed down onto the lawn and stretched out her limbs as she writhed in the grass. I couldn’t resist and I took out my phone and took a few quick pictures before going to her to help her back into the house.

“Come on now…time to go back in.” I said as I took her hands and pulled her to her feet.

“No…I don’t want…to go inside. I want…to…[hic]…stay out here. I liked…beeeing…neked.”

I held her close so she wouldn’t fall and she looked me in the eyes. I don’t know why, but she reached up and kissed me. Not a brotherly kiss. A deep kiss. My head spun with a mess of vodka, lust, and regret. Her tongue snaked into my mouth as she reached and pulled my head towards her. We locked in a passionate embrace and I wrapped my hands around her tight ass pulling her closer to me.

I pulled away in a fleeting moment of clarity, “Callie, we…we…can’t”.

“I don’t care. I want you.” She pulled me towards her again and kissed me again.

“But I’m your brother…we shouldn’t do this.”

“I know…silly…but I don’t care. You are sexy and I want you…right…now.”

Her hands worked at unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it off me. She pulled my undershirt up and over my head with our kiss breaking only for a second to get it off. She made me forget who we were and just that we were a man and a woman who wanted to fuck. She put both hands on my face and pulled me down to the cold grass as she laid down on her back.

I spread her legs apart and moved into towards her smooth pussy. She flinched when I lightly touched her with the tip of my tongue. I targeted her clit and slowly started to lick away. She gasped and she flexed her body as she put her hands on my head. Her pussy smelled sweet and felt hot against my face.

“Oh God…that is amazing Graham.”

Over time, I gradually quickened my pace and started to suck more and more on her clit before slipping a finger inside her saturated love hole. Her hips reacted to my penetration with a reactive pumping and my tongue continued to lash her sensitive clit relentlessly.

I could hear her softly moan and her pussy continued to grow more and damper. I stepped up my pace more and used two fingers as I sucked harder and licked more fervently. Then I felt her body tense for just a second and she flexed as she quietly gasped for air. Her nails dug into my neck and smashed my face into her cunt as she squirted pussy juice all over my face.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her towards me as her hips jumped into the air with each pulse of her orgasm. She was panting and her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. I released my grip and slowly kissed her body on my way up towards her face where we passionately kissed each other again.

“Oh Graham, that was amazing. I have never felt that before.”

“Callie, you are so beautiful. I’m just happy to make you feel that good.”

“Graham, will you make love to me?” She quietly asked.

“No…we can’t. It isn’t right. You are just drunk and you don’t know what you are saying. You’ll regret this later.” I told her.

“I am drunk, but I want you, and I won’t regret this. I want to have sex with you. It isn’t just the alcohol. I have wanted you for a while but…I…never had the nerve…to do anything about it.” She said.

“Are you serious? I have had a crush on you for years. You have such amazing eyes and a beautiful smile. Your body has almost always turned me on.”

She smiled at me and just kissed me. Her hands groped down to unbuckle my pants and she reached in grabbing my throbbing hard on.

“Please Graham. I want you inside me.”

“I don’t have any condoms.”

She shook her head, “It’s okay. I’m on the pill. You don’t’ have to worry about that.”

“Do you really want this Callie?”

She coyly bit her bottom lip and simply nodded.

I stood up and then walked around the side of her and picked her up from the ground. She put her arms around me and we walked back into the house. She kissed me on taksim escort the neck as we made our way to my bedroom where I laid her down on my bed. I stepped back and slowly unfastened my pants letting them fall to the ground letting my cock free. She smiled and motioned with a single finger to come towards her.

I crawled into bed on top of her and softly kissed her breasts and took a firm hold of her ass. I slowly made my way down her slender body kissing every inch I could. Making my way back between her legs once again, I put my tongue back to work on her juicy pussy. She smelled amazing and tasted even better.

She gasped and tensed as I touched her sensitive clit. I worked my way around and worked two fingers in and out of her over several minutes. Taking my time, I built up some speed and some power behind my fingers and my sucking and I could feel it working on her. This was my secret trick.

I felt her body start to move on the bed with my licking and she started to let out soft moans.


She started shaking and convulsing with her second orgasm and her legs came together as she doubled up on the bed pushing me away from her oversensitive clit.

“Holy Shit Graham…that was fucking amazing!”

I climbed up onto the bed and pulled her legs apart revealing her red and swollen cunt. I took a hold of my cock to slowly rub it around the entrance of her pussy. My precum oozed out over her wet labia and mixed with her juice.

“I want it so much Graham. Please fuck me!”

I then slowly pressed the tip inside of her and pulled it back out. Slowly, I entered her and pulled back out with each thrust going just a bit deeper. After about 20 minutes, she took my whole shaft inside of her. Her small frame bounced each time I thrust inside of her. She lifted her legs and rested them on my shoulders to give me full access. She reached down to rub her clit and I started thrusting faster and harder. Each thrust a little harder than the last and she started to let out a soft moan with each impalement.

I then abruptly stopped and pulled out of her. She immediately opened her eyes and I grabbed her legs from my shoulders and flipped her body over on the bed exposing her back side. She lied flat on the bed and I grabbed her hips and pulled her up to her knees where she quickly arched her back aligning her drenched pussy with my swollen cock.

I guided my cock back to her warm moist entrance and slipped it in without any resistance. She then moaned as she relaxed her arms and her upper body collapse back to the bed. I started slowly again and took my time to build up my speed. After about ten minutes, I could feel her body start to tense and relax a little with each thrust. I took a few deep and slow thrusts when I felt her body start to jump and she let out a scream.


I took a firm hold of her hips and started to ram her as hard as I could. I couldn’t hold back any longer.



I then took one final draw and then slammed into my sister’s aching cunt one last time burying my cock to my balls and exploded inside of her creaming her insides with my incestuous seed.

“OH YES…OH YES…OH GOD YES…” I yelled as I slammed each pump of sperm into her young teenage body.

After we calmed down, I slowly pulled my cock from her pussy. I immediately saw a glob of semen seep from inside and dribble down her labia and falling to the bed. Callie passed out and collapsed onto the bed without making another sound. I lied down next to her and fell asleep seconds later.

The next morning I woke up alone in bed and Callie was nowhere to be seen. I was still naked. I got up and put on some shorts to make my way out to the kitchen. There I found Callie making some breakfast. She stood by the stove wearing one of my t-shirts which drowned her small body.

“Oh you’re up!”

“Um…Hi.” I said. “Where’s Mom and Dad?”

“They didn’t come home last night. They called this morning and said they are going away for the weekend and they will be back Monday.”

“Oh…so…about last night…”

“Oh God…Graham…that was…that was…amazing!”

“So you’re not mad? You don’t regret that?”

“Heavens no” she said as she put down a spatula and walked to me. “That was probably the best sex I have ever had. Nobody ever made me cum like that before. I would never regret it. Do you?”

I quickly shook my head. “No…No…I just thought…”

“Thought what?”

“I just thought that you would be grossed out having sex with your brother.”

“Well I’m not. In fact…” she said with a kiss. “I’m hoping we can do that a little more often.” She finished with another of her coy smiles.

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