Night visitor

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Night visitor
That night in my bed i dreamt about her again. Her eyes watching me, knowing that I wanted her. Her boobs framed in that black lacy bra. Her hands were on my legs, unbuckling my belt, then opening my jeans and reaching inside..
And suddenly I woke up in the dark with a meaty erection parked up on my stomach, heartbeats pounding in my knob.

Then there was a sound nearby, I gasped.
Someone was here, in my bedroom!
‘Wake up’ said a womans voice.

I fumbled for the bedside light switch but before i could reach it a bright torch light came on in my face. I screwed up my eyes and lifted an arm, momentarily blinded. ‘Only me’ she said.
She dragged away the duvet revealing my bare legs.
‘How did you get in?’ I said. The torch beam moved down, spotlighting my rigid cock.
The reality of her looking at my erection it only made it perk up harder.

‘That dream you were having- it had better be about me’ she said, climbing onto the bed.

She knelt over me. ‘Yes’ I said ‘I was dreaming about you’ The torch flicked back up to my face, i shaded my eyes with both hands. ‘And.. here you are’ I said
‘And here I am’ half singing as she sat down, my feet were now trapped under her magnificent bum.
‘So how did you canlı bahis siteleri get in?’ I said again. I could feel the denim on my leg, hear her jacket material shift as she leaned in.
‘I copied your doorkey’ she said, one hand pawing my thigh. ‘That feels good’ I said ‘I know it does’ she replied.

Her hand squeezed, moved up, squeezed again, moved up and then cupped around my balls ‘Mmm, well well what do we have here?’ she said ‘hot plums’ the hand squeezed ‘and full of spunk i reckon’
I held my breath, the torch still in my face.

She shifted up the bed, bottom and thighs clamping my knees together. Her hand was moving on my belly now across my whole torso. Nails dragged over my nipples. She breathed deeply ‘I want to play..’ she found my cock ’..with you’ and ran a single finger from the top down the whole length and back up again. ‘and I want you to play with me’ I said.
She teased the exposed underside of my aching shaft. ‘Fuuck’ i whispered.
She dabbed the tip and wiped away a blob of sticky juice, then tasted it on her fingers with a ‘mmhmm’ sound of approval.
I heard her unzip her jacket. The torch switched off.

I reached out in the dark and undid her blouse buttons, releasing her boobs perabet giriş into my hands. I held their weight, fingers exploring smoothing across nipples, gentle twists , squeezes and a little pull there. Both of us were breathing hard now. She lifted her bum up off my legs and her fingers grabbed my cock. Warm wet lips made my back arch as she pulled it straight into her mouth. I almost came straightaway, but then abruptly she dropped it back out and stood up.

I listened as she undressed, belt, jeans & panties thrown onto the floor. She climbed back onto me in the darkness, kneeling, legs by my head. I could smell her delicious cunt aroma. As I ran my hands up her thighs i felt her mouth slide back down onto my cock. I grunted, sniffed her peeping oyster, and slowly licked up and down each side, enjoying the taste of fresh organic lady juice. My hands stroked her back and around the curve of her arse. What a woman. What a gorgeous woman. I smacked her bum. She grunted. Her tongue flicked about under my tip, and as her fist pumped the base of my dick i knew that i wouldn’t last much longer. I felt the release approaching.

She must’ve felt my knob twitching and stopped, removing my cock from perabet güvenilir mi her mouth and pushing her fanny back into my face. She was grinding her clit against my chin and nose. Her hand gripped me tight and i pressed my hands up to her boobs ‘yes’ she hissed ‘touch me. there.’
My hands were greedy and her tits were warm. Nipples rolled between my fingers I held them as her breathing changed. Focused. She was starting to cum. ‘Fuck!’ she said. Her cunt now moving rhythmically on my chin as i pushed my tongue deep inside her. ‘Fuck fuck fuck!’ she whispered and froze, shuddering, thighs squeezing my head. She was cumming hard on my face. Cunt juices flowed down my throat bringing me right up to the edge.

Her hand still pumped randomly on my cock, shaft pressed against her cheek now. I couldnt hold on any longer. I reared upwards and spunk blew out into the dark, raining down across her back and shoulders. I could feel the drops landing on my arms. I kept my tongue rigidly still inside her. She collapsed away and grunted. Then kissed and licked my knob for a few moments before rolling off me with a sigh.
I wiped her cunt juice off my face.
‘Can i stay?’ she said.
‘Only if you fuck me again in the morning’ I replied.
She laughed ‘You make the tea first’
We gathered up the duvet and hugged together underneath it. I sniffed her hair musk and ran my fingers through, untangling sticky bits of sperm. She fell into a deep sleep beside me, hand still holding my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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