New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 12

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The next day, Leo went off into the meadow with some of his young cousins. I remembered what it was like at that age; as much as they enjoyed the attention from the older men of the family, they needed to bond with the guys their own age. I was thrilled that he was fitting in, forming relationships with his kin. And it was nice to have some time to enjoy the family orgy and let myself focus on my own pleasure.

When they returned late in the afternoon, I saw with pride that my son’s face and chest were covered in a liberal coat of cum. The boys were taking their hazing seriously. I greeted him with a kiss and proceeded to clean him up with my tongue; he smiled and giggled as I lapped up the cream.

His ass was nice and juicy; I slid a couple of fingers in to make sure that he was keeping it open and ready. They’d loaded his ass up too.

“There’s someone else I’d like you to meet. Has anyone told you about what goes on downstairs?”

He looked pensive for a moment. “There’s some kind of dungeon or something? My cousin Ethan was saying that some kinky stuff goes on down there.”

“Yeah. Would you like to check it out?”

I could tell he was nervous, but he nodded dutifully. I took him by the hand and we made our way down the stairs.

It was dimly lit in the basement, and our eyes took a minute to adjust. Most of the lighting down here was red-tinted. Most of the basement was a single room, divided around the perimeter with partitions and curtains into semi-private areas. At the base of the stairs were three shower stalls with clear doors, and three urinals.

Jason spent most of his time in the basement; general consensus had made it his domain. He was young- he looked about thirty in human years, but he’d established a role in our family as a skilled master. He had a way of making people feel comfortable and safe, even when he was inflicting pain.

Right now he was hard at work. His curly beard and chest hair were soaked with sweat as he raised the flogger over and over and brought it down on his brother’s exposed ass. Tony let out yelps of pain and pleasure each time the flogger slapped his flesh.

I reached over and wrapped my hand around my son’s cock; as I suspected, it was hard like steel. He was watching the scene in awe.

“That’s your second cousin Jason,” I told my son, giving his cock a gentle tug.

“I want to play with him.”

“In a minute. He’s busy, we don’t want to rush them. Want to have a shower with your old man?”

Leo nodded and smiled, and I led him into one of the shower booths and closed the glass door.

We spent some time enjoying each other’s bodies. Leo loved my chest, and it felt great pressing his face up against it while I played with his hole with my fingers.

I decided to give him a taste of what was coming. I turned him around and pushed him roughly up against the tile wall. I could tell he liked it; he arched his back and stuck his ass out, begging me to give it my attention. I leaned in and bit his neck, like an animal does when about to fuck.

My cock was standing ready and I felt the urge to slide inside him, but instead I reached into him with four fingers. It was a bit tight, but he’d been so well-fucked the last few days that he was able to take it. I growled appreciatively.

I fucked him hard with my fingers, splaying them open to try and stretch him even wider. He moaned and pushed back to slide them further in.

I pulled back, and formed them into a point. Slowly, carefully, I slid my hand up into his hole. I managed to get all the way to the widest knuckle, but he was tight there. I felt him tense up and pull away from me; I’d found his limit. For now, at least.

“Well done, boy.” I said, pulling his body tight against mine.

“Thanks, dad. That felt so good.”

“Yeah? Do you think you’d like to take my whole hand, eventually?”

“I’d love that, daddy. I want to feel you reach up inside me.”

“We’ll get there. We just need to keep working on opening you up.”

He smiled that big, wide, innocent smile, and I locked lips with him to give him a firm, fatherly kiss.

As we towelled off, I could see that Jason was finishing with his brother. Tony’s ass was bright red, and he looked like he was glowing with joy. The two were cuddling on the bench, holding each other and kissing. Jason liked the warm, physical contact after a session; it was part of why everyone trusted him and felt safe.

They looked up at us and smiled as we approached. Tony had already met Leo; he’d been so turned on by my new son that he’d already given him two loads. He stood and gave us each a kiss, then left to go rejoin the party upstairs. Jason gave his reddened ass a playful slap as he left.

“You must be Leo. I’m Jason,” he said, raising his arm. Leo pendik escort dove in, relishing the sweet and musky smell of his workout.

Jason looked up at me with a grin. “I think he really likes that.”

“That’s not all he likes. I’m bringing him down to you because I thought you might help me. I’ve started dominating him, but he needs me to bring it to the next level.”

“A daddy-son icebreaker, huh? I’d love to help with that.” He pulled Leo’s face out of his armpit and grabbed his roughly, leaning in to give him a kiss. I could see him testing my son, pushing him. He thrust his tongue into Leo’s mouth, and Leo sucked it back hungrily. He grabbed Leo by the head and forced himself on him; Leo gave in to him. I felt a surge of pride to see my son so willing and able.

“Good boy,” he said finally, letting Leo come up for air. “Now, show me how you kiss your daddy.”

Leo turned to me now, and offered his mouth up to me. I started gently, nibbling at his lips. Then I did as Jason had done; I grabbed him firmly by the back of the head and started feasting on his mouth. The way he gave in to me felt incredible. I wrapped an arm around him and pulled him in tight.

Jason smiled, admiring the scene. “Looks like you two have some great chemistry. Alright Leo, why don’t you show me how you suck your father’s cock?”

Leo was on his knees in a heartbeat. He took me in his hand and started rubbing my dick all over his face. I looked down to see him at work; he was such a handsome young man. He looked so much like me; it was so gratifying to know that I had made him who he was, with the cock that he was now worshipping.

He licked his lips and took me in his mouth. He’d gotten a lot of practice in the short time since I’d turned him; he was getting really good, really fast. He sucked in hard, and I felt the head of my cock slide against the inside of his cheeks, then up against the roof of his mouth, then against the tightness of his throat. His tongue lapped at the underside of my cock, gripping it tightly.

“Aw fuck, son. You’re getting so good at this.”

Jason wrapped his arm around me in a brotherly manner, and rubbed my chest. “Does your son like being called a slut?”

“Yeah. He does.”

“Let him hear what he wants to hear,” he suggested.

I looked down at my son, expertly sucking away at me, eager to please his father. “You’re a cocksucking slut,” I moaned.

I could tell he loved that by the way he increased his efforts to please me.

“How about it, boy?” Jason addressed him. “Were you made to please your daddy?”

He moaned in the affirmative. He gave another tight suck of my cock, and started fondling my balls in his palms.

While I enjoyed the fantastic blowjob my son was giving me, Jason reached over and grabbed a leather harness off the wall. Leo didn’t miss a beat as Jason reached down and buckled it around him.

He pulled Leo away from my cock. Leo looked disappointed to be interrupted, but eager to find out what happens next. Jason reached down and pulled him to his feet.

“Okay, James. Why don’t you show me how else you’ve shown your boy who’s boss?”

I smiled. We’d had some fun together; it would be a blast to re-enact it.

I reached in to Leo’s mouth and grabbed him by the jaw, pulling it open. I spat hard, right into the back of his throat. This made his cock twitch so hard I felt it poke against my side. I spat again on his tongue, then his cheek, forehead, and lips. With a rough hand I spread my saliva all over his face.

This had Jason really turned on; I glanced over to see him stroking his cock. “May I take a turn?”

“Of course!”

As I held Leo’s head we took turns feeding him our spit. He held his mouth open wide, ready to drink it all down.

“What else do you call your boy?” Jason asked me.

I looked Leo in the eyes. “You’re a pig,” I spat. “You’re daddy’s little fucking pig, aren’t you?”

He nodded enthusiastically.

Jason rubbed his hand over Leo’s spit-slicked face. “Have you given him a good slap, let him know who’s in charge?”

“You bet I have. Wanna give it a try?”

Jason gave him a sharp slap across the cheek; Leo recoiled but came back smiling. I took a turn, slapping his other cheek.

“Nice. Gotta remind a boy who his daddy is, am I right?”

“You got it,” I said, giving Leo a nice hard slap. “Don’t forget, you’re daddy’s pig. Right boy?”

“Yes sir, daddy.”

“Show me what else you’ve done to put him in his place,” Jason suggested.

I put my hand on Leo’s shoulder and pushed; he buckled obediently, and was headed for my cock.

“Not yet,” I ordered. “First, get on your back.”

He lied down on the hard basement floor. I demonstrated for Jason how I’d dominated him with my feet, first stepping gently on his crotch and manipulating silivri escort his balls underfoot. Jason loved this, practically drooling as he watched.

Then I worked my way up to that scrawny belly, his furry chest, and his throat, using the pressure of my foot to let him know that I had control over him and could choose to hurt him if I wished. The entire time I kept eye contact with him, and his gaze let me know that he trusted me and enjoyed the power I had over him.

Then I lowered my foot onto his face. This time no order was necessary; he was instantly licking and kissing the sole of my foot and in between my toes.

I invited our cousin over, and he stepped on Leo’s face with me. He has beautiful feet, thick and muscular, with hairy toes. Leo enjoyed taking turns sucking, licking, and kissing the two feet that were covering his face.

Watching my son behave like a pig was getting me rock hard. As Leo treated our feet, Jason started gently tugging on my balls.

“This is really hot, James. You know how to treat your son well.”

“Just remembering how my daddy raised me.”

“Well, your dad and your son are both very lucky men, then. What else have you gotten up to with him?”

“That’s about it… other than him being my own personal urinal. I can’t even step towards the bathroom without him being on his knees, mouth open and ready. I’ve also wrapped my animal mouth around his throat.”

“Hot. So he’s good and ready for the next step.”

“I think he is. I’ve seen it in his eyes; he wants his daddy to give him some harsher treatment.”

“Is that right, boy?”

Leo made a muffled but hearty yes under our feet.

“Alright. How about I show your dad some tricks I know? Get yourself up on the bench, face down.”

Leo quickly and obediently hopped up on the padded bench. Jason grabbed his legs and forcibly moved him into a position straddling the bench. His legs spread wide like that made me want to jump on him and ride him like a feral animal. I took a deep breath and reminded myself that we were taking it slow, enjoying ourselves. I would give him that treatment later.

Jason straddled the bench behind him, positioning his hard cock pointed just short of that exposed hole. He reached under Leo’s pelvis and pulled out his ball and cock, pointing them down and away from Leo’s body. I could see that this was uncomfortable, but he accepted the treatment.

“It’s important, when you want to show a boy that you control him, to control his family jewels,” Jason explained. He started manipulating my son’s package, pulling on his balls and twisting his cock around.

Leo grunted and moaned in pain. I looked down at his face to see him gritting his teeth.

“It’ll make it easier for him if he has something to do with his mouth,” Jason suggested. I followed his hint and lowered myself onto the bench, straddling it close enough to bring my cock within range of my son’s lips.

Like any good son, he took advantage of the opportunity and was suckling on me in an instant. It was different than when he was trying to get me off; this was more about his comfort than my pleasure.

It was definitely working, too. I watched Jason tug harder and harder on his scrotum, squeezing and gently slapping his nuts. Since his own dick was right there rubbing up against Leo’s, he used it a few times to slap Leo’s balls and cock.

Leo was red in the face and tears were trickling down his cheeks. I was concerned we were pushing him too hard, but then I felt his hand find mine and give it a squeeze.

“He should feel his dad’s hands do it. Wanna give it a try?”

“Hell yeah. That looks like fun. What do you say, son?”

Leo nodded, and I pulled my cock out of his mouth. Jason and I switched sides, and I got to work torturing his already sore cock and balls while Jason started fucking Leo’s face.

I especially enjoyed hitting his package with my own cock. Slapping his balls made him twitch like crazy.

“You’ve got a real pig for a son here, James. I’d say your boy could use a spanking.”

I grinned. I brought my palm down on his exposed buttock- not too hard at first. He gave a muffled cry around his cousin’s dick.

I spanked again, a little harder. The slapping sound echoed through the basement. I spanked again, and again, building up a little more intensity.

“He’ll feel it even more with something in that hole,” Jason suggested with a wicked grin.

I shuffled forward on the bench and brought my dick up to position. As I pushed the head in, I slapped his ass again and felt him clinch around me. I shoved myself in, enjoying the momentary tightness of his hole.

“That’s it son. You’re doing great.” I spanked him again, and he squeezed my cock again.

Jason and I got into a rhythm, me in my son’s ass, him in his mouth, both of us şirinevler escort forcing our cocks into him. We took turns spanking his beautiful round buttocks, using more and more force, as his ass began to turn bright red.

I could tell Jason was getting close to orgasm when he leaned back and pulled himself out of Leo’s mouth.

“Want to take a break?” I asked, pausing in my motion.

“I was thinking there’s so much more to enjoy with Leo. Why don’t we try something new?”

“Good idea,” I agreed, pulling out of my son’s hole. He whimpered slightly, no doubt feeling empty without his father inside him.

“Stand up, boy,” Jason ordered. Leo struggled to his feet, his ass and crotch sore.

“Think he can take both of us inside him at once?”

“I’d say definitely. He’s got a nice loose hole.”

“Nice. James, how about you lay down on your back? Leo, have a seat on your father’s cock.”

Watching my son lower himself on to his father’s cock was a beautiful sight. He was facing me, so I got to watch the expression of euphoria on his face as I entered him. He started rocking back and forth on me immediately.

Jason, meanwhile, was poking around in the basement and seemed to find something he liked. He returned with a black leather flogger.

Leo took the flogger well at first as Jason brought it down with a snap across his back. I felt his hole grip me tighter with each blow. The look of growing euphoria on his face let me know that he was really getting into it, feeling the rush of endorphins. He tried hard not to break the tempo of riding my cock, but I didn’t mind. The show was even better than the ride.

He started moaning and yelping a little too loud, though, so Jason brought out a ball gag. Watching him struggle with the ball between his teeth and the flogger hitting his back was incredibly hot; despite the lack of rhythm I knew I would cum like this eventually.

Then Jason handed me the flogger, and crouched behind Leo. In a moment I felt his cock press up against mine, and Leo’s hole opened up to swallow us both. He let out a muffled groan around the gag, and started huffing and puffing under the strain.

Jason wrapped his arms around him, in a gesture that looked both comforting and powerful. “You’re doing great, boy. Look at that, you’ve got your dad and me inside you at the same time. Feels good, huh?”

Leo nodded.

Then Jason grabbed his arm and yanked it hard, pulling it behind him. Leo reacted in pain, flailing his other arm, but Jason caught that one too and brought them both up behind him in a hold. It looked obviously uncomfortable, but once he settled into the pose Leo seemed to like it.

Looking up at my son’s gorgeous hairy chest pulled tight like that, I got an inspiration. I slapped him across the chest with the flogger, lightly at first to see how he responded. He looked shocked at first, but then nodded down at me emphatically.

As Jason started thrusting in and out of him, I started flogging harder and harder against my son’s front. I knew each time I’d made a good hit against a nipple by the way he writhed. Soon his chest and upper arms were covered in pink welts.

Jason let go of Leo’s arms eventually, and Leo collapsed on top of me. I could feel the burning heat of his chest against me.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Jason breathed, rubbing his hands over Leo’s red, stinging back and ass. Leo screamed around the ball gag, but made no move to stop him. Jason made a few slaps across that reddened back, eliciting more screams, but Leo seemed to be enjoying it immensely.

Then he grabbed Leo by the back of the harness, and yanked him back up into a sitting position. He wrapped one arm around his chest and the other hand around his throat, choking him tight. He started pounding into his smaller cousin hard, using his physical size and strength to overpower him.

Looking up at my son with fatherly pride, I decided he’d earned a share of the pleasure. I spat in my hand and wrapped my fist around my son’s cock, letting the movement of Jason’s thrusting do the work of stroking him.

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” I said, watching in awe as my son’s face began to turn red. I could feel my cousin’s cock pulsing; he was really close now. And the feeling of his cock stroking against mine was rapidly getting me there too.

He suddenly let go of Leo’s neck, and I watched the blood rush back to his head. I felt his cock throb in my hand; he came instantly, squirting so hard he splashed stream after stream of cum on my chest and face.

The simultaneous squeezing of his hole, plus the feel of his jism landing all over me, put me over the edge, and I felt Jason lose control too. We came together, our shared load lubricating our cocks as they throbbed against each other.

As the three of us came down from our orgasms, Jason led us over to a mattress where we collapsed together into a pile of cuddling and touching. Jason played with his new cousin’s asshole, lazily slipping fingers in and out of his loose opening. I watched them kiss, toying with each other’s tongues.

I couldn’t ask for a better son. He was eager to please, liked to be treated rough, and loved his daddy.

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