New England Massage

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Writers Note: All of these stories are real, from my experiences. I share them here because I have no other place to share them, it would be considered creepy in polite society. I don’t try to describe the details to the Nth degree. I allow the reader to fill in some details based upon their personal likes and dislikes, that’s what I do when I read your stories… The only things that have been changed are names and addresses.


So shortly after my confusing massage in the upper Midwest I traveled to New England for vacation. I had a day on my own before my family joined me, so this afternoon I started researching massage parlors.

I am pretty picky when I try to settle on one. I really like to see a website that explains their offerings and prices. It is not fool proof, but you can often find the places which will just give you a hand job as opposed to a “full service” spa. I typically avoid a “full service” spa, but I always want to avoid ones that are too legit for a happy ending.

I did some research and settled on one about 30 miles away. The massage was $70 and for $15 you could get 15 minutes in the steam room. There was a free table shower for anyone who spent more than $75, so I was fine with my selections.

The website was pretty splashy, but the building was a drab non-descript building with a faded sign. However there was an open sign lit in the window, and a few cars in the lot, so I parked. When you get out of your car you see that you are in the shadow of a large prison. It was a little weird, maybe this is their first stop when they get out.

I went in and was met with a 25ish oriental beauty. She was about 5’8″, dressed in tight jeans that hugged her perfect ass, and a tight sweater that showed off her C cups very well. She was a knockout, with a pretty sweet personality.

I paid the house fee and she took me directly to the steam room. It was off the main hall with a small ante-room. When we both got into the ante-room, she instructed me to strip and to leave my clothes on the chair. This was unusual, but appreciated. Typically they bring you to your eventual massage room where bakırköy escort you leave your clothes, wallet, watch, cell phone… behind. This is always a concern the first time you go somewhere, because you never know if they are going to go through your pockets to steal something. I have never personally had this happen to me, but it was nice to know they were above board.

I started stripping as she left the room. I sat in the steam room with the towel lightly draped over my cock. She came back and gave me a bottle of water, and set the timer for 20 minutes. I was pretty excited that she was my masseuse.

After 20 minutes there was a knock on the door, and another masseuse came in. She gave me more water, scooped up my clothes and told me to follow her. This woman was enthusiastic but was not in the same league as the first woman I met. This one was shorter, and a little heavy set. Not fat, but not tall and lean like the other. We dropped my clothes in the massage room and went to the table shower room. It was quite nice, it was a large black cushioned table shower table, I remembered that they offer nuru massages, I would have to remember that if I come back.

I hung my towel and stood there facing her naked until she warmed up the water. She had me lay down on my belly and started to scrub me down. She was quite attentive. She started at my shoulders and quickly got down to my ass. She played with it a bit and moved on. She went up my back again and was quickly down to my ass again. She got a little more up close and personal with my ass, taint, and balls.

She then moved on to my right leg. As she got to the top of my leg she actually reached under and grabbed my cock. I lifted my hips a bit, and let her stroke me a few times. She then started at my left foot, and worked her way up. I was ahead of her and lifted my hips to give her access. She didn’t disappoint, she actively stroked my cock with one hand and played with my asshole with her other.

She had me lay back down and started to rinse me off. Returning to my ass and balls a few times before she had me flip. When I flipped I beşiktaş escort was at full staff. She immediately soaped up my cock and started stroking me with her right hand, while she let her left hand alternate between my ass and my balls. I almost had to stop her before I came right there. She must have sensed this and scrubbed down the rest of my front while briefly attending to my dick a few more times.

She had me stand up to dry me off and when she got down below my waist she knelt down and started blowing my dick. Unfortunately, she was not blowing me in the conventional way. She was literally holding my shaft and blowing air on the head of my dick. It was strange, but felt strangely good. She then gave me a towel and led me back to the massage room and had me lay on my stomach.

I prefer to do the massages undraped, but have never worked up the nerve to request this. Once she started she made a move many other girls make. They cover your entire body with a towel, and slowly start putting pressure on your muscles. Sometimes they uncover your back and keep your ass covered. I hate it when they do this. Once finished I was glad that she pulled the towel down to uncover me from my shoulders to mid thigh. Before she even started the massage she reached between my legs and grabbed the head of my cock, and giggled.

She then started giving me a pretty expert massage, while she lingered for a while every time she got to my ass. She got so grabby with my balls I started to lift my hips every time she got close and she took every opportunity to jerk me off a little more. I eventually started to feel up her legs from her calf to her thigh. It was at this point when she raised the stakes a bit. She put her knees up on the bed and laid across my back. She kept one hand reaching under and grabbing my cock and one reaching over tweaking my nipple, while she was alternating between breathing in my ear and kissing the back of my neck. When she finally had me flip she had me at full mast.

She wasted no time before she started to stroke it. I moved my hands up to her ass, and then to her tits. She let beylikdüzü escort me push her shirt and bra all the way up to her throat, but she wouldn’t let me take it off her. I tried to reason with her, it didn’t look very comfortable and her tits were already exposed, why not take it off. The truth is that she wasn’t the hottest girl in the world, but she would have looked better if her tits weren’t squeezed and pushed down from the tight shirt and bra.

I then started to work on her pants. She put up no resistance when I started pulling them down. I got the pants and panties all the way down to her knees with no complaint from her. But I wasn’t looking to fuck her, not that she would let me, I only felt up her ass. At one point I sat up and put one leg on each side of her while I made another play for her shirt. I started to unhook her bra, but she stopped me.

Then I just leaned back on the bed with my legs wrapped around her and my cock pointing up at her face. She looked like she took my hint. She grabbed my cock with two hands and lowered he mouth to it. I put my hands on the back of her head, and slowly guided her down. Then she did a move I only ever saw in porno movies… she spit on the head of my dick for lubrication, and kept stroking. At this point her forward motion stopped. She kept her mouth an inch from my cock and continued to add saliva lube. Realizing I wouldn’t get her shirt off or get a blow job I laid back down on my back and let her keep working. After another minute I had her pause for a second for me to recover, and then let her go to town again. After another minute I blew my load, and it was a big load.

It is funny, I don’t make a move to feel the masseuse up, until she crosses the line and grabs me. However once we cross the line I must seem to her like I have four hands, and a mouth. But once I blow my load, I lay back and keep my hands to myself while she cleans me up and finishes the massage. I go from a gentleman, to a total pervert, and back toa gentleman in about four minutes.

Once she cleaned me up I she left me so I could get dressed. When she returned I gave her a tip and went to leave. The tip was two $20’s and a $10. She looked quick and thought I gave her $30. She said it wasn’t enough and she wanted $40. I said “look closer it is $50”. Her face lit up and she gave me a hug. Now I feel bad I didn’t give her $60.

If you like these I will keep sharing.

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