Nerd and the Jock Ch. 02

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Before I could take another breath, his lips were on mine. I froze but at the same time was surprised by how just the mere touch of lips have created sparks all over my body. My entire body tingled from top to toe. I tried to unfreeze my body and move away from him, but my traitor body already started giving in.

After what felt like an hour, realization hit me harder an iceberg, and I was as much of a wreck as Titanic. I pulled away from his mouth, tried to each limb that was wound up around him.

Somewhere in between the kisses, he lifted me up and held me by the door. So, as soon as my feet touched the floor, I felt woozy and almost lost my balance.

I was angry, at both myself and him. Me more than him, after all, this is what I wanted from tonight, but this definitely not what I was expecting. That kiss ignited something else my body and I was not ready for it.

I pushed him away me and tried to reach out to the door. But as soon as my hand touched the door knob, I felt him caving in around me. “Woah, you can’t be possibly mad at me. We had a bet sweetheart,” he said.

“Are you kidding me? I never agreed to your stupid bet,” I knew I did, but I was furious and wanted his head on a silver platter for doing this to me.

“We both know that you are lying through your teeth,” he smirked.

“Whatever, it was just an average kiss, I am not going to waste my time talking about it,” I replied with a feigned indignation.

His smirk dropped, and his beautiful face got serious, “that’s bullshit, don’t lie sweetheart,” he replied.

I had to get away from there, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. I turned back as he completely caged me in. He looked at with a unique expression and I didn’t exactly understand what was going in his mind.

He leaned into me, “let’s call truce and have another bet,” he whispered.

“Do you want to die? Leave me alone, I want to stay away from you and your stupid bets,” I mostly faked my outrage at this point. I was very curious, but I didn’t want to let him know and take advantage of the situation.

“Oh, come on! You’re curious about this, aren’t you?” He asked.

“No, canlı bahis not even 0.000001%,” I replied.

“Hear me out,” he said. I knew this was not good for my sanity.

I could still feel my lips tingling from that kiss, and my lips are a bit chaffed because of the harsh treatment they received from his stubble. I was never attracted to guys with stubble, but now my type seemed to be changing. But heart and my mind are at a war.

“If I win this bet, you will agree to go on a date with me,” he stated with a highly confident face.

Something that I saw in his face irritated me. “What of I lose?” I asked him confused.

“I’ll leave you alone, I’m pretty sure you’ll be very happy about it,” he replied. I knew I shouldn’t agree to anything he said, but I found myself nodding to his terms and conditions.

“Agreed, what’s the bet?” I asked excitedly. He moved away from me and rubbed his hand in an obvious excitement. He smiled and that glorious dimple popped out.

“The bet is that I’ll make you come in 5 minutes.”

“Come where?” I asked confused, but then it hit me. Oh! that come. As soon as the realization hit me, I blushed from head to toe.

What the hell have I walked myself into? And now it looks like it’s too late to back out.

“You agreed to the bet already, sweetheart” he said grinning like a maniac. I did agree to it. I sighed, but I knew for a fact that what he stated was impossible.

I knew that because I tried that once before and I failed terribly. I just sat in my bath tub uncomfortably touching myself without having anything close to an orgasm and I gave up after it.

So, I was sure that he has a task to accomplish in 5min which I failed to achieve. But apart from all that, this is the first time I’m going to let a guy touch me. That means, this is as important to me just as a moon landing to the USA.

What have I done? All I wanted was to have a kiss, go to my dorm and watch the reruns of Supernatural or finish a book.

He moved towards me and caged me in again. I was starting to get uncomfortable, but stood my ground. He slowly bent and rubbed his nose along my jawline. He moved bahis siteleri a little up and kissed the corner of my mouth. That small touch set sparks up in my tummy.

His mouth trailed along my jawline while his hands circled around my waist. He pulled closer to his body. I could feel each and every part of my body touching his, and vice versa. Including some very excited male parts of his that are rubbing against my stomach.

His hands are trailing along my back, and then he did something I least expected. He gripped my hair and jerked my head back. It didn’t hurt me in the slightest, but it surprised me enough to make me gasp. He immediately took advantage of it and leaned to kiss me. His previous kiss seemed tamed compared to this one, this one was hot and urgent.

He kissed me like there is no tomorrow and slid his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues meshed and it turned from a friendly game into a war for domination. Meanwhile his other hand slid to my ass and grabbed it. I’m so closely tucked up against him.

His mouth is now basically making love to mine at this point. Exactly when I thought it wouldn’t get any better, he touched the roof of my mouth with his tongue. I didn’t even know that part of my mouth existed until now. But as soon as he did, it lit up fireworks in my tummy.

His left moved around and found the top buckle of my jeans while his right hand is still wound up in my hair. He freed my pants with a single hand and his fingers traced the lining of my panties.

He moved his lips to aggressively attack my neck. He started kissing all along my neck and reached a spot just beneath my ears. He sucked at the spot while his hand touch me through my panties. “You’re soaking wet, sweetheart,” he growled into my ear.

This triggered him somehow and he yanked my jeans to my ankles and kneeled down in front of me. He gripped my panties and looked at me, “your lingerie is best thing that has ever happened to me,” he said right before ripping my panties into shreds.

Before I could even reply, his mouth is between my thighs and he started sucking my clit like a possessed man. My knees started buckling, and he looked at bahis şirketleri me wickedly. “You need to stand straight for just 4 more minutes and we’ll be done.”

“You ah-arrogant as-asshole…mmmm,” I couldn’t even get the sentence straight as he resumed his attack. His finger trailed my lips and I knew I was losing it. I closed my eyes and started going through periodic table in my head to distract myself. It was my last resort, just as he dipped his finger deep into me. I moaned loudly losing my battle even before I reached Nitrogen. I can’t seem to remember what element comes after that.

He sucked my clit just as he hooked his finger inside me reaching the point, which most people thought was a myth and I came. I came crashing in like Titanic right after it hit the iceberg. Apparently I was week and it didn’t take much.

Although he didn’t stop his attacks. He kept going like a mad man. He added another finger and he pumped in and out fast. His mouth moved a little lower and latched on my other lips. He sucked and bit a lip while the his fingers drenched are pumping in and out of me. I couldn’t take it any longer. I couldn’t even stand any longer. I held onto his hair, while my legs were turning into Jello-O. Before I knew any better, I was coming again. This one much longer than the previous one.

As soon as I regained consciousness and started coming to my senses, I realized how tightly I was gripping his hair and immediately released it. I started to apologize, but he immediately stood and tugged me to him. He kissed my neck, and whispered in my ears.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 6:00. I don’t care what you wear on the outside, but just like today, wear a bra without padding. I want to conduct some experiments on you tomorrow. Also, sweetheart, if you want the repeat performance, come in lace.”

He held me for some more time until I felt strong enough to stand on my own. And as soon I could, I came to my senses. I realized I lost the bet. Embarrassing enough, I came twice. This is the first time I have come and I came twice within 5 minutes.

I felt everything all at once. But most of all, I felt scared. I pushed him away, and this time he wasn’t expecting it, so he looked shocked. “I have to go, I have to feed my chicken,” I said hurriedly and rushed out of the room. I ran like hell was upon me.

What the hell! I don’t even have a chicken!!

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