Neighborly Relations Pt. 08

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PART EIGHT: Plans and Confessions


Emily Porter planned to have a normal life with healthy, well educated children, a loving husband, grandchildren, and retirement someplace warm. It didn’t seem like too much to ask. Her plans seemed to have been changed by fate.

The changes weren’t necessarily bad. It was just that she didn’t know where the sudden changes in her life were taking her, and she hated the uncertainty of it all.

Emily was thinking of those changes on Monday morning after her husband and children had gone to work. She was thinking of them while kissing Patty Trent’s left breast and slipping her fingers over and into her friend’s hot, wet pussy. This wasn’t normal behavior for a married mother of two, but she liked it.

“So they know,” Patty was saying, rather haltingly as she reacted to the movement of Emily’s fingers. “They’re adults and they aren’t exactly idiots. Oh, yes, God that’s good. Yes, slow like that.”

“Is that nice?” Emily purred into her ear.

“Oh, oh, yes.” Patty’s stomach clenched suddenly, bringing her legs up in a spasm as her climax hit her from a slow, humming start. “Oh, yes, yes, yes. Oh, Oh, stop, yes, stop.”

Emily rolled away on the big double bed in the Trent’s bedroom, her auburn hair strewn over the pillow. “No, they’re not idiots, and they are adults, but they’re my kids and I don’t want to ruin them.”

The idea that her kids knew of her lesbian affair was devastating to Emily, who would never do anything to harm them. They knew and she didn’t know what to do.

“If this big, wide world hasn’t ruined them yet, I don’t think you’ll be able to do it,” Patty said.

Patty kissed her and then kissed down to her groin. She moved around, slipping up on the bed between Emily’s legs and slipping her fingers inside of her. She lowered her mouth to the delicious lips of the pussy before her.

“What do you think I should do?” Emily asked, gasping just a bit. She looked down at Patty, just her forehead and eyes visible over Emily’s pubic hair. Suddenly, the movements of Patty’s tongue took her worries away. She floated on a humming sensation of pure physical bliss that centered on her clitoris and spread through her body. It was so good, so perfect, that she wasn’t going to let anything interfere.

Her cell phone rang.

Catching her breath as well as she could, she flipped it open and answered it. “Hello.” She lay back on the pillow, breathing deeply and trying to sound calm.

“Hi, Emily. This is Jenny Peterson.” The pleasant voice of their neighbor across the street came to her.

“Oh, h, h, hi,” Emily said, pushing at Patty’s head trying to stop her activities for the duration of the call.

“We’re going to have a little party this Friday, Emily. Just a few of our new friends, you understand.” Emily did, indeed, understand. She meant her new sexual friends. “Carter, Adams, Trent, and you guys, of course. Maybe the Mosswells, but I don’t know.”

“Friday? But I don’t think Robert will want to participate. I mean, well, I hope you understand,” Emily said, trying to cover the fact that her husband knew nothing about his neighborhood’s many sexual activities.

“He doesn’t have to,” Jenny said, easily. “Nobody has to join in, honey. As long as he’s okay with you participating, we’re fine. Love to have him come over, though.”

“Okay, well . . .” Emily swatted at the top of Patty’s head. “I’ll tell Robert and get back to you.”

“Great. I’ll be looking forward to your call.”

The older woman hung up and Emily snapped her phone shut.

“You haven’t told Robert anything,” Patty said, her voice muffled against Emily’s soft flesh. “Have you?”

“No,” Emily admitted. The feeling was gone. Patty’s efforts on her clit were wasted. “Stop. Okay? I’m not going to cum now.”

Patty stopped and moved back up to lay facing Emily and resting her head on her hand. “If he doesn’t know, it’s called cheating” she said.

“I know, yes, but what if he thinks I’m a lesbian? What if he thinks I want to leave him? Oh, hell, Patty. I didn’t figure we’d continue like this.”

“If you don’t tell him, you’ll have trouble anyway. Come Friday night, he’s going to wonder why you guys weren’t invited to the party.”

Emily closed her eyes, trying to find some way to get through this week. There was nothing but the truth to save her, and that was no salvation at all.


Claudia Adams got the call shortly after Emily. She had just put 2 year-old Meredith down for her nap and she was headed for the shower when the phone rang. Since she was 8 months pregnant, she had no robe large enough to cover herself and was walking nude to the bath room. She stood looking at herself in the vanity mirror as Jenny introduced herself.

“I know we haven’t gotten together in this way before,” Jenny said. “But Terry Carter told me that you guys were great fun. Hey, that’s what were after, too.”

“I would never have thought anyone in this neighborhood was a swinger,” Claudia istanbul rus escort said, smoothing her hand down over the taut skin of her massive belly. “And to think Andy and I would, you know, would do that. Well, it’s quite a surprise.”

“So you’ll come then?” Jenny asked.

“Oh, yes, we wouldn’t miss it.”

Claudia closed her cell phone and studied herself. Her huge belly with large breasts laying atop it wasn’t exactly unappealing, but Claudia couldn’t see any sexiness in it. Well, you can never figure men. She turned on her shower, rubbing her swollen pussy absently as she did, and then got in under the spray. Her fingers moved into herself and then up to find her clit, circling, rubbing. And, as she gave herself a mild orgasm, she thought of the party and tried to count how many people that would be.

She didn’t really know, but it was a sizable crowd.


Terry and John Carter were excited to go, of course. Their new lifestyle really agreed with their marriage for some reason, and they’d never been happier than now.

Aside from Emily, it was Patty who was having the most trouble bringing a spouse. Charles just laughed and shook his head rather shyly when she brought the party up. “You go have fun, honey. Tell me about it later,” he said.

“I’m not going without you,” she said. “I don’t tell stories that well, and I feel guilty that all of your fun is second hand.”

“No, it’s first hand with you,” he replied.

“That’s sweet, dear, really, but I wouldn’t feel right going without you.” A look of pained concern clouded her face as she spoke. “The idea makes me hot, and I want to go, but going without you wouldn’t be any fun.”


“Of course. And there’s something else, too. This whole time it’s only been me and, you know, the ladies. I haven’t been with a man other than you. Not ever.”

Charles looked at his wife with a mixture of amazement and pity, his mouth seeming to search for words that weren’t there. Finally, he spoke.”

“Never?” he said.

“Nope. Nobody but you.”

The normally ebullient and self confident woman seemed so fragile that Charles wanted to take her up in his arms and promise to help her with anything. Even to have sex with another man. He could see himself, and probably the majority of the human race, in her yearning to experience everything possible during her time on earth. To leave no feeling unfelt.

He hadn’t made that connection before. He’d thought her exhibitionism was just dirty fun, a relatively harmless way to liven up a day. But now he knew the truth, and the truth was inside him as well as her. Even if a person is smart enough to know when they’ve got a good thing, they will still want more.

“I know it’s dumb,” Terry said. “It’s perverse, for that matter. But I don’t want to do it with another man unless you’re there to watch. I have to have my partner close by.”

“God, I love you,” he said. “Okay, I’d be glad to accompany you to the party. And I want to watch you all night.”

“But you can get laid, too. This is an equal time thing, you know.”

“Maybe I will,” he said quickly. “I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t want to miss your first time. I want to see it happen.”

Patty flew into his arms and held him tightly to her as she kissed him deeply. “Oh, thank you, honey! I’ll be fun! I promise.”

Charles wasn’t so sure about that. It wasn’t that he was worried about her having trouble being with another man. Patty could conquer any obstacle. And he wasn’t worried that he’d get jealous, because he knew how much she loved him. No, it was his own nerve and abilities that he was afraid would fail him and he might not be able to get it up with an audience of sorts. Of course, he wouldn’t know unless he gave it a try.


Robert Porter was feeling a different conflict within himself. Ever since Emily had taken him over for the voyeur experience at the Trent’s house, he had been feeling increasingly restless and at odds with himself. Increasingly horny. He and Emily had been screwing nightly for a week, but he woke up in the morning wanting sex and thinking about it all day long.

He wanted Patty Trent, for one thing. Not to keep, or to run away with, but to borrow for an hour or two. He wanted to see his cock buried in her shaved pussy and see the pink skin of her interior pulling out with his dick on each out stroke. He wanted to fill her with cum and still have enough to coat those large, soft, incredibly bouncy breasts. He wanted to fuck her brains out. So to speak.

Worse yet were his feelings around the house. When he woke in the mornings and saw Elaine in her usual morning attire of tee shirt and underwear, he thought immediately of Cathy Burton and how much he wanted her again. He fantasized having her and Emily together. But he also was taking notice of his daughter’s fine ass. So much like her mother’s. Such a nice handful to hold onto while slamming into her red haired pussy. And when kadıköy escort he thought things like that he wanted to hit his head against the wall to clear it.

There had to be some way to fit more sex into one day.

Robert’s children, Danny and Elaine, weren’t having any trouble getting off. Since neither had a boy or girl friend at the moment, they helped each other. Though they hadn’t repeated the wild sex they’d had that Saturday night, they had some amazing sessions of oral togetherness just before sleeping at night.

Every night, Mama and Papa Porter were screwing like there was no tomorrow in their room and their children were sucking each other off as quietly as possible. Everyone went to bed satisfied and woke up wanting more. The Porter kids solved that problem by showering together in the morning for a quick rub and tug. The Porter parents didn’t think of that.

On Wednesday morning, Robert dealt with Kent Burton first thing. He needed to borrow more for a mall construction that was nearly finished, and he wanted to work out the terms. Robert gave him very good terms because of the strange, giddy pleasure he felt knowing that he had fucked the man’s daughter. He just couldn’t concentrate on the bank’s business at all that morning.

At ten-thirty, John and Terry Carter came in hoping to refinance their home before they got too far behind to do it. He liked the Carters, and he felt sorry for their predicament, but there were guidelines in place that would be hard to ignore. Especially now, in a recession.

Robert wasn’t the type of man who got off on pregnant women, but in his current condition, Terry Carter looked damn fine. He imagined himself fucking her in the ass as soon as they walked up to his desk. That was hardly a proper thought for a banker.

“I know you’ve heard it all before, but we will get caught up fast once I’m back on full time. We weren’t having any problem before the slow-down.” John Carter looked defeated already, and clearly didn’t expect any good news from Robert, neighbor or not.

“I don’t know what we can do,” Robert said, for the fifth time. “Really. I will check into it, but I can’t promise anything.”

“We don’t need a promise,” Terry said. She stood and leaned on his desk and the neckline of her shirt allowed a full view of her breasts and the swell of belly below it. No bra. “Just check into it, is all.” She smiled at him, her eyes promising endless pleasure.

“I will.” Robert’s cock was straining at his pants by then, and his discomfort only got worse when Terry walked around his desk while her husband smiled somewhat shyly.

“Good.” Terry could see his hard-on running down his left trouser leg. She leaned over and rested her hand right on it. “And we’ll see you at the party. Okay?” Then she kissed him on the cheek and returned to her husband.

“Thank you, Mr. Porter,” John said, extending his hand.

“Certainly.” Robert didn’t stand but shook the other man’s hand from his position safe behind his desk.

That was so strange. She had walked around and placed her hand on his cock as though it was a perfectly natural thing to do while her husband just sat there smiling. They were so calm, so easy with what she did when she leaned on the desk hoping to give him a woody and then came around to see if she succeeded.

Robert had been too shocked to do anything at first. And what would he have done? What he wanted to do was lean her against the desk and do her from behind. He already knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, and he’d like to see of she had any underwear on.

And what about that party? He hadn’t heard about any party.

CHAPTER TWO, Confessions

When Robert Porter got home that evening, he asked his wife about the party right away.

“Is there some kind of party we’re supposed to go to?” he said as he sorted through the mail on the kitchen table.

“Party?” Emily asked quickly, her voice rising in tone. “I don’t know. What party?”

“I don’t know either. Terry Carter mentioned it this morning. They were in looking to refinance. Hey, pull up a chair,” he said, sitting. “I’d better tell you about it. They were so strange when they came in to see me.”

“Strange? How so?” Emily sat unsure of what was coming but knowing it couldn’t be good.

“Well, I’d better just tell you the whole thing and get it in the open. I think I was being offered a bribe.” He laughed quietly. “As horny as I am most days, it would be tempting to accept.”

“I don’t get it.”

“We were about done, and Terry stood up and leaned on my desktop. Her neckline was very low and I could see right down. She wasn’t wearing any bra. Well after staying like that maybe a minute with a strange little smile on her face, she walked around my desk and stood beside me.” Robert still couldn’t believe it, and he took a deep breath before moving on. “Honey, she leaned down and put her hand right on my hard cock and kissed me on the cheek.”

“You had a hard cock?” Emily had kartal escort no idea why she asked the question. Maybe it was to delay the question that was coming at the end. “Why, I mean, I don’t get it.”

“Well, honey, she’d just showed me her tits with those big dark nipples. She did it on purpose. And the strange thing was that her husband was sitting right there looking like he didn’t care at all. They both acted as though it was natural.”

Emily sat staring at him for a moment, and Robert began to think he’d said something wrong. Surely she wasn’t mad at him for getting aroused by their neighbor’s tits. They both had been getting aroused watching the Trents fuck.

“Honey, she said that she’d see me at the party,” Robert said. “Do you have any idea what she meant?”

Emily just stared at him, her eyes lacking focus as though she might faint, and her breath beginning to come in short, ragged gasps. Suddenly, tears burst from her eyes and she ran, sobbing from the kitchen and up the stairs.

Robert sat alone for just a moment taking inventory of his words. No, he hadn’t said anything to cause that reaction. If she didn’t like the erection she would have yelled about it. No, he hadn’t said anything at all. Except the party. He had asked about the party.

He walked upstairs and found his wife sitting hunched over on the bed, her long, auburn hair concealing her downcast face. She was crying nearly uncontrollably into a handful of tissues.

Robert sat beside her, holding her, pulling her hair back with his index finger. “What’s wrong, honey? What ever it is can’t be this bad.”

“Oh, yes, it c, c, can,” she wailed. “Because I’ve been horrible. A horrible wife and mother and a horrible human being. I should have told you, but I didn’t know how. It was all so strange and so good. It didn’t seem like a bad thing. Patty k, k, kept telling me to tell you, but I never got the nerve. I let her believe that you knew, and I suppose that’s why Terry Carter thought you were in on it. Oh, God, I’ve ruined everything!”

Robert hugged her tighter to him, totally confused but determined to help her in some way. “Come on, honey. You’re making it bigger than it is. I’m sure of it.”

“I’ve been having sex with Patty Trent,” she blurted, unable to hold it in any longer. “We’ve had sex several times. Neither one of us is a lesbian, you know, but it felt so good. But her husband knows about it. He’s fine with it. But I never told you.”

“Sex with Patty Trent?” Robert’s cock tried to harden at that image, but the thought of being left out of the loop kept it half limp. “God, honey, I don’t know what to say.”

“Say I’m a horrible woman,” she said. “And it’s worse, you know. That pinochle party at the Petersons? We played strip pinochle. Me and Patty and Terry and Jenny Peterson played strip pinochle. And then Tania Mosswell came over thinking it was a racial thing that we didn’t invite her, so we had to tell her the truth, and pretty soon she joined us. We went, went down on each other in Jenny’s living room. We took turns fucking each other with a strap-on. Oh, Robert, I’m so sorry. Maybe you wouldn’t have minded if I told you. Maybe you would have liked it. You’re not a prude! But I don’t know because I didn’t give you a chance. And now I’ve been an unfaithful wife for, I don’t know, three weeks and I’ve been worried as hell about you finding out.”

Emily ran out of breath and sat sniffing and dabbing a tissue at her eyes. Robert hugged her to him one more time and then stood. He didn’t know how to react just then. “Were you ever with a man?” he asked.

“No. No man.”

“What is the party all about?”

“The Peterson’s are going to throw a party for the neighborhood. Wine and snacks and pussy and cum and lord knows what else. A really wild party.”

“The whole neighborhood?”

“Maybe. I don’t know.”

“Am I the only one who doesn’t know about this?”

“No, Robert Mosswell probably doesn’t know. I don’t know about the Burtons. That’s almost funny, you know. The two Roberts are the ones who didn’t know.”

“Yeah, funny as hell.” Robert turned and walked to the door. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to visit the Trents.” And then he was gone.


“Hi, neighbor.” Charles answered the side door when he knocked and let him into their kitchen. “You look a little pale. Want a beer?”

“Yeah, that would be great,” Robert said, truly thankful for some alcohol just then. He accepted the bottle and sat quietly as Charles sat across the table from him.

“She told you, right?”

Robert nodded and took a long draw on his beverage. “How do you deal with this?” he asked when he put the bottle down.

“Deal?” Charles was smiling. “Hell, I’m a beneficiary of it. You must have seen her doing the housework in the morning, right?” When Robert nodded, guiltily, he went on. “This thing with your wife was a surprise to both of them. When Patty told me, well, it got me horny as hell. She told me everything, and that way there’s nothing to it.”

“So she’s not cheating?”

“Right. You know, I think Emily felt guilty about the lesbian thing and didn’t want to deal with it. Patty just thought of it as one more way to get off.” Charles laughed briefly. “And get me off. Emily’s not leaving you for my wife, man.”

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