Naughty Influences

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I never thought that I would be up this late; waiting for my daughter / Diana and her friends to get back from a party, but there I was 12:00 at night and still waiting. Diana said that they would be back by 9:00 PM at the latest and that they wouldn’t get into any trouble. But I guess promises were running low now. And it wasn’t like Diana to do this; skipping curfews, lying and being out partying this late. It was her friends that were making her do this and I didn’t like it much. They were bad influences on my daughter.

There was Brie whom was a blonde haired college girl; around 5.5 feet tall, fit, tight figure and she just loved showing off her body to the guys around her. Every time I saw her; she was wearing skimpy clothes to show off her truly amazing assets. The first time I met her; she couldn’t take her eyes off of me and every time we spoke, she was practically flirting with me.

And then there was the second girl: Cleo. Cleo was also a blonde college girl, 5 feet tall and a petite body but she was a live-wire and seemed to be just as bad as Brie. She wore similar skimpy clothes too Brie, almost matching, but she was more revealing when it came to cleavage. Almost every time I saw her; she would always bend over to get something and reveal a little or rather a lot of her cleavage to me.

And now my daughter was becoming just like them which wasn’t going to happen on my watch. Ever since she met them; Diana had changed from being my sweet little innocent daughter to being someone else. Now she wore skimpy clothes; defied my every word and brought boys home. Things had to change and I would have to change them.

Click… Creak…

I heard the front door open and the soft giggling of my daughter and her friends. I sighed to myself as I thought about her friends being in my house. I didn’t want them corrupting my daughter but it was too late to send them home.

“Shhh… My dad’s probably sleeping.” Diana said as she and her friends snuck through the house.


I flicked on the light and the girls stopped in their tracks as they turned to see me. “Not quite yet since you had me wait up for you… again. You have a curfew, remember? So where were you?” I asked. Diana sighed as I was about to give her another lecture on the rules. “And what are you wearing?”

Diana and her friends were all wearing slutty clothes, yet again. Their short skirts showed off all of their legs and if they bent over I was sure that their asses would be in clear view for all to see. Their tight button up shirts revealed way too much cleavage and was only being held together by two buttons and they looked ready to pop.

“Mr Bow; don’t be mad.” Brie said, defending Diana.

“Yeah; we talked her into staying a little longer.” Cleo said but I held up a finger to both of my daughters friends. I didn’t want to hear anything from them; I wanted to hear it from my daughter herself.

“I’m sorry; but the party was so fun and we were drinking and there were boy’s there.” Diana said, trying to justify her wrong doings.

“I don’t care. When you live under my roof, you live by my rules and you stick to them. I said that you had to be back by nine o’clock at the latest.” I said sternly.

“But dad-” Diana started but I cut her off, I wasn’t going to let her try and justify herself.

“No; I don’t want to hear it. You and your friends are to go up to bed right now. And tomorrow; we’ll talk about your punishment. And Diana; I think you should get new friends; I don’t want you hanging out with them anymore, their bad influences on you.” I said as the girls walked up the stairs to Diana’s room.

“This isn’t fair, they’re my friends.” Diana said.

“My house, my rules. You break them and you get punished.” I said as I watched them walk up the stairs. Diana rushed up fast as the other two walked normally and that’s when I got a little distracted in their skimpy attire. From this angle; I could see up their skirts and see their pink panties and their tight bubble butts. I continued to watch as the girls went up and was lost in erotic thoughts as they left. It’s been way too long since I had sex.

After a moment; I too went up to my bedroom and thought about Diana and tomorrows punishment. I know I could be hard at times but that’s only because I was a lone parent looking after a young adult girl that was going through a phase of life called ‘Rebellion’. I had done this too with my parents and had suffered the consequences of my actions and now I was repeating the tradition of a stern parent with my daughter. Ever since her mother left us a few years ago; I had to be the one to protect her; tech and guide her through life and that wasn’t an easy job. I didn’t like punishing her but when she was doing this stuff over and over again, she was forcing me to do this and I hoped that she would learn from this.

And hopefully she would get better fiends; ones that wouldn’t teach her bad habits and be bad influences.


“My bostancı elit escort bayan god; this sucks, I should have just listened to him and left the party early.” Diana said as she helped her friends make their bed.

“Is he always so uptight?” Brie asked; taking off her shirt and throwing it to the bed, stripping from her sexy party clothes and into a large T-Shirt that Diana lent her.

“Yeah; he seems way moody.” Cleo said as she unclipped her skirt and added it to the pile of skimpy clothes.

“Well; ever since my mum left, he’s been getting worse with being strict. He says its stress of being a single parent but I just think he needs to get laid.” Diana said as she stripped herself of her skimpy clothes, gathered them up and took them to her bathroom just beside her room.

Brie and Cleo then shared a look with each other and a naughty idea came to them from what Diana just said about her father needing to get laid.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Brie whispered.

“Going into her dad’s room and giving him the time of his life?” Cleo asked.

“Yeah; maybe then he’ll let up on Diana and let us continue being friends. And maybe by the morning, we can be his friends too.” Brie said as she thought of just how to give Mr. Bow such a good time that he’d want them back again and again and again. And from her past experience with men, she knew how to get what she wanted and have them begging for more.

“Mmmm… he is hot for an older guy. I’m in.” Cleo whispered. She thought back to his tall figure; muscled body and the subtle stubble on his jaw. Mr. Bow was her type of man and she wanted him badly.

Both Brie and Cleo were subtly feeling themselves up at the thought of fucking Diana’s dad in a hot threesome, they almost couldn’t wait. They giggled to themselves as Diana came back into the room but quickly stopped to avoid Diana getting suspicious.

After stripping and getting into bed; Diana quickly fell asleep but Brie and Cleo stayed up that little bit longer so that they could go about their naughty plan. A few minutes later when they were sure Diana was asleep; Brie and Cleo got up, crept out of Diana’s room, got their clothes from the bathroom hamper and walked to Mr. Bow’s bed room dressed in their skimpy clothes thinking that it would be difficult for him to resist such an offer, like gifts that he could unwrap.


As I lay in my bed; eyes closed, my thoughts were filled with the images of Brie and Cleo in their skimpy clothes. How their skirts showed their long legs that led to their perfect asses. It reminded me of my youth when all I had to do was peel the panties to the side and slip right in for a good quickie. And to see their tits would be a sight but all I could see was their tight cleavage. But I could just imagine what their tits looked like. I sighed at the thoughts going through my head of a fantasy I would kill for to be real. But they were 20 years old and I’m 40. It wouldn’t happen in a million years.

A moment later; I could feel sleep washing over me, so I slowly let it take me. And that’s when I felt it; the slight movement of my bed warping around me, the covers being pushed and pulled ever so gently and then the warm hands gently grasping my crotch. “Oh, yeah.” I moaned as I felt hands massage my cock through my boxers.

‘Wait, who’s touching me?’ I thought as I quickly woke up to find that Brie and Cleo were in my bed, under the covers and both had a hand caressing my cock over the thin fabric of my boxers. They both looked up at me giggling naughtily with mischievous smiles as they saw my reaction to the shock of their fondling hands on my crotch.

“What are you two doing?” I asked pushing the covers away.

I was shocked as I looked from Brie to Cleo; seeing that they were still in their slutty clothes and seducing me with their matching blue seductive eyes. I wasn’t sure if this was a dream or reality yet and if I should let it continue or not. If this was real, than was it wrong to let it happen?

“Don’t worry Mr. Bow, we’re here to help.” Brie said; sliding a hand into my boxers and grabbing my cock before giving it a few nice tugs.

“Yeah; we just wanna help you relieve some tension. And from the looks of it, you’ve got plenty to release.” Cleo said as she then lowered a hand down into my boxers to fondle my heavy, swollen balls.

“Wait… is this real?” I asked; shaking my head to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

“Does it feel real?” Both Brie and Cleo asked together as they took my cock and balls out of my boxers and continued to fondle me. I was lost for a moment in the sensation of their hands playing with my cock and balls that I didn’t say anything and just let it all happen. It had been a long time since I was touched like this and I didn’t want it to stop but my mind was also telling me that this was wrong. These were my daughter’s friends and they were half bostancı çıtır escort my age.

“Wait… stop, I can’t do this. You’re my daughter’s friends.” I said; pushing their hands away from me.

Both girls then quickly straightened up on the bed and tore open their shirts revealing their bare chests to me and they were even better than I had imagined. They were E cup tits and both had small pink perky nipples. “We can be your friends too.” Both girls said together.

“I… I…” I tried but I couldn’t speak, the girls were just too good to pass up.

“Please, let us be your friends Mr. Bow.” Brie said coming to my left and squishing her soft tits into my face.

“We can be best friends.” Cleo said doing the same as Brie and squeezing her tits into my face too.

I moaned into their squishy tits as they overwhelmed me with their scent and drowned me in their seduction. Their hands went back to my cock and balls; stroking, massaging and making me feel things I haven’t felt in a long time since Diana’s mother left. As they played with me; I played with them, sucking on their nipples, caressing my face into their tits and breathing in their scent.

I had surrendered to their seduction and I wanted more, I wanted everything that they were ready to give.

Brie and Cleo both moaned as I sucked on their tits; especially when I sucked, licked or nibbled on their sensitive nipples. I too moaned to their touch; the feel of their hands stroking me up and down, gliding on my skin. If this was a dream than I wanted to be in a coma so that this would never end. And if this was real; than this would be Diana’s punishment: me, fucking her best friends.

After a few minutes of the girls stroking and playing with my cock; they stopped and looked at each other with naughty grins before looking down at me and giggled sexily.

“I think it’s about time we put our mouths to better use, don’t you think so?” Brie asked me before she teasingly licked her lips.

“Please do.” I said, drunk with lust and anticipation.

The two girls giggled as they backed down the bed and positioned themselves over my cock. Brie was the first to grab my cock and so she was the first to have her way with it. First; Brie stuck her tongue out and gave my knob a few licks which made me throb for her. In the past; I had been fortunate enough to get blown a few times, but after I married Diana’s mother, those days were long gone. Brie’s tongue licked all over my cock from base to the very tip of my cock where she gave the hole a few quick licks to make my squirm. I moaned in anticipation and waited for what was to come next.

“You’re such a tease.” Cleo said.

“I know, so why not join me? This is a threesome after all.” Brie said as she pulled her friend in closer to my cock.

Cleo giggled before she too stuck her tongue out and started to lick up and down my cock just like Brie was doing. I moaned to the sensation to two tongues sliding up and down my cock and was silently begging for more. I hadn’t felt a hot, wet mouth around my cock in years and I was hoping that these girls were going to give me everything I needed.

A moment later; Brie gave my cock one long lick from base to tip before she looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes. She could see the look on my face; the one that begged for more, begging for her mouth to wrap around my cock and start sucking. Brie smiled as she leaned a little closer; her mouth looking ready to take me but then she stopped short and gave my knob a little kiss. I moaned in lust and part frustration, I wanted her to blow me so badly. This made her giggle but she then went down and took my knob completely into her mouth. I moaned from the sudden sensation and my cock throbbed hard from clearly missing the feeling of a woman’s mouth wrapped around it.

Brie moaned as she took my cock into her mouth inch by inch, slowly as she was adjusting to having such a big cock in her mouth. Cleo watched as Brie took me in her mouth and smiled to see her lips almost reach the base of my cock and taking six and a half inches in deep. “Hmmm… that looks filling. I can’t wait until it’s my turn to have that cock in my mouth.” Cleo said as she watched her friend. “But then again; these massive balls do look like they could fill my mouth for the meantime.” Cleo said before she lowered her open mouth to my balls.

As Brie was now sucking my cock in a good rhythm; Cleo was teasingly liking my balls and giving them little kisses. But it wasn’t long before I felt her slutty mouth take in one of my balls into her mouth and her tongue swirl around it. I was in total bliss and I didn’t know how much longer that I was going to last.

Over the course of another few minutes; Brie and Cleo were showing me the talents in which they had in the art of sucking my cock and balls. Every moment; they would switch and take turns in one sucking my cock and the other sucking on my balls. It was a heavenly feeling bostancı elit escort and I couldn’t help but wonder how they came to have such experience at sucking cock. However they got the experience; I couldn’t care less at this point, I was just glad it was happening to me.

A moment later; Brie’s sucking mouth left my cock with loud pop and I could see that my cock was throbbing hard. Brie clearly knew what that meant and I was begging for her to continue in sucking my cock to an explosive orgasm. “It looks like someone’s just about ready to cum for us.” Brie said, giving my cock a few gentle strokes.

Cleo then rose up from licking my balls to join her friend. “So; how should we give him his first release?” Cleo asked.

“Please; don’t stop.” I begged.

“Well; we haven’t licked a guy to orgasm yet. Why don’t we try that?” Brie asked her friend.

“Sounds like fun.” Cleo said.

Then the girls quickly went back down and started licking my cock with a vengeance and hitting all the right places. These two had clearly sucked a lot of cock in the past and I was so happy to be their next. Both girls were on either side of me and were licking hard and fast, especially around the top. I moaned in bliss as I felt my orgasm ready for them and about to come at any moment.

“Cum for us.” Brie said between licks.

“Give us your big load.” Cleo said, practically begging me.

And that’s when I felt it; that familiar feeling of no return, when the dame had finally broken and then it all came flooding. I moaned loudly as I felt my orgasm rise and that’s when the girls took it as a sign to lick the best that they could. Brie and Cleo licked my most sensitive spots; Brie tickling my knobs hole and Cleo licking the underside of my cock. And that’s what pushed me over the edge and made me come.

It all came spurting out for them; going hard and fast as they were now begging for more as they continued to lick my cock with much enthusiasm, milking it with their hot, wet tongues. My cock was now a fountain as I continued to cum for the both of them. I writhed in my bed and moaned loudly as I came and the girls just giggled and moaned, happy in knowing just how strong of an orgasm that they had given me.

After my cock stopped gushing cum, it throbbed hard and left a small dribble of what was left of my load to leak down my cock. The girls had their tongues slowly go around my cock, cleaning me of the mess they helped make. After such an enjoyable event, I collapsed in my bed and enjoyed the feeling of such a cum-high. The feeling of euphoria after an orgasm like that was mind numbing and left me feeling heavy and weightless at the same time. I needed that badly.

A moment later; I heard the girls giggling so I looked down to see them both kissing each other. But that wasn’t all they were doing. They were using their tongues to lick up the cum I had spurted on their faces, sucking up large globs of it with their mouths and then trading it as they kissed. I had never been with two women before in my life, but now being with these two college sluts… I think I truly missed out in college.

“Enjoying the show?” Brie asked as she noticed me watching them.

I just smiled and watched as Cleo continued to give little kisses to Brie’s cheek, neck and slowly down to Brie’s nipples that she then started sucking on. “Very much.”

“I can see that; and from the look of your cock, you must be ready to go again. Do we excite you that much?” Brie asked as she grabbed Cleo’s ass and squeezed it. Cleo responded my sucking harder on Brie’s nipple and making her moan in pleasure.

Even I was in shock of my cock growing back to full hardness. I hadn’t been like this since I was in college and first met Diana’s mother. I could tell that this was going to be a long night and that was just what I needed. “You girls ready for round two?” I asked.

“Depends, are you ready for the two of us?” Brie and Cleo both asked together as they both bared their pussies to me. I looked between the two and licked my lips at the thought of having them both.

“Oh god yes, but how’s it going to work?” I asked, curious of how this threesome was going to go.

Brie and Cleo looked at each other and smiled. “I’ll ride top first?” Brie asked.

“Alright; and after I’m done, then it’s your turn.” Cleo said.

“Agreed.” Brie said as she climbed up my body.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

Brie stopped short and straddled my chest. “While Cleo rides your cock, I’m going to ride your face.” Brie said before she continued to crawl up my body until her pussy was just above my face. I had absolutely no problem with this plan, I had actually dreamed of this once situation back in college, but unfortunately it didn’t happen until now.

When Brie’s pussy was now over my face by an inch or two; I went to work and started licking away as I had done to my ex-wife many times before. Over the years; I had gained a good knowledge of how to eat pussy. “Oh my… Mr. Bow… WOW.” Brie said as she felt the pleasures of my talented tongue on her pussy.

“My turn.” Cleo said as she suddenly sank my cock deep into her. I stopped for a quick second in shock of being in such a tight, hot and wet pussy. “Mr. Bow… you have such a great cock.” Cleo said as she started to ride me.

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