Natasha , Nicola Posing Pt. 01

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Stan was surprised to receive a genuine reply to his posting on Craigslist.

“Free portraiture and/or boudoir photography” was the heading. The only replies so far had come from husbands with a fantasy to see their wife pose, but wouldn’t, or from blokes who wanted to pose nude. Stan had soon gave a quick ‘no’ response to those!

So, the enquiry from Natasha was a pleasant surprise, considering she had given her number and asked Stan to call.

He was nervous as he tapped the number into his phone and could feel his heart beating a little faster as he waited for an answer.

“Hi, this is Natasha” came a bright happy voice at the end of the line. “Oh, hello Natasha, this is Stan – you responded to my ad on Craigslist?”

“Hi Stan, so good of you to call, I wasn’t sure if the ad was genuine.” She said,

“Same here” he laughed. “what type of photos are you looking for?” he asked.

“I’m not sure but I’ve always wanted to be a model.” Natasha replied.

“Well, let’s just do a fun shoot and see what happens.” Stan suggested.

“Sounds great to me, how about tomorrow?” Natasha was keen!

They arranged to meet at Natasha’s flat the following evening for a test shoot, Stan was nervous as he had only worked with a handful of models previously and Natasha sounded gorgeous.

He wasn’t sure what to expect as he knocked at the door of Natasha’s flat with his equipment – a camera bag and a big bag full of portable lighting, hoping he had got the right address.

“Oh hi, you must be Stan!” she threw her arms around him as though they had known each other for years. And she was just as gorgeous as Stan had hoped. “This is my sister Nicola, is it OK if she is around?”

“The more the merrier!” he replied, almost open mouthed as Nicola was just as gorgeous as her sister. Stan also spotted a half-empty bottle of Prosecco on the table, the girls must be getting in the mood.

“Can we get you a drink Stan? We’re having one!” Natasha enquired as he started to unpack his gear.

“Just a glass of water while I set these lights up, if that’s OK.”

Within five minutes Stan had got the lights set up in the living room and was ready to start. Natasha halkalı escort was wearing a white blouse and jeans whilst her sister had on a grey jumper and jeans. Both were wearing ankle-length boots.

“OK, ready when you are Natasha”

Natasha gulped down a mouthful of Prosecco and now stood in the middle of the room, illuminated by the glow of the lights, looking a little lost. “How do you want me” she enquired.

Stan stifled a grin and replied “whatever comes naturally. How about both hands on your hips and looking straight at the camera, pout a little, let’s see some attitude.”

Natasha smiled, a really cute smile. Stan clicked the shutter of his camera, as he did so the radio trigger set off the remote flash guns, surprising Natasha who started to giggle. Stan clicked of another quick half dozen shots and paused to show Natasha the results on the camera’s screen. She was thrilled, she had never been photographed with professional equipment before and, even though she wasn’t strictly posing the photos were tremendous.

Nicola had been sat on the sofa with her legs curled up underneath her watching Stan take the first shots, she was now curious as to how they looked and came over to see, she gave her sister a playful tickle and both girls started giggling as Nicola teased Natasha about how good she looked. Natasha said “how about you pose now sis?”

Nicola just giggled again and said she was too shy and sat back on the sofa, still giggling. She looked so cute, just like her sister.

“What’s next?” Natasha asked. Stan though for a second and, pushing his chances a little, asked Natasha to undo a button or two of the blouse “Let’s make these next shots a little sexier” he suggested.

With no objection Natasha undid one then two buttons of her white blouse, which was still tucked into her tight jeans. Stan took a couple of steps back to get a full length shot of the sexy girl before him, white blouse, tight jeans and brown ankle boots.

He had her pose in different positions, hands above her head, one hand on her hip, thumbs tucked unto the waistband of her jeans, looking to the camera, away from taksim escort the lens, full length shots, close ups and several different angles until he achieved the look he was after.

“How about some open blouse shots Natasha, they would be really sexy” Stan suggested “With or without my bra?” Natasha giggled. “Without!” came a giggle from Nicola on the sofa.

“No, leave the bra on, just undo your blouse and try and emphasis your cleavage with your arms, you have a lovely figure.”

Natasha did as asked and Stan took more photos from all angles with Natasha exposing her bra.

Whilst he was taking this sequence of pics, he had noticed Nicola had changed position and was now kneeling up on the sofa trying to get a better view, obviously engrossed in the action. Stan hoped that she would soon get over her shyness.

“OK Natasha, your choice now,” Stan said. “For the next sequence we you can remove bra and we’ll do some nice sexy shots with you just in the blouse or we can do some sexy jeans and bra shots.”

“Will my boobs show?” Natasha nervously asked.

“No, I’ll make sure they are not seen if you are not comfortable” Stan answered, even though he knew he would be able to persuade her to expose her breasts later.

Natasha did as Stan asked and, even though pretending to look away, he caught sight of her beautiful breasts as she took off her bra and quickly put back on the blouse, just as Stan had directed.

The white blouse was tucked into her jeans, making the material quite tight over her body, accentuating her athletic shape.

“Ok, leave the blouse unbuttoned but pull it together with your hands under your chin please Natasha”. She did just as asked. “OK, slowly bring your hands down and open up the blouse very slowly and very lightly.”

Stan clicked away as Natasha did exactly what he wanted, the gorgeous curves of her cleavage becoming more apparent the lower her hands went and the more tither the material became over her breasts, Stan detected a hint of a hardening nipple as he clicked away and tried to capture the sight.

“I just need to adjust the lights Natasha, could you please pull the blouse out şişli escort from you jeans and let it hang loose” Stan knew that if he positioned his lights a certain way then as the flash triggered it could create a silhouette effect that he hoped would show of the shape of Natasha’s breasts through the thin material of her blouse.

“Could you turn to the left please Natasha” Stan politely asked, hoping his plan would create the image he desired. Click, “Perfect” Stan thought as the flash produced just what he was after.

A smile crept across his face, Natasha noticed and it made her giggle again.

“Right, let’s get a few more similar to this Stan said, clicking the shutter as he spoke, trying to catch Natasha off guard. He moved around the area in front of Natasha and encouraged her to move, hoping the fabric would part just long enough for him to capture a shot of one if not both of Natasha’s breasts.

He wasn’t sure if he had quite achieved what he was looking for but thought he would push the level a bit more. After all, you never know of you don’t ask.

“Natasha,” he ventured “do you know one of the most sensual types of photographs is of a gorgeous girl topless in jeans…”

He coyly bit his lip as he finished the sentence, not sure if he had said the right thing or what would happen next.

“OK Mr Photographer, why not?” Natasha answered, starting to take of the white blouse.

“Stop!” Stan instructed, “Let’s do this slowly and allow me to capture the moment” his confidence growing with the positive reaction to his somewhat speculative request.

Stan couldn’t believe his look as the beautiful girl before him started to slowly peel off her blouse and reveal the breasts that Stan had been longing to see ever since he first saw her just over an hour ago.

“OK, slowly, just pull down over one shoulder, look at me over the shoulder, lovely, now wink at the camera, perfect, OK turn round and do the same over the other shoulder, marvellous now, let both shoulders be seen, look at me straight on, nice, pull the blouse together, Natasha this is great, OK, please open the blouse slowly, show me those lovely breasts of yours, wow!”

Natasha now stood before him, breasts exposed, with her white blouse around her waist, the sleeves wrapped around her wrists, her head cocked slightly to one side with a dreamy look in her eye as she stared staring down the lens of Stan’s camera.

It was the most erotic sight he had ever captured.

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