Nan, Mom and Me Ch. 05

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Chapter 05: A continuation of my life with Nan and Mom

After a couple of weeks of continuous sexual engagement between the three of us, we got into a regular routine of who was going where and when.

I would normally see Nan a couple of times a week, but still end up in Mom’s bed at the end of the night, if only to cuddle, as she had to work the next day. Saturday night was our real fun night. We would have dinner and the three of us would all settle down to watch some videos. Mom would then go to have a bath to relax, and I would follow her after about half an hour. She would be in the bedroom by then, sitting at the dressing table naked, brushing her hair. I would come in and take the brush from her and continue to brush it until it glistened with lights. She had such beautiful hair that fell to her waist. She usually only let it down when she was home, she thought it looked more businesslike when she put it in a chignon during the day.

I would then turn her around on the chair and kneel down in front of her, lean over and kiss her passionately and part her legs to give me full access to her gateway to heaven. I would then bend and start to lick and lave her shaven pussy, while inserting my middle finger into her cunt and working it in and out of her wet, moist opening. I would spend maybe fifteen minutes down on the floor just making her happy.

Then I would stand and take her by the hand and lead her to the bed. By this time we had decided to get a King size bed so that we could accommodate all three of us when necessary. I would then continue to lick and suck her pussy and cunt but in a 69 position, so that she could suck my prick at the same time. This way we spent our first half-hour of each night we were together, and also got rid of our first load of cum.

By that time Mom was really horny and I knew she wanted more. Nan would have joined us by that time. She would just arrive and lay down beside us with a sweet smile on her face. She immediately started to finger her wet pussy and I, of course couldn’t let that go by without wanting to get into the action with her.

I would go down on her with my lips wrapped around her labia and clit and suck her like there was no tomorrow. I don’t know what it was but Nan’s cunt was the tastiest I had ever eaten; even more than Mom’s. It was my own feast and I got to eat her cunt every chance I had. I could have had it for an entrée every night of the week küçükçekmece escort if possible. Maybe I will have to work on that idea?

So the night would begin. First by licking and sucking Mom to a glorious cum and then a feast of Nan’s glorious nectar. We would then proceed to the next level. Nan would turn over and start to kiss Mom, on her mouth, her breasts and work her way down to Mom’s cunt lips. She would then get down and have a feast herself. Mom would then decide that this was going to be a two-way event and turn and kneel over Nan’s head and start to suck on her cunt.

In the meantime, I would be lying on the bed watching this glorious pair of women satisfying each other and gently playing with my rock hard cock. Because Mom and I had bought each other off earlier, I knew that I could last a long time second time around.

Before long I just had to mount someone, I didn’t care who it was. I was so horny that while Mom knelt over Nan’s face I got on my knees behind her and inserted my cock into her cunt and proceeded to fuck her gently. After about 10 minutes of this Mom would tell me to get off; she would then turn Nan over so that she was on top and I would go ahead and stick my hot-rod up Nan’s wet cunt.

When they were ready, Mom would signal to me to lay on my back, she would then jump on top of me and Nan would place her cunt above my head. In that way, both ladies would be satisfied; at least until they changed positions!!

This went on for a few hours every Saturday night. Eventually, Nan would leave and go to her own quarters. She thought that Mom and I should have as much time together as possible.

We now come to the present time…..

After a few months of this relationship, Mom and I were in bed one night and Mom gave me the news that she was pregnant. “

“WOW, I’m gonna be a Daddy,” I yelled.

“Well, we are going to be a Mommy and Daddy, and you are supposed to be a big brother, remember,” said Mom.

She had gone out purposely on a couple of dates, and although she hadn’t been to bed with either guy, we knew that we could just say it was a one-night stand situation, if anyone had the temerity to ask.

“Mom, don’t you worry about a thing. I will be finished school by the time the baby is due and I should be able to get a good job to look after you. You wont be able to go to back work at least for a few months kurtköy escort after the baby is born, and I want to be able to help support our child,” I told her.

“Okay Dan, let us worry about that at a later date. I just want you to hold me and love me tonight. I love being in your arms and feeling you so close to me. After a few months you wont be able to get as close any more,” she said laughingly.

“Have you told Nan yet, Mom?”

“Not yet baby, do you want to tell her?”

I hopped out of bed and ran to Nan’s quarters, yelling excitedly, “Nan… Nan…”

Nan opened her door and asked me what was wrong.

“Nothing’s wrong Nan, everything is so right. I’m going to be a Daddy…me – a Daddy. What do you think?”

“That’s wonderful darling, really great. Let’s talk about this tomorrow though, it is rather late.”

I gave her a big hug and a very serious French kiss, which lasted about five minutes and turned round and ran back to Mom’s room. I jumped into bed and just hugged and kissed her.

“I love you so much, Mom. I really do.”

By the time Mom was about eight months along in her pregnancy, it was getting more difficult to hold back my enthusiasm. I was still having sex with Nan, but about 3 times a week now and I had talked her into letting me eat her cunt every night. I would still make love to Mom but it was always from the back when I could slide my cock into her cunt as we lay on our sides and then just keep up the motions of fucking that beautiful cunt hole, from where my child would emerge.

As Mom didn’t have a partner, Nan was going to be in the Birthing Room with her. I wanted to be there but didn’t think it would be appropriate as I was her son. Well!! They weren’t to know that the baby was mine, were they?

Two weeks before she was due Mom stopped work and stayed home to put the finalizing touches to the room we had set up as a nursery. We didn’t know the sex of the baby; we wanted it to be a surprise. It was my old room and it was next door to Mom’s so that we could hear the baby. We had it painted in pale green and lemon, which would suit either a boy or girl.

The day Mom’s water broke started normally, except that Mom had a backache. She knew that it wouldn’t be too long before she would have to go to the hospital so we just spent the day laying on the bed and cuddling.

About 4o’clock that afternoon, she was on her maltepe escort way to the bathroom when she had a severe pain shoot through her back and her waters broke. She called out to me and I called the ambulance and quickly got dressed. The ambulance was there in about 15 minutes and transported her to the Hospital. Nan and I followed in my car.

When we got to the Hospital, Mom was already ensconced in the Birthing room and Nan went to her immediately. In the meantime, Mom had insisted that her adult son be able to attend her as well. After all, it was his brother or sister and he was old enough to know what it was all about. By this time I had turned 21.

So I did get to see MY baby born after all. We had a beautiful baby girl. She weighed about 7lbs and was 22inches long. She had a crown of light fluffy reddish hair on her head, and I loved her the moment I saw her.

They placed her in Mom’s arms who looked up at me and mouthed silently, “Kiss your daughter Daddy,”

I bent down and gently ran my mouth over my daughter’s smooth cheek, and another over Mom’s cheek. I whispered to her, “You’ll get yours soon Mommy.”

Nan came to the side of the bed then and looked at her newest and only granddaughter. She had tears in her eyes, as she looked first at Mom then at me.

“Congratulations darlings, she is gorgeous,”

We took Mom and the baby home a couple of days later and settled her into the nursery. I then turned around and took hold of Mom firmly and kissed her gently.

“Thank you my darling, for our beautiful daughter. I will always cherish you both of you.”

We went to meet up with Nan in the sitting room and all sat down to have glass of champagne – of course Mom couldn’t, as she was breast-feeding, so she just had a glass of water. Nan then asked the big question.

“Have you thought of a name for her yet?”

“Well Nan, we had discussed it a couple of times and decided that it is alright with you we would call her Grace Francis, after you and Mom. What do you think?”

“Oh that would be wonderful Dan, I would have a little Gracie to love.”

So we all settled down once again. Each time Mom fed Grace at night, she also fed me. As soon as the baby had finished feeding, whatever time it was, I would suck Mom’s boobs dry. My excuse was that it would make fresh milk for our baby. I didn’t really need an excuse as for 6 weeks that was the only thrill I could give Mom. She would go down on me though, she didn’t want me to miss out. So even though I had Nan there who I could go to anytime, Mom always made sure that she satisfied me. After all, she was my number one woman and the mother of my child.

This arrangement still continues many years later.

Years later…

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