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My wife Tracy and I have a very active sex life. I love to take sexy pictures, and I have an album filled with photos of Tracy posing nude in many positions. I have also taken videos of her stripping and dancing naked. But up until a few weeks ago, we had never included anyone else in our sexual activities, although I had often dreamed of such a thing,

We met Fred and Candice at a friend’s house. We seemed to hit if off, and a few weeks later they invited us over to their house. After dinner Fred and I went out to talk on the porch while the girls were doing the dishes.

Fred confided in me that his wife Candice was not really interested in sex, while he was always horny. He then said that my wife was a very sexy-looking woman. In fact, he said boldly, she seemed to be prime eating stuff. I agreed, telling him I enjoyed doing that very much.

A few weeks later we invited Fred and Candice over to our house in return. After dinner Fred and I went down to our furnished basement.

I told Fred that I had taken nude pictures and videos of my wife, and asked if he would like to see them. He nodded eagerly. I showed him the album of nude pictures, and then played him a video of my wife stripping. At one point Fred walked over to the large TV set and started kissing the image of my wife’s nipples, and as if he was playing with her tits. Fred just could not believe the size of her tits. He then started running his tongue down the screen to her pussy.

It was obvious that if Tracy and I were ever going to have a threesome, Fred would fit right in. All I had to do was get Tracy to nişantaşı escort agree.

I brought up the subject one evening as we were fooling around. Fondling her breast and tonguing her ear, I murmured, “Tracy, what do you think about trying a threesome with Fred?”

I was surprised at her answer. Maybe it was because she was aroused, or maybe something about Fred’s obvious lust for her had excited her, but she said she was willing to try it, provided I would not get jealous or angry. I assured her I would not.

A few days later I got hold of Fred and told him what we had in mind. Of course he said he would love to do it. We arranged that he would come over that evening, without his wife.

He arrived around eight o’clock, and we all went down to the basement. I put on a slow dance number and suggested to Tracy that she strip for us and show Fred what she looked like nude.

I was again surprised by the way she didn’t even hesitate. She started by slowly unbuttoning her blouse and taking it off. The she undid the buttons on her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She stood there posing in her see-through panties and bra, black stockings and high-heeled shoes. Her red nipples and neatly trimmed pussy were clearly visible through the flimsy garments. Fred got off the bed and walked over to her. He kissed her and put his tongue into her mouth. He reached around and unhooked her bra, then bent his head and began kissing and sucking her nipples. The next thing I knew he was down on his knees with his face between her spread ortaköy escort legs, licking her wet pussy. Tracy was holding his head and moaning. He went on eating her until she had an orgasm.

Tracy’s legs gave out as her body shook with climax, and she sank to the carpeted floor. I moved to her and started kissing one breast while Fred kissed the other. Fred then started to lick his way down her stomach until once again his mouth was on her pussy.

I was wild with joy I had to have a video of this action. I got out the video camera and started shooting. Fred and Tracy were now in a 69 position, eating and sucking each other. I moved around, shooting them from every angle.

Fred then went back to my wife’s tits and started sucking them. Then he got between her outspread legs and put his cock into her pussy. She moaned as I moved in closer with the video camera. After a minute I put the camera down, lay down next to my wife and started kissing and tonguing her, stroking her breasts and playing with her nipples. I moved up to her face and she took my hard cock into her mouth, and in a few minutes I came.

Fred and Tracy were still fucking each other. When Tracy said she was coming, Fred pulled out and shot his sperm all over my wife’s stomach. She then went to take a shower. Both Fred and I decided to join her. I soaped up my wife’s ass while Fred lathered her tits and pussy. Both of us were kissing and touching her everyplace we could, and we were both hard as rocks in no time at all.

When we got out of the shower we went pendik escort bayan into the bedroom. I lay flat on the bed and told Tracy to lie on top of me, and told Fred to lie on top of her. She lay down on me on her back, and Fred spread her legs apart and put his cock into her hot pussy. My wife put her legs around him and started bucking in rhythm with his strokes. I was kissing her ear and fondling her tits with my hands.

In a few minutes, Tracy started moaning and saying she was coming. I could feel her pussy juices creaming my balls and cock. Fred again pulled out of her and came all over her legs and tits this time. I told Fred to stop making a mess and either cum in her mouth or in her pussy.

Fred stated, “I will take your wife up on that the next round.”

When she rolled off, Fred brought his cock to her mouth and she sucked on him while I ate her. After she came again, I took some more video, this time of Tracy sucking Fred’s cock.

I then moved back to the bed and Tracy proceeded to suck us both off, moving back and forth between our dicks until we both came. Then we all went into the shower again.

Back in bed, I put my wife on her back and slid all the way into her sweet cunt. Fred moved up to her mouth, and once again she happily sucked on his cock while I was fucking away. After I came I got up, picked up the camera again and shot some great footage of my wife deep throating Fred’s dick, and then swallowing his jism when he came down her throat.

That was it. We were fucked and sucked out. Fred asked me if I would make him a copy of the videotape, and I said I would. He thanked Tracy for a great time, telling her she fucked and sucked like a nympho. Tracy just smiled and thanked him. After he left, I asked her if she had enjoyed herself, and she said that evening had produced the best orgasms she had ever had. So all in all, Fred has been back many, many times over the last ten years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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