Mysterious One

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I only know you by the sound of your voice. Soft, sensual, sexual …husky with a detection of a southern accent.

It makes my mouth water for the taste of you, makes my body melt for your hands to touch me. I want for your mouth on mine, to taste your kiss…to feel your lips as they travel the length of my body down to my pink flower.

I’ve only talked to you on the phone for the last two weeks and am dying to feast my eyes on yours. Today is the day that we get to meet in person for the first time.

My body is tingling inside as I make my way down the highway to the truck stop. You’re meeting me there in about an hour to pick me up and take me to your home. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time.

My g-string is wet with the juices of my tight pussy; it’s been so long since I’ve had someone else’s hands on my body. My nipples feel like they are trying to cut through the cloth of my shirt, they are so hard. My mouth is watering for your lips on mine.

Will you like what you see? Will I like what I see? I can only guess at this point that we are both exactly what the other needs. Only time will tell if you and I are meant to be together for the rest of our natural lives.

I’m getting closer to the truck stop, I can see the sign from the highway, and my body is tense with anticipation. I hear my phone ring and see that it’s you calling me.

“Hello, darlin”, I whisper breathlessly into the phone. “I’m almost there; I’m actually on the ramp as we speak.”

I listen as you tell me that you are already in the parking lot, where you are parked so that you can watch my truck pull in and then you’ll follow me to my parking spot in the back.

I’ve already given you a description of my truck so that you know what to watch for.

I’m at the stop light, getting ready to turn left and then a quick right into the parking lot, and I glance over and can see your vehicle parked near the entrance/exit.

My palms start sweating, my heart skips a couple of beats and as I’m looking at you, the light turns green and the truck behind me pulls me out of my dream with a loud honk from the air horn.

I make my wide left turn and then I’m there, pulling into the parking lot and watching my mirrors as I see you turn your car around to fall into line behind me.

I drive the truck to the back row, since I’ll be here for a few days, set up and then back into my spot, do a couple of things to my logbook and then grab a bag of clothes and toiletries. If I need anything else I can always come back to the truck and get them.

I glance up quickly as I’m getting ready to head out the door and see you standing beside your car watching me.

We quickly lock eyes and smile at the same time. Wow!! You have such a beautiful smile, and nice full lips that I can’t wait to kiss.

As quickly as I can, so as not to keep you waiting any longer, I quickly climb out of the truck, lock it and shut the door.

As I’m walking around the front of the truck, you meet me halfway, put your arms around me and pull me close to you.

As our eyes take in everything about each other, I watch you tilt your head and lean in close, your mouth slowly starting to open as my lips meet yours.

You taste so sweet; your mouth is like honey…your tongue dances over mine in a rhythm not known to mankind.

I feel your fingers trabzon escort in my hair pulling me ever closer to your mouth and at the same time one of those hands slips down my back to caress my ass.

I feel myself melting into your warm embrace, all thoughts of us standing in the middle of a truck stop parking lot completely forgotten.

I slide my hands from your neck down your back and as you’re pulling me closer to you, I do the same with you. I want to feel all of you against me.

You gently pull back and while looking deep into my eyes, welcome me to Joplin, MO. You help me put my belongings in the car and then open my door and help me inside.

You lean in one more time and plant a quick kiss on my lips before shutting the door. On the way out of the parking lot you tell me that I am everything that you imagined I would be, reach over and take my hand, and tell me that you can’t wait to get me home to play.

After arriving at your home, you help me to get my bags out of the car and then hold my hand as we walk up the steps and to the front door.

After you unlock the door, you show me around your beautiful home and then welcome me into your bedroom. “I’m sure you’d like to have a bath after your travels today…and I’d like to help you if you don’t mind.”

At this point I wouldn’t care if you got into the shower with me, as long as you never left my side again. You show me into your enormous bathroom and there before my eyes is a garden tub with a built-in spa to the right and a shower to the left. Hmm…take my pick?

Yep, I’m picking the tub…”do you have bubble bath?” I ask you. And you turn to open a cabinet to an array of bubble bath scents and fizzy bath tablets. My goodness, is there anything that you don’t have I think to myself?

As I turn to tell you of my decision to use your garden tub, you grab my face in your hands and pull me to your lips.

You have such an addictive kiss and I have already started wondering how hard it’s going to be to leave you to go back on the road. Right now I don’t want to think about that, I just want to enjoy being in your arms.

When you pull away from me, you step over to the tub and turn on the water and get it ready for me. Wow!! I’ve never had anybody, well save for my parents when I was younger, draw me a bath.

This is impressive, you are impressive. It’s then that I notice a couple of candles placed strategically around the tub, and I watch as you pull a lighter from your pocket and light them one by one.

As you turn back around to face me, I slowly start taking off my shirt. I want you to watch me as I undress for you.

I slip my t shirt over my head and reach around my back to undo my bra. As I slowly slide it forward and slip my arms out of the loops, you begin to undress for me as well.

I watch as you lift your shirt over your head and expose your gorgeous chest to me, and then mesmerized watch you unbutton and unzip your shorts and drop them to the floor before teasing me with taking off your underwear.

I follow suit and slowly and teasingly remove my g-string to expose my shaved pussy.

You turn to check the temperature of the water and to add the bubble bath and I am rewarded with a fantastic view of your ass.

I walk up behind you and press my body to yours while reaching around your waist trabzon escort bayan to hold you and lay my head down on your back. Skin on skin…

With the temperature of the water perfect and the bubbles starting to form, you turn on the jets and gently help me into the tub and then climbing in behind me.

We settle ourselves into the warm water and you pull me into your arms as I lay my head back against you. I feel your hands as they move up my body from my waist to my breasts and start drawing small circles around my nipples.

I run my hands up and down your legs, alternately squeezing them when you pull a bit on my nipples to let you know that you’re doing something that I like.

As we sit in the tub with the jets pulsating around us, I can feel my body start to relax. I close my eyes and give in to the moment, happy to be in your arms.

I feel you shift behind me and then I feel your hands reaching for my pussy…reaching to touch it, trying to angle yourself so that you can play with my clit.

And then you find it and nestle your fingers on my bud, playing with it, rolling it between your fingers and then gently tapping it as you feel my body began to writhe underneath you as my orgasm begins to grow.

As you continue to rub my clit, I raise my legs and prop them on the sides of the tub in order to open myself up more to you.

When you hear me start moaning softly, you reach down and slide a finger into my opening. Feeling my orgasm coming nearer, you start to slide your finger in and out, and then insert another one, as the orgasm suddenly takes over my body.

As my back arches and my ass comes off the bottom of the tub trying to force my pussy into your hand, your lips are suddenly on mine and I give in to the rush of multiple orgasms that you are creating within me.

With a sudden desire to return the favor to you, I ask you to step out of the tub with me and follow me into the bedroom.

Trying not to rush we both step out of the wonderful jet streams of water and leaving wet footprints behind us, make our way into the next room.

I lay down on the bed and you gently lay yourself down on top of me, pressing your body into mine and kissing my face.

I can feel your body reacting to mine and without thinking twice about it, I roll you over so that I’m now on top and slowly kiss my way from your lips, to your neck, your shoulders, and then your chest.

For two weeks I have been waiting to do this and now the moment of truth has come.

I gently take one of your breasts in my hand and place my mouth on your nipple and suck, listening to your gentle cries of ecstasy.

I love the feel of your breasts in my hands and in my mouth, love the way you taste.

I kiss my way over to your other breast and gently suckle on it as well as using my free hand to play with the breast I just left.

I slowly kiss my way down the beautiful length of your body until I reach your beautiful love nest.

She is so pretty, nestled in a slight nest of hair. I gently use my fingers to pull your lips back before lowering my face to you and inhaling your scent.

You smell like roses in the sunlight to me, just a glorious luscious scent that fills my nostrils and has me wanting to dive right in.

But, alas, I hold back, and gently nestle my face into your warm, escort trabzon hot pussy, flicking my tongue back and forth across your sweet clit, feeling it begin to get hard under my tongue.

I gently slide a finger into your wet spot and immediately am rewarded with an orgasm. I love to play with your pussy, your moistness bringing me back for more over and over again.

I love hearing your call my name out in the heat of the moment, the throes of your passion for me. I love the way your body is reacting to my touch.

I open my eyes to look up at your face and see that your eyes are closed and you are gripping the sides of the bed as another wave of orgasms hits you and then I watch as your back arches and you attempt to shove your pussy into my face.

God, I love the way your muscles are clamping down on my fingers as I ease them in and out of your wetness!!

I hear the bedside table open and out of the corner of my eye watch as you reach in and pull out a vibrator.

What’s that attached to it, I wonder to myself. Hmmm…looks like a strap on dildo, sweet, as my mind takes on a new scenario.

She’s going to hand strap that on me and I’m going to be able to make love to her like a man would. Hmmm…sounds like fun.

You call my name and I pop my head up to see what you have to say. I am a sight for sore eyes, I can feel your juices running down my chin, my fingers soaked with them and I’m loving every minute of it.

You sit up slowly disengaging my fingers and my mouth from your succulent pussy and as I move to get into a different position, you reach out and grab my face and kiss me.

I’m starting to feel dizzy with your scent still in my nostrils and now your mouth on mine, our tongues doing their lazy dance in each other’s mouths.

You slowly move me to a laying down position on the bed and follow with your body until you’re on top of me.

Still kissing my mouth, you start to slowly work your way down until you are now in the position that I was in not too long ago.

With your face nestled between my legs you seek out my clit and then lick me until you start to feel my body start quivering beneath your hands and your mouth.

You swiftly insert two fingers into my pussy, find my g-spot and begin your finger dance deep within my folds.

The first of many orgasms hits me like a brick wall and then you change your licking to a sucking and I begin to squirt into your mouth.

I feel you slide your fingers out of me and watch as you reach for the strap on that you pulled out of the drawer.

Without missing a beat and your mouth never leaving my clit, you buckle the strap on onto your body and then lift my legs to your shoulders.

You quickly and gently insert the tip of the vibrator into my pussy and then with an eagerness that I can no longer hide, we quickly find a rhythm and begin our dance.

With each stroke that you give to me, I meet you with two. You drive the vibrator as deep into me as allowable and then pull it back out as my body tries to follow you.

I love watching you fuck me with the dildo…pouring out every ounce of energy you have into me.

Watching you watching me cum is more than I can handle and I continue to explode until I can no longer cum for you

…and then you fuck me harder and find out there’s many more orgasms left in me.

We finally decide to call it a night as you collapse on top of me, both of our energies spent, the bed soaking wet and both of us happy.

We lay side by side kissing and touching and fall asleep that way with the promise of a new day and many more orgasms to go.

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