My Wife Druged

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This is a true story about my wife

I was at the Gold Coast 600 having a great time with some guys I met who were from interstate, we were having some great discussions and of course the conversation turned to sex,

Dwayne was telling us that they were all hoping to hook up with some pussy and really make the most of there weekend here, he said he had some Date Rape Drug and was going to get a chick and fuck the hell out of her. I was a bit concerned with this and asked how does it work, he said you crush the tablet and just drop it in there drink and about 15min later they are out cold, and pretty much you do what you want to them and they can’t remember a thing.

I thought about what he had said and then I told Dwayne that I was not happy with him and his mates just picking up an innocent chick and fucking the hell out of her, so I said to them all that if they wanted to have sex so bad I would be willing to let them fuck my wife if they wanted, but only with her under the influence of the drug, she would not agree to fucking strangers if she was not under the influence of something.

Now my wife Diane is 54yo , has a nice body, long blonde hair, nice facial features, great set of tits, and a hot tight pussy. Dwayne loved the idea and all the guys agreed, so Dwayne gave me the drug and I said I would call them and give them the address.

I was home for about an hour and asked Diane if she would like a drink, I gave her a Gin and tonic which is her favourite and crushed the tablet and mixed it in the drink, Diane drank all of it straight down, about 15 to 20mins later she was out cold in the lounge chair, so I shook her pretty hard to see if she would wake and she just slumped in the chair, I quickly got on the phone to Dwayne and gave him the address. (The boys were on their way)

I decided to pull the futon lounge out, I then grabbed Diane and started to take her clothes of and laid her on the mattress, WOW there was my Wife naked with her legs slightly open and her pussy glistening a little ready to have 4 strangers fuck the hell out of her, The erection I had was unbelievable and my heart was pounding with such force I thought it would come out of my chest.

Knock on the door, I opened up and there was Dwayne and his mates with 2 extra guys standing there, Dwayne said hey we got 2 extra guys is that OK, I said yes that’s fine they all came in, when they saw Diane on the Futon naked the boys all let out a cheer, I then told the guys that they can do anything they want to her but No pain, biting, slapping and do not leave any marks on her, they all agreed.

The guys all started to take of their clothes and there I was looking at 6 guys all standing naked with their hard erection cocks in their hands looking at my naked wife, I can not describe the sensation I was feeling canlı bahis but it was incredible.

Dwayne dove straight in and berried his head in Diane’s pussy, you could hear him slurping and moaning while he was sticking his tongue as far in Diane’s pussy as he could get it in. When I looked up Tom was at Diane’s face shoving his cock in her mouth with a big smile on his face, Steve and Chris were playing with her tits while holding her hands on their cocks and giving them selves a wank with her hands, I looked over to the new guys I had just met and they had the biggest grin on their faces wandering what to do but all so enjoying the show, I looked at Pete’s cock and it was massive I asked him how big he was, he said just under 10” but it was thick about as thick as the bottom of a 600ml Coke bottle, I was a bit scared that Diane would not be able to accommodate that cock.

Dwayne was finished with his liking my wife’s pussy and asked if they could turn my wife over and put something under her stomach so they could access her pussy doggy position, I helped them lift her up and we supported her with some cushions, so there was my wife bent over with 6 hungry guys with their cocks rock hard waiting to fuck her,

Dwayne was first his cock slid straight into Diane’s pussy because he made her so wet, he let out a moan when he pushed his cock all the way in, he started to slide in and out and then turned to me and said, mate I am going to ram it hard in you’re your wife’s pussy and he started to really pound Diane’s pussy, Steve was holding on to Diane so she would not fall of the cushion supports because Dwayne was slamming his cock in her pussy with tremendous force, next thing is Dwayne yells out I’m coming and started to shudder as he spent his load of sperm in my wife, WOW I was trembling with so much adrenalin and my cock was sore from having the hardest hard on I have ever had, Dwayne pulled his cock out of Diane and his white sperm dribbled out of her pussy, before I had time to look close and have a feel Tom was on top of her shoving his cock in her pussy, he didn’t take long to cum and let out a big groan as he squirted his spunk in to Diane, That’s 2 strangers cocks and sperm now in my wife, Steve was next, I asked if the boys wanted to change her position and they said no way, they like it this way because you can bang her pussy very hard and get your cock all the way in, so Steve sunk his cock in to Diane and because there was so much cum in her pussy he nearly fell in he pounded Diane for about 10min before he was number 3 to leave his spunk in my wife, Chris wanted to go next and asked if he could stick his cock in her Ass, I said that’s fine but she never really has been a fan of anal sex and I have only been in there twice, so Chris greased his cock and grabbed a handful of spunk from her pussy bahis siteleri and proceeded to lube her up, next thing I see is Chris forcing his cock in to Diane’s Ass, he turned to me and said man she is tight, then just as he got pass the opening of her Ass, he pushed all the way in, there was even a little sigh from Diane which made us all freeze, funny as there we all were just standing there naked with cocks standing at erections and Chris with his cock in my wife’s Ass all waiting to see if Diane was waking up ??.

I was still a bit concerned with Peter’s big cock he hasn’t had a turn yet, while Chris was starting to slowly fuck Diane’s Ass the other guy that I had just met Barry said he would love to fuck her mouth and cum in her, so I walk over and grabbed my wife’s head and lifted it up for Barry to shove his cock in her mouth, I turned her head side ways so he could get a good proportion of his cock in Diane’s mouth and he proceeded to start fucking her mouth, Chris was starting to pick up the pace in Diane’s Ass and then started to really ram his cock in hard and fast, while I was holding Diane’s head for Barry, I had a peak over to see Chris’s cock sliding in and out of my wife’s Ass and her Ass looked very red and sore, I thought she is defiantly going to know that her Ass had been fucked hard and I would be more than happy to take the blame for that.

Chris then started saying that he is Cumming and started squirting his sperm in to Diane’s Ass, I turned to Barry and he was nearly there and I said to Barry I would love to see him squirt in my wife’s mouth so he pulled out his cock and I held Diane’s mouth open as he started to drop his hot sperm into her mouth, watching this was amazing, here was this stranger with his cock in his hand squirting his globs of thick cum into my wife’s open mouth while I held her head and mouth open, her cheek was full of cum she had some on her tongue and a couple even went on her face, WOW I have never had so much fun in my life with what was going on here.

I looked over and Chris had finished with Diane’s Ass and was sitting on the bed when I saw Peter start to move towards Diane, I asked Pete what he was going to do and he said I am going to stick my cock in your wife’s pussy mate, He proceeded to grease his cock up with the juices running out of Diane’s Ass and pussy, and once he was ready he aimed that monster cock of his at Diane’s pussy and started to push, to my surprise she seemed to take it in easy, I guess because of all the cum she had in her, Pete started to slowly pump in and out of her pussy and was getting more of his cock in her each time he pushed, I looked over to see what the other guys were doing and they had turned Diane’s head to the side again and were wanking their cocks and Dwayne was first to cum again and blew his cum all over her face, bahis şirketleri he looked at me and said mate we are giving you wife a cum facial, I then herd Pete moan I turned just in time for him to say I am all the way in your wife’s pussy, I looked over and pulled her Ass cheeks apart and there I was looking at Pete’s giant cock of 10in buried inside Diane’s pussy, WOW I could not believe it he pushed it further and could not get any more in her.

This was an amazing site, my lovely wife had cum dripping out of her Ass, pussy, had cum all over her face, dribbling out of her mouth and a big cock shoved all the way up her pussy, The thought that was racing thru my mind was that I had my own Gangbanger slut, I was at that point in time a very proud husband.

So the guys were all finished coming on my wife’s face and in her mouth, I turned to Pete, he looked up at me and said mate I am going to ram my cock in to your wife’s pussy hard and fast I just said go for it, he started to pound Diane’s pussy with a force that 2 of the other guys had to hold her so she wouldn’t fall of the Sofa bed, I was getting a bit scared watching Pete brutalise my wife, you could here the sound of his balls slapping against Diane’s clit, after a good 3 mins of constant pounding he finally blew his load in to her pussy and boy what a load it was, when he pulled out her hole stayed wide open and I could see that there was so much cum in there that it was just sitting on the rim of her pussy lips ready to overflow, Amazing I was memorized I was just staring at Diane’s pussy with this big gaping hole and a full puddle of the whitest cum I have seen.

The boys helped me lay her back down on the sofa bed and I said to the guys to all lay around her and I got a photo with them all kneeling and their cocks resting on Diane’s naked body, it was an awesome site.
The boys all got dressed and thanked me for letting them abuse my wife and asked if they could all do it again, I said any time you are here on the goldy give me a call I would be more than happy to accommodate their urges, Dwayne then handed me some more tablets and said I will see you tomorrow at he track.

After the guys left I took some more photos of Diane’s laying there naked with all this sticky dried cum on her face and her pussy still full of cum, I could not resist so I reached down and stuck my four finger all the way in her pussy, WOW that felt so nice, they slipped straight in and then I started to go fast in and out of her and the slurping noises sounded so good, I still had my hard on so I thought she won’t let me give her anal that often so I shoved my cock straight up her Ass, it went in pretty smoothly and I came fairly quickly and the sensation was mind blowing my cum was now mixing with 6 other guys cum all because I let them use my wife as a fuck whore.

I am hoping to use the tablets soon again but first I have to see what she remembers when she wakes up from this little gangbang.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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