My Wife and Sister Ch. 03

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I am Sam, 36 and from an island in the Indian ocean. Lovely country, awesome weather and beaches which are rated as best in the world. One thing I didn’t mention yet were the ladies in this country. Being descendants from India, big breasts and wide hips are common. Dusky maidens with long dark hair capture the hearts of many Europeans that frequent this island.

I have already introduced my wife Shani 32 with D cups, and her sister Amali 32 C cups also known as Amy and finally my sister Mali who also had D cups. Read my first story to get a detailed description about the 3 ladies.

We were still trying to find a way to pass the time until Shani, my wife arrived home. Amy and I started talking about a few scenarios on how we could give Shani a good time. Amy wore a short loose blouse was thin enough for me to get a glimpse of her bright red bra underneath. She wore a red skirt made of stretch material that slide up her legs giving me a delicious view. She was seated on the couch and I was on the floor trying not to stare between her legs. It was easier said than done.

“Why don’t we hide somewhere and pretend we are not home. Then when she comes in, we can surprise her without letting her know who we are and blind fold her.”

Shani sure had a sister with a very naughty imagination indeed. She bent over to make a point and her breasts struggled against the thin material giving me even better ideas. She seemed oblivious to her enticing moves. She had spread her legs giving me a lovely view of her white cotton panties. I wondered how I was going to last the next two hours. We finally decided on pretending that we were out of the house and then see how things develop.

It was getting dark and we waited patiently. Amy had a blindfold ready and I was supposed to grab Shani as she came into the apartment. The minutes went by slowly and around 6.30 pm it was getting quite dark and we were about to give up when we heard the lift doors open and the sound of high heels echoing down the corridor. The lights were out and then the buzzer sounded. I was so excited by then that I missed an important clue that I should have picked up on. Amy was breathing hard as she reached to open the door. The moment the door opened, I slipped back into the darkness waiting and as Shani moved hesitantly into the room I jumped her and Amy did the same. I got behind Shani and put my arms around her imprisoning her arms. Amy approached from the side and blindfolded her. She struggled somewhat and in the dim light we couldn’t see much. I whispered into Shani’s ear as she struggled. My cock hardened as she struggled against me, her ass wriggling deliciously.

“Don’t struggle too much, or you will be sorry!” I tried to be as menacing as I could. She struggled a bit more but I held her. My cock was hardening more and more against her butt. From what I could figure out, she wore a loose skirt and the material was soft against my skin and I loved as she wriggled even more. I heard rustling noises as Amy held her from the front. She wore a mask muffling her voice.

“She sure is a hot piece of ass!”

“Yeah she is! Let’s get her into the room and see what’s under these clothes.”

Amy was too excited to wait as I heard the buttons pop off the blouse Shani wore. She felt stiff and awkward in my arms and I wondered if we were overdoing it. I heard smacking noises which were very close to slurping noises.

“Mmm her cleavage is hot,” Amy said her voice quite loud telling me that she had taken her mask off.

I moved one of my hands to find that Amy had taken off the blouse and had one of the breasts out. She was sucking it noisily and then I heard her gasp. I pulled up the skirt and started to feel Shani’s butt feeling the smooth skin and the soft material of her panties.

“Oh my gosh Sam! Turn the lights on! Let go of her!”

“Amy! Are you OK?”

“Turn the lights on Sam!!”

I let go of Shani and turned the lights on and got the shock of my life. Standing in the middle of the hall was my sister Mali with the blind fold on. She pushed if off as my eyes roamed over her body. She was almost the same build as my wife and we had made a terrible mistake. Amy was wiping her mouth and I could see that it was white. Her breaths were coming faster and her face was red. She kept wiping her mouth.

Everything dawned upon me. My sister stood there with one breast hanging out of her bra and fluid bostancı escort dripping off her nipples. She was still feeding her kid and that’s what had alerted Amy. We stood there for what seemed like ages grinning stupidly. My sister had an expression which was a mixture of shock, revulsion and excitement. I wanted to dig a hole in the ground and sink into it.

“Gosh, sis I can’t even begin to say how sorry we are… ” I started and stopped abruptly. Amy stood rooted to the spot swallowing like a gold fish. She slowly moved to Mali and helped her get dressed.

Finally after a few minutes, my sister spoke.

“This welcome was quite unexpected.” She smiled at us both. Amy stood like a school girl who was caught red handed. She tried looking down but didn’t seem to be able to take her eyes of my sister.

“Do you guys do this to all your visitors?”

“No Mali, we thought you were Shani,” said Amy which sounded even worse.

“Oh, do you molest your sister together with her husband when she comes home?”

We were at a loss for words.

“Why don’t you sit down? You should have called.”

“Well I did, my dear brother but you didn’t pick up.”

I blushed remembering that the phone had rung a couple of times when I was busy with Amy during the time.

“I was at home today,” I said trying not to sound too obvious.

“Well looks like you guys have been busy. I am assuming Shani is in on this little action?”

I nodded. Mali sat down and I had a look at her. She looked lovely with her friendly innocent face and full lips. Her skirt rode up a little to give me a glimpse of a smooth skin. Her skin seems as shiny and well maintained as I remembered it. Her tight blouse bulged with her D cup breasts. I tried not to look at the wet marks on her blouse but failed miserably. Her long neck was lovely and her hair was similar to my wife’s and this must have been one more reason we mistook her. I remembered how hard I was when I held her so that Amy could blindfold her.

“So since when have you guys been fucking?”

I blushed again as Amy replied in a small voice.

“About a month now.”

“How did that start?”

I shook my head looking down.

“Come on guys! You molest me in the middle of your apartment and now you refuse to at least explain this?”

Her voice hardened and she looked at me, her eyes piercing but still held a soft warmth only a sister could have.

To my surprise Amy related our story. Mali listened intently her slightly tan complexioned face blushing as Amy related the details. After she had finished I could see my sisters’ breathing become deeper and her breasts swelled a bit more as she tried hard not to look excited. She was swallowing at a rapid pace her eyes going back and forth between us.

“So what had you two planned for tonight?”

“We thought of blindfolding her and giving her some attention.”

“Interesting, that Amy did manage to recognize me in time. Otherwise my dear brother would have committed incest!”

I was blushing again knowing that Mali could not possibly have forgotten some of the stuff we did when playing hide and seek in our closet, but this was not the best time to bring it up as my cock was already reacting to the memory. My eyes settled on her heaving bosom imagining how she would look like naked and how much of the soft flesh would fit into my mouth. I almost didn’t catch what my sister was saying.

“You sure know how to make a girl feel good Amy. Do you do this with your sister too?” Mali said her eyes turning bright.

Amy couldn’t find the words to respond so she nodded slowly.

“And right now, I am leaking and I might need your services again, unless you have a breast pump handy.”

“I can help,” said Amy looking at me. I wondered where this was going. Amy went over to Mali and started unbuttoning her blouse. Mali held my gaze as I watched open mouthed as Amy unhooked the front opening bra that Mali wore which I guessed, helps all feeding moms.. The enormous breasts of my sister rushed out into the open freed of all restraint. Amy sat down next to her but my sister motioned her to lie in her arms while cradling her head and pushing the dripping breast into her mouth. I was getting harder by the second. Amy started sucking my sister’s breast like a baby. It was quite large and Amy managed to get as much of it into her büyükçekmece escort mouth as her little mouth allowed. The house filled with smacking noises as the sexy ritual of emptying Mali’s breast continued.

I could see Mali was getting excited by all this. She still held my gaze for a few seconds and then my eyes roamed over her other breast. Then I looked back at her face. She nodded as if reading my mind. I moved to her as if in a trance and knelt down in front of her. I leaned forward catching a small drop of milk as it fell off her nipple. My hands were shaking as I sucked as much of her breast into my mouth holding it in my hands. Mali moaned pulling me close. I pushed one hand under Amy’s blouse and squeezed her breast making Mali shudder. I realized that it excited her to see me playing with Amy. I sucked the sweet milk into my mouth and managed to unbutton Amy’s blouse to her navel and pulled out one of her breasts out. The nipple was hard and long. I looked up at Mali and felt so excited by her expression. I placed one of her reluctant hands on Amy’s breast. She let it be for some time without moving. Amy pushed her chest up giving Mali an indication of what she wanted.

I stood up for a moment showing how hard I was. Her eyes grew wide tracing the outline of my hard cock under my shorts. I was going crazy after tasting her milk. Her eyes went to the bulge in my shorts. She gasped as I pushed it down making my cock spring out. It was rock hard. I moved close to her mouth and she was mesmerized trying hard to take her eyes off it. I lowered it close to Amy’s mouth that was busy sucking. She turned and looked at my cock and without batting an eyelid started sucking the head. Her lips made a tight O shape smaller than the head, taking it in slowly. I felt as if I were pushing it into a tight pussy. Her mouth was dripping wet with a mixture of saliva and milk.

Mali gasped again, her eyes big as saucers licking her lips inadvertently. I moved out of Amy’s mouth and moved my cock closer to my sister’s mouth. I had to put one foot on the couch getting as close as I could. She looked up at me and then at my cock struggling with the desire to suck it. I move even closer. Finally, Amy gave the required push by pulling Mali’s head towards my cock. Her lips brushed against my foreskin and I felt them quiver. I just waited making it rub lightly against her lips, caressing her face with my hand pushing my fingers into her hair, massaging gently. Amy continued to suck the milk from her breast.

Finally, her mouth opened like the petals of a flower and took my cock into her mouth. My sister started to suck the head of my cock just like she had seen Amy do. I groaned as she poked her tentative tongue opening the bit of foreskin that covered the head teasing my cock slit. Her breath started coming fast and I gave a gentle push sending more of my cock into her mouth. She made her mouth tight around it making is very pleasurable. I felt the skin being pushed down by the force of her lips around it.

In the mean time Amy got up from her position and moved behind me and started lick my butt and as she had done earlier that day, she licked between my butt cheeks and rimmed me. Her tongue was deliciously making me groan and when I moved forward I would move more into my sister’s mouth and when I moved back, I was pushing my ass hole towards the loving tongue of my sister in law. This was for me the true definition of heaven.

I looked down at Mali and she met my gaze blushing as she quickly realised what she was doing. I blushed too but the sensation of her sucking was too much for me to care.

After a while, Amy moved to the couch and I had two women sucking my cock. At first Mali had her mouth on my cock head and Amy licked the base of my cock. She maneuvered herself so close to my sisters’ lips and I knew she was trying to kiss her. Mali gave way and for a moment. I don’t know whether it was because the movement was sudden or whether it was purposely done, but Amy found my sisters lips and started kissing them. She tried pushing Amy away but was not successful. She was all over Mali and kissing her deep. All her efforts were rewarded when my sister put her hands around her and kissed her back. I pushed my cock between them trying to get between the two wet mouths and I was successful. The girls let me get between them and started sucking my head from çapa escort either side. It was a pretty sight. They each sucked me taking turns putting my cock into their mouth and sucking until the other lady pulled it away and started to do the same. I was not going to last long so I pulled out and knelt by my sister and pushed my lips to hers. She kissed me without showing any resistance. Her lips were full and soft and I couldn’t get enough of them. In the mean time, Amy started to undress and I stopped kissing Mali and helped her get out of her clothes. I hugged her and Amy joined us rubbing her breasts against Mali.

Amy lowered herself and started licking Mali’s butt and I kept kissing her moving my hand down to rub her slit. Mali was not comfortable with Amy’s attention and she tried to wiggle away. I calmed her down by whispering in her ear that it was fine and that she would enjoy it. She was dripping wet and ready for my finger. It slipped in easily and her kissing increased in its intensity when she felt the sweet sensation of my finger slowly fucking her pussy. Amy was busy licking the much tighter opening.

“I want to see you fuck your sister,” chimed Amy after taking her mouth off what she was doing and I heard a corresponding exclamation from Mali. We made her lie down on the couch with her legs on the floor spread apart. Both girls watched in fascination as I knelt between my sister’s legs and rubbed my cock head against her moist slit. She jumped at every bit of contact. I entered her slowly and she was not as tight as Amy but still her loving clasp was excruciatingly intense. I looked into her eyes as I entered her for the first time in my life.

“I love you sis,” was all I could say as my cock head pierced her moist opening. She gasped as I moved further into her sliding easily reaching her limit. Amy was at a loss for words. She rubbed her pussy while watching me enter Mali. She then stood on the couch and get her legs on either side of Mali and pushed her ass towards my sisters’ mouth. I watched my sister in law being licked by my sister and my cock twitched at the sight. Mali’s tongue was long and gentle as it slapped the juice off the dripping pussy. She inserted one finger into it as she moved to Amy’s ass hole. I started to move against her slowly at first and then increased my pace. Mali didn’t last long. She bucked gently against my strokes while Amy watched my cock going in and out. Mali came hard within a few strokes and kept licking Amy but her attention wavered as her body and mind reached an almost trancelike state that women reach after a climax. Amy slid down Mali’s body and lay on her spreading her legs for me.

I had a lot of work to do. I pulled out of my sister and pushed into the tighter confines of Amy’s pussy. My sister had recovered enough to start pinching the nipples of the wonderful lady lying on top of her. They started to kiss each other when I started to move faster. I pulled out for a few minutes to taste Amy’s pussy and then entered her again. She kept kissing Mali while I pumped away into her tight little pussy. She made a lot of noise as the pace increased and I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer and just as I was about to pull out, Amy had a screaming orgasm bucking her hips against me hard and shuddering for what seemed like a long time. I kept my cock in her but didn’t move, not wanting to cum inside her.

I pulled out my cock slowly feeling the pull of the clinging walls of her vagina. I was finally out. Both ladies knelt in front of me and started to suck my cock. Mali moved to my balls and I felt her finger rub my anus gently probing the opening. Amy had my cock inside her wet mouth and I couldn’t help fucking it hard. I was so close now. The next few words that Mali said almost made me cum.

“Can you cum in my mouth little brother?”

Amy shrieked in delight giving the older lady the honor. Mali started sucking my cock hard and Amy massaged my balls urging me.

“Cum in you sister’s you naughty boy!”

I fucked her mouth faster and suddenly I was cumming so hard and pumping her mouth full of sticky cum. My legs almost buckled under me shaking like a leaf and Amy held me as I kept pumping until I got rid of all of my cum. Mali kept sucking the last drop of it before she let go. My wife’s sister started kissing Mali and that was the most erotic sight of the day of the two girls tasting my cum.

I wondered how I was going to endure another session with these horny group of women while Mali and I continued to kiss and share my cum.

“Oh my god, did you really fuck your sister?” asked Amy her eyes wide.

Mali blushed crimson trying to hide her embarrassment. I nodded dumbly wondering how we would explain this to my wife.

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