My Unexpected black neighbours part 1

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My Unexpected black neighbours part 1I was away on business as i am quite often and had booked an apartment in a block just near the city centre.I am a 40 year old bi guy who has had lots or cock sucking experience and some meets being a bottom but not that often but when it comes to being with a guy i like to be sub and i like asian and black guys over white guys.It was gone 5 and i was heading to the apartment with my suitcase and my carrier bag with some lager and some wine and a pizza to eat for later. As i walked up the stairs to my apartment there was 2 doors on the top landing . As i fumbled to get the key with bags in one hand my phone in another i dropped my key and put my things down to pick it up. As i did the door opposite opened and 2 black guys came out. They were young looking around 20s and looked nice i thought to my self god wish they were into guys….. They said hi and went their way as i got into the apartment. I unpacked and ran a bath and opened up a beer. My plan was a usual night away bath douche my ass in case of a lucky meet and have a few beers cruising on grindr. I usually just acom to guys when i stay away as its easier and quite often enjoy a guy walking in getting his cock out and me sucking him and him unloading in my mouth or on my face then just going. I really enjoyed sucking cock and wasn’t that fussy on size i prefer a decent cummer and also like guys to be clean and hygienic and smell good.I climbed in the bath and opened my grindr app there were quite a few guys close by some within a 100m i thought wow i should be able to get some fun tonight !!!! I started getting messages as you do when your in a strange place and i usually prefer guys under 30 and always asians to the front… There was a guy very keen desperate for a blow job and was close by we exchanged pics and he kept saying he had a 7 day load which to a cock sucker like me is a good incentive…i invited him over and i jumped out the bath and put a t shirt and shorts on . he was at the door already. I opened it and he came in quickly. I went straight to his groin and unfastened his jeans and yanked them down to reveal his bulgeing y fronts . i pulled them down to reveal his cock which was average size and quite skinny which is a bit dissapointing , i decided to see how quick i could make him cum. i engulfed him in my mouth and sucked deep which wasnt difficult due to his size. He was saying things like go on suck that big cock you dirty cock sucker (i love this but think he is a bit in denial about his size) he wasnt even close to cumming and i thought i better start licking his balls and sucking them to help him shoot.. This worked as it often does and he was soon to cum and lined his bell end to my open mouth and started shooting nice jets of spunk straight on my face and mouth , i would say it was a decent load prob not 7 days . i licked it clean and he was soon gone thankfully… I went back in the bath and back to grindr to review more messages. I always find after sucking cock i feel like i need more and more.I had recieved a number of messages whilst i had been giving head and one took my eye was a asian guy who send nice pics but none of his cock as yet. i sent mine and asked him if he was top or btm and he said 100% top which pleased me.We chatted a bit and asked if he could come over i said yeah. I finished getting my ass ready and then showered and got dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. I had a drink for some dutch courage and the buzzer went i let him in.I opened the apartment door and he came in , he was short nice looking clean cut wearing jeans and a jumper .I offered him a drink he said he was ok so i went to cuddle and kiss him (as i know asians like this) and started feeling his body.I undressed him and he undressed me til we are both there naked and i feel his cock and wow it was lovely and thick i dropped to my knees to take it in my mouth and it was lovely. One of the nicest cocks i have ever tasted and looked great. He was rock hard and i stood up and dragged him to the bedroom to ravish him.I sucked him deep on the bed and rimmed his ass which was lovely and clean and he started to rim me gettting me wet and poking me with 2 fingers. He said he wanted to fuck me and i said yes please fuck me hard… I lay on my back and he lifted my legs and guided his beautiful rod into me. It felt great stretching my hole nicely and he was a good fuck . fucked me hard for around 10 minutes , we kissed hard as he pumped me and when he was soon to cum he pulled out and jizzed all over my face and i licked him clean for a good few mins.. He lay next to me panting , i said thank you that was hot he said yeah thank you too i really like you…. He got dressed to leave and i said can we do this again sometime he said sure..It was now 730pm and i had had 2 meets one of which was amazing… I still had not cum which meant i was still horny for more sex…I grabbed a beer and checked grindr and there was a guy within 12m of me which i thought wow thats close. He had messaged me saying hey your close by what u looking for , i replied am from out of town bi guy looking for fun his reply was yeah we are looking for fun too.. i said ‘we’ are there more than 1 of you ?He said yeah hes staying with his friend whos also bi.. The penny had not dropped yet that it could be the 2 sexy black guys … He said can he see my pic so i sent it after all i am not from here so not got to face him every day for the rest of my life… He replied with sure enough the handsome black guy , he said yeah we saw you on the stairs before… He asked what i was into i said i loved sucking nice cocks and being sub with the right guy… He replied with well me and Jay love to use white guys . I was starting to get a bit nervous i had had a few black guys and had even had a regular black fuck buddy who used to breed me once a week but it had been a while and having 2 which is most guys dream when it comes to reality gets you a bit nervous… He suggested they come over for a drink and i said sure ok … illegal bahis They were at the door in seconds both in jeans a tee shirt no shoes..They came in both more handsome than i recalled and i offered them a beer and they accepted.. We sat and chatted and they were really easy to talk to and pleasant Rob was the guy i had been texting with and Jay was the other guy , they were both working in the city for a production company and often stayed away together and both bi.Rob asked if i liked what i saw , i said sure your both amazing looking what u both into.Jay said we both like white ass and are always horny as he said this he unfastened his jeans and pulled out his cock which was a decent big black tool guessing around 9 inches of fat meat. He stood up and came to where i was sitting and pushed it in my face i opened my mouth to accept it and he started to slowly fuck my mouth as i took it willingly.Rob was enjoying watching and did the same and came over to me and pulled down my shorts and sucked me a little and then started lapping my ass . he commented mmm nice lubed ass i could feel his thick fingers pushing in me , Jay said yeah that chinese boy had opened him up a little for us , i thought to my self wow they must have seen him come in and think i am a total slut …..I was really enjoying sucking on Jays meaty thick cock as Rob was fingering my ass and licking it and they dragged me to the bedroom and both stripped in a matter of seconds both black studs in front of me good bodies and both hung thick nice black cocks.Jay lifted up my legs and lined up his cock to my hole and slid it in slowly to allow me to adjust to his size as he was doing this Rob rested his balls on my mouth and i licked and sucked them before he stuck his cock in my mouth. Jay was building up momentum and was fucking me nice and hard and it felt great totally filling me. After what seemed an age he pulled out and swapped over with Rob and he replaced my void with his cock which felt similar to Jay maybe not as fat but hard to tell. Jay stuck his cock in my mouth so i could taste my insides and suck him he was close to cumming and i was soon rewarded with his thick creamy cum which i swallowed and tasted great and licked him for as long as he let me .He then left the room and let me and Rob to finish Rob was pumping away at me and soon was close to cumming and with out warning came in side me and continued to fuck me as he cum. He got off me then went to the bathroom as i pulled my self together legs trembling off being in that position so long and also being pumped.Jay and Rob were drinking my beer when i went in the living room they said they had a friend staying with them whos arriving later so would have to go but depending on if he is up for it they may send him over later to me if i wanted. i played it cool and said send me a message if i am in the mood. they both kissed me and left to go back to their apartment 10 feet away.i sat feeling Robs spunk dribble out my ass feeling a little empty as i could take all that cock in me again and again felt so good.I relaxed still feeling dirty with spunk in my ass and dried spunk on my face and went back on grindr to read all my messages , i didn’t think it was a good idea any one else coming over tonight in case my neighbors needed more fun .20 minutes passed and Jay messaged me thanking me for the good sex and that he was feeling horny again but Rob was having his dinner i said then why not come over again.Seconds passed and he was at my door i let him in and he came through the living room with his own drink he had brought with him.He stuck his lips on me and we kissed deeply and as we kissed he had his hand on my ass fingering me and i had my hand on his hard huge black cock which was solid.He whispered are u ready for this again i said yeah u bet.We went to the bed which was still a mess off the last session and i lay on my back and he lifted my legs and he slid in hard with no difficulty having been well lubed by Robs big load . Jay fucked me really hard and i took it well as he pumped me so hard until he eventually spunk ed in me and collapsed on top of me all sweaty.I thought to my self i think thats the best fuck i ever had ……..As Jay got up to pull his shorts on and leave i went on my knees to lick and clean his cock for him tasting his cum residue on his cock licking it clean he laughed saying your a total slut arent you i he left he said their friend should have arrived and may want some of what i have to offer soon. I was intrigued !He left and i checked my phone and Rob had messaged me to say he and Tyrone their friend were coming over in 20 minutes and that message was sent 10 minutes ago!. I had a shower and cleaned up licking the cum off my hand i collected off my sloppy ass hole.I was in a towel and the door went and Rob and Tyrone were at the door Tyrone was huge 6 foot 7 and wide and broad they came in and Rob said to tyrone this is our slut tonight and Tyrone said well nice Rob said go on Ty show him what you got… Ty pulled down his jogger btms and i saw his bulging pants and he said want to check this out … I got on my knees and pulled them down and out flopped the biggest cock i ever saw it was so fat and so long must have been 10 inches semi hard bigger than Rob who in my book is huge…I pulled back his foreskin and licked his big bell end it soon started to harden and soon was fully hard and was as long as my forearm.Rob was wanking his cock and asked who you want first i said i want you first Rob and we went to the bedroom and i lay down and Rob got into position sliding in me easily fucking me ans Ty wanked his huge cock in my mouth which was wide open struggling to take it in my mouth…After a good 5 minutes of being pumped by rob he pulled out and stuck it in my mouth and Ty got into position and rammed his cock in me with no thought of my poor hole i just felt totally invaded and stretched to the limit.. He fucked me hard and i felt as open as could ever be possible after a few minutes of perabet discomfort it was good and a feeling i have never had before .. he was pumping away and calling me a dirty white slut which i am.. Ty said he was going to cum and pulled out and started to cum on my face not a usual load but a huge load of cum i counted 12 spurts of thick white cum which i tried to swallow and eat as i was taking this Rob was back in me and it actually felt a relief with just his 9 inch cock in me Ty finished cumming but stayed hard and i licked him and sucked him as Rob spunked in my ass and pulled out Ty went back for round 2 fucking me again hard as before but this time lasting around 10 minutes before cumming in me and it felt a lot of cum yet again what a total bull !!When they were both spent they went to the lounge and i joined them and Rob said i bet you were not expecting all this tonight i said no its been amazing Ty asked how often i was up this part of UK i said usually weekly and Ty said well i live here if u want this regular i was so thankful and said yes please….Jay was at the door and i let him in and he joined us sitting and stroking his bulge i said are you needing to cum again and he laughed and i went to him and took him in my mouth and sucked him … Rob said go on get on all fours and give us a show so i did and Jay fucked me doggy style in front of them both and they both started playing with their cocks as Jay fucked me hard in front of them..Jay eventually came in me and pulled out Rob got up and replaced the void and fucked me again for a good 5 minuted before cumming in my sloppy hole then Ty got up and it was his turn to do the same i was on all fours being totally used by these 3 huge black cocks and Ty once again pumped me full of his load i felt full of black mans spunk and totally happy from it… Ty pulled out and they all sat down again all naked i got up trembling and spunk dripping out my ass down my leg…I was now well and truly used and my ass had taken the biggest pounding ever and was well opened up and i thought it would take a few days to return to normal if ever . I had 3 black mens cum dripping out of me and the 3 black men were sat on my sofa all spent.We chatted a bit and Rob asked me if i intended to stay in touch with Ty i said if he wants me to , Ty replied sure your can be my bitch when your up here.. I said thats cool. i swapped numbers with Ty and the guys left to go to their beds. Finally alone i looked in the mirror and surveyed the bedroom which looked like a crime scene i had been really used and felt used. I decided to have a bath it was now 11pm but couldnt sleep with all the thoughts going through my head. i was lieing in the bath with a glass of wine and couldnt help touching my hole and feeling how different it now was from Tys huge wide cock invading me .I checked my phone and got a nice message from Ty thanking me for a nice time and how he would like 1 on 1 fun with me as often as possible , he also started asking me what else i was into and i said for a stud like him just tell me what u want ! He explained he was a bi guy and had many girlfriends and one other bitch boy he uses in this area but cant get enough and needs to fuck every day. Total bull i thought again, i asked him if he always cums so much spunk and he said today he didnt cum as much as usual as had wanked in the morning… i thought wow would love a 2 day load off him….. he asked me when i was next in the area and i said i was maybe staying another night as got more work to do , he said cool he could stay with me that night if i wanted, i qualified him to ask if he meant stay all night as in sleep etc he said yeah but maybe not sleep much , i want your ass next to me for when ever i want it he said …. I said cool..We stayed in touch during the day and arranged he would come to mine at 7 Rob and his mate had left the area and i got to my apartment for 5 to clean up and got some beer and wine in for us both and also a bottle of poppers which i usually dont need or use but thought may be a good idea..Ty arrived i let him in and he went to kiss me which was nice as he had not kissed me last night and we embraced kissing and cuddling as i felt his body his back down to his ass and then to the front of his track suit bottoms to feel a ridiculous huge bulge.I pulled away and grabbed us both a beer we talked about our day sitting next to each other and kissed some more soon pulling each others clothes off one another where i am naked and so is he and i am stroking his monster cock as we kiss .. I go down on him trying to take him in my mouth but was impossible to suck as was just too wide so i had to lick it best i could. I was already lubed and he lay me on my back legs up and slowly pushed his shaft in to me i took some poppers which really helped me so much i was encouraging him to fuck me hard which he did and he gave me a real good fucking rough and calling me dirty names which i love.He was getting close to cumming and i begged him to feed me his cum in my mouth and he pulled out and i opened up and he started to ejaculate in my mouth most hitting the spot really thick white gooey cum which was amazing bigger load than last night and i swallowed it all and loved it.i was really starting to get hooked on this guy but how would i ever replace a cock like this in the future i wondered?I licked an cleaned him up and we sat together and drank some more beer and he asked if i was still ok about him staying i said sure i want to see how many times you can fuck me and how many loads you can bury in my ass so am totally bred by you , Ty replied perfect man.That night he fucked me 5 times during the night i was totally hooked and able to take him and came my self 3 times as i was fucked was awesome.He asked me if i would like a 3 sum with his other bitch boi , he showed me his pics , a young 19 year old blonde cute k** , i said sure when u think i was so into all this i arranged another night here….So Ty left at 7 am in the morning to go do his thing perabet giriş and i got cleaned up for work having taken him 5 times last night and his multiple loads and we had agreed that tonight we would meet with his other bitch boi simon whos a 19 year old twink who knows what tonight would be all about !The day dragged as all i could think about what the 3 of us would be getting up to the only pics i saw of Simon was his face and chest no idea what he was packing between his legs but i did think its another load of cum i may be able to taste as am a total cum addict this was another positive even thought i wouldnt have ty all to my self.Last night having him all to my self was intense and challenging as hes a not only a powerful fuck but one with a huge tool which never goes soft for long.I got back to the apartment at 5 and had more beer and wine in and also got some nice candles to make the bedroom more sultry.It got to 7 and Ty arrived with Simon who looked so young…. he was around 5ft 5 and thin built and very cute he came in and kissed he hello which was nice and i offered them both drinks.I asked Simon how long he had known Ty and he said around 6 months and had met countless times and was only really seeing Ty , he did shock me when he said he had a girlfriend as i assumed he be 100% gay btm but hes not he likes to top too…..Ty said he wanted to have us both tonight and would be making us both do lots of things to us all… me and simon laughed it off but i was super keen.We drank more wine and Ty asked Simon to come over and kiss me which he did we kissed deep and held eachother he was rubbing my cock and feeling my ass and was pulling off my shorts and pants as we kissed i was trying to do the same to him , Ty said bend him over simon and rim his ass ready for me , I bent over the settee and he started rimming me felt real nice rimming me and got between my legs and sucked my hard cock too .i was feeling wet and i turned around to kiss simon and pull his pants down and get his cock out which i was suprised to see a nice 7 inch good girth cock on him which looked big because of his small frame. Simon was also a good kisser too and i went down on his cock and sucked him which was real nice i could see Ty sitting there rubbing him self drinking a lot of wine.. Ty said go on Simon fuck him i want to see u fuck never seen you top fuck him like you fuck your girl friend i was sure up for it and bent over and simon slid in my with no problem at all i was nice and wet of his rimming and well opened up from the previous sessions over the previous 2 days. He was nice and felt nice didnt fill me but was nice fucking me .. As he fucked me Ty came over with his rock hard cock and stuck it in my face to lick and try to suck on swapping it between me and Simon who was battering away at my ass now while he had ty in his mouth he was cumming in my ass i could feel it getting wetter and nice he pulled out and i went to clean his cock which was nice and gooey once that was done Ty told Simon to clean my ass and lick out his cum which he did and then fed it to my mouth from his mouth which was real horny as we cum kissed Ty was behind Simon pushing his huge monster in his hole and i had to see this and went to his bottom to watch Tys cock enter him which looked mad as was half the size of his bum cheek in width…He took it well and Ty got deep soon and was fucking him and pulled out to let me taste him and thrust it back in and was pumping Simon as i went to kiss simon and then back to his bum…Ty told me to get next to simon so my but was lined with his and i did and ty pulled out of simon and pushed into me filling me completely as simon and me kissed both enjoying tys cock swapping between our holes.After a while ty was in simon and spunked in him and i was jealous and said how lucky simon was when ty pulled out i went straight to simons hole to taste the load and was lapping away ty told simon to shit out his load and he tried and i lapped up as much as i could of the spunk from his ass…I was rock hard and TY told me to fuck Simons sloppy hole which i did my 7 inch cock went in no trouble and was loose as you can imagine and i fucked him feeling all tys creal around my cock and i came soon in him and felt better for getting a load out….we relaxed with some more wine all sat together naked As the 3 of us relaxed and drank some more wine Ty told simon to show me some pics and videos of him with his girlfriend and also a few with Ty.there were some really horny pictures and videos and the best were the ones of Simon and Ty i asked if he send me them and he did i was sitting there rock hard and my 2 fuck buddies were getting hard too, i dropped to my knees to take Ty in my mouth and taste his monsterous cock Simon joined me and we kissed inbetween sucking him . Ty told Simon to rim me and he did which felt nice and we all went through to the bedroom and i lay down and said Ty fuck me again please and he smiled and obliged as he did Simon sat on my face and i rimmed his hole still tasting spunk from his previous fucking. Simon started to face fuck me as Ty was pounding my ass and it was a nice sensual fuck not too hard just enough for Ty to enjoy the friction from my ass on his thick veiny cock.Simon was down near Tys cock and was sucking me and ty was pulling out letting Simon taste me ass too i was in heaven and couldnt help cumming in Simons mouth as i was fucked and he ate the lot no evidence left at all.Ty was gettnig close and eventually shot his load in my ass and continued to fuck me for a while longer then pulled out Simon jumped straight to it and cleaned his cock then paid attention to my slopppy hole licking it then shoved his cock in me and pounded me which was half what i had just been taking but nice all the same.Simon lasted a few minutes and came up me too i felt used and a total cum slut and loved it.We went for more wine and were all getting a bit drunk and Ty went to the bathroom for a piss and came back and his cock was once again rock solid….Simon jumped up and said my turn and he bent over to recieve a good fucking. i watched then put my head on his bum to see close up his pounding and Ty was kind enough to pull out from time to time to let me taste be cont….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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