My Two Bosses

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Some suit-type individual stood at the front of the conference room, waiting for the general hubbub of the room to subside before speaking. I took a moment to look around; all of the office staff were present, as too were the workers from the warehouse – this was going to be a pretty big announcement. I instantly thought of the worst-case scenario of course – redundancies all around, downsizing, maximising efficiency, streamlining – call it whatever you want, whenever there’s a whole staff meeting in the middle of a busy Friday, then it’s always going to be big news.

‘I’d like to thank you all by coming today,’ began the immaculately-dressed, all-business lady at the front (like we had a choice with our attendance). ‘I know what most of you will be thinking at this stage. I’d like to take this moment to set your mind at ease and assure you that your jobs are not at risk today.’

An audible sigh of relief went up around the room. Followed moments later by hushed whisperings – if we weren’t getting fired, what was happening? The suit at the front raised her hand and we all fell quiet.

‘Head-office has decided to invest in the future of this branch of the company. We are keen to streamline the business here,’ oh, fuck, ‘so I would like to introduce you all today to someone with years of experience of management consultancy. Please welcome Mel Levinson.’

We all knew exactly what streamlining meant. The fucking suit had chosen her words carefully when she said that nobody’s job was at risk ‘today’. What she really meant was that effective today, everyone was going to have to justify their jobs to some aloof, anonymous consultant and that they would have the final decision on who was going to get the boot. What a great way to start the weekend.

I was prepared to instantly hate the woman who came through the doors and into the conference room. It wouldn’t even have been difficult – this perfect stranger was here to judge and evaluate my worth to the company; who the fuck did she think she was? I was prepared to hate her alright; but I wasn’t prepared for the way she looked as she strode confidently into the conference room.

She wasted no time in introducing herself, speaking calmly and authoritatively to the room; explaining the reasons for her arrival and the expectations she had of staff over the fortnight long consultation period, but I have to be honest, I didn’t really take much in about what she said. I was too busy checking her out from head to toe.

She was immaculately dressed, that’s the first thing I noticed; she wore a charcoal grey, tailored business suit with a pressed, white blouse. My eyes were instantly drawn to her pedicured feet as she strode into the office. Her nails were painted a deep red, her toes long and slender and her soles arched beautifully in her spike-heeled sandals. Her light brown hair tumbled in waves down to her shoulders, framing her beautiful, yet stern (and somewhat cold) face.

I was prepared to hate her. I hated the reason she was here, I hated how confidently and coolly she stood at the front and expertly addressed a (rightfully) pissed off audience of staff, I hated how head-office so flippantly decided that they needed to axe loyal members of staff so that they could further line the pockets of the shareholders. I hated all of those things, but I couldn’t hate this beautiful woman.

Chapter 2

‘Tell me Mark,’ my wife said as I served her up her dinner that evening at the table. ‘How was your day?’

‘Not good,’ I replied, sitting down once I was satisfied that Jess didn’t need anything else. I told her the whole story about work – the meeting, the management consultant and the impending layoffs. She listened with a sympathetic ear as we ate our dinner.

‘This woman, Mel is it?’ Jess asked, I nodded, ‘does she seem like she knows what she’s doing?’

‘Yes,’ I responded. That was one thing I couldn’t deny, she carried with her an air of natural authority and confidence. It was clear that head office had done their research before employing her services.

‘Well,’ continued Jess, ‘you’re just going to have to hope that she sees the value in keeping you on; aren’t you?’ I nodded. My wife was right, there was no point moping about it; if I was going to keep my job, I had to prove that what I offered the company was worth keeping. ‘Good, now go and run me a bath please.’

I spent Friday evening with my wife. Once she had taken her bath, we relaxed in front of the TV with a couple of drinks. I gave her a relaxing foot massage to help her to unwind after a long working day before we went to bed and made love. The rest of my weekend went pretty much as usual, spending the quality time with my wife helped me to take my mind away from the troubles at work. I didn’t really think much about Mel again until Monday morning when I arrived at the office.

I found a memo waiting for me at my desk when I arrived. My heart skipped a beat when I read it. It was an invitation to meet with Miss küçükçekmece escort M Levinson at 2.30pm. I was to use an hour of my time in the morning to prepare an overview of my role and responsibilities within the company.

2.30 came around quicker than I would have liked it to. I left the main office building and walked down the corridor to the small meeting room. This had been appropriated by Mel for the fortnight and would act as her office. I noted how she had already had a sign prepared for the door. I knocked on the door. There was no immediate response. I tried to look through the blinds to check that she was in, but found that they had been drawn; the limited view I had into her office offered no clues as to whether she was in or not. I contemplated trying the door, but decided against it. There was very little alternative but to wait it out.

About 4 minutes passed. It seemed like an eternity standing there. Just as I was about to knock again, Mel opened the door and smiled curtly at me.

‘Mark,’ she spoke as she extended a hand and gave me a firm, confident handshake, ‘Enter.’ I noticed that there was no apology for making me wait.

I sat down in front of the desk she had made for herself in the room; she already seemed quite at home there, but the rest of the furniture had been simply moved to the back of the meeting room – it was the only part that didn’t seem quite so organised. I think she caught me glancing over my shoulder at it as she sat herself down in front of me. She wore another flawless business suit, this time it was blue with a pinstripe; her polished, black, heeled sandals glistened in the artificial light of the room and drew my gaze once again to her perfect feet.

The next hour was spent all business. Mel asked me about my history, my roles and responsibilities and a little about my personal circumstances. She didn’t at any point ask me about my opinions on the future of the business or about how much I felt that I was worth to the company.

‘Your wife,’ Mel asked, glancing at the clock on the wall, ‘what does she do?’

‘She works as a solicitor for a local law firm,’ I replied. Mel raised her eyebrows approvingly at this. ‘She’s been there for about eight years now, she thinks she might make partner this year.’

‘So your wife is the main earner in the household.’

‘That’s right,’ I replied cautiously.

”Doesn’t that ever cause friction?’ These questions were straying into somewhat personal territory, but I knew that it was my job on the line, so I had to be careful.

‘Maybe it did at certain points early on,’ I answered, ‘but I think we have a good understanding at home. I know how hard Jess works and I try to show her how much I appreciate her.’

Mel raised her hands to her face and tapped her perfectly manicured nails thoughtfully against her red lips as if considering her next steps in the discussion. ‘So you would say you’re respectful then.’

‘Yes,’ I replied honestly.

‘And loyal.’


‘And obedient?’ she asked, raising her eyebrows at me.

‘Umm…’ I hesitated.

‘It’s a simple question Mark. Don’t forget what is at stake here.’

‘Sorry…’ I paused, unsure as to how I should address her.

‘Miss Levinson will do.’

‘Sorry Miss Levinson.’

‘So, are you obedient Mark?’ she asked, leaning over the desk towards me, allowing her blouse to fall away slightly from her chest. Her top button was undone, giving me a clear view of the swell of her breasts and the white cups of her bra. I felt my mouth go dry and my heart hammered in my chest as I nodded dumbly.

‘Yes,’ I replied finally, looking her in the eyes, they had a green sparkle that caught the light and lent them a mischievous edge. ‘Yes Miss Levinson.’

‘I’m pleased to hear that Mark. This company needs loyalty and obedience.’

‘Thank you,’ I replied.

‘We’re done here now.’ She said as she stood to her feet again. I hesitated to stand up, realising that I was sporting a throbbing erection. I looked up helplessly at Mel, who seemed to smirk knowingly down at me. ‘Is there something wrong?’

‘N…no…’ I spluttered.

‘You may leave now then.’ As she spoke, she moved to the door and opened it for me. I had no choice but to stand to my feet. As I did so, I tried to casually push my erection to the side and tuck it down my trouser leg so that it wouldn’t be too obvious; but she watched me the whole time, half-smiling at my obvious embarrassment. She seemed to suffer no such embarrassment at seeing me in this predicament. I shuffled past her, unable to meet her eyes, flushing such a deep red that I had to go straight to the toilet to get myself under control.

I returned to my desk to find an email waiting for me. It was from Mel.


Report again to my office at 5.15pm.


Nothing else, there was no mention that she knew that it was outside of work hours, no suggestion levent escort of overtime pay, just that instruction. I called my wife to let her know that I would be late home, but that I would stop and pick up food on the way home. Thankfully she was unable to answer the phone, so I left her a message instead.

I knocked on Mel’s door at 5.15pm exactly. I got the same response as before. This time she left me seven minutes before opening the door to me and allowing me to enter.

‘This room doesn’t yet look like my office,’ she said as I entered. ‘I saw how you looked at the furniture at the back of the room earlier; it doesn’t create a very good first impression.’

I didn’t disagree with her; her desk already looked organised and in position, but the clutter at the back of the room detracted from the overall look.

‘I am leaving now. When I come in tomorrow, I expect it to look much more like it should. Good night.’ And with that, she was gone, leaving me completely alone in her room.

‘What the fuck?’ I said aloud as the door closed behind her. I looked around the room. What the fuck was I supposed to do here? There were five desks and about fifteen chairs stacked up at the back of the room. I raised my arms in exasperation. This wasn’t part of my job description; by all rights I should have walked out of the room there and then, maybe called up head-office to report that the management consultant they had sent was clearly power mad.

But I didn’t.

Chapter 3

‘You’re late home.’ Jess said as I entered the house with the take out food in a bag.

‘I know, I know. I’m sorry.’ I replied as I made my way into the kitchen to dish up the food. ‘Did you get my message?’

‘I did.’ I noticed that my wife appeared freshly showered; she stood before me in her silk, blue dressing gown. Even without her makeup applied Jess was a beautiful woman. Her long, dark hair fell in waves down her back, framing her pretty face; she had large, chestnut brown eyes, and a strong, powerful smile that still took my breath away, even after almost 10 years of marriage. She was a tall, slim woman with a naturally athletic build; her legs were long and slender and her feet were, and always had been, a thing of beauty.

‘I couldn’t get out of it.’ I said as I dished the food up.

‘We’ll talk over dinner,’ Jess stated as she left me to sort out the food.

Over dinner I told Jess all about the meeting with Mel; she listened carefully as I went into detail about my day, making sure to include all of the details about the discussions we had and how it had led to my staying behind to set up the office for her in the morning.

‘It sounds like she’s testing you out, seeing how far she can push you.’ Jess said as she allowed me to clear up the dishes for her.

‘What should I do?’ I asked after I had finished and I followed her into the living room.

‘Remember when we went through a difficult time a few years ago?’ Jess asked as she laid herself back on the sofa.

‘Yes,’ I replied, sitting at her feet.

‘It was difficult for you to accept how I was becoming the main bread winner in the house at first. I think you felt a little emasculated. How did we get past that?’

‘I came to accept that you were earning more than me.’ I replied as I took her foot in my hand and began my almost nightly ritual of massaging her.

‘More than that Mark,’ Jess continued, ‘I know we’ve never actually spoken about it, but we both know that it was more than that.’ As she spoke she began to part her legs slightly, allowing me to see her dark, trimmed bush. ‘You began to do things for me; like these massages, like making dinner, like making sure that the dishes are always washed. You know I never asked for any of these things don’t you?’

‘Yes,’ I whispered, entranced by the sight of my beautiful wife’s pussy as she spread her legs for me on the sofa.

‘But you do them for me anyway. Why is that?’

‘Because…’ I began to kiss my wife’s beautiful toes, feeling a warm sense of arousal coursing through my entire body.

‘Say it,’ she whispered.

‘Because you’re the boss,’ I said as I sucked lovingly on each of Jess’s toes in turn. ‘I respect you, I love you and I… I…’

‘Say it,’ Jess commanded.

‘… I worship you.’ God, it felt good to say it. Over the last couple of years I had felt myself becoming more and more subservient to the will of my wife. It had seemed such an unconscious thing, such a natural progression of our life together. Jess was naturally much more authoritative than I was and had gradually taken more and more of a leading role in our relationship. Far from resisting these changes, I had embraced them, offering nightly massages, making sure her bath was run on an evening, spending evenings with her watching her television and allowing her to make the decisions about where to go and what to do together. As a result, our relationship had never been in a kurtköy escort stronger place; I couldn’t even remember the last time we had had an argument about anything serious.

‘That’s right I’m the boss,’ she said as she reached forward and grabbed my hair; it was a gentle grab, but enough to assert her authority. She looked me in the eyes; ‘Don’t you ever forget that.’

‘I won’t,’ I replied earnestly. My cock throbbed with arousal and my head was spinning; so drunk I was on devotion to my beautiful, goddess of a wife.

‘Mel will test your obedience at work,’ she continued. ‘You must do as you are told; I believe that this woman has the interests of the company at heart. But you must not do anything that you fear to tell me.’

‘I won’t,’ I responded as Jess began to pull my head down between her thighs.

‘You will tell me everything that happens,’

‘Yes Jess. I love you,’ I whispered as Jess allowed her legs to part fully, giving me an up close and personal view of her sex; her lips were slick with her juice and parted slightly, allowing me a view of her pink flesh.

‘I love you too,’ she responded as she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me hard into her pussy, ‘Now make me come.’

My head whirled as I began to lap at my wife’s pussy, exploring every inch of her sex eagerly, causing her to gasp softly as I proceeded to pleasure her orally. I allowed my hands to explore her body, lovingly massaging and stroking her stomach, breasts, legs and feet as I lost myself between her legs.

Tonight was the first that we had so openly discussed my submissive nature, but it had been established for a long time beforehand; Jess took charge in sexual matters most of the time and loved to throw me on my back and ride me into submission in the bedroom, controlling the pace and power of the sexual thrusts. This was the first she had dominated me orally though, but I loved every single moment of it.

She allowed her hands to caress and to pull at my hair, taking it in turns to force my face deep into her pussy as she ground her clit against my face and to pull me away and keep my tongue just out of reach of her heavenly folds, teasing and toying with my desire; before pushing me hard, once again between her legs to heighten her own pleasure.

‘Who is the boss?’ Jess gasped, struggling to maintain composure now as she trembled and bucked against my tongue.

‘You are,’ I gasped from between her legs.

‘Say it louder,’ she commanded, slapping the sole of her foot down onto my back just hard enough to send a delightful ripple of pain up my spine.

‘Ungh’ I gasped, ‘you are the boss.’ I replied, feeling my own cock twitching and bobbing violently between my legs, despite the complete lack of attention it had received.

‘Beg for my come,’ she moaned.

‘Please,’ I gasped, tongue furiously at her clit now, all sensation in my face now reduced to a tingling numbness as she fucked me relentlessly with her pussy.

‘Please what?’ She gasped through gritted teeth.

‘Please come on my face,’ I grunted.

‘Ohhh, fuck,’ she wailed, gripping me behind the neck as she allowed herself to be tipped over the edge; she thrust herself against my face with reckless abandon as her juices squirted from her pussy and coated my face with slickness. ‘Eat my pussy, bitch,’ she grunted, pulling me in further. Somehow, as she continued to fuck my face, her feet found their way between my legs, where they was no time in gripping my cock. She began to milk me with her toes as she continued to abuse my face.

I couldn’t breathe, nor could I deal with the sensory overload. The lack of oxygen and my overwhelming arousal combined to tip me over the edge and trigger an earth-shattering orgasm. I grunted and gasped between my wife’s legs as she expertly milked the ejaculate from my thrusting cock. I eagerly and lovingly lapped and lapped at Jess’s pussy as she continued to ride my face, slowing now as her own powerful orgasms began to subside.

Finally spent, she released the grip on the back of my neck and allowed me to collapse in a sweaty, perspiring wreck between her legs. I felt the sticky, wet mess I had created on the sofa as it came into contact with my stomach, but I was too tired and worn out to be disgusted by any of it.

We must have fallen asleep in that position, because when I awoke, it was dark outside.

‘Time for bed honey,’ Jess whispered, stroking my head.

I looked up from my position between her legs; the scent of her sex was strong in my nostrils. I nodded obediently.

‘Clear up this mess before you come to bed Mark.’ She said as she lifted my head and slid herself elegantly out from beneath me. ‘I think I’ll need to come again, so you had better come to bed ready for me.’ And with that, she sashayed out of the room.

Chapter 4

I was nervous the whole of the next day at work. I wanted to know what Mel thought of her office – was she happy with how I had sorted it? I had removed most of the desks and chairs, lugging them to the storage room at the other end of the office and had used the remaining ones to create additional work spaces for her in the room, arranging some of her files, folders and books so that she had better access to them. By the time I had finished, it had taken me nearly two hours.

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