My Summer Job

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I took a trip the summer after my eighteenth birthday out to the west coast to visit my Aunt Mary and two of my cousins, Alyssa and James. They were nearly the same age as me. Alyssa had just turned nineteen and James was seventeen.

My aunt has a forty acre ranch that she uses to train horses for barrel racing and other equestrian events. My cousin Alyssa is a proficient rider and rodeo buff, excelling in barrel racing.

I decided to fly out to visit them because it had been roughly ten years since I had last seen them. Also, I needed work and my aunt was willing to pay me $350 a week plus room and board in exchange for riding fences and fixing any damaged sections. I agreed to take the job without a second thought and packed the next day.

My plane landed ten minutes early, but my Aunt Mary and cousin Alyssa were already waiting for me at the luggage terminal. My aunt looked about the same, just slightly graying at the temples now but my cousin had turned into a knockout. She had long blond hair, whispering across her tan shoulders. She was wearing a white tank top that accentuated her ample breasts and ultra short knit shorts, showing off her long, tanned legs.

They smiled when they saw me coming down the escalator, instantly recognizing me. Alyssa’s blue eyes gave me a look other than a friendly greeting, she was eyeing me up and down. When I was younger, I had a weight problem that I couldn’t get a handle on. Once I hit adolescence though, I stretched out and began a rigorous workout program. I was well muscled and tanned from weeks of swimming at the beach.

“Good lord, Sam, you look awesome!” Aunt Mary said, hugging me. She sounded in awe of my transformation.

“Thank you, Aunt Mary” I said. “Shows what a little dedication and getting older will do to a person, you know?” She laughed and shook her head in agreement. Alyssa eagerly awaited her turn to greet me. Her teeth were perfect and white, and she had such lush lips.

“Sam, oh my god, you look so different!” Alyssa said, throwing her arms around me and pressing her breasts into my hard pecs. A combination of feeling her soft mounds on my chest and the smell of her perfume gave me an instant, involuntary erection. I tried to move my hips back before she could notice, but she had a knowing look in her eyes. She gave me a sly smile as she stepped back from our embrace.

“You look a lot different too, Alyssa. We are all grown up now.” The three of us laughed, and I pushed my rock hard erection to a less noticeable position in my shorts. I could see Alyssa’s eyes follow my movements until I was adjusted. “When’s dinner, I’m absolutely famished.” I asked.

“Well, if you can hold out for about forty minutes or so, we’ll be back at the house. I asked Dean, our cook, to prepare some ribs and chicken for tonight. He makes the tastiest barbeque sauce you’ve ever tasted.” Aunt Mary said.

“That sounds fantastic. I haven’t had real barbeque for a long time.” My stomach rumbled at the thought of a good home cooked meal after nearly four hours of cross country flying and eating airport food. I don’t really know how they could call it “food”. It smelled like food, looked like it, but definitely tasted like flavored cardboard.

We walked through the airport, making small talk. Aunt Mary and Alyssa led the way to the carport. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Alyssa’s legs, her feet were clad in stylish flip flops. Her knit shorts were so short, you could nearly see her ass cheeks with each stride she took. I watched her ass twitching in an almost metronomic fashion, enticing me to watch it. taksim grup yapan escort

“Sam, did you hear me?” Aunt Mary asked, bringing me out of my daze. I looked up from Alyssa’s ass, bewildered and a bit embarrassed. Aunt Mary hadn’t seen where my eyes were looking, but Alyssa’s eyes met mine when I raised my head. She gave me another wry smile and raised her eyebrows in acknowledgment.

“No, I’m sorry Aunt Mary, I missed it. I think I have jet lag or something, I kind of…spaced out for a minute there.” I said, very unconvincingly. Aunt Mary laughed in response.

“I asked if you were excited about working in the country. I know you always were a city boy and this is going to be a big change for you.”

“Yes, I can’t wait actually. It feels like part of me was always missing, stifled by living in the city.” I answered. It was really how I felt, city life just wasn’t doing anything for me. “I’m looking forward to hearing animals again, instead of sirens and cars. I can’t wait to see the stars again too, they are too hard to see with all the lights from the city.” Alyssa and Aunt Mary agreed.

“You can watch me train for barrel racing too, Sam. You’ve never seen me ride yet, I was only just taking lessons the last time we saw each other.” Alyssa said, flipping her hair. It shimmered in the sunlight.

“I’m looking forward to watching you. I am amazed at anyone that can ride horses, I’m afraid they would just buck me off and I’d crack my goddamn skull open.” We all laughed at the thought.

“Where did I park the damn car? I swear I parked it right here in section A13-C. Alyssa, where is that stub I gave you?” Aunt Mary said, flustered that she couldn’t find the car. She rifled through her purse, opening every zipper and snap of each compartment. Alyssa didn’t make any movements to help. She didn’t have any pockets in her shorts to search through.

“I think I know where it is, mom,” She said. Look in your left hand.” Aunt Mary looked for a second.

“I only have my keys in my left hand and…oh wait, here it is.” Aunt Mary said, pulling out the stub from the large tangle of her keys. “Let me see here, A 14-B. Damn, we passed it already.” We walked back two rows and over one aisle and Aunt Mary used her key fob and unlocked the doors of their Blazer. I climbed into the back seat and Alyssa opened the other door to sit next to me.

“Mom has a plant in the front seat so you are stuck back here with me now,” Alyssa said, smiling.

“Oh no,” I said, feigning disgust. Aunt Mary laughed at us and hopped in the driver seat, fired up the SUV and pulled out of the parking space. I looked over at Alyssa as she checked her cell phone for messages. Her shorts had ridden up even farther on her legs, making it look like she only had underwear on. The air conditioning flowed out of the vents, it felt good on this hot day. I had broken a slight sweat on the way to the carport but the air cooled me off almost instantly. Alyssa put her phone down and shifted so she could talk to me without having to turn her head as far. Her nipples poked at her tank top like twin erasers. Thank god for air conditioning, I thought in my head. She didn’t seem to notice my gaze would drift from her eyes to her nipples periodically as we talked.

“So, Sam, what do you want to be?” Alyssa asked me, as I was gazing at her nipples. I looked up and her smile let me know she had seen where my eyes were.

“I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, or athletic trainer. Computers are also a huge field and have lots of options.” I said, taksim masöz escort not really answering her question, but I really didn’t know what I wanted to do at the moment, besides fucking Alyssa’s brains out. My erection returned as I fantasized about holding her breasts in my hands and sucking her nipples. Stripping her clothes off and sliding my cock into that tight pussy of hers. I reached down and nudged my erection to a better angle so it wouldn’t protrude as obviously. I could feel her eyes on me, watching me adjust my cock.

“Yes, those all sound very interesting. I wanted to be a doctor at one time, but now I think I want to be a vet for large animals. I love working with horses anyway, so it will be a good transition.” She arched her back slightly, pushing her nipples even harder into the material of her tank top. She winked at me, knowing I had seen what she was doing.

We talked the entire forty minutes to Aunt Mary’s house, catching up on old times. Dean did make a mean rack of ribs and the chicken was the most moist that I have ever tasted. I ate two helpings of everything and soon began to feel the day catch up with me. I yawned loudly, trying to stifle it with my hand. My Aunt Mary checked her watch.

“I bet you are tired, Sam, it is 10 pm now where you used to live. I bet it will take a couple of day for you to adjust to the time change.” I could see the light outside the kitchen window, the sun was still shining brightly. It was only 7 pm here, way too early for bed.

“I’m just a little exhausted from the flight, maybe I could catch a nap quick if you don’t mind?” I asked politely. Aunt Mary smiled and Alyssa looked intrigued.

“James, show Sam where the guest bedroom is. I’d let you stay in James’ room because it is bigger, but he still hasn’t packed the rest of his shit yet. He’s leaving for Alaska in the morning to work on some fishing boat. I still think it is too dangerous, but he was insisted and it is good pay.” James stood up and smiled, pushing his chair in.

“Follow me, Sam, I’ll show you to our dungeon.” They all laughed as I followed him to the guest bedroom, Alyssa winked at me again.

“I’ll read you a story if you are afraid to be on that side of the house all alone, Sam.” She said with a laugh. I smiled at her and she parted her legs a little bit, maybe subconsciously, maybe intentionally, but it got me hard again.

“I think I’ll be alright.” I said picking up my bags as I headed to the far wing of the house.

“Here we are.” James said, pointing to the last door on the left of the hallway. “Bathroom is right here,” He said, opening the door across from the guest bedroom.

“Thanks man, I’ll see you in awhile, need to get some shut eye. If I don’t see you before you leave tomorrow, have a safe trip, dude.” I shook his hand.

“Thanks Sam, it’s going to be hard work, but I’ll make three times the money I would make working anywhere else. Catch you later.” He said and walked away. I shut the door and sat down on the bed. It gave very little, and I was happy because I prefer firmer beds. I took my socks off and put them on top of one of my suitcases and pulled my shirt off, tossing it on the floor. I pulled my shorts down, took off my underwear and put my shorts back on. I can’t sleep with anything restrictive on my feet or around my waist. My cock twitched a couple times when it rubbed against the fabric of my shorts. I pulled the pillow out from under the top blanket and laid down on top of all the bedding. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.

I taksim otele gelen escort dreamt of hot lips on my cock, sliding up and down in rhythmic motions, coupled with erotic moans. I could feel hot pussy engulfing my rigid cock, like a moist velvet vice. It felt so real that I woke with a start. The light that was behind the shades had disappeared. I glanced over at the clock on the night stand and it showed 12 AM in bold, red digits. My cock pressed against the material of my shorts so hard it felt as if it just might push through.

I couldn’t take the agony anymore, I put both thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and yanked them off. My cock sprang up, harder than steel and throbbed with each beat of my heart. I wrapped my fingers around it, feeling the precum on the tip. My dream had me so aroused I knew it was only going to be minutes before I came. I started stroking my cock fast and hard and I could feel my balls tightening up. My breathing got heavy and raspy as I stroked harder and harder. I was nearing my orgasm when I heard a moan other than mine in the dark room. I stopped to see if I could hear where it came from.

“Oh god, don’t stop now, Sam.” Alyssa’s voice said, only inches from my bed. She was sitting there in the dark, watching me. I turned on the lamp beside the bed and it cast a soft glow over her body. She was sitting in the arm chair near my bed. Completely naked, with one leg over the arm. Her left hand was on her magnificent breasts, the right hand was rubbing her pussy faster than I had been rubbing my cock. I could hear how wet she was, her pussy smell filled the entire room. She smiled lustily at me and stood up quickly from her position.

“Oh god, Alyssa. I want to fuck you so bad.” I said in a husky voice. She climbed up on the bed and began to suck my cock hungrily. She swirled her tongue around my cockhead and licked my balls eagerly. She brought me to the brink of cumming twice before she moved up the bed and started kissing me with her thick lips.

“Sam, I’ve wanted to see if your cock was really as big as it looked through your shorts. I’ve wanted to suck it ever since you got off the plane. You are such a hunk now, you made me wet when you stared at me in the car.” She said in a raspy voice. “I can’t wait to fuck that big cock of yours.” She stroked my cock as we made out. I reached down until I could feel the heat from her pussy. I could feel that she trimmed, but didn’t shave her pubes off. My fingers found her moist, hot pussy and I slipped two fingers in with ease and started finger fucking her. She moaned and gyrated on my fingers like wanton whore.

“Oh jesus, I need to stick my cock in this wet pussy, Alyssa.” I moaned. She responded by standing up on the bed and lowering herself over my erect cock. Her pussy swallowed my cock inch by inch. It was so hot I nearly came before she was fully seated on me. She finally was sitting on me fully, my cock buried in my cousin’s pussy. She moved up and down slowly at first, getting used to my size.

“I know we shouldn’t be doing this, Sam, but it doesn’t seem like we are even cousins. We live on other sides of the country.” She said, humping a little faster now.

“I know it, Alyssa, but this feels right to me somehow.” I thrust my hips up into her pussy in rhythm. My balls were slapping off her ass making loud sex noises. She moaned louder and louder as her orgasm swept over her. Her pussy clenched tightly around my cock, sending streams of my hot cum flowing into her pussy.

“Sam, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. You were wonderful.” Alyssa said, kissing my lips, my cock deflating inside of her.

“You have the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked, Alyssa.” I told her truthfully. We had sex three more times that night, ending in doggystyle which is her favorite.

The rest of my summer spent working at my Aunt’s ranch was equally exciting, but those stories will have to wait for another time.

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