My Special Maths Teacher Ch. 03

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Two months had passed since the brief but highly erotic exchange of letters with my Special Maths teacher, Bev, two very frustrating months.

As demanded by Bev, I’d kept to a rigorous programme of study preparing for my scholarship exams, openly encouraged in class by my recently discovered fuck partner (unfortunately all in the mind so far) and privately by her regular Sunday night e-mails spelling out in lurid detail what awaited me provided I did well in my exams. We had agreed I could take a break from study on Sunday nights and concentrate on my cock which often left it raw on Monday morning.

The only time my frustration was well and truly relieved during this period followed the receipt of a small parcel from Bev on leaving class one afternoon. I had a pretty good idea what was in it but that didn’t ease the sense of anticipation I felt until I arrived home and was able to tear it open in the privacy of my room.

Inside the wrapping was a sealed plastic bag which on opening left me in no doubt about the contents. The smell was almost overwhelming. I’d experienced nothing like it before though admittedly my experience was limited to sniffing my sister’s used panties and, more recently my mother’s, which I discovered were quite a bit stronger. But despite my lack of experience I knew instinctively the smell was Bev’s cunt. She’d warned me it was smelly but nothing had prepared me for this gross attack on my olfactory senses.

Inside the bag accompanying a pair of white cotton panties was a note which read.

‘Dearest fuck-love.

As promised here is something special just for you. But before you slip them over your head, which I’m sure you’re going to do while you jerk off that lovely cock of yours (soon to be mine I pray), please read this note.

My cunt, as I told you is very smelly. I wash it twice a day and change my panties whenever I shower. I normally wear nylon ones as I like the feel of the smoothness against my cunt lips. But on Friday I decided to wear cotton ones as they are more absorbent and I figured would hold the smell better.

When I got home, instead of putting them in the laundry basket I put them in the plastic bag I’d bought and put that under my pillow. On Saturday morning my mother, who lives with me, left to spend the weekend with her sister and as soon as she left I took out the already ‘ripe’ panties and put them back on. I wore them all day Saturday, slept in them Saturday night and only took them off Sunday afternoon when I sealed them in the plastic bag.

No doubt you’ve konak escort bayan already put them to your nose and I do hope you weren’t turned off by the strong smell. It’s almost 100% matured cunt juice with just a touch of piss dribble.

Now darling I’ll leave you to drink in my smell while you jerk off to what I hope will be a very special orgasm. While you’re rubbing that fat cock of yours, close your eyes and imagine your nose is buried deep in my cunt and you’re smelling the real thing, my cunt running with my hot juices. Lick the gusset and make it wet – I did that before I packed them so your tongue will be where mine has been. Sexy eh?

One more thing darling. I want them back. And returned covered in your dried cum to give me some idea of what you taste like. I’ll lick them to get them gooey and then wear them to bed with your sticky cum pressed tight again my open cunt, the lips spread wide imagining that you’ve just deposited a huge load of your fuck-cream deep inside me and there’s so much of it it’s running down my crack into my arsehole.

Enjoy my love. I can’t wait until we’re together.’

Bev, of course, was right. Before I’d got half way through her note I had her panties draped over my face licking the spot where I reckoned Bev’s cunt had been, the smell getting even stronger as I wetly licked her dried juices. I inhaled deeply, I tasted, I jerked my swollen cock even faster and far sooner than I wanted, shot a powerful jet of cum over my head, the second falling on Bev’s panties, a third on my chest. My cock continued to convulse and spew several more ropes of cock-cream over my belly and my fist until I collapsed onto my bed exhausted from what had been one of the most fantastic and forceful orgasms I had ever experienced.

I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes as I came alert with a start thinking at first it was dark but then realised I still had Bev’s panties over my face, the powerful smell of her cunt deep in my nostrils. I also realised I had a big hard-on and without hesitation began to masturbate again bringing myself to another powerful orgasm. God this woman was driving me mad.

The following week saw less study done than I knew I had to complete and I reluctantly came to the conclusion that I’d have to return Bev’s manky undies even before she asked for them back. There was just no way I could concentrate on my books when with one deep breath of her dried cunt juices mingled with an overtone of stale piss I could transport myself into a world of uninhibited, escort konak unending sex.

So back they went to my love but with the requested addition of two large loads of cum shot directly into the gusset. A brief message that night from Bev left me in doubt as to how well they were received.

Again under pressure from Bev, I got down to serious study once more and when the day of my exams came I felt I was ready and when they were over was fairly confident I had performed well.

The understanding was that when my exams finished on the Thursday before the school year ended, I would take the Friday off and turn up on Monday for the final three relaxed days when there would be no formal classes. This would mean however that I probably wouldn’t get to see Bev and after a week away on exams I was desperate to set eyes again on the object of my sexual infatuation.

Arriving home from the exam centre I sent Bev a brief message saying I just had to see her after such an enforced absence and that I’d be turning up for her class the next day. Later that night I received a reply expressing Bev’s delight that I would be returning to school on Friday. She ended with the words ‘Do pay close attention in class.’ Curious I thought as I usually hung on every word she spoke.

‘Welcome back Ken. The exams went well I hope’ said Bev as I walked into her class.

‘You’ve just arrived in time for the final session of the year and there’s only one topic we have to cover to complete the syllabus.’ Bev then directed us to turn to a certain chapter in the designated book and instructed us to read it prior to discussion.

Heads went down and I began to read the very dull words I saw before me. Then something, I don’t know what, made me look up and I almost choked when I saw Bev had taken up the same position that started me on the wonderful journey of discovery I had begun two months or so ago and which would very soon deliver me to what I was sure would be paradise on earth.

Bev was sitting on her table her legs on the desk in front of me the hem of her dress hiked up to knee level. I looked around but saw my classmates were concentrating on their books. I looked back and saw Bev was watching them too. And then it happened.

Very slowly Bev opened her legs and as on that wonderful first occasion I could see right up to the top of her legs but with one difference. This time there were no panties and before me was my first glimpse of what I had lusted after for years, a very hairy cunt, slightly open, the inner konak escort lips drooping noticeably as Bev had described.

Immediately Bev’s words came back to me ‘Do pay close attention in class’.

All too quickly the show was over and Bev moved off her desk to stand in front of the class and start discussing the topic of the day. Fortunately she didn’t ask me any questions no doubt guessing correctly that my mind was on other things.

Finally the class was over and Bev wished us all the best for our futures. Then she was gone leaving me shaking with disbelief that I’d actually seen a cunt in the flesh and a very hairy one at that.

Of course I couldn’t get home quickly enough to take out my aching cock and bring myself off not once, but twice, one after the other, and then later as I sat thinking of what was waiting for me, a third time.

Much to my disappointment, Bev didn’t message me that night and it wasn’t until Sunday that I heard from her.

‘So pleased you liked my show darling. I thought I’d give you a couple of days to work on your visions of what you intend doing with what you saw. You should have seen your face when you realised my cunt was open to your gaze. Of course I had to keep an eye on the others but that didn’t stop me thinking of what I wanted to do next – I wanted to ask you to come up to the front, put your head up my skirt and then lick my juicy hole and achy clit until I had a screaming orgasm. Wouldn’t that have given your classmates something to talk about!

Now darling, let’s talk practicalities.

School finishes on Wednesday and as I promised we’ll get together the next day for guess what? Yes my darling, glorious uninhibited fucking.

As you know my mother lives with me so we have to go somewhere where we can be by ourselves and where no one knows us. What I’ve decided on is a motel a few k’s out of town. I’ve checked it out and it has everything we need, (ie a big bed). Check in time isn’t until 2 in the afternoon which wouldn’t give us enough time together so I’m going to check in on Wednesday and get the key. I can then meet you in my car early on Thursday, say 9 and we’ll be in our room by 9.30 (and hopefully you’ll be in me by 9.31!).

I have to be home by 6 but even so we should have enough time to find out what makes each of us tick and, I hope, wear each other out.

Let me know if 9 is OK with you and where you’d like me to pick you up.

Just can’t wait til Thursday sweet fuck-love. Do make sure to bring heavy balls laden with delicious cock juice and fuck cream won’t you. I promise though you’ll go home with very empty ones!’

A quick message from me confirmed 9 was fine for me and gave the pick-up point which I was sure would work for her also.

There were now less than four days to the realisation of my sexual dreams.

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