My Son’s Master Ch. 02

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After our time in the bedroom, we all three went our separate ways. Grover had food shopping to do, and Mr Burke went to his small study beside the kitchen to prepare for a later conference call. I walked naked to my room in a daze, not fully believing what had just occurred. I sat on the edge of the bed which was still in disarray. I still had the earthy taste of Mr Burke’s anus in my mouth, and I secretly delighted in this. I lay back on the bed savoring it. I reran the morning’s vivid images and feelings, and found myself becoming aroused. I ran my fingertips gently up and down my inner labia which were now swelled and moist. I brought my other hand to my face. I looked at it, remembering that only moments ago it had been dripping with Mr B’s semen. Mmmmmm. I smelled the back of my hand and the palm, and they were redolent of his sperm. I lay on the bed thus arranged, communing with this man’s musky essence. My hips began to spontaneously lift in a slow gyration as I breathed in his smell.

But what was I doing? Was I falling for my son’s partner? Surely there was a risk of alienating Grover, and that wouldn’t do. I rolled onto my belly and contemplated the matter. The sheets were gathered between my thighs, and I slowly moved against them.

I heard a floorboard creak, and turned my head to see Mr Burke in the doorway dressed as he was at breakfast. I remembered closing the door. Had he opened it without knocking?

“Oh. Hello, Mr Burke,” I said, pulling the sheets up to cover my behind.

“Sorry to bother you, Grace. I just wanted to say thank you for your enthusiastic participation this morning,” he said as he stepped into the room. He came to the bedside and pulled the sheets down so that they were gathered atop my calves.

“Don’t cover yourself like that. Okay? I like looking at you. Also, keep your door open at all times. I tend to like rules, Grace, and I’m the one who makes them here. Understood?”

i continued to lie on my stomach, and felt a thrill at exposing my bottom to him. It also gave me pleasure to be given orders from this man!

“Ye, sir. I understand. Your house, your rules, as they say.”

I must say, Grace, I do like looking at your ass.” he said, and I felt his hand on me. He stroked my cheeks. It felt wonderful. I gave a low moan.

“You’re very horny today.” he said, and I started as he gave me a sharp little slap.

“Yes. You’re right, sir. I’m horny.” I said, looking at him with a shy smile. I felt heat rising in my groin. I realized I’d never used that word before.

“Look. I’m taking a break from work. Unless you have some major objection, I’m going to fuck you for awhile.” he said, and when I looked, I saw that he was becoming erect.

“Oh… my, I…”

“Let’s take a look at that pussy, shall we? Raise up on all fours, Grace.” he instructed.

I felt like an animal in heat as he spoke these words. I obeyed him at once and, I should add, with growing excitement. What would he feel like inside me?

He reached between my legs and I felt his fingers touch my pussy lips.

“Mmmmmm. Oh, I do like that, sir. Mmmmmm, Oh, Mr Burke…” I said, and reached my hand back so that they stroked his fingers.

“You feel ready to go, little lady. When’s the last time you fucked?”

“It’s… it’s been awhile.”

Actually, it had been years.

“So much the better. I like it when my bitch is hungry. Are you hungry Grace?”

“Yes. Yes I am, sir. I’m hungry. Please fuck me.”

I felt his weight on the bed as he positioned himself behind me. My legs were trembling with expectation, and the inside of my pussy was now moist and getting warmer by the second.

“Your cunt has a nice odor to it, Grace.” Mr Burke said. “Very nice.”

“Thank you, sir.” I said, the words coming out jerkily as my breath caught from excitement. “I’m happy that it pleases you, sir.”

“I’m going to put the head inside you, Grace. I want you to sarıyer escort just feel it there. You’ll get all of my cock in a few minutes. For now, just make my cockhead feel welcome. Got it?”

“please, sir. I want it inside me.”

“That’s my girl.”

With that, I felt the smooth head moving between my lips.

Mr Burke proceeded to stroke my labia with the warm cockhead.

“very nice, Grace. Very nice. Would you like a bit more?”

I wanted nothing more at that moment than to feel his cock sliding slowly and completely into me. I wanted to embrace it and express my love for it.

“Yes, sir.” I said softly, looking over my shoulder and into his eyes, which were blue and fiery and intelligent. With our eyes thus meeting, he gave a small push, and I could feel the walls of my pussy happily giving way to welcome him.

“Oh God. Mmmmm. It’s so good, sir.”

“That’s what I like to hear, Grace. And, by the way, it’s going to get better.” he said.

“It’s not too much for you, is it? Some women need a bit of time to adapt to it.”

“It feels wonderful, sir. I’ve never felt so… so filled!”

By now, my pussy was convulsing in response to Mr Burke’s cock. I seemed to be discovering thousands of nerve endings never known to me before.

“I like the way you move inside, Grace. Very sweet!”

With that, he gave my cheek a hard slap. It was loud, and Jesus, but it felt good!

“I like it when you slap me, Mr burke.” I said, and gave an involuntary sound from my throat that was a blend of a moan and an animal grunt.

“Hmmmm. That wasn’t very ladylike, my dear. What’s become of prim and proper Grace?” he said mischievously, and thrust another length of his penis into me.

My face reddened, and I lowered my head so as to conceal it. But I didn’t feel anything like a lady. I felt like a hungry slut, and I wanted to be this man’s slut.

Well, sir,” I said, my breath now growing deep and labored, “It seems you are fucking that lady right out of existence.”

Mr Burke was now thrusting slowly and my cunt walls grabbed at his shaft greedily. I felt his hands on my cheeks as he spreads them apart.

“You have a very pretty asshole, Grace. Did you know that?”

“I… I’ve never seen it, sir.” I said.

“Hadn’t your husband ever complimented you on it? It really is a darling little rosebud.”

“Thank you for saying so, sir. I’m glad you like it.”

“I’m going to put my thumb inside of it just a little. See how you like that.” he said, and I could feel him gently probing my anus.


“Mmmmmm. That’s nice, sir.” I said.

I had never felt a man touch me there before. He removed his thumb, his cock still inside me. I felt it again. This time it was moist, and it went in farther. He began to thrust again, at the same time moving his thumb in slow circles in my anus. I felt myself beginning to orgasm. I grabbed the pillow to my breast and held it tightly. Mr Burke was getting into a delicious rhythm. He certainly knew how to fuck!

“Oh, God! I love how you make me feel, sir. Oh, Jesus, fuck, yeah… mmmmmmm. Oh, shit!” I cried, not believing the words coming out of me.

“That’s a good girl. Are you my good girl, Grace?”

“Good lord!” I said, perhaps a bit too loudly. “Please don’t stop. I’ll be a good little girl for you, sir. I promise!”

With his free hand he gave me another good whack on my asscheek.

“Sometimes I need a good spanking, sir.” I said, surprising myself. There I was, a woman in her forties being spanked and loving it.

We both heard the key in the door latch, and I started.

“Oh, that must be Grover.” I said, and froze in place.

“Well, it must be. No one else has a key.” Mr Burke said blithely.

“But, shouldn’t we…” I began to say, looking at him over my shoulder. I didn’t know quite what to do!

“We,” Mr Burke said, pushing forward silivri escort so that I felt the first sublime tickling of his pubic bush on my cheeks, “We should continue humping, my dear. Grover has no say in what goes on here.”

I heard Grover’s steps on the stairs.

“I’m home. Hey, where is everyone?”

I heard packages being placed on the kitchen countertop.

“Yoo hoo!”

“We’re in your Mom’s room.” Mr Burke said loudly, and I blushed at the prospect of Grover seeing me.

I heard him enter the room.

“Oh…wow!” were his first words. “Gee whiz, Mom. Just look at you!”

“Grover, dear. Please, I didn’t mean to…”

I meant to continue my explanation, but Mr Burke began riding me hard, and I could think of nothing else to say except,

“Oh lord! Fucking Jesus, that feels so good!”

Grover came to the bedside and watched.

“Damn, Mom, you are getting it good!”

“It feels that way, son! Oh, shit!” I said between clenched teeth.

Another of my primal grunts rent the air.

“Grover,” Mr Burke said, never losing his rhythm, “have you ever heard such a sound?”

“Not from my Mom, sir!” Grover said. “Gee. Hey Mom, you’re really loving it, aren’t you?”

“Tell him what you are, Grace.” Mr Burke instructed.

Between deep gasps and more muffled moan/grunts I managed to say,

I’m…Oh sweet Jesus!… I’m,… I’m Mr Burkes little slut, Grover.”

“She is, Grove. She’s my very own dirty little slut whore. She’s very good at it too, you know. Hey, pull up a chair. We’re just getting started, right Grace?”

“Oh, my. I certainly hope so, sir.”

Grover brought a chair to the bedside. He stood and came over to me and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

“Mr Burke can go long and hard, Mom. Get ready for the ride of your life!” he said, smoothing the sweat-soaked strands of hair from my face.

He went back to his chair, which was only a few feet from us. Then he returned and whispered in my ear.

“He really likes you, Mom. I can tell. You’re turning him on.”

I turned to Grover and smiled.

“Thanks, honey. I’m glad of that.” I said softly, then arched my neck as Mr Burke gave an especially deep thrust. This also elicited other of what were beginning to be my trademark groans.

‘Hey, stop with the chitchat you two.” Mr Burke commanded, and we immediately fairly fell over each other apologizing.

“Sorry, sir!” Grover said, then went immediately to his chair.

“I apologize too, Mr Burke. I shouldn’t have taken that liberty. So sorry.” I added contritely.

He stopped his thrusting and pulled out completely.

“I can always go back to my work if you’re not going to behave. You understand me?”

“Please, sir. We’re both very sorry. whispering in your presence was very wrong.” I said, praying he would be forgiving and let me feel once again his beautiful cock inside me. How I loved it!

“And you, Grover. Are you going to behave yourself?”

“Yes, sir! I’m sorry. I was the one who started it. Please don’t blame Mom.”

“You’re both going to be punished later. Grace, you’re going to get that spanking we talked about. Got it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Okay, then. Let’s get back to square one.” he said, and I felt the delicious sensation of his lovely cock filling me once again.

“Oh, thank you, sir. Mmmmmm. Give your slut a good fucking, please.”

“Don’t worry, Grace. We’re going for a very sweet ride now.”

He grabbed handfuls of my ass in his strong hands. The sensation was a peculiar mix of pain and the deep pleasure of submission. Yes, I thought, do what you will with me, grab me, punish me, fuck me.

I glanced over at Grover and he sat there wide-eyed. Naturally, he said nothing, but I could see he was fascinated at seeing (and hearing!) his mother being properly fucked.

Mr Burke was riding me fast and hard now. He draped şirinevler escort his lean body onto my back and I could hear his breath in my ear. At this stage, I was able to take all of him into me. When he pivoted forward, I felt his hairs grazing me from behind. I looked to the sides and saw his sinewy forearms planted into the sheets. His breathing and mine were now deep and audible. At one point, he remained stationary with his cock fully inside me. I groaned a long and deep groan. My cunt walls were writhing against his swollen cock in a lover’s embrace.

“That’s it, Grace,” he whispered. “Make love to it. You know how.”

“Grover! Make yourself useful, boy,” he said. “Let’s all be one happy family.”

With that I felt the bed shift as Grover took up position. Apparently, he knew just what his master was calling for.

“That’s it. Get in there. See if you can outdo you mom, though that could take some doing! Right Grace? Oh, yeah. That’s sweet, Grove.”

“Can I touch my Mom as I lick you, sir?”

“Sure, Grove. It can only help.” Mr burke said. “Damn, Grover. Your rimming skills must be genetic. You and your Mom are the best I’ve ever had.”

“And we’re proud of it too, right Mom?”

“Very, honey. Very proud, indeed!” I said. I suddenly felt Grover’s gentle touch on my inner thigh. I knew he was back there with his tongue in his master’s asshole. He stroked me with light sensitive strokes. I was in heaven!

We moved together in this fashion for some time. At one point I buried my face in the pillow and screamed into it as an orgasm pulsed through my body in rippling waves. Mr Burke grabbed handfuls of my hair, pulling my head up.

“Loving it, bitch?” he said, pumping hard and deep.

I could hardly speak. I could hear Grover lapping hungrily at his post, and I felt Mr Burke pulsing in me.

“More than love, sir.” I said, feelings the pillow, cool with my sweat, against my face. Grover’s hands, responding to the intensity of my orgasm, were clenching the flesh of my thighs, and I heard a stifled moan emanate from the master’s nether region.

Perhaps spurred by my frenzied cumming, Mr Burke moved now with focussed purpose. I sensed he would soon cum as well. His breaths were long and deep. He continued to hold me by my hair as though he were riding his steed into some other world. I felt his entire length inside, and could feel the bulbous head probing my limits, readying itself to spill the warm and copious sperm.

He pulled at my hair sharply and gave a low and sustained cry. I felt the vertebrae crack in my neck. Suddenly, my vagina was awash in Mr Burke’s viscous semen. I could feel it issuing from the head and moving down towards my labia, since, tightly fitted as we were, there was no other place for it to go.

I could hear Grover raining kisses on his master’s ass and praising him.

“Oh, how beautiful, sir!” he exclaimed between kisses.

Mr Burke let his cock slowly slip out of me, pulsing pleasurably as it went.

“Come up here, boy.” he commanded, and Grover seemed to know just what to do. With astonishment, I looked between my legs to see my son position himself with his face below my pussy.

“Clean it up, my boy.” Mr Burke said, and I watched as semen dripped in large gobs from my lips down into Grover’s waiting mouth. There was quite a quantity. When the flow had nearly stopped, Grover began to lap at my labia. I could hardly believe my son was doing this! Still, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

Grover licked me clean, and licked my inner thighs where my own juices and some of the semen had flowed. He kissed me softly there. I had never felt so close to him!

I looked up at Mr Burke. He was on his knees behind me. I looked at his cock which was dripping the last of his issue onto the sheets.

“Don’t forget, Grace.” he said, running his hand appreciatively over my bottom, “you’ve got a spanking coming.”

“No sir” I said, smiling at him, “I haven’t forgotten.”

Indeed, though I sensed it would be more than the few slaps I’d received in bed, and that it would be the punishment he’d said it would be, I couldn’t wait to be across his knee and to feel his strong hand on my cheeks.

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