My Son’s Exes Pt. 03: Caramel Skin

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My son is a musician, and I was at another of his gigs. He and his band were playing a local club. There were a few ladies on the dance floor, some hugging the stage, others swaying with a guy or a girl friend. I noticed one young lady in particular. I placed her as one of my son’s ex-girlfriends from high school now all grown up. As I recalled she was his age, so 24 as well, and truthfully, she was damn fine looking to me.

She was dressed in a black skirt that was short but not slutty and a pair of heels with a button up, short sleeved blue shirt out of which peeked her black lace bra. Her hair was a thick mass of black with a slight wave that framed her face and naturally drew your eyes to hers. The caramel skin of her face with only a touch of blush and red lipstick was perfect and flawless, showing off her lips and bright teeth. But her best feature was, by far, her big brown eyes. As I observed her from my seat, she looked up and caught my eye for just a moment. I flashed my eyes to the empty chair at my small table and back to her. She leaned over and said something to her friend then walked toward me.

“Hi,” she said as she arrived, “is this seat taken?”

Her voice was low for a woman and just a touch throaty which revved up my motor a bit more. “I though you were sitting there.” came my response which was met with a smile that lit up her face and slightly crinkled the corners of her eyes.

She looked me over as if reevaluating her initial appraisal of me and sat down. Her skirt rode up as she did and revealed the small slit on the side as well as a considerable amount of a very nice thigh.

“You are Patrick’s dad, right?” she asked as she leaned forward slightly and placed one arm on the table.

“That’s right, um, it’s Kim as I recall,” I responded.

“Very close, Kimi actually. I am impressed,” she said once again smiling widely. “I am surprised you remember me. We only met a couple of times but I remember even then I found you… magnetic.”

She looked back toward the stage and then toward her friend who was talking to a young man at the bar on the far side of the “dance floor”. “They seem to be getting along well,” I commented and Kimi looked back at me, “You don’t mind if I think of you as Kim do you? Kim sounds more classy and you look more like a Kim to me.”

She chuckled at my comment and leaned forward a bit more causing her shirt to strain at the buttons, “I don’t mind at all, especially since you just said you think I am classy. That’s what they call me at work anyway.”

I laid my hand on her wrist for a moment, “Then I guess we’re all set. It’s Eric, in case you don’t remember. It is much easier to say than Patrick’s dad and makes an old man feel a bit more attractive to a young sexy woman such as yourself.”

“Eric,” she mused, “I like that. It is a strong, name,” she continued as she turned to face me. She glances down at my hand on her wrist and places her other hand atop it and slides it down to her hand to clasp mine between both of hers. Her hands are soft, though the fingers feel strong and are tipped with stylish, well trimmed and maintained nails that meet my standard for not too damn long.

I have this thing against long nails, you see. I think they look cheap and slutty. I think the proper length of a lady’s nails are barely past the tips of her fingers and Kim’s were just right. I could tell that she took a lot of care with her appearance, from her nails to her outfit to her hair and makeup. Glancing up toward the stage, I noticed that the band was almost done setting up.

“You know,” I said, “maybe you’d like to move around this way some so you don’t have to kink your neck to watch the band.” I slid my chair around a bit to make some room and pulled hers right up next to me as she stood. She slipped into the chair, incidentally scooting it even a bit closer then crossed her legs and leaned a bit against my right shoulder and rested her hand on my left hand on the table.

“Would you like a drink, Kim?” I asked as she settled in. I could smell the slight aroma of jasmine rising off her hair and it was nearly as distracting as the touch of her body along my right chest and leg.

She turned her face toward me and breathed a low, “I’d take a 7 and 7. I didn’t drive tonight, so that shouldn’t be a problem for me.”

I could smell her breath as well as she spoke and my right hand around her back seemed to naturally rest upon her right shoulder. Her breath smelled of mint and cinnamon and had we been in a less public place, I would probably have kissed her red lips right then just to taste her pretty mouth. The waitress I had spotted walked up to the table and I ordered her drink and a diet soda for me.

Only a few moments later the band started to play. Though it is not really my kind of music, my sons are pretty good and were really taking off on the local circuit. They played three nights a week on average and pulled in enough money for the five of them to be able to have only minimal other income and still bornova escort bayan make it. A little more popularity and they would be able to quit their day jobs and go full time music which was their aim. I hadn’t been to one of their gigs in a while and this one was a special, one that was higher visibility than their normal gigs. They were opening for a larger, popular west coast band and it was also being picked up by the local PBS television station for possible scheduling as a feature.

Not many people were actually dancing, though there were a lot of people on the “dance floor”. About half way through the first set, my son stepped to the microphone and said they were going to slow it down for a song or two. This was something I had suggested and they had implemented a few weeks earlier.

“Do you dance, Kim?” I asked. She had finished most of her drink and was still pressed lightly against me. She looked over at me and grinned slightly before nodding. We stood and headed to the dance floor. Several years earlier I had taken a ballroom dance class with my now deceased wife, so I knew what I was doing on the dance floor. I was pleasantly surprised when Kim moved into my arms and showed that she too knew ballroom dancing as we moved into a rumba. After a minute or so and the recognition of each other’s ability to dance well, I said “swing” in her ear. She nodded so I led us into the forms of American Swing which actually fit the beat a little better at 35 bars per minute.

We danced through the rest of that song and the slightly faster next song at about 38 bars per minute. By the end, we were reveling in the dance and people were mostly watching us move. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a fancy awesome dancer, but Kim was wildly attractive and moved like she lived on a cloud. All I had to do was lead her through the forms and give her space to shine, and she did. We left the dance floor at the end of the song to a small amount of applause as the next song began.

We swung by the bar where I asked for a couple of waters before returning to our seats. My hand remained on the small of her back for the walk back and when we sat again, she sat even closer and every breath I took filled me with her scent.

“I need to use the rest room,” she said. So, as she stood, I did as well and escorted her to the door to the ladies room. She seemed surprised and appreciative and kissed my cheek before heading in to do her business. While I stood waiting, a couple other girls came to use the facilities and they stopped and gave praise to my dancing abilities.

“Oh, I am not really all that good,” I explained, “I just looked good because my partner was so awesome.”

I was slightly surprised by Kim’s return just then, “Don’t let him fool you girls. He is one hell of a dancer. I haven’t had such a good partner in a long time.” She slipped her arm into the crook of mine possessively as she spoke and pressed her assets against me.

I took the hint and said good night to the two young ladies and we walked back to our seats. When we arrived, Kim’s friend and a guy were sitting there. They quickly rose when we approached.

“Eric,” said Kim, “this is my friend Kathy. Kathy, this is Patrick’s dad, Eric.”

“Nice to meet you, Kathy,” I said taking in the pretty blond. She was slightly shorter than Kim, maybe 5’5″ but every bit as pretty. The main difference was the quality of their bearing and dress. While Kathy wore a similar outfit as Kim, she didn’t carry it as well and came off as just a bit more like a pretender to class. It was not something you would notice except if she was around Kim, but I noticed.

Kathy stuck out her hand and said, “Hi, good to meet you too. This is my friend Bill.” He and I shook hands. “Anyway, someone was scoping your chairs so we rescued them and waited for you. We’ll talk later. Bye!”

Kim smiled and shrugged as we sat down, “She can be a bit flighty,but she is a good friend,” she explained, “we went to EWU together.” But the next band began playing then and conversation was pretty much halted. When another set of slower songs came on we danced again and again received a smattering of applause. As we headed back to our chairs, I stopped and turned her to face me.

“How about we get out of here?” I asked and at her nod continued, “do you have a coat or a purse?”

She led me to the coat check where I picked up my sport coat and she a business jacket that matched the dress along with a small clutch. I tipped the person behind the counter and we headed for the door. Again, she nestled up to my arm as we walked to my car a couple blocks away. Walking up to it, I couldn’t help but admire my car. It was a root beer brown, 1967 Firebird with black trim and striping. I had spent a lot of money having it restored including the high option rebuilt 326 V8 engine with four barrel carburetor rated at just under 300 HP. It had black leather interior and here I departed from the original with a CD player, shoulder strap seat escort bornova belts and a blue tooth hookup for my phone with a hands free paddle arrangement added to the steering wheel to control the phone and the music system. I remotely unlocked the doors as we approached and fired it up. When we got to the car, it was rumbling and ready.

“Wow, this is your car?” she asked, “It’s beautiful!”

I opened the door and held it for her as she got in, her skirt distracting me once again as it rode up her thigh. I closed the door and moved around to the driver’s side. I removed my sport coat and laid it in back then slid behind the wheel. She was still admiring the car as I buckled up.

“So, Kim, did you have a place in mind where you wanted to go?” I asked.

She looked over at me and considered for a moment before responding, “How about someplace quiet where we can talk and get to know one another better?”

“Okay, so out somewhere would be restrictive. Your place or mine?” I asked coyly.

“Your place is fine. I hope it is a little bit of a drive because I’d love to ride in this car for a bit,” she said paused and turned to before she continued, “maybe on the freeway.”

I noticed her eyes were twinkling and she seemed genuinely excited, so, I nodded and put her into gear. “I take it you like Naomi?” I asked before pulling out. Seeing Kim’s quizzical look I explained. “I named the car Naomi.”

I pulled out onto the street and headed toward the freeway entrance. I’d actually just moved outside of town to a largish house on some good acreage where I had privacy, yet it was close enough to town that I still had access to all the services I loved, like internet and cell service etc. The on ramp was close and within a minute I was moving onto the freeway. I flipped on my hidden radar tracker and hearing no pings, I pushed the pedal until we leapt forward, achieving 75 MPH in just a few seconds.

“Oh my God, that is awesome,” Kim said with excitement. I noticed she was breathing quickly and her feet were in motion just a bit as she flexed her shapely legs. The tops of her stockings were now visible though I could only glance over as I pushed the speed a bit faster.

I eased off a bit at 85 mph and asked. “That fast enough?” as I zipped past a couple of cars.

“No,” she said with a laugh, “it is never fast enough, but the purr of the engine is vibrating through me and, damn, Naomi is sexy.”

“She is that,” I replied and placed one hand on her leg as I slowed back to 75, “but so are you. I think she’s jealous.”

She laughed out loud with a hearty, sexy laugh, “Flattery sir, will get you everywhere.” She spread her legs apart slightly and pulled my hand up to the bare skin above her stockings and moaned slightly, “How far from your place are we?”

“Just about 5 minutes from here.” I said,

She placed her hand on the rising bulge in my pants and began to rub my cock, “Hmm, not enough time for more than this then. Ooo, he is a big one.”

As she continued to rub my cock through my jeans, I slid my hand up to her panty clad sex. I rubbed over the top of the slightly damp cloth and elicited a moan from my lovely passenger. I patted her gently and rubbed a bit as well. I knew she liked it because she would stop rubbing me for a few moments and moan until she remembered where she was doing, then she would start teasing me again. She openly squirmed in her seat now as I pulled off the freeway and onto the two lane road.

I grabbed her chin at the stop sign and pressed my lips to hers. She moaned into my kiss and I drove my tongue past her lips and into her mouth while dropping my hand back to her pussy. I pressed harder against her clit through her panties as I kissed her and rubbed her slit from anus to clit and back again, then again. Her moans were constant now, so I leaned back in my seat and peeled away from the stop sign. Her hips began to thrust against my fingers as the car once again leapt away down the road. Her hands were on each of the armrests, one on her door and the other between us, as she bucked under my questing fingers. With one finger I pressed on her clit as I moved her panties to the side and slipped another into her pussy. It was instantly drenched with her juices as I reached the turn off and headed down my driveway. By the time we reached the carport she was crying out and close to orgasm. I parked and continued my ministrations.

“Feels good doesn’t it, baby?” I asked as I pushed my two fingers in as deep as I could. Her splayed legs were quivering as I finger fucked her young pussy. I didn’t bother listening for an answer as she was beyond conversation at that moment. I pressed my thumb against her clit and began moving in a circular motion with my whole hand as I pleasured her. Leaning over and lifting my arm, I managed to get her to lay on her back with her feet toward the door and legs still spread. I leaned down and kissed her while I frigged her with wild abandon. Her moans rose in tone to bornova escort a squeal into my mouth as I invaded her mouth with my tongue and slid my little finger over her anus.

She jerked then, once, twice, a third time and began to twitch and jerk through her orgasm. I released her mouth and she began to gulp in air.

“Oh, my, God, Oh my God, oh my God,” she gasped as her breathing slowed down. She had clamped her legs on my hand trapping it inside her and I almost wiggled my fingers to remind her, but decided patience was a virtue. “That was so fucking intense. I haven’t felt anything like that in a long ass time.”

I leaned down and kissed her again. She rose to my mouth eagerly and I kissed away the last traces of her lipstick. Still she looked gorgeous in the dashboard light. Her caramel colored skin glistening slightly and her eyes staring up at me. I pulled my fingers from her pussy then and brought them to my mouth to lick off her juices. They tasted as sweet as any I had ever tasted before and after coating my tongue and lips I kissed her again sharing the taste with this beautiful woman.

“Shall we go inside and see what other trouble we can get into?” I asked.

“Oh hell yes. Just let me compose myself for a moment,” came her reply. I took the opportunity with her half laid out to explore her ample tits. Her nipples were erect and her breasts firm and natural. She moaned slightly as I pinched one nipple then the other. Then I sat her up, shut off the car and stepped out. I came round and opened her door and helped her stand. Closing her door I pressed against her, pinning her to the door as I kissed her again and lifted one leg. I pressed myself against her and felt her breathing quicken and her pulse began to beat. After a moment I released her and put one arm around her waist to walk her to the door.

We got inside and I took her to the left toward what I called the romper room. It was a room designed for all manner of relaxation. It had a television, piano, sound system and a large conversation pit that was built into the floor in front of the large fireplace. I stopped at the bar and asked, “Would you like another drink?”

“Yes, I would, but make it water instead of 7UP this time. I think I’m going to need the hydration.” she replied as she perched on the barstool. Even slightly rumpled, she carried herself with an air of beauty.

“Can I take your jacket?” I asked as I used the nearby hangar rack to store my sport coat. At her nod I slipped hers off managing to rub her tits teasingly as I did then handed her the watered down Seagram for which she had asked. I hung her jacket and then grabbed my water and led her to the conversation pit. I turned on the gas fire and sat next to her on her left, my right arm behind her.

“I find myself a little shy now,” she said. “I have never been this forward with a man I just met before.”

“Have you been with a lot of men my age before?” I asked while my hand caressed her neck.

She considered my question and looked me in the eye before saying, “Actually, I’ve only been with boys before. For the last several years I have been concentrating on my career and haven’t been dating really, not since college, almost three years ago.”

“Well, you will find that a man, especially one with experience, will be able to evoke responses in your that you never felt before or knew you could. Boys have stamina and they depend on it for their performance. I am more interested in making sure you cum more than you ever have at one time in your life previously.”

“I can say I have never felt the kind of pleasure I felt when you fingered me ever before, even through masturbation.” she said with a wistful tone in her voice.

While she was talking I sat down our glasses on the built in receptacle for them and kissed her again as she finished talking. This time, I went softly, barely touching her lips, once, twice, each kiss with more pressure. As her breathing increased, my hand on the back of her neck began to push her in and pull her back slightly in time with my kisses. My left hand lifted and caressed her cheek then slid down her neck to the top of her blouse and undid the first button, then the second. She sighed as I began to play with her right breast then yelped as I pinched her nipple. I stopped kissing her and pushed her shirt off laying it gently across the backing of the pit. She released her bra then and pulled it off. Her breasts were beautiful C cups with a lovely half dollar sized areola and pert half inch long nipples.

She pulled at my shirt and untucked the polo then pulled it up over my head and tossed it behind her. “Stand up,” I told her and when she did, I unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. I picked it up and laid it with her shirt and bra as she removed her soaked panties. As she bent to slip the panties off her feet over her heels, I stood behind her and pressed my pants to her ass. She leaned back and I reached around her to squeeze her tits as she turned her head to kiss me. She unbuckled my belt and button but could not release the zipper pressed up against her and I wasn’t letting her move away. But my cock was nearly completely hard and showing almost seven inches pressed against her ass. My left hand played with her tit while my right dropped once again to her pussy.

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