My Sister Made Me Ch. 04

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I realize that some people are having issues with Sam’s relationship with the Pastor. As one of the comments on the last chapter said, Mentalcase won’t leave it unresolved. I can assure you that it will be resolved, it’s just going to take a few chapters to get there. My longtime readers can attest that I’m not ever in a hurry to finish a things, and I never rush the story.

I’m not making light of abusive relationships, or people that user their power to coerce those that are in a position below them, no pun intended. If you’re in a position like that, speak up and get help.

My intent isn’t just to turn you on with these stories, but to tell a compelling story as well. I’ve tried writing non-sexual things in the past, but the trouble is they inevitably turn nasty. First and foremost, this is a story about sex. I would have put this in a more suitable section, Nonconsent, but if a story contains Incest in the slightest form, it gets sent to this one.

Please have patience and trust that this story will suitably resolve the Sam story line. She has to grow as a character first, though, so it won’t happen in this chapter. If you dislike this, I encourage you to seek out other works. I don’t let my readers dictate how a story turns out. I have the plan for how it works in my head and I fill in the blanks as I go, but the beginning and end are set in stone.

Thank you again for being loyal readers and fans. You guys are the best therapy that a guy like me could hope for.



Alex sighed and looked at the clock. Toni was late again. Their shift was supposed to start at 3:00 on the days they worked, though Toni was seldom there on time. She ran a hand through her hair and tousled it, then sighed as she heard a vehicle pull up.

She walked to the window and slid it open, smiling at the college age guys in the vehicle.

“Damn, baby,” the driver said.

She smiled and waited for the order. “What can I get you?”

She didn’t really notice their obvious stares as she stood waiting in the window, her bikini covering what it could of her. The month that she’d been working there had hardened her to the feeling.

“Well, shit, I’ll take two of you,” he said, winking.

She smiled.

“Can I take a pic?” the guy in the passenger seat asked, peering over.

“After you buy something,” she said, forcing a sweeter smile.

The passenger handed a wad of cash to the driver, who handed it to Alex. Passing the cash over, the young man smiled expectantly as Alex turned and began to prepare their coffee.

The door opened just then and Toni came in.

“Bout fuckin’ time,” Alex said, glancing at the clock.

“Sorry,” Toni said, stripping out of her shirt to reveal the lingerie she was wearing. Alex was in a skimpy bikini, but Toni had chosen something much more revealing.

Stepping over to the window, Toni smiled widely and waved at the two boys.

“Holy shit, there are two of you!” he said, grinning like an idiot.

Toni snickered and nodded. “Identical!” she confirmed, her voice raising as she fell into the sultry temptress.

Alex sighed and turned, handing the coffee over.

“How about that picture?” he asked.

She smiled and nodded, adopting a somewhat provocative pose for them.

Toni rolled her eyes and came up behind her, her hands moving to her twin’s breasts and pulling the cups to the side.

Alex snickered as the two guys whooped and hollered in the truck, clicking away with their phones.

“That was like, 40 dollars they tipped you,” Toni said after they’d driven away. “The least you could do would be show them a little skin.”

“I think you show enough of that for the both of us,” Alex said.

Toni rolled her eyes but didn’t press the point.

“What took so damn long to get here?” Alex asked.

Toni sighed. “I have to walk all the way across campus and still change. I’m not lucky enough to have a class I can leave early from.”

Alex rolled her eyes and sighed.

“It’s not like I was trying to be late, little miss bitchy,” she said, rolling her eyes.

Alex ignored her.

Frowning, Toni turned and leaned over to look at her.

“What is it?” she asked.

Alex shook her head. “Nothing,” she muttered

Toni slid in front of her, her hands going to her twin’s waist and pulling her close. “If you tell me what I did, I can at least make it up to you.” She stuck her tongue out between her teeth and looked down Alex’s body. Turning her hand around, she slid it inside Alex’s bikini and let her fingers gently brush through her sparse pubic hair.

Alex closed her eyes and shook her head, reaching down to grab Toni’s wrist as her twin’s fingers slid it further down, past her lips.

“Ohhh…,” Alex sighed. “Toni,” she hissed, “Stop!”

Toni grinned and pulled her fingers free, popping them into her mouth and sucking the juices from them.

Gathering herself, Alex turned away from her and sighed. Another vehicle pulled up and Toni quickly pulled her lingerie into place elmadağ escort before going to the window.

It had been a month since they’d gotten a job at The Twin Mountain Coffee Company, and Alex still wasn’t enamored with the whole thing. Toni might be the whiny little princess when she needed to be, but Alex really didn’t like working, and preferred to use her dad’s money. She’d been trying to wrack her brain to come up with a plan to get her dad to let her quit. She’d even thought about telling him where Toni had made her work, but that would get Toni in trouble and she wasn’t about to do that to her beloved sister.

It wasn’t that the job was hard. Just the opposite, in fact. Her shifts were exercises in keeping herself entertained, never mind that Toni was constantly trying to fill the time by getting into her pants or turning her on. It was easy, but it was boring as all hell.

She liked the customers enough. Most were super nice and she even had a few regulars that she noticed were coming back regularly to see her. Most were well-behaved, and even the ones that were lewd weren’t too bad. One or two had taken their dicks out when she’d flashed them, and she’d had to admit to herself that she’d liked it. Having the effect she did on men was exciting and empowering. After the first time one of her regulars had pulled his cock out and she hadn’t complained, he tended to drive up and do just that every time. There was a digital marquee outside that her boss had installed that the girls signed in to. It displayed the names of the bikini barista, or baristas that were working that day. She’d been alone the first time it had happened, and while shocked, she couldn’t look away. The middle-aged man had given her fifty dollars and asked very politely if she minded flashing him. She’d smiled and shrugged, pulling her bikini aside for a few seconds.

The man groaned and immediately groped his crotch. She’d smiled at his reaction, causing him to grow embarrassed. He started his car and put in gear, ready to bolt.

“No!” she’d told him, surprising herself. “I don’t mind!”

In truth, she didn’t. It was a little flattering, to be honest.

He’d grinned widely and unzipped his pants, only pulling the tip out as his hand disappeared into his underwear.

She’d stood still, feeling a little self-conscious as he watched her. “God, you’re incredible,” he’d told her. She smiled and winked at him, and he groaned, cumming in his pants. He sighed deeply and kept thanking her.

“See you soon!” she’d told him, waving playfully. The next time, he’d driven up to the window with his zipper down, but his cock not out. Toni answered the window first, but Alex took over when Toni let out a surprised cry.

“Hi”! Alex had said. “I see you came back to see me again!”

The older man had smiled and nodded. “I just couldn’t stay away. You’re too beautiful.”

He’d pulled an even fatter wad of cash out of his pocket and handed it to her, causing her to smile widely. That time, Toni had joined her in flashing him, but was still taken aback when he’d pulled up with his cock completely out of his pants.

After getting an explanation from her, Toni had shrugged and laughed it off. The older man had been back five or six times since then, always on Alex and Toni’s shift.

“Such a beautiful cock,” Toni had said, smiling as the two flashed him the last time he came. “Makes me want to go home and call my boyfriend over.”

The man smiled and blushed, murmuring a “Thanks” before driving off.

“You embarrassed him!” Alex had scolded.

Toni shrugged and looked at her, amused. “You’re mad because I scared off some creep that was jerking off to you?”

Feeling silly, Alex had fallen silent at the berating and went back to what she was doing.

Those were perks to the job, she realized. She definitely enjoyed the money, but also seemed to get really, really turned on by all the attention she got. Toni was always groping and trying to get her turned on, sure, but she also got horny working alone.

A car driving up drew her from her reverie, and she moved over close to her twin as the vehicle pulled to the window. It was another group of college guys. She smiled, feeling her pussy grow damp as they ogled the two of them. Sliding the window open, Toni began to take their order.

Most of the guys were polite and seemed to want to just look at the two of them, but a few seemed to think hitting on the two of them was a good idea. Of course they got requests to kiss each other, but Toni had decided early on that it was probably best if they didn’t do that.

Occasionally they got rude people, or guys that were crass or just nasty. One had yelled, “Let me see you eat your sister’s ass!”

Toni had quickly shot back, “Never when we’re working!”

A hardened stare from her sister brought her out of her reverie and back to the present.

“Come on Alex,” Toni whined. “Don’t make me force it out of you.”

Alex sighed. “I’m just tired and grumpy, okay?”

She esenyurt escort leaned forwards out of the window and let the driver get a good look as her breasts swayed sexily.

She heard Toni moving around behind her as the driver drove off with a wistful wave, and sighed. Two hands pulled at her bikini and a warm set of lips kissed her rump. She sighed and tried to brush her away, but Toni wouldn’t be dissuaded so easily. A warm tongue slid up her slit as she leaned out the window, causing her to groan in pleasure.

She heard engine noise and turned, seeing a car pulling up. It was Mr. Ericson, the older gentleman that liked for them to look at his cock.

“Toni, we have a… fuck… customer,” Alex groaned, trying to focus.

Mr. Ericson pulled up to the window and smiled as he saw Alex half hanging out.

“Hi Mr. Ericson!” she said loudly.

Toni’s tongue slid upwards, probing her asshole before she felt her suit being pulled back into place. She glanced down and saw him stroking his cock as always. He reached into his pocket and took out a wad of bills, then proceeded to wrap it around his dick and begin to jerk himself off with it.

“Someone is feeling very naughty today,” Alex said.

He nodded. “What am I?” he asked, looking at her pointedly.

She grinned, sensing that he was asking for her to humiliate him a little. She didn’t know why, of course, but seemed to understand that he liked it.

“You’re a dirty old man,” she said, smiling as Toni came up. Her lips were shiny from Alex’s pussy and she smelled of her. Wiping her face on a towel, she reached around Alex and pulled the bikini aside as Mr. Ericson watched.

She leaned around and brazenly pulled and tweaked her twin’s nipples, causing their customer to groan in pleasure.

“I’ll bet you wish you could cum in my sister’s mouth,” Toni said. “You dirty old man.”

He groaned, crying out in pleasure as he stroked, a rope up cum bolting from the tip of his cock and landing on his stomach. The wad of bills he was still masturbating with was mostly clean still, save for a few errant sprays of his seed. Toni took it from his proffered hand a few moments later. She seemed nonplussed, and took it over to the sink as Alex turned to prepare his coffee.

“That was pretty crazy,” Toni said, grinning a short while later, having washed off the bills.

“You shouldn’t tease him like that,” Alex said.

“Tease him?” her twin asked.

“That he could cum in my mouth. That was a little mean,” she said.

“Who said I was joking?” Toni said, grinning wickedly.

Alex sighed. “You’d make me suck off a stranger?”

“Of course!” Toni said. “Anyone, anytime, anywhere,” she said. “Remember?”

Alex nodded. “Yes, Mistress,” she replied sarcastically, rolling her eyes. Their shift continued as normal for the rest of the evening. The next day was an off day, and the two spent it catching up on homework and relaxing. The following day, Thursday, Alex was working alone. Saturday the two of them would be working together again. She seemed to find working alone easier, and had begun to prefer it. Toni was such a perv and a distraction that they usually just ended up going down on each other when they didn’t have any customers.

She momentarily felt bad, thinking of her twin that way. She knew full well that she instigated things between the two of them just as much as Toni, if not more.

The shift had been going fine until that guy in the truck had pulled up. The guy was a little sleazy looking, but she shrugged and leaned out, offering him a tantalizing view of her gorgeous cleavage.

“I’d like a special,” he said, grinning widely and holding up two one-hundred dollar bills.

She looked at him curiously. “I’m sorry?”

He sighed. “A special. You told me the other day when we were working out that if I came here and gave you two hundred dollars, you’d give me a special.”

She frowned. “I have a twin, so maybe it was her?” she ventured.

He shrugged. “I don’t care who does it. I just want my special.”

Still confused, she looked at him pointedly for a moment. “What’s in a special, exactly?”

He sighed. “Look, damnit. I was told that if I came here and gave you two hundred dollars that I’d be able to get a blowjob.”

Alex’s mouth dropped open in shock, and the guy panicked as he saw the look of shock on Alex’s face, tearing out after throwing the two hundred dollars at her.

Angrily, she finished the rest of her shift before she sped home. Entering, she saw Sam smiling at her but shook her head, heading upstairs to Toni.

Opening the door to Toni’s room, she slammed it closed and glared at her twin.

“Bad day at work?” Toni asked.

“You might say that,” Alex said, snarling at her. She pulled the two $100 dollar bills from her pocket and threw them at her sister. “A complete stranger said that someone who looks a lot like me offered to give him a blowjob.”

“No,” Toni said. “I told him that he could buy one from you. I didn’t etiler anal yapan escort say that I’d give him one.” She turned and looked pensively into nothing for a moment. “Or did I?”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Toni!” Alex yelled.

Sighing, Toni stood and tried to calm her down. “Keep your voice down. People can hear you and you’re still in your work clothes. He wasn’t supposed to come to collect so quickly. I told him next week so I could have time to talk to you about it.”

For several long minutes, Alex yelled at her twin. To her credit, Toni sat there and took it quietly, waiting for a chance to speak.

“It’s good money!” Toni had said, finally. “And yeah, I kind of want you to start sucking off a customer or two. It’s a new idea I had.”

“It’s sex with strangers!” Alex had countered.

“It’s nothing you haven’t done before!” Toni had replied.

“Only because you fucking make me!” she’d screamed back.

“I’ve never made you do anything you didn’t want to do, and I’ve never made you suck off a stranger,” Toni said. “You’re the one that sucks off her friends, and the fucking school principal!”

“Why do you want to make me do this? Do you hate me?” Alex asked.

“Of course I don’t hate you. You’re my favorite person in the world! You’re just so much braver and stronger than I am. You don’t care what people think of you and you’re so much prettier than me. You don’t see it because you’ve never cared about that, but you know you’re gorgeous. We need the extra money and we can’t ask our parents. Do you know what mom and dad will do to us if they find out where we’re working?” Toni sighed and pulled her down to the bed with her, stroking her hair.

“And when they discover that I’m sucking cock for money?” Alex countered.

“We’ll take precautions. Do you know how much money you could make in just one day? We get paid what, 15 dollars an hour plus tips? This $200 dollars for just a few minutes of work a day, and you get to do it as many times as you can handle! You could easily make $1000 dollars in one day! Plus, we can charge them extra if they want intercourse. That’s more money for the both of us!”

“So I’m not crazy in thinking that I’ll be the one doing the work and you’ll be collecting the money?” Alex asked.

“Well of course we’d split the money. You’re not my slave, okay?” Toni replied.

Alex began to think that her sister was starting to make sense. It was true, she’d sucked off boys before. Bear, Eric, Kenny, even Toni’s own boyfriend had all felt her lips on their cocks and had filled her mouth with their delicious cum. She did really like it, that was true.

“Come on,” Toni said. “I let you fool around with my boyfriend all the time. Can’t you just try to do this for me?”

Sighing, Alex ignored the question and went to her bedroom.

A few hours later, Toni emerged from their adjoining closet and slid into bed beside her. “I’ll tell you what,” Toni said. “How about we try it for just one or two shifts, and if you don’t like it, we can stop. We can even quit working there and find something else.”

Alex sighed. “How are you going to get people interested in this?”

Toni smiled. “I’ve got a plan in place already.”

That Saturday, the twins were early for their shift. It was a relatively short one, 11 to 3, but Alex was sure that it would be an eventful one.

As luck would have it, Toni had found the first guy that had come by where she’d been hit on by him the first time, at the gym. She didn’t bother explaining, but told him that if he wanted his two-hundred back, that he could come by and she’d give it to him, or they could talk about other arrangements.

“I’m still not thrilled about this,” Alex said, seeing the semi-familiar vehicle pulling up.

Toni kissed her and ran a hand through her hair. “Just do it for me, okay?”

Alex sighed, nodding.

“Hello!” Toni said sweetly after sliding the window open. “What can I get for you today?”

The guy sighed, seemingly ready to be done with the charade. “A special,” he said simply.

“One special,” Toni said, smiling over at Alex. She took the two hundred from her bra and placed it in the drawer. “That’s gonna take us a few minutes,” she said, smiling. “Wanna come inside where it’s cool and wait while we take care of your order?”

He grinned widely. “Sure!”

She pointed across the lot. “Just park over there and knock on the door.”

Alex sighed nervously, waiting for the inevitable. A minute or so later, a soft knock at the door drew her from her daydream. Toni moved over and opened it, smiling as the guy came in.

Closing the door behind her, she made sure it was locked.

“First, know that there are cameras installed. What you purchased was a $200 dollar cup of coffee. My sister is going to help you relax during the wait by offering to give you a completely free blowjob.” Toni had seemed to slip into an “all-business” persona, which surprised Alex. “If you abuse her in any way, we’ll turn the tapes over to my boss, who knows some not-so-nice individuals. Is that in any way unclear?”

He shook his head yes. “I’m cool,” he said.

Toni glanced over at Alex and nodded. Sighing, Alex turned and kneeled in front of him. He reached down and unzipped his pants, pulling his modestly sized cock out and looking nervously at the two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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