My Sister Jen Pt. 03

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We moved to the head of the bed and crawled under the covers. Both girls on either side of me with their head on my shoulders. It was completely unreal if you really allowed yourself to think about it. Here was my younger sister and her 19-year-old nanny in Jen’s marital bed. We had just finished a kinky session of fucking not 24 hours after I fucked Jen and her best friend in the pool house.

After 10 minutes or so of just laying there, all of us just reliving the experience, Gabby got up from the bed and said she was going to go clean the living room and head to bed. The kids would be up early and they would come into the guest room looking for Gabby. She came over to Jen’s side of the bed and kissed her lightly, then looking at me she said “You don’t want to get caught here by the kids either.”

She was much more mature than her age, I guess living with a carefree spirit like her mom instilled a sense of responsibility in Gabby. I nodded her way and told her that I would be headed back to the Pool House shortly.

After Gabby left, I turned to Jen, “So, you want to tell me how this all happened?”

Jen sighed, then sat up against the headboard. I followed suit so we were sitting side by side.

She began:

You know, when I was a kid, mom figured out I was pretty good at gymnastics. It began there. What started out as a hobby, turned into a job at 9. Just after you left for college, mom pushed me into a semi pro schedule with one of the best gymnastics’ coaches in the nation. I excelled. The coaches were tough, but I was even tougher on myself.

I knew early on I was a perfectionist. Within a few months I was winning meets. Within a couple of years, I was practicing 4 hours a day, 6 days a week. I was on the national team when I was 14 and Bela Karoli wanted me to come be on his team and practice at his gym in Dallas. Over that summer, I grew 8 inches. My dreams were dashed of ever becoming a Olympian, but I never gave up.

I got the scholarship to UCLA and I was team leader my sophomore year. That’s when I met Jim. He was as goal oriented as me. We graduated and married and soon afterwards we had kids. He was successful in his business and encouraged me to open my first boutique. But as with anything, I over excelled and now have 8 total stores. Jim’s business is doing beyond even our own wildest dreams. To say it mildly, we are rich, happy and still in love as much as that first day we met. Then three months ago, L Brands approached me. They wanted to buy the my boutiques, my brand and roll it out nationwide. The offer is a staggering amount of money and I would stay on to become the brand spokesperson. It was beyond our wildest imagination.

The night of the meeting with L Brands, Jim was out of town. I needed to talk to someone, so I called up Kiko. I went to her house and we celebrated. I always knew Kiko was bisexual, she would tell me about some of the swinger parties her and Tad would go to. They tried a few times to get Jim and I to go, but it just wasn’t our thing.

I was drunk and on cloud nine and one thing led to another and Kiko and I were on her couch making out like high schoolers. It was the first time since I kissed another person since my freshman year of college. We ended up in her bed and she made me orgasm like I haven’t in years. Over and over again.

The next morning, I woke up with a hangover and a serious case of regret. I had cheated on Jim. We had a perfect life; I love him more than anything in the world. And here I was a slut that cheated on my husband with his best friends’ wife!!

I went home and cried for three days. I couldn’t move from the bed. Jim was seriously thinking of committing me. I wouldn’t tell him what was going on, he just thought I had gone off the deep end.

Kiko came over and asked Jim to take the girls to the movies. She tried to reason with me, she tried being nice. When I wouldn’t even acknowledge she was there, she got pissed. She grabbed me by the hair and forced my face into her pussy. She told me that I should learn to eat her pussy, because if I didn’t, she was going to tell Jim that I had cheated on him. I relented; I couldn’t have her tell Jim.

I was ashamed, and worse than that, I got excited. After I made Kiko cum, she ripped off my panties and fist fucked me. Telling me all sorts of dirty nasty things, telling me that she was raping my pussy. The next thing you know I was cumming all over her hand, and not just a little, but I squirted. That was a first for me. The orgasm affected my whole body, I’ve never felt that way before.

Afterwards, we sat and talked, kind of like you and I are doing now. We figured out that I was so focused on life and such a task master, that I never worried about my own body’s desire and needs. Kiko told me that she always sensed that I would be submissive in bed, the opposite of my normal everyday personality. Kiko was dominate in bed, but in her daily life she is subservient to those around her, she explained that it was very common in people to have this personality bostancı escort trait. Jim and I have a vanilla sex life, and while I love him dearly, I have found that I have a need that he will never be able to fill.

Over the last few months, Kiko has taken me on a journey. She has taught me to allow myself to enjoy this new side of me. We mostly role play here at the house, but she has taken me out to a few lesbian bars and allowed me to be used by the women there. She had planned on getting Titus and Amanda to rape me at the party, the thought of Titus being a bull and fucking me with his black cock got both of us so hot that we fucked on her kitchen counter while the guys were in the home office. Too bad they had second thoughts, afraid if Jim and Tad found out and they weren’t certain that Kiko was telling them the truth about what a slut I’d become.

That is when you caught me with Kiko in the pool house bedroom, she had taken me there to tell me that Titus had backed out. Now I’m glad he did, I’m happy that the first cock, other than Jim’s, was someone that loved me. I don’t know what to do, I feel like I’m being sucked into a hole and I’m out of control. I have so much to lose, but I just can’t help myself. I’ve turned into a depraved whore. God, I must get ahold of myself.”

I sat silently for a few minutes, letting her story seep in before responding. She way laying on my chest, I could feel the tears dropping to my skin.

“It will be OK, I promise.”

I had no idea if it was going to be OK. This was all new territory to me.

“I just think we inherited a high sex drive, and yours is showing itself for the first time,” I sighed. “A few months ago I was in a Janesboro, you know the town about 50 miles from where we grew up? I was there for a business meeting and I was going to drop in on mom and dad the next day and surprise them. I was at dinner in this nice steakhouse with my customer, and when I was coming out of the bathroom I ran into mom. She was dressed in a short black dress and her long legs were covered in very expensive silk stockings. You know mom got a boob job, right? She was showing them off in that dress and she must have had injections in her lips, as they were huge. I’ve never known mom to wear a bunch of makeup, but she had it caked on like a stripper, her big fat lips were painted in red lipstick. I almost didn’t recognize her; her silver hair was cut short in a bob. She was totally surprised to see me there, to say the least. She was there with two men, both about my age. Now, mom is hot for being in her 60’s and we know dad’s health has taken a turn these last few years. She admitted to me the next day that she had picked up the two men on Tinder, and that she fucked both of them at the same time that night. She swore me to secrecy, and you are the first person I ever told. I told her as I’ve told you, you are an adult, it is your life. I’m not here to judge you, especially if you knew half of the things I’ve done.”

Jen raised up off my chest and looked at me, “Mom with two guys? No way.”

“Yeah, I still have a hard time believing it myself. And I must tell you, when she told me about her night, she looked me right in the eye. No shame and she told me details you wouldn’t tell a sorority sister. I had to get her to quit as I was getting hard as she was telling me about it.”

“No way innocent, PTA President for 9 years in a row mom is out doing threesomes with two younger guys.”

“Yep. And not a bit ashamed of it either. If I didn’t know any better, I thought the way she told the story was done in a way to make me get excited.”

“It appears the memory is getting you excited,” my sister says as she moved her hand beneath the sheet to my hardening cock. She whispered, “I think my big brother wants to fuck his mommy, you dirty motherfucker. It wasn’t enough for you to nearly split your innocent little sister in half with your gigantic cock when you raped me, but now I find out you want to fuck the grandmother to my children? You are a despicable son, our mother is the most innocent person I know. And you want to put this thick cock in her tiny little pussy?” She was now jacking my fully hard cock while she talked her filth. She scooted down and put the head of my cock in her mouth, licking the precum off of it into her waiting taste buds.

“I bet she has gray pussy hair, you disgusting prick. She’s a grandmother and has been faithful to our father for 45 years,” Jen then thrust her head on my prick, taking the first few inches into her mouth. She bobbed on my cock for a few minutes while playing with my balls. She then licked my cock from the root to the tip, covering my cock with her spit.

She swung her legs over my torso while aiming my cock to her pussy, she pushed the tip into her tight cunt while looking at me in the eye. “You are so big, god, I don’t know how you got all of this cock in my pussy.” She began to thrust up and down on my cock, trying to impale herself on my thick member. “I bet you want çeliktepe escort to rape our mother too, don’t you? Walk up behind her while she’s in one of her ugly house dresses and pull it up and stick you thick prick into her old pussy. God I can’t believe how depraved you are.”

She had most of my cock stuffed in her pussy and her pussy was excreting so much juice that it was pooling on my abdomen and groin. “You like fucking your brother? You are a dirty cunt. Just like our mother, nothing but a whore. You know she took one of those guy’s cock in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time? Not only did they spit roast her, but they double penetrated our sweet loving mother.”

“That’s so hot,” moaned my sister.

“Yeah, and not only that, but she then sat at the kitchen table in the house we grew up in and looked me in the eye and told me all about it. She gave me details Jen.”

“She’s such a slut. I can’t believe our mother is a slut Bob,” she rolled off of me and put her face on the pillow and her small ass in the air. “Fuck me from behind Bobby. Fuck me and pretend I’m mom.”

I lined my dick up to her pussy and slowly sank my 7″ into her tight hole. She had loosened up from our previous fucking and I bottomed out in her shallow pussy, my head of my dick against her cervix. Jen turned her head and looked back at me, “Fuck me Bobby, fuck mommy’s pussy.” She thrust back into me and gasped, “God your dick is so big.”

I wasn’t going to last long, the visual of my beautiful skinny sister’s body and her calling me Bobby. My mom is the only one left on earth that calls me that. Her body and her voice so like my moms had my cock believing I was fucking my mother.

I had my hands on her thin hips and slamming into her, my sweat dripping off my forehead and into my eyes. The sting causing me to close them, making the dream that much more real. I could feel the cum bursting from my balls, flooding my sister’s pussy with another torrent of seed. “Take my cum you slut,” I half screamed as I filled my baby sister.

I was wiped out. I wasn’t a young man any longer and fucking multiple times a day had me wheezing for air and my heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest. I fell to the bed and just tried to slow my breathing and my heart rate. I glanced over at my sister and she hadn’t moved. Her right hand was reaching her clit and she was furiously frigging herself while moaning and squeaking. “I’m gonna fuck my mom and I already fucked my brother. God I’m such a slut,” Jen moaned as her body shook from her orgasm.

I closed my eyes where I laid, on top of the comforter at an angle on the bed. Within seconds I was asleep.

Gabby came into Jen’s room at 5:00am and woke me up. She had brought my swim trunks from downstairs and told me I needed to get to the pool house before the kids got up. I groggily got dressed and headed out the back door and went back to sleep.

I awoke the next morning and got dressed in my Suit and headed out for a couple of meetings. Nobody was in the main house, Jen having gone to work already and the kids and Gabby off to Gymnastics. I made a cup of coffee to go and got in the Lexus and went to downtown Atlanta.

The meetings went well, although I think I had a very slim chance of landing the business. Too much politics in play at both companies. I headed back out to the suburbs and arrived back at Jens about 4:30pm. I parked the Lexus in the garage and noticed matching Lexus parked in the driveway. I entered the house and walked into the kitchen where Gabby was busy cleaning up a mess left by the kids after they had an afternoon snack. She was dressed in daisy dukes and a white bikini top. She wore a ball cap with her hair out the slot in the back in a pony tail.

She smiled, “Well hello there Uncle Bob, how was your day?”

“It was good, but I need to get out of this monkey suit,” I said as I headed for the patio doors.

“Hold on there cowboy, we have an issue. Brenda showed up a couple of hours ago.”

Brenda was Jim’s mother. Well, actually his step mother as his birth mother died from cancer when Jim was about 10 years old and his father remarried a couple of years later. His father died a few years back but Brenda was still a very active part of the family, so much so, that they built the pool house for her long visits.

“Just showed up?” I enquired.

“Yeah, she was down at her place in Mexico and apparently there is a hurricane coming so she jumped on the first flight she could. She called Jim and he let Jen know about it, but as we both know, your sister had a busy night last night and must have forgotten to tell us about it.” She smiled a knowing smile at me while she relayed that last part.

“Shit, I guess I’ll get a hotel.”

“You don’t have to do that, Jen and I talked, there is a Murphy Bed in Jim’s office, I’ve already got it all setup for you and have moved your clothes in there.” Then she whispered, “And if the bed is not comfortable, you can always sleep cihangir escort with me.”

“I’m gonna go get changed and have a beer, I’ll figure out the sleeping arrangements later,” and I headed to Jim’s office, shutting the big double doors behind me. The room was massive, maybe 30′ x 30′, with windows that overlooked the pool. It had a large desk facing the windows, and the wall behind were a library of sorts, but with mostly his sport memorabilia on them. Off to the left was a queen sized murphy bed, already made. Off to the right was a full bathroom with a shower. On the bed lay the Fedex package with my shirts and my luggage. I grabbed my swim suit and a Tshirt and went and had a quick shower and changed. I picked up the shirt package and brought them out to the kitchen, where Gabby was watching TV across the large living room.

“Do you know where Jen keeps her iron? I need to iron a couple of shirts.”

Just then Brenda walked in from the patio through the French doors. Brenda is in her late 40’s and is the epitome of a trophy wife. Blonde hair, blue eyes, nice DD tits, long tanned legs, a bubble butt and she’s had every surgery known to man, I think. She is a little plastic looking, but the few times I’ve met her she has a very cool and engaging personality. She isn’t a bubble head. She is a twice over widow, losing both of her husbands to cancer. The thing that stands out most about her is her love for Jen’s two kids. She would do anything for them.

Today, she was wearing a short blue sundress and high heeled sandals. Her hair is up in a pony tail. Her tits look to be trying to come out of the top of the low-cut sundress and her tanned legs seem to go on forever. She is about 5’6″ and 130 pounds.

“Hi Bob, good to see you,” she says as she walks over to kiss my cheek. I could smell the rose scented shampoo as she leaned into to me.

“Good to see you as well Brenda. You are looking great!”

“Thanks, it’s hard and expensive to beat back the stroke of time,” she winked at me, “Sorry we kicked you out of the pool house, but this hurricane was going to leave me stranded, so I hopped on a plane as quick as I could.”

“That’s what Gabby was telling me, and it isn’t a problem, I’ll crash in Jim’s office. I may be wrapping up my business tomorrow anyways, so it’s not a big deal.” My eyes drifted from her face to her large cleavage and then back to her eyes. I tried it to not look to obvious, but I wasn’t bashful about looking if she wasn’t bashful about showing off her tits.

“That’s so sweet of you Bob,” she replied. “And for being such a good sport, I will iron your shirts for you.”

“Thanks Brenda, but I can do it if I just knew where the iron was.”

“Nonsense, I have one in the utility room of the pool house, it will only take a few minutes. You go relax by the pool and Gabby and I will iron your shirts and hang them in Jim’s office,” she smiled at me as she went to go retrieve the package. Her and Gabby walked out the back door with me following them, I headed towards the pool house patio where I had my ashtray and sat down and lit a cigarette. A few moments later, Brenda came out from the pool house with a beer in her hand. She bent at the waist, her dress falling away just enough from her tits that I could see her nipples and she handed me the beer. “You should really quit smoking Bob, it isn’t good for your health.”

I never looked her in the eye as I took the beer from her, staring at her thickening nipples as I opened the beer. “Thanks Brenda, I really should. Smoking is the only vice I have left, I gave up chasing loose women a few years back,” I laughed.

“You are a funny man Bob, enjoy the beer. We will have the shirts ironed in a few minutes and then we can catch up,” she walked back into the pool house shaking her ass.

“Damn,” I thought to myself. I had gone maybe 2 months without fucking anything but my wife, and now I have yet another hot woman hitting on me. There must be something in the water here.

I sat alone and drank my beer and smoked a few cigarettes. The girls exited the pool house with my shirts freshly ironed and Gabby said she was going to hang them in the hall closet for me. Brenda had two beers in her hand, and she sat on the love seat opposite from where I was seated and handed me one of them.

We sat and talked for a good while. Her telling me about her place in Cancun, whereas she told it, the other residents of the neighborhood where either old retired folks, or young college age kids on vacation. She said there weren’t any people “our age” there. I told her about my business and how it was growing and filled her in on Sherry and her exploits.

“You are a lucky man Bob, Sherry is not only gorgeous, but very successful in her own right.”

“Yes, I am, and she’s not bad in bed either,” I joked with her.

“Who’s not bad in bed?” I turned my head to see my sister standing there, having arrived home from work and walked into our conversation.

Brenda and I both laughed, “Sherry,” I said.

“Oh, well, that’s good to hear. Hi Brenda, glad you made it in safe. And Bob, sorry about kicking you out of the pool house,” my sister said faster than needed to be. She was dressed in a classy A Line dress and small heels, decked out in some of her own brand of luxury clothing it looked like.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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