My Sister Has a Surprise for Me

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This one Saturday afternoon I was at my girlfriend Ellen’s apartment my older by five years sister Dawn was there with another friend of theirs Kelly. A few weeks ago Dawn had set me up with Ellen and despite appearances and her being twenty five to my twenty years old it was working out OK. I’m not a really big guy, 5-6 tall and 150 pounds Ellen isn’t the hottest number but she looks nice at 5-9 tall and a pretty solid 210 pounds we make for an odd couple but who am I to say no to a willing chick with a huge pair of tits.

Now smoking hot Kelly at 5 feet and 100 sexy pounds with a sweet pair of tits and a perfectly round ass would be more to my tastes but I’m not greedy. So we’re sitting around and Dawn says, “Hey Dean why don’t you get me some chips?” We don’t always get along all that great and at this particular time it seemed like Dawn and Kelly being around was keeping me from some quality sex time with Ellen.

So I replied, “Why don’t you get off your ass and get them yourself.”

We argued, she pushed me, I pushed back and Ellen and Kelly started chanting, ‘fight fight fight’.

Dawn and I had never actually fought or anything but she is 5-7 tall, 155 pounds and has always been athletic so when she said, “They’re looking for a rumble are you man enough to take me on?”

I stood up and said, “Bring it.”

We came together and I was quickly being pushed back as Dawn was on the attack. I held my ground for a few seconds but Dawn was stronger and more aggressive and gained an advantage. Losing my balance I went down with my sister landing on top of me. Dawn was quick to react and I was in trouble.

I was face down on the floor Dawn had my right arm bent behind me and a knee in my back and was in complete control of the battle as she had been from the start. She shifted her position putting her right arm around my chin and layed on my back. Pulling up on my head and elbowing me in the side with her left arm Dawn asked if I gave up.

I said yes but that wasn’t enough for her as she began berating me. “Fuck what a sissy, I kicked your ass and you hardly put up a fight. I could pound on you for hours and you couldn’t do a thing about it. How can you even call yourself a man? I’m more of a man than you, say it.”

I didn’t respond so Dawn tightened her grip on my head, elbowed me some more and jumped on my back a few times before I finally was humiliated enough to say, “You’re more of a man than I am.”

Dawn got off me and was congratulated on her victory by Ellen and Kelly with a bouncing group hug and I figured I had lost şişli rus escort the fight and probably my girlfriend. I just wanted to disappear but Ellen helped me to my feet. That’s when Dawn said, “Boy you’re lucky you didn’t fight Ellen she really would have kicked your ass.”

Then she grabbed Ellen’s ass and said, “She’s a big bad horny bitch.” Ellen then leaned over and kissed Dawn, a long wet lover’s kiss.

Seeing my surprised look Dawn said, “You didn’t know Ellen and I were lovers before I let her have some fun with you.” Then as Dawn in the middle put one arm around Ellen and the other around Kelly as they did the same to her she added, “Big or small I like them all, I go for dick too don’t doubt that but we all love to share some girl fun.”

I was feeling like a fool and ready to leave when Dawn said, “So Dean I really want to get some time with Ellen so I guess first up for you is going down on Kelly. At least you’ll start off with a smile on your face, followed by a lot more hot pussy.” Getting it on with Kelly made it seem like I didn’t lose but that would change.

Kelly came over, hugged me and grabbed my crotch which got my cock responding, Ellen said to her, “You’ve got some serious lumber there little girlfriend you might need both hands.” I’m not the biggest guy but for a girl that likes pussy Ellen certainly always found my 10 inch cock to her liking.

So Kelly and I stripped while Dawn and Ellen did the same. As Kelly stroked my cock to full attention she seemed surprised to find just how big it is, “Ellen you bitch, keeping this to yourself. Damn Dean for a scrawny wimp you’ve got some cock. You better get on your back so I can get some 69 playtime with this rod.” So as I got down on the floor where my sister had just kicked my ass I saw Dawn was on top of Ellen in a 69. Kelly straddled me then settled her pussy on my face before grabbing my hard cock with both hands and wrapping her lips around the head.

Kelly was stroking my cock before slipping a condom on. Ellen was on her back with her legs spread invitingly, “Well climb on cowboy you know how to ride this bucking bronco.” Oh so well I thought, Ellen has strong legs and with the 60 pounds she has on me humps back at me every bit as much as I give her. So I knelt down and Kelly guided my cock to Ellen’s wet pussy. I was getting to it when Kelly slid in front of me to sit on Ellen’s stomach facing me. As she reached forward to run her hands along my body and grab my ass Ellen reached around to play with Kelly’s tits and pussy. I thought şişli türbanlı escort this was a trip to heaven.

So I was a little distracted and didn’t pay much attention to the warm gel being applied to my ass, hell I was busy. The one then two fingers gently inserted in my ass and working around felt pretty good as Kelly kissed me and squeezed my butt cheeks.

Ellen hooked her feet behind my knees and spread my legs as Kelly spread my ass cheeks. What came as a shock was the 12 inch strap on Dawn was wearing as she poked the head of it up my ass. Then Dawn commenced to fucking me up the ass. She took it easy but it hurt although the pain was tolerable what hurt more was that I realized wasn’t man enough to prevent what was happening.

“You’re actually a lucky boy Dean. Since you’ve got that nice big cock and can get it up you score some sweet pussy but just so you know your main purpose as boy toy is to eat pussy and take it up the ass like a good little pantywaist. And so far you’re doing fine.” said Dawn as she slowly but firmly pumped more and more of the strap on up my ass.

Kelly took my head in her hands and kissed me then said, “Dawn don’t break his butt I can’t wait to take a ride on Dean’s ass myself.” Then kissed me again and said, “You’re such a sweet boy Dean we’re going to have so much fun.”

I was in so spaced out on what was happening I was barely aware I was fucking Ellen until she said, “Hey Dean I know you’re busy in the back there but give a girl some action you know.” Amazingly enough I was still hard and managed to begin using Dawn’s thrusts into me to fuck Ellen.

My sister was really enjoying herself, “Oh Dean doing you up the ass while you’re fucking Ellen it’s like I’m fucking her with your dick. This is super.”

I shot my load and pulled my cock from Ellen’s pussy. That’s when Dawn pulled her strap on out of my ass and pulled me back by my hips so my face was over Ellen’s pussy. The she said, “Ok you got your rocks off now service and worship the woman.” I relaxed for a second, took a deep breath and then went down on Ellen. A minute or so later Dawn came around standing over Ellen’s shoulders then lowered her pussy to the big girl’s waiting tongue.

Not long after that I felt Kelly massaging my ass cheeks and I didn’t have to look to know what was coming next. She squeezed my cheeks then spread them and poked the head of the strap on into familiar territory. My ass was well lubricated and loose from the reaming Dawn gave me so it didn’t take long for Kelly şişli ucuz escort to be able to really pump it in good.

With a good grip on both hips Kelly was really putting her weight into fucking my ass but fortunately at her size it wasn’t as bad as it might have been if she were a larger woman.

Finally Kelly got tired and pulled out with a sigh saying, “Damn that’s empowering, I never fucked a guy before but I could get used to it.”

Ellen pulled my head from her pussy and said, “You did well on both ends Dean a real multitasking man.” She rolled to the side and I stayed on my knees and put my hands on the floor.

Kelly knelt next to me, rubbed my back and said, “You’re so much fun Dean, and such a stud taking on three horny women.”

That’s when I felt Ellen squeeze my ass and say, “Well Dean turnabout is fair play now I get to fuck you, take a deep breath and enjoy” before she poked the head of the strap on into my ass. It went in easily and Ellen was quickly pumping all 12 inches into me as she firmly held my hips. After a few minutes of reaming my ass Ellen pushed the length of the dildo in and paused then reached around to stroke my already stiffening cock. If nothing else Ellen is considerate I thought.

I was hard again and Kelly layed down next to me to take over working my cock to attention. When I was there Kelly said, “OK you’re good and hard for the next one, time to rubber up.”

I was shocked when I saw my sister laying down on her back in front of me with her legs spread. “I can’t fuck my sister.” I said.

Dawn just looked at my cock as Kelly rolled the condom on and said, “I fucked you so you can return the favor. Is it fair that my girlfriends get to enjoy a big fat cock and I get none? Don’t be such a little bitch, lean in and fuck me big boy.”

I was pumping about half the length of my cock into Dawn’s pussy when I Ellen again grabbed my hips. Dawn laughed and said, “Try to pay attention to what you’re doing Dean, don’t let Ellen pumping your ass distract you.” I did my best to fuck Dawn while getting an ass pounding from Ellen.

I was just about exhausted and I guess Dawn, Ellen and Kelly noticed so Dawn said, “OK Dean we’re all a little sweaty and could use a shower so let’s have you finish up by helping out.”

So I was taken to the bathroom by Ellen and I gave her big body a gentle cleansing and she returned the favor along with a hand job for me. Kelly was next she wanted me to go down on her which I did. Finally Dawn had me wash her gently then had me stand behind her and finger her to several orgasms.

When Dawn and I emerged from the shower she said, “OK Dean you’re done for the day we need some quality girl fuck time so you can go home. You did good. We’ll see when we need you again.” Then all three kissed me goodbye and had a laugh as Dawn slapped me on the ass on my way out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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