My sexy french teacher takes my cherry

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It was a warm summers day well to be precise it was the week before end of term and the summer holidays I couldn’t be happier.
Let me tell you about myself first I am called Jason, quite tall around 6.2ft brown haired hazel eyes and quite muscular 160lbs(because I have been working out at the gym lately and I’m also on the rugby team )for my age I’m 17.I go to seaview high and today will be my last day. I was in second lesson(French)With my favourite teacher Mrs. Parry she is 5.5 120lbs about 30 and very sexy. She has short black hair above her shoulders, bright blue eyes high cheek bones and gorgeous lips and large B small C tits and gorgeous lips that I would love to kiss. Her legs go all the way up and I love imagining what’s underneath her panties I spend a lot of my free time jacking off my thick 11inch beast thinking about her.
We where 10 minuets into the lesson when she called out for homework Shit I knew I had forgotten something with all the rushing around this morning I forgot to check for homework I was fucked. She came round to my desk gave me a raging hard on. She said ’’ Jason please tell me you have your home work?’’
I looked at her sheepishly and said ‘’no’’ and that I was really sorry.
She looked at me and said sadly ’’sorry Jason but I’m afraid that you will have to be spending your lunch with me then’’
I told her ‘’its ok I’m really sorry I didn’t have my homework’’
She said ‘’ohh, its ok but please don’t do it again’’
The bell for lunch came and I was still sprouting a small erection. I knocked of my French teachers class room door and heard a ‘’come in’’ reply.
I stepped in and was told I was to be moving boxes and papers she gave me a quite heavy box and told me where to take it as she was giving me the box my hand fell on her tit she gasped and I quickly removed me hand blushing and said I’m soooo sorry it was an accident.’’ She smiled and said ‘’accidents happen’’ but now my small erection was now raging and I had to cover it with the box.
As I was walking with the box two kids came up and slammed me to the floor, as I was holding a the box I fell and all the contence of the box fell out Mrs. Parry came out of her classroom to see what all the fuss was about and her eyes came to rest on me on the floor with the two boys laughing they tried to run off but miss told them to go straight to the principles office. She came over to me and asked if I was alright as she bent down I saw some of her tits and my bulge in my pants grew and throbbed as it was throbbing miss saw it and saw what I was looking at she immediately covered herself up and stood up I muttered that I was fine and that it was nothing she said ok and helped me up as I picked up everything that had fell and went off to deliver the package I couldn’t help but think about miss’s tits and how amazing they are.
Chapter 2 Tallulah Parry.
I couldn’t help but look at this boys bulge it looked amazing I wanted to touch it but I resisted and wondered why he had an erection eventually my eyes followed his to where my boobs where showing I began to get a tingling feeling between me legs so quickly stood up and helped him pick up the stuff and put it in the box .I went to my class room and felt aroused that the boy I had had feelings for and had looked at with every chance I had did the same and I wanted him canlı bahis but I knew it was risky and that I could jeopardise the friendship that they had sort of formed not mentioning the fact that I was married and had been for 3 years and for 1 of those years I was happy but he just wasn’t nice to me any more and he wasn’t giving me what I needed and every time I was in a class with Jason he always tried his best at making me smile which he always did I had to form a plan I decided to tell him that I needed a little work done to my house and that I would pay him then I would make my move and hopefully it works.
He came back and asked if there was anything else he could do and for a minuet I just looked and the handsome man stood in front of me then I told him I needed a little work done to my house just painting and that my garden was also in need of improving and said for all the job I would pay £75 pound he said ‘’ok when’’ I said this Saturday because it may take two days he said that would be fine and left the room.
I could not believe I had done it and I had pulled it off now I thought to myself lets see if he takes the bait…

Chapter 3 Jason Carr.
I got home and called out for anyone home, no one answered good my mum and dad where still at work I ran to my room pulled off my shorts and jumped onto my bed and started stroking my stiff member and starting too imagine pounding Mrs. Parry’s pussy and sucking on her big titties then Cumming all over them and eating her out until she came as always I cum but today I shot more cum than usually about 5 long squirts. I quickly got cleaned up and started on tea when my mum came home she got changed into something more comftble and sat down with a glass of vodka and put the TV on I came over and asked where dad was she said ‘’he is was working late and probably wouldn’t be home till 10:00 so you should put his tea in the oven to keep warm’’ I served my mum the tea and said ‘’mum its chilli con-carnie and I hope you like it’’
‘’AHA you want something don’t you ‘’ she announced suddenly
‘’Urmm no I mean well on Saturday and Sunday I have to go out for most of the day umm… is it alright?’’ ‘’ok ok ok its fine but you have to be home by 9:00pm ok?’’
‘’ok mum, thanks’’ I told her and went into my room to eat.
Chapter 4 Tallulah Parry.
Today was the day Tallulah thought as she was getting ready she wondered weather she should wear panties and bra or not she decided not. She looked at herself in the mirror god I look good she had grey denim shorts on and a little sleeveless top on with no bra or panties you could see her long erect nipples and wet spot. The door went and she went too get it Jason had on a pair of khaki shorts and a white vest top on he looked beautiful and she could feel her inner thighs getting wet she welcomed him in and gave him a list of what to do and told him where everything was and he went of and started painting.
She watched as he painted and could see a bulge in his pants and she got even more aroused and began to get a tingling in her cunt, so she exited to her bedroom took of her shorts and looked into the bottom part of her draw when she heard someone gasp outside the door she was at first frightened then realised there was only two people in the house her and Jason so that means Jason is spying bahis siteleri on her. That did it for her she had an orgasm then and it surprisingly it was one of the best she had ever had and she didn’t even have a dildo in her. She got her big 9inch vibrator jumped onto the bed and started to work the vibrator on her clit and around her piss hole. She pushed the vibrator up her hole and turned it on ’’Ohhh YES UMMHH’’ she cried ‘’fuck that’s good’’ she moaned while pumping the vibrator in and out making squelching noises. She thought she could her moaning and knew that Jason was jacking off while watching her she wanted his cock in her she imagined his cock pumping in and out of her and not the vibrator and she came ‘’ OHH JASON YES FUCKING YES DRILL THAT BIG BEAST INTO ME’’ she screamed…
Chapter 5 Jason Carr.
Jason had wondered where miss had gone so he waited a few minuets and followed behind. He got to one of the rooms with the door slightly ajar so he looked in and the sight burned into my 17 memory forever. What he saw was Mrs. Parry bent over the draw with nothing on I gasped and began to take out my already erect dick and start to slowly stroking it watching as miss’s juices ran down her thighs. She jumped onto the bed with a big vibrator then started working it around her clitty and then started pumping it in and out of her and moaning. I started pumping my dick and softly moaning and I was about to cum and just as I cum so did she and what shocked me the most id that when she came she said Jason drill that big beast into me and I shot more than ever over the wall and door then quickly ran downstairs and began painting again about 10 minuets later miss came down and poured me and herself a drink. BOLLOCKS Jason thought I didn’t wipe the cum off the door, she must have saw it, what the fuck am I gonna do now. ‘’Thanks miss’’ I muttered
‘’Jason you don’t have to call me miss just call me Tallulah ok?’’ she said cheerily.
‘’ok, thank you …Tallulah’’ I said a little hesitantly. She handed me the glass of pop and looked into my eyes and deeply kissed me pushing her tongue through my lips and entwining them while gently rubbing the bulge in my pants. I moaned into her mouth then pulled away and said ‘’wwaahh???’’ dumbly.
‘’ I heard you outside my door when I was masturbating and I saw the cum on the wall, I also see the bulge in your pants that you get every time you see me ‘’ she explained
‘’I know you like me as much as I like you and I so want you in me right now’’ she told me
I said ‘’ but miss… umm I mean Tallulah your married and you like me???’’
‘’ yes I am married but I want you more and yes no I don’t like u I fucking love you’’ and with that she practically ripped off my shorts of and squealed in delight and shock as she saw my member…
Chapter 6 Tallulah Parry.
The thing was massive at least 11inchs as soon as I saw in I wanted it in my mouth but I couldn’t rape Jason so I asked
‘’ Jason is this what you want if it’s not just say and we can carry on like nothing has happened’’ I said but I knew nothing would ever be the same.
‘’Um … yes yes this is what I want please take my cock in your mouth and make me cum’’
‘’ok’’ she grinned ‘’go lie down on the table and I wont be a minuet’’ I called while running up stairs. When I got to my room I threw my clothes off and put a pair of bahis şirketleri stocking on and my best pair of black heels I admired myself in the mirror then walked out of the room and down to the kitchen where I found Jason lying on the dinning table I called him and he looked up and his eyes practically shot out of his head then his eyes travelled around my body then landed on my wet cunt my juices started trickling down my legs so I brought my hand across my wet patch and brought it to my lips and sucked ‘’umm yum’’ I moaned ‘’you want some baby you want to taste my dripping wet pussy’’
‘’ uuu umm yyes’’ Jason stammered
I climbed on too the table and rested my pussy on his face while putting my mouth on the tip of his cock and slowly starting to move my head down and down until I had just over half in my mouth. Jason moaned into my cunt then started licking he moved all around until he found my clitty and he started gently nibbling and sucking
‘’OHH fucking hell yes shove your tongue in my wet hole yes Ummmm’’
I was bobbling up and down on his dick while fondling his balls when he screamed ‘’ OHH fuck yes YESSS I’m Cumming yesss’’
He shot his load I’m my throat and I got off him and opened my mouth wide so he could see his spunk in my throat then I swallowed ‘’best spunk ever oh yum better than the cold stuff on the wall and door’’
‘’ you sexy beast you ate the cum off the door’’
I smiled sexily and said come on big boy lets ride this big cock of yours…
Chapter 7 Jason Carr.
‘’ok’’ I said
‘’you lie on the table and ill do you doggie style’’ I grinned
‘’ok big boy’’ Tallulah said and she got on the table and positioned her ass in the air I kneeled behind her and rubbed my cock against her pussy and then rammed it in.
We both cried out a loud moan I slowly started pumping my cock in and out of her pussy just leaving the tip in and then ramming it back in.
I felt her cum all over my dick I pulled out and asked if I could suck her tits she just grunted and I rolled her over and started to circle her areoles and nibble her nipple.
She started moaning and grunting and I grabbed and kneaded her tits then I slowly moved down her stomach gently kissing my way down her tummy until I found her cunt and started eating her out paying close attention to her clitty then tongue fucking her.
‘’ohh yes yes don’t stop keep eating me out!’’ she screamed
She came heavily then moaned Jason please fucks me up the ass.
She turned over and shoved her ass in my face I kneeled up and started spanking her while she was moaning then I got my semi-hard dick and started slapping her ass with my cock then I rubbed my dick on her pussy spat on my cock and pushed it in her ass and started pumping and started telling her how tight and hot her ass is while slapping her ass and telling her
‘’ you want more bitch you want more you want my fuckin cock up your tight ass?’’
‘’Yes fucking yes fuck the shit out of me’’ she screamed
And with that I found a new found energy source and started pumping her so hard and fast the table was shaking until I moaned ‘’I’m Cumming oh him gonna cum in your fucking ass’’ I grunted.
‘’yes fucking cum in my ass!’’ she said and with that I cummed in her ass and she bucked wildly as she cummed with me. We both collapsed on the table and bathed in the after math on the orgasms when we heard someone move we looked over to see Tallulah’s husband….

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