My Sexy Family Ch. 03

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Big Tits

From the author: The following story is of the incest/taboo categorization. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it. If you do like it, please give me a good rating and leave me a note. I love to hear from my fans!


Allyson and I immediately stared at our parents’ door and, though it was faint in the low light, I did see the doorknob turn very slowly and then stop, as if someone was trying to be very quiet about closing that door.

Fear gripped me as I quickly pulled my still-hard cock from my little sister’s cunt. My prick glistened with a mixture of Allyson’s juices and my own. I knew in that one instant that I had taken things too far. The danger that was so intoxicating had turned into a tragedy. Someone had seen us. Who was it? Mom or Dad? What had they seen? How could they have not seen all three of their children fucking each other on their living room sofa? But then, why had they not intervened? Why had they not stopped us? I didn’t care. I had to get out of that living room.

“What was that?” Karen whispered as Allyson and I got off of her.

“Mom or Dad,” Allyson whispered as she gathered her thong. The fear was very real in her voice.

“Oh shit,” Karen breathed. “Let’s go to my room.”

Asking no questions, I grabbed my jeans. Though I knew it would be safer to go to my own room, I didn’t feel like being alone at that moment. Besides, whoever had seen us, hadn’t said anything, so I figured any bedroom was probably safe enough.

Karen grabbed her robe, pulled it on, turned off the television, and followed us to her room. Once inside she closed and locked the door.

I considered putting my jeans back on but, instead, tossed them onto her small desk. I was sweating, so I pulled my open shirt off to join it, and sat, nude, on her desk chair. My sisters sat on the side of the bed beside each other.

Allyson, fully clothed but for her thong balled up in her little fist, started crying. She said, “Oh fuck, what are we going to do now?”

Karen put her arm around her. “It’ll be okay, Honey.”

I took a deep breath. I couldn’t believe this was happening. “I’m so sorry. This is all my fault!”

Allyson looked up at me through the tears and said, “How do you figure? I’m the one that started all this.”

Dejectedly, I replied, “Not out in the living room, you didn’t. I did that.”

Karen looked at me, her eyes wide, and said, “So that was your idea?”

“Yeah,” I said, “and if I had been able to keep it in my pants we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

She smiled at me and said, “Pretty damn bold of you, Joe, sticking your dick in my mouth. I might have bitten it off in my sleep.”

Allyson chuckled at that, despite her tears.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, feeling like such a lowlife creep.

Karen thought about that for a moment and said, “Don’t be. That was one of the hottest things that have ever happened to me. Thank you!”

I was stunned. She was thanking me. “But, what about Mom and Dad?”

“What about them? One of them probably saw us,” she said matter-of-factly. “The question now is whether they both know. We should be able to tell tomorrow, by how they act, even if they don’t say anything.”

I thought about it and said, “It had to be Mom. Dad would have killed me.”

Allyson, having stopped crying, wiped her tears away with the back of her hand and said, “I don’t know. He’s very non-confrontational. If he did see us I would think he would have told Mom. But, if he had done that, she’d be banging down my fucking door.”

I said, “I still think it must be Mom.”

Karen asked, “Hmm… What would Mom have done if she had seen us?”

“Kicked my ass,” Allyson said.

I commented, “I don’t know. She’s always been on your side. Remember earlier tonight? She stood up for you so you could wear that to the concert.”

Karen sighed and said, “Well, I think whoever it was got really turned on.”

“What?” I asked incredulously.

“It’s just like me catching you two. Think about it. Let’s say they were disgusted by what they saw. You may think Dad is non-confrontational but I can’t remember one time we did anything to you, Ally, that Joe or I didn’t get yelled at for. As for Mom, I can just see her shaking her finger at us and telling us to stop it and get back to our rooms.”

I nodded. “That sounds right.”

“Now let’s say that whoever it was watched us through a crack in the door,” Karen said.

Allyson, her tears dried up, said, “Yeah, if they had come out, I would have seen them!”

“Me too,” I agreed.

“So they watched us and got turned on. They touched themselves as they saw us fucking on the couch.”

“Mom?” I asked rhetorically and almost to myself. The thought of our mother rubbing her pussy as she watched me fuck Allyson, her big breasts heaving as she drove herself closer and closer to orgasm while Dad slept in the background, made my cock rise.

“Or Dad,” Allyson pointed out. “God, can you picture Dad jacking off as he watched us fuck each other?”

“I ortaköy escort wonder if his dick is as big as Joe’s,” Karen mused.

Could Dad have really stood at the door jacking off as he watched me fuck his little girl? I was skeptical, but I also realized that, despite everything, he was just a man with a man’s weaknesses. In that moment I was, for the first time, seeing my parents in a different light than just Mom and Dad. I also realized that my sisters were doing the same thing.

“Either way,” Karen continued, “they at least watched as Joe fucked Allyson and came inside of her. At that point, maybe they realized it was too late to stop us. Maybe they came themselves and were too much of a mess to be seen. Maybe they realized we would be able to see their arousal. Maybe they were overcome with guilt at not stopping us earlier. Whatever the reason, they just closed the door.”

I thought about that for a while and said, “That makes a hell of a lot of sense, Karen.”

“That must be what happened,” Allyson agreed.

“Now, whoever-it-was probably thinks that we didn’t hear them close the door, so we have that,” Karen observed.

“They don’t know that we know,” I agreed.

We all thought about that for a moment. The image of my Mom, or even Dad, getting off while we fucked each other didn’t disturb me like I thought it would. More than that, I actually found the thought thrilling. The fact that they didn’t break us up and were probably turned on, made it almost like showing off and I found the exhibitionism exciting.

Allyson said, “Karen, do you see what I fucking see?”

Karen laughed and asked, “What, that Joe has a boner thinking about Mom watching us? Yeah, I see that.”

My little sister, in a very sisterly way, demanded, “Joe, come here and let me suck that.” It was like when we were younger and she would tell me to give her a piece of my candy.

I chuckled and said, “Or else what? You’ll tell Dad?” I asked, referencing her usual threat from way back, as I stood up and took the two steps to stand in front of her.

She wrapped her delicate fingers most of the way around the base of my throbbing shaft and whined, “Daddy, Joe, won’t let me suck his dick.”

Karen laughed and chimed in with as deep a voice as she could muster, “Boy, share that cock with your sisters, what’s wrong with you?”

We all laughed at that because it sounded so much like something he would have said when we were younger. He hadn’t said anything like that since we had grown up. My dad was much sterner with me before I had moved away.

Though Allyson laughed, she only waited a moment before she wrapped her lips around the head of my prick and pressed her face forward, taking about five inches of my dick into her mouth, until the head tapped her throat.

Karen, still with a deep voice said, “That’s more like it. Now, you be sure to share equally with both of your sisters.”

Groaning with pleasure as Allyson dragged her lips up my rod, I said, “Good thing there’s plenty to go around.”

As my little sister pulled off my dick and pointed it toward her older sisters face, she said, “It still tastes like your cum and my puss.”

“Well, I didn’t stop to clean up, did you?” I chuckled, loving the camaraderie we shared. It was so similar to how we’ve always talked to each other, with just the sexual element added. I felt so comfortable with them.

“Let me taste that,” Karen demanded as she leaned in and sucked my prick completely into her mouth and down her throat.

“Fuck!” I groaned in pleasure.

“Wow Karen,” Allyson said, “How do you fucking do that without choking?”

Karen pulled off, pointed my dick at her little sister’s face, and said, “You have to relax your throat. It takes practice.”

“I thought since the divorce you haven’t had any dates,” Allyson said.

“Oh, I use my dildo. I like trying to suck it deep, after I use it on myself, of course. Besides, if I can stay in practice by doing that, then I’ll be ready when the real thing does present itself,” she explained.

“Ahem,” I cleared my throat. “Excuse me, ladies, but the real thing is presenting itself right now and, unless you are trying to get it to go down, you might want to at least give it a little tug.”

The both looked up at me and then burst into laughter. Karen grabbed my cock at the base while Allyson grabbed the rest of it, and they stroked it roughly, giggling to each other at the situation. They smiled at each other and kissed as they tugged at my prick.

“That’s more like it,” I sighed, despite struggling to keep my balance. There was a little pain mixed in with the pleasure at their treatment of my dick, but I didn’t mind. It only made my rod that much harder.

They laughed at my comment, breaking their kiss. Allyson said, “This is fun. I love you guys.”

Karen smiled at that. Despite the situation of Mom or Dad finding out, we knew that we had each other. She then said to Allyson, “Here, let me otele gelen escort show you. Just relax your throat and take it in, like this.”

My little sister released my dick as she watched her older sister swallow my entire long hard cock into her face. She said, “Wow, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that. I always gag. You know so much. Karen, I’m curious about something. In the living room you ate my pussy so good that, well, I was wondering where you had learned to do that. That didn’t seem to be your first time.”

Karen slurped her way up my shaft and off with a popping sound that felt wonderful. She stroked my cock with her fist as she said, “Well, I didn’t know much at your age. Rick was my first. Here, try again, but this time, think about how much you love Joe and realize that the deeper you can get it, the better it feels to him.”

Allyson took my cock from her sister and slowly sank her lips down my shaft. When it reached the base I felt her throat open around the head and she swallowed me in, her bottom lip brushing my balls.

She had never taken me that deep and I groaned with pleasure. “Oh, Sis, you are amazing.”

Allyson pulled off of my dick choking. She coughed for a moment but didn’t give up my dick to her sister, sucking it back into her mouth as soon as she was able to compose herself.

“Very good,” Karen encouraged. “Anyway, after we were married for a couple years, Rick wanted to try swinging, so I got to try out lots of new things. It was actually pretty cool for a while. That was, of course, before everything fell apart.”

Despite the heady thrill of my little sister trying to swallow my dick, I managed to ask, “Did the swinging lead to the divorce?”

Karen shook her head and said, “No, it was other stuff. He can be a real asshole sometimes.” She sighed and then, trying to perk herself up, said, “Give me some, Ally, and tell me about how you’ve learned as much as you have. When did you lose your virginity? I figured, after what happened to me, Mom and Dad would have locked you in your room until you were twenty-one.”

Allyson reluctantly gave up my dick to her older sister, who really knew how to suck a dick. I groaned with pleasure. “Yeah, suck that cock,” I urged.

“Wow, you are so much better than I am,” my little sister told Karen. Then she said, “Let’s see, I lost my virginity about four years ago to Tommy White, a boy who lived a few blocks from here. He moved away last year.”

“How was it and how the hell did you get away with it?” Karen enquired, taking a very small break from the wonderful sucking she was giving my dick.

Allyson watched her sister intently, like she was watching a baseball game, but still talking about something else. She said, “It was okay. Mom and Dad didn’t let me date until I was sixteen, but one day I told Tommy to meet me in the woods after the bus dropped us off. Neither of us knew what we were doing, but it was fun anyway. I didn’t really think sex was much of a big deal until I started dating. That’s when I realized how much fun it really was.”

Karen surrendered my dick to Allyson for a while and said, “I’m surprised they even let you date at sixteen given what happened to me. Well, then again, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, given their lifestyle. They put you on the pill, right?”

Allyson slurped up and off my prick and nodded. She said, “Yeah, they put me on it as soon as I got my first period,” before sucking my cock back between her lips.

“You made it out of high school without getting pregnant, so they seem to be relaxing the reins now. You saw how they let you go out dressed like that tonight!” Karen mused.

I was confused. I knew the pleasure of my sisters taking turns sucking my cock and my trying to stay on my feet was making me a little foggy but something Karen had said didn’t make sense to me. I asked, “What did you mean ‘given their lifestyle’?”

“Oh, you don’t know?” Karen asked me, looking up at me quizzically. She thought for a second, trying to decide what she should say. Then she shrugged and revealed, “Mom and Dad used to be swingers.”

Allyson pulled completely off my dick, released her grip and sat back on the bed. She looked at her sister and said, “What? No fucking way!”

“That can’t be right,” I agreed, all thoughts of my blowjob disappearing at that revelation. I sat back down on the chair. I had to.

Karen smiled at both of us and said, “Total way! They were swingers! Mom and Dad are just people, you know.”

“Are you sure?” Allyson pressed, still not believing it.

“What, that they’re people?” Karen asked with a chuckle.

Allyson was not laughing. She said seriously, “No, that they were swingers!”

“Sorry. Yeah. Pretty sure,” Karen nodded. She told Allyson, “Right after you were born, Mom and Dad met this couple, the Jenkins’. I was just a kid, maybe ten or eleven when they started coming around, so I didn’t think anything of it. Mom and Dad would send me off to bed early on the Friday otele gelen escort or Saturday nights that the Jenkins’ would come by to visit. I didn’t give it a second thought until several years later, after I married Rick. Somehow we got invited to this swingers’ party, when we were really into it, and, who should be there, but the Jenkins’. Well, it took me all of ten seconds to remember that they were the only friends Mom and Dad ever entertained in our home who were still in the house when we went to bed.”

“How long did this go on?” Allyson asked incredulously. “Where the fuck was I?”

Karen thought about that and said, “Well, I guess it went on until I was maybe fifteen. I remember because it was a regular thing every week or two for them to come around and about the time I started learning to drive, fifteen and a half, I could suddenly stay up as late as I wanted to every weekend. I thought it was because I was old enough to have earned it, but I remember how odd it was that their friends stopped visiting. Let’s see, Joe, you would have been about nine, so that would have made Allyson five years old.”

I gasped as something occurred to me. “I remembered them!” I declared. There was a memory from way back that had suddenly rushed to the surface. I told them, “I remember how much I didn’t like Mr. Jenkins. I thought he was weird. I also distinctly remember one time complaining to Mom that I didn’t trust the guy because he looked at her funny.”

Karen smiled and said, “There you go.”

Allyson was completely aghast. She said, “You aren’t seriously telling me that Mom, our Mom, Sharon Peeler, was fucking this Jenkins guy? And in front of Dad? Or that Dad, our dad, was fucking Mrs. Jenkins? Or both? No fucking way!”

Karen shook her head and said, “Who knows what they were doing? Watching, swapping, same room, different room, foursome, or some other weird shit; whatever they were up to, they were definitely swinging.”

Allyson and I were dumbfounded. The thought of my mom and dad fucking this other couple, in whatever way, did nothing to make my cock go down, so it was still as hard as ever, glistening with my sisters’ saliva.

My little sister protested, “But they are so religious.”

I shook my head. I knew that wasn’t true. I said, “Not really. They only started going to church every Sunday after Karen got pregnant. Before that, they only went during the holidays.”

Karen chuckled and said to Allyson, “I think they did that for your benefit; so you wouldn’t turn out like me. While you didn’t get pregnant, like I did, I’d say you’re even more sexual than I was at your age.”

Allyson got a frown on her face and asked, “What? Are you calling me a slut?”

Karen looked chagrined and said, “Well, I- Um- No, I-“

Allyson giggled and said, “If you could see the look on your face. I’m only fucking my brother and my sister. No, I’m not a slut!”

We all laughed at that.

“So, what do we do now?” I asked.

Karen said, “Let’s just lay low and see if we can figure out who saw us and how much trouble we’re in. The worst thing they could do is kick us out. I’m looking for a job right now and you two have good jobs, so, worst case, we could all get a place together.”

That hadn’t occurred to me. It was a good idea. Still, that wasn’t my primary concern. I knew Mom and Dad wouldn’t call the police on us or anything like that. No, my main worry was that this whole thing could destroy our family. If they kicked us out then they were angry with us and if that occurred, I knew, my family would never be the same. The only hope I could cling to was that whoever had seen us was more aroused than angry. So, maybe if we laid low and didn’t get caught again, the issue would just go away. Denial could be a wonderful thing.


The next morning was a Sunday and I procrastinated as long as possible at getting ready for church so I didn’t have to look Mom and Dad in the eyes. I put on a blue plaid shirt, blue jeans, and my black boots. Service was at eleven so I didn’t emerge from my room until ten-thirty.

The rest of my family was standing in the living room. It sounded like a normal Sunday morning. There was no shouting about how dare we fuck each other, so that was good.

Dad wore his red plaid shirt, black jeans, and black boots. He smiled at me as I entered the living room. He seemed very calm as he stood near the kitchen, ready to get going.

Karen wore a black dress that left her arms and back bare but the hemline was below her knees. She also wore a shawl to cover her arms and back. She was trying to be very conservative and though she stood by Dad, she didn’t look at him or anyone. She just stared at the floor.

Allyson wore a white men’s dress shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. She was in a discussion with Mom about her attire. She looked terrified and was being very compliant.

Mom wore a dress I had never seen before. It had a little black jacket covering the top, the long sleeves seeming hot to me. The jacket was open in the front enough for me to see a bit of her pale chest, but it was secured across her tits, concealing them from view. The dress fell from beneath the jacket, cinching together at her slim waist and flaring out to a hemline just above her knees. She wore black stockings and black flats below.

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