My Pantyhose Wrestling Comeback

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Hi, my name is Becky, let me tell you about the exciting evening I have ahead of me. But first I need to tell you a little about myself and set the scene for what’s about to happen.

I’m just an ordinary 35 year old married woman, I’m not remarkable looking, I’ve been told I’m pretty but I don’t turn many heads. I’m 5′ 5″ tall, weigh around 125 pounds and my body is shapely but nothing that would stop traffic. I have shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes. I do an equally unremarkable job working in the head office of a major bank, I tell you that as the start of my story relates to my job.

When on a work’s night out, I got chatting to a couple of the younger women that work in my department. It was towards the end of the night, and most people had already made their excuses and gone home, I was ready to leave too, when Sam and Gemma talked me in to staying for another drink. Leaving just the three of us, sat in the corner of a quiet bar, chatting.

Let me start by describing the girls to you.

Gemma is 27 years old and a similar in stature to me, maybe an inch or so shorter but similarly curvy. She also has pretty ‘girl next door’ type features, with short, strawberry blond hair and green eyes. And I know from a few comments in the office, she’s not short of male admirers.

Whereas Sam is most definitely an office favourite. About 5’8″, and around 120 pounds, her slim 24 year body gets quite a lot of attention wherever she goes. She also has natural beauty, long black hair and blue eyes, she gets plenty of double takes from the boys (and girls), as she passes by. I’ll admit, there’s been a few times where she’s worn a short skirt, that even I have watched her shapely legs and ass, intently, as she’s passed by.

“So girls,” Gemma began “now it’s just us girls, I think we should get into some salacious girl talk.”

“Ok, you first.” replied Sam “Tell us the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done.”

Gemma thought for a moment and then spoke “Once for a bet, I made out with a female friend for a dare, in the middle of a bar full of guys who were watching football. Well they were watching football until we started kissing!” Gemma giggled to herself.

Knowing that the conversation was about to move on, I quickly intervened.

“So Sam, why don’t you tell us about you most outrageous exploits?” I asked. This was more to give myself more thinking time, than genuine interest. I had plenty of things I could tell them about, but I’m not sure it would be very professional.

“Well, nothing like Gemma, I’ve never been with a girl or anything.” Sam laughed “But I did once flash my breasts at two young priests. They tried not to look interested but their eyes nearly popped out.”

“Wow, you’re wild Sam.” Gemma scoffed “Come on Becky, you must have a better confession than that.”

“Ermmm…” I stalled for a second, then thought ahh to heck with it “When I was at college I made money making female wrestling videos, for a company that specialised in pantyhose wrestling.”

There was a stunned silence, following by a barrage of questions.

“What the hell is pantyhose wrestling? Do you mean like one of those porn websites?” Gemma asked.

“No, not porn, it was mostly competitive wrestling, some fantasy stuff but mainly just submission wrestling. And I think the pantyhose bit is self-explanatory. The owner was a guy with a massive pantyhose fetish, so made videos for that niche in the wrestling fan market.” I explained.

I answered many more questions and one more drink turned into two; as our girl chat became more like the Spanish Inquisition.

After that night, nothing was said about it for a couple of weeks. Until one day in the corridor at work, Gemma and Sam approached me, bumping into me, ‘accidentally on purpose’.

“Becky, Gemma and I have been online and we have found some of your old videos.” Sam said.

I just blushed, I wasn’t really expecting them to go and find the videos of my 20 year old self, grappling with girls in tight spandex and nylons.

“And we love them and want to know if you would wrestle with us.” Gemma blurted out.

“Sorry, what?” I replied, somewhat surprised by this turn of events.

“Would you wrestle against me and Gemma as a tag team? We’ve been getting some wrestling coaching from Matt [a guy in the office who participated in MMA, specialising in wrestling] and we think we’re ready. We know you’ll beat us, but it will be fun giving it a go.” Sam explained.

“I don’t know, let me think about it.” I said, embarrassed, as I scurried away.

Anyway, that leads us to tonight. I thought about it and agreed, so here we are!

Sam has hired a practice room with mats. Gemma has bought us all outfits. I’ve simply had to turn up, ready for a 2 on 1 wrestling match, with two women who were still at school last time I wrestled!

The rules have been agreed. A one hour time limit (I had told them that was a long match but they both wanted mat time, so pushed until I agreed), submission casino oyna only, no pins, they have to tag in and out, with the outgoing wrestler having to immediately leave the mat.

We stand on opposite sides of the mat, waiting to start. I am wearing the outfit Gemma has bought for me, my signature black spandex vest top, black spandex shorts, over sheer black pantyhose (the hosiery is waaay more expensive than I bought in college, black Wolford seamless, Gemma has really gone to town). My opponents across from me are looking absolutely stunning, in matching camo print sports bras and brief shorts, also over sheer seamless black hose (as an homage to my old wrestling videos).

As had been agreed, Gemma met me in the middle of the mat. Man I was nervous, more nervous than any time since my first match, over 16 years ago (gulp), but comforted by the fact that my opponent looks even more so!

In a rookie move, Gemma starts by lunging at me, I easily sidestep the clumsy approach, seizing her as she sweeps past. I am able, very quickly, to lock on a full nelson, not the most painful hold but uncomfortable and debilitating. She is trying to shake me off, but after a minute or so in the hold, I have been able to force Gemma to the mat. I entrap her, wrapping my legs around her body, just below her ribs. Once she is securely between my nylon covered thighs, I release her arms from the full nelson, repositioning myself to trap her in a sleeper type choke.

I’m applying little pressure, I need to pace myself, this is a long match, so strength sapping domination will be my best tactic, I reason.

“Come on Gemma, try to escape.” Sam encourages “Try to tag me.” Like that hadn’t occurred to Gemma already.

Gemma’s frustration at her predicament tells he her curt response “Fuck off Sam, I’m not letting her destroy me for the fun of it, you know?”

That exchange has brought a smile to my face, as Gemma, who now has her hands free, can only paw at my legs, to vainly attempt to break the hold. I had forgotten how great it felt to totally control a beautiful young woman like this, the thrill is almost sexual.

We’ve now been down on the mats for a couple more minutes and I’m thinking I need to do something here, I can’t just lie here all night, that wouldn’t be the match any of us were hoping for. So with that in mind, I start to increase the pressure with both my legs and arms. Gemma just groans, now a yelp, now more of a quiet cry.

“Gemma, you can submit. It’s ok!” Sam reassures her.

“Ok, Ok, I submit!!” Gemma screams.

1-0 – The first submission had taken around 5 minutes, so, just another 55 minutes more on the mats…hmmm! But at least my tactics seem to be working so far, as Gemma looks far more jaded than me.

I watch Gemma crawl off the mat and she tags in Sam, as Sam takes to the mat, replacing her beaten partner. Which was the rule we had agreed on between submissions.

Sam is more circumspect than Gemma had been, moving slowly towards me. That’s fine too, I can use her hesitancy against her. I feint to move toward her, she instinctively recoils and half turns her back to me. She is clearly expecting me to go the same way I went with Gemma, but with the benefit of experience, I go completely the other way. Dropping to the mat, I sweep her legs. Not giving her time to react to what is happening, I grab Sam and pull her into a head scissor hold, trapping one arm in the hold and locking my legs in a figure four.

This hold, as with the holds I had used on Gemma, isn’t meant to hurt, to force an immediate submission but to wear Sam down and to keep her immobile. Sam is thrashing, kicking her black hose covered legs, which look amazing by the way, but it’s getting her nowhere. We’ve been in position now for a couple of minutes.

“Sam, why don’t you try to escape and tag me?” a revitalised and sarcastic Gemma shouts to her partner.

“Yeah Sam, why don’t you try harder or are you just enjoying some pantyhose wrestling, up close?” I taunt her.

“OK, you can both fuck off!” Sam replied, only half in jest, as she experienced the humiliation of being trapped between the legs of a woman more than 10 years her senior, with no prospect of a quick release.

This spurred Sam on to try again, she has started to buck and is attempting to reach out to Gemma.

“Gemma, can you reach me?” Sam asks, reaching out with her free arm desperately trying to tag her partner. Gemma reached forward, but as her foot came on to the mat, I intercede.

“Back off Gemma, stay off the mat to tag.” I demand.

Gemma steps back, but she is reaching as far forward as she can, both girls straining but with several inches of daylight between their hands.

“Come on girls, do you think I’d be so naïve as to allow you to get close enough to tag out. This isn’t my first rodeo, you know?” I said confidently, my nervousness has now dissipated given how easily I have dominated both girls so far.

I think it’s time to take another submission. I release the grip canlı casino I have of Sam between my legs, manoeuvring her into a more destructive scissoring position, where I can apply the full force of my legs to constrict around her head and neck. Sam let’s out a loud squeal, but bravely tries to resist submitting. So I just ratchet up the pressure further and further until she has no alternative but to concede.

“Oh god Becky, please stop, I submit, I submit. PLEASE!” She squeals.

2-0 – After releasing Sam, she lies in the middle of the mat for a while. Until she can muster the strength to drag herself over to Gemma to tag out.

Gemma approaches me far more cautiously this time, once again I use my experience to my advantage; this time I do dive in. Reaching down, I catch Gemma’s left leg, pulling it from under her, taking her down to the mat. I am ready now to change tactic, and start to speed up my demolition of my opponents; if only slightly. After all, I clearly have the upper hand and I can see both girls are still noticeable affected by their first visit to the mat. So, I go to work, I’m able to keep hold of Gemma’s leg and to roll her over into a single leg Boston Crab. She is already moaning with the pain, but whilst I am ready to move my attacks and scoring along, I don’t really want to get into a position of allowing my opponents to switch every 1 or 2 minutes, that could be exhausting for me. So I just slowly increase the depth of the hold I have on Gemma. I must say, her leg feels great, I never bought expensive pantyhose but feeling these on Gemma, I’m think maybe I should invest in a pair, as I think hubby may like this feeling too.

Whilst my mind goes wandering, as to how good Gemma’s legs feel, she remains in obvious distress. Making louder noises, some of which are discernible as words, no, please, help, stop, etcetera but not yet submit or give, so I carry on. It hasn’t taken too long, although it probably feels like an eternity to Gemma, for her to yell out her submission.

“I submit. Submit. Submit. Submit. Submit. Submit. Submit. Submit. Submit. Submit.” She is screams in rapid succession, even continuing for a couple of seconds after I have released.

3-0 – Gemma stands, but conspicuously limps to her partner, tagging a reluctant looking Sam back in.

Seeing how edgy Sam is looking, I decide to play some mind games. A couple of times I have moved as though I am ready to attack, just to watch her almost run away, so I continue to stalk her around the mat. Making sure I still cut her off from her partner. Finally, after allowing her over a minute of anxious evasion I’ve decided, ‘come on Becky, time to get her’. My patience has paid off with some good fortune, as I move toward her at pace, and in her desperation to avoid me, she has tripped and fallen to the mat, in an inelegant heap. It would be rude not to take up such an invite, so I lean forward and grab her leg. (Well, I need to check if her legs feel as good as Gemma’s, I wouldn’t want to limit my pantyhose groping to a sample size of one.)

From here I tease her, moving as though I am going to apply another Boston Crab, which Sam has just seen cause so much pain to her partner. I have done that a few times, but never completing the hold. The anticipation of what’s coming is nearly as bad as the actual hold. In between feigned attempts, I just keep hold of her leg and walk around the mat, dragging her, making it clear to both Sam and Gemma that I am in total control and can do what I want with Sam, whilst copping a sly feel at the same time. Finally I make my move, and it’s not to apply the Boston Crab but instead I roll her over, swinging my leg over and snapping on a figure four leg-lock… ooh this feels quite nice, our legs entwined like this, I am definitely going to be getting some more of these hose. Forget hubby, I’m getting more gratification from this feeling than I’ve had from him, for years!

As I allow my mind to wander again, I am brought back to the present by Gemma speaking

“Becky!” She almost sings to me.

Looking up across at her I am horrified by what I see, in my mindless state I have lost spacial awareness and have allowed Sam to get within easy reach of her partner. What I see is my two opponents, actually holding hands!

“I assume you are new to this particular rodeo.” Gemma says sarcastically “Tag!!” She adds.

Well I’ve well and truly fucked this up! Not only had I screwed up my mat orientation, I really couldn’t be applying a worse hold. I may be in control but releasing a figure four leg lock is not simple or instant. And until I’m decoupled from Sam, I’m in no position to defend myself from Gemma.

My worst fears are realised, I work my legs free but whilst still flat on my back Gemma has got hold of two hands’ full of my hair and has pulled me back into a head scissor. Gemma isn’t using any of the finesse or subtly I’d used, just 100% power from second one. I need to get out of this hold and quickly. I am arching my back and kicking but boy this hold kaçak casino is tight and it REALLY hurts.

“I submit” I yelp, as Gemma puts in one final, almighty squeeze. Then she releases the hold, as I hear Sam cheering her partner on. I just roll over, lying face down on the mat. Yet another mistake, I should have submitted 30 seconds earlier I wasn’t going to escape and being held there for so long will just make my recovery take longer. My confidence became over confidence, then arrogance and vanity.

3-1 – I need to get up and get ready to re-start. Shit! As I lift my head, I can just see a pair of legs in front of me, Sam seems to be ready to go.

“Ok Sam, wai…” I try to speak to ask Sam, to give me a moment, but it seems I’m too late. She’s already on me.

Sam is on my back, pulling my arms back, from where I find myself in a camel clutch. This is not a difficult hold to learn but so many people don’t get it right, with a lot of wrestlers it feels more like your back is being stretched out and can actually feel quite therapeutic. Sadly Sam is not one of those wrestlers… she has this down, perfectly, and this is fucking agonising! One of the long term effects of my previous wrestling career, is that I still experience back problems and from the instant Sam locked this on, my back has been searing with pain.

“Argghh, I submit.” I cry. I have been locked in the hold for only about 10 seconds and that has been long enough. Sam drops me and I fall into a heap on the mat, holding my back.

3-2 – I’m hoping that if I just lie still on the mat, I can buy myself a minute or two to recover, before I restart against Gemma.

OK, it seems Gemma has other ideas, she has come onto the mat and having lost patience with my dormancy; she has grabbed my legs and is locking in a Boston Crab, I’m guessing partly as payback for the one I put on her and partly because she had seen me holding my back and want to pour on more pain. Well, it’s working, after the damage that Sam has already inflicted, I simply can’t stand anymore of this punishment.

“I submit, please, I submit” I whine

3-3 Gemma releases my legs. Learning from previous experience, I know the girls are not going to give me time to recover, so I turn quickly and pre-emptively speak.

“OK, please stop. I can’t go on, you win!” I plead.

The match is around the 20 minute mark, whilst after nearly 17 minutes I was 3-0 in the lead and in control, but then with just over a further 3 minutes, it’s now tied and I am completely done for.

“What do you mean, finished?” Sam asks rhetorically, “We’ve only done 20 minutes. I paid for the room for 2 hours, Gemma bought the clothes. This has cost us a lot of money for just 20 minutes.”

“I know, I’m sorry but I can’t continue. If we go on for another 40 minutes you would annihilate me.” I say, with a pleading tone in my voice.

“Ok, I have an idea;” Sam says “the inspiration for this match was a video of yours that I saw, where you wrestled two Japanese girls in a tag match.”

Oh shit, I think I know where she is going here!

“Yes, I remember that match very well, it was the worst beating I’ve ever taken, they spent ages, taking turns, totally abusing me. So what?” I ask, feigning ignorance.

“Well, after they had beaten you until you could barely move, they took turns sitting on your face, pleasuring themselves or should I say, having you pleasure them, until the final bell. So, maybe if you can’t wrestle, we should use the time like that!” Sam suggests.

“I’m not going to spend the next 40 minutes having two women fucking my face!” I protest.

“Ok, well let’s just do what we had agreed and do a full hour of submission wrestling then.” Gemma interjected, in a slightly ominous tone.

“OK, OK, let’s do the facesitting but one request from me. I’ve really been enjoying the feeling of these pantyhose, so will you keep them on for me?” I concede the match but attempt to set the terms at the same time.

“Of course, provided you can get me off whilst they’re on, that’s fine by me.” Sam replied, removing her shorts as she speaks.

By the end of the sentence she’s ready to go. Dropping down on top of me, she sits on my chest, preparing to move forward. The next moment I had Sam’s nylon covered crotch in my face, she was obviously already hot for it, and as soon as my mouth found her pussy, she started to writhe. I hadn’t been intimate with a woman since my wrestling days but it seems to be coming back to me, well certainly I’m not getting any complaints, those are most definitely not moans of disapproval.

“Open your eyes Becky!” Sam demands.

To be honest, I wasn’t even aware I’d closed them, just instinct I suppose. So I do as Sam asked and look up at her.

“Oh god, that’s so beautiful.” Sam says, as she reaches running her hands through my hair, pulling it slightly, as she grinding intensifies.

I’m pretty sure she’s on the edge now, she continues to make eye contact right up until the point of, well, you know. I recognise those sounds, the quivering spasms and the ragged breathing, so I double my efforts and before too long Sam stops, almost falling off me, as she ‘dismounts’ to lie flat on her back on the mat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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