My older friend has taken over my wife

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My older friend has taken over my wife
I am in my late 40’s and married to a hot 26 years old. Our bed fun included that she has a local side boyfriend (who does not know about me knowing anything about him) but my wife tells me everything and cuckolds and teases me with what she does with him, and I enjoy that. She had a few boyfriends since we been married one out at a time, some long term and some short term. I met for her some bulls online which she cuckolded me with even had me suck some, clean up and even swallow what I cleaned up. Twice I was rear ended next to my wife side by side by two one-night stand bulls.

About a year ago and while my wife and I in bed having our fun of dirty talking and cuckolding teasing me she brought a fantasy of having a new sugar daddy, a guy she recently met she said. The idea turned me on, but she would not tell me who it is, she said it is a guy she just met.

A couple of weeks later she brought up the subject again as she dripped on my mouth while I was licking her. She sure feels and sounds that she has the huts for him and wants him bad. When I pressed on, she then told me that I know him with a smile, I then become even more excited and desperately wanted to know who he is. she then tells me it was one of my closest friends who is even older than me, he is 58, divorced, lives alone and to be honest he’s very unattractive, I was surprised my wife would have the huts for him. We all would hang out canlı kaçak bahis a lot, clubbing BBQ’s etc. with him and his best friends. I felt funny about the thought of my young wife getting fucked by my older friend who I see almost every day. I thought it would be too close for comfort and suggested to my wife that we just remain friends with him at the friendship level no more, she seems to have agreed.

A couple of weeks later and as we normally would do start fooling around then our foreplay, and after she got me super horny and excited, she wanted to go see her boyfriend for a quickie and then come back creampied and finish our play as we done before. It sounded strange to me because lately when she did want to play with her boyfriend, she would see him before we play or the next day she goes and spends an hour with him after I fail to satisfy her. But tonight, she wants to go and get fucked bad by “supposedly her boyfriend”. I felt funny about it but said ok, she went for about an hour and half and came back with a huge satisfied smile teasing me telling me he wore her out. Felt that was out of place, why would he wear her out to night. That night she was not much up for sex playing with me as used to, but she still took care of me and we finished our play.

A couple of weeks later the same happened where she teased me about her boyfriend and how she wanted to go see him and come back and finish our sex play. I said no this casino firmalari time and for her to just stay with me for the night. she sure was visibly upset called me that I’m not supposed to say no because I’m a cuck, seemed very disappointed, cut our sex play short and both went to sleep.

A month or so later I started to notice her taking long showers. I set a hidden cam; to my surprise I found my wife putting on a hot and a dirty show for my older friend who I thought we agree to remain just friends with. My wife sure looked super-hot and sexy showing her body off to him, playing with her pussy for him and sticking her butt and asshole to her phone. Finally doing a masturbation session with him until she had cum. Though that was a turn on for me I still felt cheated on and feeling loss of trust.

After a long conversation she admits to me the truth and that she already sucked his cock twice at different times in his car after he had taking her out and showering her with gifts. She also admitted to me that the last time she was supposedly have gone to see her boyfriend in midst of our play, it was him who she went to see and who had fucked her well before she returned home to me, telling me he wore her out. I remember that night after returned how happy she was and full of cum, and then she enjoyed having me eat her out doing my cuckold duty of cleaning up and swallowing. I thought it was her younger boyfriends cum, but never thought casino şirketleri it was my older friends cum when she made me swallow on the end and we laughed about it.

We had amazing sex after that talking about him and how horny she is for him and how much she enjoys him fucking her. I even agreed to let her go 4 more times with him, 3 of which she agreed to take same hidden cam with her and got all what they did on video for me. A few minutes after started to watch the two, I’d shoot my load in no time this is how hot and dirty they looked.

But the thought of being cheated on combined with the sex passion I’ve seen my wife with him, the kissing, being submissive to him, the way he ate my wife’s pussy then her asshole, the passionate cock sucking she gave him followed by swallowing his cum. The second and third time they played he fully fucked her in the ass. I could not believe him doing this to his best friends’ wife, but yet to be honest it was super-hot and erotic. I even saw her a few times do with him ass to mouth sucking something she never did with me.

Now our life has changed. My wife body has become his, he fucks all the time; in our bedroom after we all have dinner they go in and lock the door on themselves and sometimes she goes to his place and sometimes spends the whole night with him. He has forbid her from letting me fuck her or have sex with me and she agreed with him. She sometimes complains to me in of teasing and humiliting me on how manly and hard he fucks and also on how much he enjoys fucking her in the ass. She tells me now they fuck as if she’s his wife, lately he been talking to her about sharing her with some of his friends and she likes that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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