My Old Friend Ch. 02

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This story contains descriptions of consensual sexual contact between adults. As such it is erotic, designed for the entertainment of mature adults. If you are not of legal age to read such material or if the subject matter would create any kind of personal moral dilemmas, please exit now.

Cast: Mike, my old friend—June, my wife—Don, an oral trainer—Me, Bobby

It didn’t take long for us to settle into a routine. June was now my instructor while my old friend Mike was out shopping for “new plumbing.”

“You know Bobby we’ve known of your submissiveness for a long time. As we talked of needing a man-servant and reviewed your willingness to please it became very apparent that you would be a perfect servant to us. Mike was really surprised that you had been able to suppress your urges after being his so willing cocksucker for a couple of years in college. Well now we’ve gotten to the real you, ha-ha, to your inner cocksucker”, June said.

“While I instruct you why don’t you swab my feet with your tongue. Get them nice and clean, that’s nice Bobby. You need to understand that you’ll be much happier if you let yourself go and just concentrate on pleasing us. We’re going to teach you how to be the best body slave you can be. You have to let yourself go, conquer your inhibitions, only then will you be free and happy. Deep down you know that you were born to please your owners. Yeah, that’s right, your owners. In ancient times a prosperous couple always had a slave ministering to their needs. Their slave would wash them, suck them off and provide toilet services. That’s what we want and you need Bobby; in your head you have a need to submit and we’ll help ease you into it.” I knew June was right.

I was lost in licking her feet, so pretty and erotic. June continued, “in the next few weeks you’ll learn to assist Mike in fucking me, how to lick our asses and suck a cunt. Oh I know you’ve eaten my cunt before but this will be different. You’ll never fuck me like a real man again but you’ll have all your needs fulfilled in our service just like any devoted slave would.”

I sensed rather than heard someone behind me, Mike was back and talking. “I see you’ve kept bobby busy, that’s good. I think it’s time though to see just what we’ve got to work with. You know Bobby that from now on you’re to be mostly naked like any slave boy would be. I’ve found that when a slut is kept accessible and naked it helps him to accept just what he is. Now that you understand your role as our servant it’s time to go another step.”

Mike retreated momentarily back to the table and returned carrying a collar made of leather. It had some small metallic hooks fastened to the outside surface. He turned the collar to show me that the leather was backed with a synthetic material on the inside. “Very comfortable, this collar…doesn’t rub like leather, yet looks the same on the outside. Here, feel it Bobby.” I took the collar and rubbed the inside with my fingers. It was soft. “Rub it on the tender skin of your neck.” Mike took the collar from my hand. I was so surprised that I didn’t have time to react as çeşme escort he moved behind me and placed the collar around my neck.

It was soft. Before I really knew what had happened, the collar was securely fastened around my neck. Mike and June only smiled at me. “Come here boy, look at yourself in the mirror” Mike said. He motioned to a mirror mounted on the far wall. I walked to the mirror and looked at myself, an attractive and fashionably naked man with a studded leather collar fastened securely around my neck. I tried to undo the clasp and unfasten the collar.

“Hands at your side now Bobby.” My hands moved slowly down away from the collar to rest at my side. I felt something very cold on my back, it was heavy.

“There boy, those chains will really remind you of your status.”You’ll find that this particular collar has some very interesting effects on its wearer. It was invented as a sort of training collar. I have found other uses for it, however. But enough, the effect is that while you are wearing the collar you will do as we tell you.”

“Acknowledge it for me Bobby you will do as we say!” Mike said.

“I will do…do as you say” I stammered out.

“You’ll address me as “sir” and June as Maaam when you’re allowed to speak but understand that generally we think your tongue is only to lick our ass.”

“I will address you as ‘sir.”

“I think it’s time to do a little inspection, see what we’ve got to work with, eh June?”

“Turn, bend over and keep your legs spread nice and wide. We want to see your asshole, the hole I’m going to be fucking” Mike said.

I flushed with embarrassment, turned my back to them and began to bend over. I did not expect that anything would be this humiliating.

Mike was chuckling as he said, “Reach back with your hands and spread your cheeks apart. I want to see that tiny asshole.”

Cringing in humiliation I did as I was ordered. My cheeks spread open and cool air was blowing up my asshole.

“Look at that tiny little hole. I am going to have to stretch him open gradually before he’ll be able to accept my cock. I think we’ll start with a small butt plug and every other day increase the size. We can force him to wear it all night. By the time he’s ready it’ll be a proper size.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. My friend Michael was talking about forcing me to put a butt plug up my ass every night. “Beautiful Bobby, now turn again and face me and assume the position.” I did as I was told. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, Your hard”, Mike said matter of factly.

“You will soon feel what it is like to have a large cock pushed into your asshole Bobby. Then I’ll enjoy the delicious feeling of fucking your hot and tight asshole until I cum deep in your colon, filling it with my hot cum. I bet you squeal like a little girl,” Mike said.

A few hours later I was resigned to my role as a manservant. In fact I was happy in it. They were right now that my docile nature was out in the open I was free to be just me. I was on the floor between Mike’s legs gently nursing on his cock just as I had been told. I heard a man’s voice and began pulling off of Mike’s cock; I was rewarded by being cuffed across the face with his backhand.

“Get back onto my prick bobby, that’s where your full attention belongs, suck.” I quickly mouthed his cock.

“How’s he doing Mike”, the visitor, Don, escort çeşme I found out later, said.

“Oh pretty good Don, he’s an eager enough cocksucker but still can’t take a cock right into his throat”, Mike replied.

“Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here”, let me sample him a bit before we fit him up”, Don said. The new guy, Don, zipped down his fly and Mike sent me scurrying over to get between this newcomer’s legs.

“Now boy were going to start your training as a body slave. You’re to always listen carefully and perform as you’re told. Don’t worry we think you’ll make a great cocksucker,” Don stated in a voice as calm as if he was describing last night’s dinner.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed June had sauntered in. She was naked and surprised me by taking my place sucking on Mike’s cock.

“To begin with boy I’ve always trained my servants to blow me without the use of their hands. It’s harder to bring off your guy using only your mouth but I think a warm, wet mouth is way better than being jerked off. It’s also that when you lack any control a slut like you is free to think only of the cock in his mouth, no distractions. Let me fasten those wrist cuffs of yours behind you now” Don said.

“Now you need to get the entire shaft in your mouth, cocksucker. Look up at me, keep your eyes open and on me, your owner.”

I tilted my head back and looked up across his chest to his face. He was looking down at me, with an arrogant, self-satisfied expression on his face. I had seen a similar look on Mike’s face a lot of times when I sucked him.

“I love seeing a guy’s lips stretched around my cock boy. You look real good there on your knees with my dick in your mouth. Take as much cock as you can now.”

I tried to take it deeper than before, the desire to please this dominant man completely filling my mind. I saw that Mike was fucking June from behind while they both watched my lesson.

“Tilt your head back again, boy.” When I complied, he grabbed my ears with both hands and pulled my face forward. At the same time he pushed his hips forward. I felt the blunt head of his cock force its way into my throat. I felt like I was choking and my eyes were watering but Don’s eyes never left mine. I could see that he was enjoying forcing me to take his full 8-inch length. “Now you look perfect boy. On your knees, choking on cock with your nose buried in my crotch. Now you’re really a total cockslave.”

I started to panic and couldn’t breathe with his cock so deep, but he relaxed his grip and I pulled back some to catch my breath. As I sucked in some air he just watched me. When I calmed he forced me back down on his cock, completely jamming it into my gullet. Quickly he set up a rhythm with his hand and his hips. I was helpless with my wrists clamped behind my back; he could do whatever he wanted to me. It was almost like he was using my head and mouth to jack himself off.

My head was still tilted back and I was still looking up at him, just as I had been told. His eyes focused on mine and I saw he was pleased by the way he could use my mouth for his pleasure. It was exciting to see his enjoyment of my submission to his fucking of my mouth and throat. As I watched his breathing grew faster and more ragged. His balls which had been slapping against my chin were now drawn up to the base of his cock.

I knew the signs from my experience with çeşme escort bayan Mike. The man was about to cum. I began to pull my head off his dick but his hands stopped me when I was only half way up the shaft. With a moan he began to spurt warm, sticky cum, filling my mouth with the thick, hot fluid that shot from his cock hitting the roof of my mouth.

The next two spurts fully coated my tongue. I couldn’t believe it! I had yet another man cumming in my mouth. Don’s cum tasted kind of salty but didn’t taste bad. I tilted my head back to look up at him again and found his eyes staring down at me. “Take it, cocksucker. Take my cum. Swallow it all boy. Yeah, that feels good. Filling your cocksucking mouth with my hot cum, the way your buddy Mike’s been doing to you. Ah! Ah! Ah” Don exclaimed!

My mouth was now full of his cum and He was still staring me in the eye. “Swallow it now boy” he ordered. Not really having any choice, I obeyed, letting his cum slide down my throat. “That’s what you were made to do. You were put on this earth to suck cock and swallow real men’s cum. You’ll soon learn to do a lot more” he said.

Don reached down and stroked his cock a few times, just milking it. He allowed me to pull my head off, but still held a fistful of my hair with his left hand. I watched as a milky white large drop of cum appeared on the tip of his cock, just oozing out of the slit. “Lick it up, boy.” I no longer even hesitated. I leaned forward the inch or so and lapped up the last of his load from his piss slit.

“Good boy. You’re a good little cock slave. You just need a little more training is all? You’ve got a belly full of my cum now boy. It’s good for you; look at your wife getting that cock slammed into her, Mike is really FUCKING HER.” I watched Mike’s cock, the cock I knew so well, sliding in and out of June’s cunt. All of a sudden they both came with loud moans.

After a bit Mike pulled out and motioned me over. “Clean my cock off now Bobby, you’ll be doing a lot of this from now on, I think you’ll like this new taste of cum and cunt jelly.” Mike said. I licked and slurped until his cock was clean then took it into my mouth and sucked on it. The taste was musky and pleasant.

“OK Bobby now clean out the cum in June’s cunt, get it as clean as if she just showered.” Mike instructed.

Her cunt lips were puffy and covered with cum from the sex, I began lapping her using my tongue to go in deep and pull out the sticky cum; I thought to myself that this cum was about the consistency of clam chowder. I must admit that the humiliation of lapping another man’s cum from June’s cunt was hot. I licked and cleaned her crotch.

It was Don who said I needed to get fitted up because he had to go. With my hands still behind me he fastened a leather piece around my head. It had a short knob that fit between my lips. It was only an inch or so long. When he had it strapped on he smiled and took a dildo and pushed it into the knob. It fit tight and actually screwed forward through the center, farther and farther. I began worrying as it reached the back of my throat. Don screwed it in just far enough so it was against the entrance to my esophagus, just tickling my gag reflex.

“There, there boy after a few hours we’ll put it in deeper. In a few hours you’ll be able to just concentrate on breathing without worrying about gagging. Soon you’ll be able to deep throat a horse. A good cocksucker must be able to take any cock right down his throat.”

That night Mike advanced the mouth gag further into my throat; it rubbed and tickled every time that I moved. It felt great!

More to cum soon in the next chapter. I welcome feedback and ideas on this story.

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