My Niece Jessica Ch. 08

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The next morning the sun was just coming through the blinds when I started to stir about. I looked over next to me noticing that Laura was gone. I sat up in bed and saw all her things were gone. I looked at my clock seeing it was 6:30 in the morning but heard some movement outside my door. I laid back down again when my door opened slowly and I saw Laura walk into the room wearing a blue bra with matching panties. I looked at her and smiled as I raised my blankets and she got in with me pushing back against my body. We both settled down laying next to each other and soon her breathing got steady. I looked over seeing she had fallen asleep again. I smiled to myself and drifted off to sleep myself.

I heard the creak of a door opening and woke up thinking it was my door but when I looked over it was still closed. I glanced at the clock which said 8 in the morning. I looked down seeing Laura sleeping soundly with a smile on her face. I laid back down smiling myself when I heard some voices from the room next door. I strained my ears a little and heard my father in Jessica’s room.

” Where is your friend Laura,” I heard my father ask Jessica before a squeak which I assumed was from him sitting on the bed.

“She’s fine Grandpa. She is just in the other room.”

“I knew he was going to get one of your into that bed of his. I don’t know why he can’t control himself. Damn it.”

“What’s wrong Grandpa?” Jessica said followed by some more squeaking from the room.

“Nothing. I want you to have a normal relationship with men and this thing you have with your uncle is not natural. However deep down I am glad it is Laura in there but one of you would have ended up in there. You are to innocent for the crap he pulls.”

“We are both adults Grandpa and its not like I am in love with him. Anyway it was me that started the whole thing so don’t blame him for anything. He is more like a fuck buddy who will teach me things. That is all Grandpa nothing more,” I heard Jessica say. “But I don’t think that is the real problem here. I think the problem is that I slept with him before I did with you. I have seen how you look at me Grandpa.”

I was shocked at how the conversation was going. My dad wanted Jessica? I could hardly believe that because he has been anything but lusting after her when we have been around but that could explain why he got so angry and hasn’t trusted me since. I sat there thinking about what was said in the other room when I heard a gasp. I thought something was wrong and started to move but stopped when I heard the talking again.

“I can’t believe its so big and its not even hard yet,” I heard Jessica say.

What the hell was going on in there? For some reason I felt rage start to build up in me but at the same time had a sensation in my cock which surprised me.

“Wow I don’t know how grandma handles that. But if she can handle it I don’t see why I can’t handle,” Jessica said which made my dick jump a little bit right into Laura’s ass cheeks.

“Feels like you are ready again,” Laura said turning over and smiling at me.

I looked at her and smiled as she started moving around under the blankets. I laid there on my side wondering what she was doing when she showed me her panties before dropping them to the ground. We started kissing as I explored her mouth once again with my tongue before slowly kissing her neck and the area that connected her shoulder with her neck. She did a little shiver when she reached behind her to my nightstand getting a condom. She ripped the package open with her teeth before rolling me onto my back. She smiled when she went under the blankets. I felt her engulf my cock and start sucking on it for a little while getting it even harder than it was. Soon she stopped and I felt her rolling the condom onto my cock. She finally started moving up but kissing my body along the way until her head came out from under the blankets.

“We have to be careful. Jessica and my Dad are next door right now,” I said before she started kissing me again.

Laura crawled up laying down on her stomach moving her butt around. I smiled as she reached under the bed reaching for something. I looked over the edge and saw her reaching into her bag before bringing out some KY Jelly. I knew right then what she wanted and I almost came right there from the excitement. Her ass was so perfect I just wanted to fuck it ever since I saw her. I opened up the jar taking out a generous amount putting it around her ass which made her started humping a little bit. I smiled when I positioned right behind her and kissed the back of her ear before whispering.

“Are you sure?”

She answered my question by moving her ass back towards me. I smiled again and grabbed her waist before slowly inserting my cock into her ass. It was tough at first but finally I got the head in but stayed that way for a little while to have her get used to it. I knew she was ready for more when she reached behind me and tried to get more of me inside her. I continued moving etiler otele gelen escort in a little bit before pulling out and going back in again. This time my entire cock was in her ass and I stopped just to feel how great it was. It was then that I heard squeaking coming from next door. Laura and I both looked at each other kind of shocked and then looked at the door. The squeaking started to louder and louder before we heard some muffled moaning. I looked at Laura again and started fucking her ass slowly at first but then started picking up speed. She was moaning and biting the pillow that was in front of her as I picked up some speed. Soon her ass started to squeeze and I knew she was cumming when she reached under the blanket and started to play with herself. A few minutes later I started shooting into the condom while laying on top of Laura. After shooting I thrusted a few more times into her before finally rolling off and pulling out of her ass. I laid there for a little while before looking over at Laura who had her eyes closed and was sleeping again. I smiled as I took off my condom and heard the bedroom door close from Jessica’s room. I laid there smiling and before I knew it fell asleep once again.


I woke up again and turned over but realized there was no one beside me. I looked at the clock and it was 10 in the morning. I stretched before finding some sweats and a sweater to put on and got out of bed. I opened the door and saw Jessica’s door open. I looked inside but saw Jessica was out of bed already and the bathroom door closed. I walked into the living room where Jessica was sitting on the couch wearing some sweats reading the paper and having coffee.

“So where are the parents?” I asked sitting down.

“They went out for a while. They said have fun today if they aren’t back when you take Laura,” Jessica said as she put the paper down.

I got up and got a cup of coffee and walked toward my bedroom when Laura came out of the bathroom just wearing a towel. We both smiled at each other before I kissed her. She blushed a little bit and went into Jessica’s room closing the door behind her. I went into my bedroom and changed before walking out again. This time I saw Jessica slowly walking to the kitchen.

“Why are you walking like that Jessica?” I said knowing the answer.

“Oh……….ah………….um………..I was doing some exercises in my room this morning and pulled a muscle or something. I will be alright. Its starting to work itself out right now,” Jessica said reaching the kitchen and pouring another cup of coffee.

“Can I ask you a question Jessica?” I said looking down at the paper on the table.

“Sure anything.”

“Let’s say you have this person who you have been sleeping with; you know like a fuck buddy. Would you lie to them about what is going on in your personal life or who they are fucking on the side?”

I looked up briefly and saw what looked like fear in her eyes. Silence was deafening in the room as I smiled a little on the outside because that just gave me the answer I was looking for. I was going to say something else when Laura came into the room with her bags.

“I told my parents I would be there by 1 and I know how long it takes to get there in the snow so we better get going if you don’t mind,” Laura said looking at both of us.

“Not a problem. Have a quick cup of coffee Laura and I will put the bags in the car and we can go,” I said handing my cup to Laura and taking her bags outside.

I put her stuff into the trunk of the car while smiling at myself for some reason about what happened in the house. I just laid a little ground work letting Jessica know I know what happened in there is morning. I walked back into the house where I saw the girls hugging each other and talking about going skiing on their break. I asked Jessica if she wanted to go with us but she just wanted to sit around and relax today. Laura and I then left the house and got into the car for the long trip. Nothing eventful happened on the trip to her parents house and before getting out of the car gave me a kiss and said that she wanted me to come up also for some skiing as she squeezed my cock through my sweats. I smiled as she got out of the car and her parents came out. They thanked me for driving her up and fixed some sandwiches for me and gave me a cup of hot chocolate for the road while also inviting me up to ski sometime in the next couple of weeks.

The drive home wasn’t that bad listening to Christmas music having some wonderful sandwiches to eat and the chocolate. The closer I got to home though the more I thought about what happened that morning between my father and Jessica. The rage started to rise again in me and I had no idea why. It wasn’t until about 3 in the afternoon before I got close to home. It started to snow a little bit as I turned down the street toward my house. I drove up to the driveway seeing my dad’s car there which made me a little suspicious etiler rus escort because he should be at work. I got out of the car and walked into the house where Christmas music was blaring through the house. This was another thing that was kind of odd because my dad didn’t like Christmas music blaring like this through the house. I walked around seeing some of the decorations were up before walking into the living room where there were some half opened boxes in the room but no people. I became suspicious when I couldn’t find anyone in the house as I walked around. I was going to go into my room when there was a lull in the music and heard noises coming from my parents room. My mom was at work so who would be in there? Then it dawned on me they were doing it again in the room. The rage once again started but I tried to dismiss it as a new song came on and I went into my bedroom. I got some things together and went to take a shower. The hot water from the shower felt good as my muscles started to loosen up and everything left my head.

Once I got out of the shower I put on some sweats and a shirt before stepping out of the bathroom. I looked into the living room where I saw Jessica sitting on the couch in the same outfit she was wearing this morning but my dad nowhere in sight.

“Hey Jessie what’s up?” I said drying my hair with the towel.

Once again there appeared to be a look of horror on her face. Either she didn’t know I was home or it was something else. She sat there speechless for a little while and I swore she looked over to my parents bedroom before digging into the box again.

“I told you don’t you ever call me that Mike,” she said taking some decorations out. “Fine. Whatever you want.”

I went into my room closing the door before turning on the stereo. As I was standing next to my stereo trying to find a station, I heard my dad’s voice in the living room. But soon I couldn’t hear that much as it seemed they were talking softly and at one point thought there was some arguing going on. I sat down giving Brin a call to see if she wanted to go out for dinner that night and to my surprise she agreed. I told her I would pick her up in about 3 hours or so. At 5 I came out of my room seeing my niece on the couch going through our decorations wearing a cute little sweater which she apparently put on recently. My dad was on a chair hanging some bells over our entertainment system.

“I am going out with Brin tonight so don’t wait up,” I said going into the bathroom to fix my hair.

“Have fun tonight then. I would have you take Jessica with you but I don’t think that would be any fun for her,” my dad said getting off the chair looking over to Jessica.

I looked over to Jessica then who stopped going through the box for a little while before she took more things from the box.

“I have to do some Christmas shopping and I was wondering if you could take me uncle,” Jessica said looking up.

” Well I wasn’t planning on going out shopping tomorrow but if you can wait till the day after tomorrow, I have to do some stuff and have an appointment. So I can drop you off and then meet up a little later then if we leave to late,” I said getting a glass of water while looking over to Jessica.

Jessica had a disappointed look on her face but something told me there was something more than just shopping involved. My dad spoke up before either one of us could say something.

“I can take you tomorrow if you want. I took the week off so you wouldn’t have to be alone so if you want to go tomorrow I will take you.”

“No that’s fine. Uncle Mike can take me then. That won’t be a problem,” she said getting up but pissed it looked like.

I left the house to go pick up Brin running everything through my mind. I almost got into an accident on my way to Brin’s because I wasn’t concentrating on my driving. It took me about 30 minutes to get to Brin. When I drove up she hopped out of her place the happiest I have seen in her in a little while. We went to this little place for dinner and then to look at Christmas lights around town. After doing this we went back to her place where we had some cookies that she baked and some hot chocolate she made. We talked about some things that have been going on before Brin grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom for what she called some light activity. After giving each other some oral pleasure I left her place at around midnight. As I drove up to my house I could see the light in Jessica’s bedroom was still on which meant she might be waiting up for me. I sighed deeply when I got out of the car because I really didn’t want to go into this with her tonight.

I quietly walked into the house making sure I didn’t wake anyone up. I started toward my door and reached for the handle when I heard some moaning coming from behind my door. I was puzzled by this so I opened Jessica’s door and saw she wasn’t in here room but all her stuff was all over the place. I sat down on her bed and something etiler türbanlı escort caught my eye. I saw a pair of red panties that were on the floor next to some other clothes. I walked over to where the clothes were and grabbed the panties which turned out to be thong panties. I smiled to myself when my cock started to get hard. I looked around a bit and knew I shouldn’t be doing this but I walked over to Jessica’s bed, laying down and turning off the lights. The entire house was dark now as I unzipped my pants and worked my cock out of them. I started to rub the panties in my hand and before I knew what was going on I had them wrapped around my cock. I started to stroke while closing my eyes imagining Jessica wearing these. If felt so soft and good that I started shooting all over the place. I cleaned myself up and put the panties back where I found them while zipping myself up. I sat on her bed for a little while before walking to my door where there was complete silence now. I touched the knob but instead I turned around and went back into Jessica’s bedroom. I laid down on the bed wrapping the blankets around me and fell asleep.


I woke up with a start when Jessica’s door opened. I ran my fingers through my eyes trying to clear them when I saw my father standing there with a shocked look on his face. I looked at my watch and saw it was almost 7 in the morning. We both looked at each other for a little while before my father started.

“Where is Jessica?”

” She is in my room. She wasn’t feeling well last night so I traded rooms with her so she could have easier access to the bathroom. Why?”

“No reason. She just wanted to get up early this morning so I was going to wake her up. Sorry to disturb you and that was nice of you Mike. Go back to sleep.”

He closed the door as I laid back down on the bed. I laid there looking at the ceiling not being able to fall asleep when I heard the door to the other room open up. I looked at my watch and it was 7:30 now. I knew something was going on because I didn’t hear any footsteps in the hallway or anyone going into the bathroom. I got up from Jessica’s bed and leaned against the wall that connected the two rooms. There was some muffled stuff going on before I heard my bed start moving and some moaning from the room. I walked back to Jessica’s bed and laid down almost curling into a ball thinking about things. Why did I care what Jessica and my dad were doing? Why was I feeling jealous and sick at the same time? I could have just as much fun with Brin and Laura so why did this matter. I closed my eyes and soon fell asleep. I woke up and looked around the room remembering where I was. I looked at my watch and it was almost 9. I got out of bed stretching before leaving Jessica’s room. I looked around but saw no one about as I went into the bathroom. When I came out there was still no movement when I breathed deeply and opened the door to my bedroom. What I saw surprised me but also it didn’t surprise me. I saw Jessica laying on her stomach smiling with some clothes on the floor with my dad’s arm around her. Then I saw one of my game controllers on the ground next to the bed and wondering how the hell did that get there? I just shook my head and closed the door deciding I had to get going because I promised my friend Jennifer I would help her with some gift wrapping today. I grabbed some old clothes from the hamper in the laundry room before leaving the house.

I finished with the gift wrapping and returned to the house by 1 in the afternoon. I walked into the house and once again didn’t see anyone about. I walked into the hall and once again heard some moaning coming from my room. I was royally pissed now for some reason again. I opened the door to my room just enough to see in without being caught. On the bed I saw Jessica with her hands handcuffed to the headboard. I peered down and saw my father kissing his way up Jessica’s body before stopping at her nipple. He covered her nipple with his mouth and began sucking on it which made her moan. This continued for a little while with him going back and forth between the nipples. I saw him reach under the sheet and when he pulled his hand out he had a vibrator in his hand. He rubbed the vibrator over parts of her body including her nipples before turning it on. He continued to rub it all over her body which made her squirm and close her eyes. My father started sucking on a nipple again as he moved the vibrator lower under the sheets without turning it off. Jessica opened her eyes briefly before closing them again and moaning.

“Turn it up Grandpa, turn it up,” Jessica said bucking her hips a little bit.

He smiled a little bit as he looked at Jessica who started moaning now and you could hear the buzzing in the room now. He went back to sucking her nipples before slowly kissing her body while headed down under the sheets. I saw some movement down there and soon Jessica’s hips where bucking and within seconds she started shaking while making some weird sounds. I saw my father now come up from under the blankets with the vibrator which he gave to Jessica who began to suck on it. I closed the door a little bit when he reached for my nightstand. I opened the door just a bit when I saw him taking the handcuffs off Jessica and then laid next to Jessica who started rubbing her wrists.

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