My new Master has sissified me !!!!

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My new Master has sissified me !!!!
I was sitting having a coffee in my local gay club, after work, when a man sat at the bar kept looking at me and winking. Whoops I thought, have I clicked here and it’s only 6pm!!

Looked at my watch 6.30pm time to get home and get my evening meal. I got up and turned to walk out straight into the guy from the bar, “Sorry” he said “Both had the same idea to leave at the same time, been wanting to ask you to have a coffee with me, wanted to ask you some questions”

To my surprise I saied “No problems, I can eat later what did you want to know?”

“My name is Richard, and I wondered if you have ever thought of wearing Lingerie at all?”

“Well Richard, I am Jason, and this could be your lucky night” I replied.

I leaned towards him and as we were sat in a booth, I also moved around him and pulled down the zip of my suit trousers, revealing black 15 denier tights (Pantyhose), pulled it back up again quickly. It was pretty fucking obvious that he liked it as his crotch had a hefty bulge in it. Richard just smiled, put his hand on my thigh, and said “Just what I love, you fancy trying some really neat lingerie on at my place? If you like it and we have some fun you could stay over until tomorrow, you got any holidays due?”

Moving too fast for me…. “Yes I have a month from last year, and am actually starting it tonight, I will come back with you, could do with some fun”

We left and to my surprise discovered he lived around the corner from me, I mentioned this and he said “Ok I have to admit that I have spotted you a few time coming out into the back garden, while I was upstairs, and suspected that you were wearing stockings and panties as when you bent over to pick some flowers, I could clearly see your stockings tops and suspender belt, and one time, lace panties”

That shut me up, I thought my secret was safe, I wear tights under my suits for work, tan in summer, and black in winter, better than socks and shorts. We arrived at his house and I asked him did he want me to stop at mine and bring some gear, he answered “No need got loads here”

Went in his house, its bigger than mine, and was beautifully furnished.. We went into his kitchen and he made coffee and we went through to the lounge.

“Right Jason, lets said what you have underneath those suit trousers?”

I undid my suit trousers, stood up and slipped out of them. I play a lot of sport, so have good muscly legs, not a huge cock but passable, Richard leaned forward and suddenly his hand was sliding over my nylon covered cock and balls and under my crotch. My cock casino siteleri stiffened,and to my horror a little blob of pre cum oozed from my tights.

Richard leaned even closed and his head went onto my crotch and I felt a hot tongue licking my cock head through the nylon. “Richard I am so sorry but I am just about to shoot my load” he stayed licking my cock head and started to suck is as well, and then, Bang I shot off and he slurped up the lot!!

“Richard” I shouted, “Look at the mess you have got me into” Richard burst out laughing, stood up, and left the room. He was back in a few minutes with a bag which he gave me. Inside were red lace topped stocking, and a red suspender belt with matching red lace panties. “Here Jason try these for size, I bought XL as you are a biggish guy”

I pulled off my tights and noticed Richard watched every move, I pulled on the suspender belt, rolled up the stocking and fasted the clips and then pulled on the panties, which just about held my cock in but my balls spilled out of the sides.

“Mmmmm very nice “ said Richard “Now turn around”

I turned around and felt him lift my shirt up and then a hand squeezing my butt cheeks. “Really firm” whispered Richard “Just waiting for for a hot cock to part them!!”

I kept quiet, and sat down. Richard pulled me towards him, and kissed me passionately, I feel as though I have know him for years, not 4 hours.

We had another coffee and I yawned, looked at my watch 2330, shit time for bed. “Richard?” I asked “I need a shower, ok if I go upstairs?”

“Of course, plenty of shower crème and towels, see you in the bedroom, “

I went to the bathroom, fucking hell, what a bathroom, a shower the could handle three easily, a gorgeous free standing bath, wow amazing. I shampooed my hair, and the used the shower crème for the rest of me. As I was soaping my chest, the water started going darker and when I looked, the hair on my arms had vanished and most of my chest hair and my crotch was clearing up nicely too.

What has he in store for me? I wondered, as the rest of my crotch hair and butt hair disappeared down the drain. Last to go was my leg hair, Shit I must have been a right hairy bastard, he had left me a pair of French Knickers in Cream to put on and I slipped them on and went to bed


I woke up and it was bright sunshine, hell I must have slept well, I looked at my watch and it was 5,30pm, the 15th I went on leave on the 16th so that meant I had been in bed for a MONTH., and I felt ROUGH. Just then the door opened and in walked Richard with a male nurse in canlı casino rather tight regulation trousers, I wasn’t too rough to see that the way he was swinging in the crotch he must be commando!!

“How do you feel Jason?, we have kept you gently sedated for the past 4 weeks after your operation” he said smiling. “I decided that when I first saw you in the club some months ago, that I wanted you for my permanent partner, but you were always with different guys. I am, I know now, one year older than you, and the way you were with me the first evening I know you really liked me, and so I decided that as you like wearing lingerie I would make you my sissy boy, and just hope you like what we have done. To all outward appearances you are still muscle boy Jason, still play sport etc, but now you are mine” he said smilingly. “Right Trevor, show Jason what we have done for him”

They pulled down the bed sheet and found I was wearing a white ‘T’ shirt and nothing else, my cock and balls were aching and itchy so I went to scratch the when Trevor grabbed my hand.

“Sorry mate be careful stand up and see what you have had done to you, you look stunning! Said Trevor.

I stood up and Richard lef me across to the full length door mirror. I looked at myself and screamed
“Fucking hell what have you done to me”

Richard put his arms around me and said “I loved you wearing those gorgeous panties and lycra leggings but they were so spoilt by your large cock and balls and I hate fucking you up the back passage as I cannot kiss you at the same time and so……….”

I looked, gone was my 7” cut cock and large balls and there in their place was a VAGINA. I tentatively touched it, to my horror I felt a shiver of excitement run through me, fuck I was enjoying it. I gently pushed my finger inside, it was warm and wet and so inviting, I could feel sticky juices dripping out.

Richard gave me that gentle smile of his, “We have removed your cock and balls, your balls have been inserted INSIDE your gash and will enable cum to exit when you are fucked or when you are aroused and lubricate you. We have also enlarged your butt hole a little to enable you to take a hefty cock with ease. Slide off your ‘T’ shirt please Jason”

I did so, and immediately saw that my body and chest, still hair free, were just as muscled as before,except, my nipples seemed a lot larger, actually stuck out about half an inch, I wondered why they showed through my T shirt. Richard leaned over and licked one and an electric shock went through me, “Shit Richard, that is hot I love that what have you kaçak casino done?”

“Jason, the chest muscles you have are now small breasts with large nipples and will when sucked, exude a thick cum like substance, NOT MILK, you may find they leak a little as well.!”

I was dumbstruck, then Richard said to the nurse “Trevor, get your cock out and try out Jasons new pussy and se what he thinks, Jason just lay on the bed and relax please”

I did as Richard requested, and Trevor dropped his regulation pants and proved I was right, he was commando, and had a massive long , girthy cut cock”

“Jason” said Richard “Your pussy is not able to absorb cum and you have no tubes or anything, you cannot get pregnant, so simply enjoy yourself”

I watched as Trevor straddled me, and lowered himself onto me, this is something new. He lay on top of me, and started to kiss me, he was also tweaking my nipples and I was getting hotter and hotter, I felt something ooze from my nips and Trevor sucked it up and then I felt the tip of a very hot cock probing my pussy lips, Trevor gently pushed inside me, it was a bit tight but soon I felt his balls banging against me, shit I had taken all 9” in me, suddenly he started to shout “I’m cumming” Cumming? He nearly blasted me off the bed. I have never ever had climaxes like this before, it was amazing. Trevor pulled off me and to my delight Richard bent over and started to lick Trevor’s cum of me and my pussy.

“Well” said Richard “Every thing in perfect working order then Jason, here are some clothes for you to wear under you normal jeans£

I showered and came back into the bedroom, Richard gave me a packet of tampons “You will need to use these every day as when you see a guy you fancy you will leak cum juice, as you would normally if you had a cock”

He inserted one up my pussy and I felt it swell up and fill me, shit, it felt amazingly horny..!!!

Richard then passed me a pair of rather sweet padded lace black panties, “Wear these Jason and they will give you a nice bulge as though you still had your cock and balls”

I pulled them on and pulled my tights over them, finished dressing and out we went.

We had lunch in a restaurant, I whispered to Richard that my nips were leaking looking at him and getting turned on. He told me not to worry, the T shirt would absorb the damp juice and not show through.

Got back home and Richard stood me against the wall and started to kiss me, his hand pulled down my trouser zip, gently pulled down my tights and panties and pulled out the tampon, and then his cock was inside me, he worked me away to desperation and tongued me to death as well, can life get any better?. He filled me full of cum and then I licked his cock clean, I looked down, cum was dripping into my panties and tights, time to get showered.

To be continued …..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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