My New Daddy Ch. 02

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I went home and slept well after my session with my new Daddy. My asspussy ached and that aching made me smile. I knew that his cum was still deep inside me and that meant I belonged to him. I couldn’t wait to be on my knees for Ted again very soon.

I had college classes the next day but I couldn’t keep my mind on my studies. All I could think of was Ted pounding my holes and using me like the whore I longed to be. My deepest darkest fantasy was to be a porn star. I was so envious watching those sluts going down on aggressive men’s cocks. I wasn’t a size queen, I was just turned on by dominant men. Ted was the first gay dom I’d ever met and he was making me fantasize about more, more, more!

When I was done with my classes, I drove home and snuck into my sister’s room. I quivered with anticipation of being caught red handed but I couldn’t help myself. I stole a pair of her white, thong panties and took them to the bathroom along with several items from my own closet.

I showered and shaved what little hair there was on my body, then I moisturized myself from head to toe with my sister’s bath products. I smelled so sweet and my body was so smooth that it made me hard. Sometimes I liked being hard. At other times, I wished I didn’t have a cock at all. At those times, I began to question my own sanity. What was I thinking? Did I really want to be a girl, or did I just want to be a sweet little…I almost couldn’t think the word…faggot. I stood naked in front of the mirror, my five inch boner throbbing as I slid on my sister’s panties. The white thong slid easily between my cheeks and made me feel so dirty. My cockhead protruded over the top of the triangle of fabric, so I tucked it down and under my balls, minimizing my package.

Mmmmm. I admired my body in the mirror. I liked what I saw. I wasn’t a boy or a girl. I was something in between that existed only as a sex object. That made me smile. THAT was how I wanted to feel. THAT was what my new Daddy made me feel. My little panty bulge made me dirtier than a real girl could ever be, and Ted actually appreciated me for that.

I pulled on some super tight jeans and a white, skin tight t-shirt. It rode up, exposing my belly like a crop top and was the closest thing to girlie clothes that I had. I considered stealing other items from my sister, but I thought she might notice. This would have to do. I put on my Converse sneaks with no socks and went to climb on my sister’s bike again.

My heart was pounding as I rode toward Ted’s house. I sat on my tucked cock and it ached between my legs. I felt dizzy with lust. I loved being wanted by a real man like Ted. I wanted another chance to please him.

I was so nervous when I climbed off the bike and walked up to the front door of Ted’s house. Was he even at home? I caressed my ass, hoping it looked good to Ted in the jeans I was wearing. I was already salivating as I thought of his thick cock. I knocked lightly on the door.

I waited a few minutes but there was no answer. I looked around and saw a doorbell button, so I pressed it. It was one of those doorbell cameras that connected to your smart phone. I hoped Ted would see me even if he wasn’t at home.

The little light on the doorbell came on and Ted’s voice boomed out of the speaker. “Hello, baby,” he said.

“Hello, Daddy,” I muttered nervously.

“You look delicious. I wish I was at home but I’m at work right now.”

My heart fell into my feet. I was all worked up with nowhere to go. “Awww,” I moaned.

“Is my baby horny?” asked Ted.

I licked my lips and massaged my little bulge in my jeans. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Then perhaps I can help. My partner, Sam, is upstairs sleeping.”

My mind raced. Was Sam a man or a woman? Was I not my Daddy’s only special toy?

“Don’t worry,” said Ted. “Sam is my roommate and business partner. We do sometimes share our toys, but we’re not romantically connected in the way you’re thinking.”

I sighed my relief. I wanted to be Daddy’s number one. I didn’t care if he had other sex partners – that was up to him – but I wanted to be his go-to slut. I wondered what kind of business they could be in together, but I thought I’d wait and ask Daddy in person later.

“I’m glad, Daddy,” I said.

“Good girl.”

My knees went weak every time he called me a girl. I had some serious thinking to do about my gender issues. What did I truly want to be?

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“So, anyway, what I was going to say is that I’ve chosen to share you with Sam. I told him you might be coming by and he has a serious case of the blue balls. I want you to gaziemir escort bayan relieve the pressure, so to speak. For me. Will you do that, baby?”

I smiled. Of course I would! “Yes, Daddy. I’m yours to share with anyone you choose.”

“Good girl. I knew you’d be the perfect girl for me. There’s a spare key in one of those plastic rocks in the back garden near the back door. Take it and put it on your key ring. It’s yours. Then, go inside and pleasure Sam. The better he likes it, the better I’ll reward you later. Do you understand?”

“Mmmmm, yes, Daddy!” I said with a smile.

“Good. Now, get to work.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, Daddy.”

And with that, he hung up. I stood on the porch and looked at my reflection in the front window. My heart was beating as I realized I was becoming the slut I so wanted to be for men. Two cocks in two days was an amazing thing for a cock virgin to experience. I just hoped that I could please Sam.

I pushed my sister’s bike around to the back of the house and looked for the fake rock. Sure enough, it was under a bush by the back door. I retrieved the key and used it to open the door.

The house smelled good. Manly. I peeked into the living room and briefly re-experienced my afternoon session with Daddy the previous day. God, I’d loved every moment of it. I found a mirror and tidied up my clothes. I wanted to look good for Sam. I slowly climbed the stairs, my cock aching between my legs. Was I really doing this? It was one thing to fantasize about being a slut. It was something else to actually be one.

At the top of the stairs, there were three doors. One went to a very nice bathroom with an open shower stall with no doors or curtains. I immediately imagined being fucked under the hot water in there. The second room was a bedroom but the bed was empty. Was this Daddy’s room? The bed was made but I had the urge to get naked and roll around in it to soak up his smell. Maybe another time.

The last door was closed, so I eased up to it quietly and turned the knob. It opened silently and there before me was the most beautiful, hairy ass I’d ever seen. It had to be Sam, lying completely naked, ass up on top of the covers. He was a big man, like Daddy, but even hairier. His back and ass were covered in thick fur that ended in a dark bush down between his thick, powerful legs. I ached to shove my face itno that darkness and find his cock with my tongue, but I didn’t want to scare Sam. I watched as he slept, and rubbed my cock through my jeans. I stripped down to nothing but my sister’s white thong panties and crawled onto the bed.

I couldn’t resist running my soft hands along Sam’s ass cheeks. I thought that would wake him up gently, but when it didn’t, I became bolder. I pried his cheeks apart and inhaled his musky manhole. A deep voice said softly, “If you’re going to get that close, you might as well taste it.”

I jumped back and off the bed as Sam laughed and looked back at me. “I said, eat my ass, boi. Get to work.”

I smiled nervously and crawled between Sam’s legs and kissed his hairy pucker. I Frenched that hole like there was no tomorrow, licking and drooling on it before shoving my tongue inside. Sam’s sphincter gripped my eager tongue as I slid it in and out of his delicious asshole. He groaned with pleasure and slowly humped the bed. I knew his cock must be hard because his balls had drawn up tight below my chin. I licked them and alternated between them and his ass.

“Mmmmm that’s a good little slut,” said Sam. “You’d make a good alarm clock.”

I smiled and moaned as I devoured his hole, making the hair on his ass wet with my saliva. His butt was so beefy and round, I’d have done anything just to look at it, let alone eat it out. I was loving every second of it when Sam readjusted his cock,and laid it back underneath his body, pointing at me. I stared at it. It was dark and uncut. Sam must have been of Mediterranean descent. I instantly licked his fat cock and slid my tongue inside his foreskin and around his glans.

Sam moaned deeply. “Holy fuck, baby, you’re quite the talent. Oh my god, that sweet tongue…”

I straddled Sam’s right leg and humped it with my smooth body as I worked his ass, cock, and balls. They were all dripping wet and I was making a good-sized wet spot on the bed. I lifted his cock with my hand and sucked it into my mouth with a dirty slurp. Yummy. He tasted soooo good. I then sucked both his balls into my mouth, my nose pressed into asshole as I fingered his slippery cockhead.

Sam flipped over unexpectedly and I sat back, drool escort gaziemir running down my chin. Had I done something wrong? Sam smiled at me and shook his head. “Wow. You just about made me cum, you little whore. Not so fast. I have plans for you.”

I licked my lips and cupped my bulge for Sam. “What’ve you got down there?” he asked. “Are you a boi or a girl?”

“Neither,” I said, then quickly added, “Both. I don’t know yet.”

“Good answer,” smiled Sam. “Honest. I like that. Maybe I can help you figure it out.”

I nodded. “I’d like that, sir.”

Sam stroked his cock in front of me and grinned. “Good. Ted said you were a natural and I can see that he’s right. Your soft, porcelain skin looks delicious. Get naked for me. Show me your body. Turn me on.”

I could see that Sam was already about as turned on as possible, his big boner throbbing in his fist, but I knew what he meant. I cupped my package and ground my hips as I turned in place for Sam to see all of me. When my ass was facing him, I bent over and spread my cheeks, exposing my asspussy for him. I licked a finger and rimmed my little slut hole for him, making it shiny and wet, then I peeled my panties down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and stood completely naked in front of a stranger. My cock had never been harder.

“You like being naked for me don’t you, honey?” said Sam.

“Yes sir. I love it,” I said. “I fantasize about being a stripper.”

“Good. and when you think of this fantasy, are you stripping for men or women?”

I smiled. “Both. But both are dominant. I like being a toy for both sexes.”

“Jesus, that’s fantastic. No barriers is good. In your fantasy, what usually happens?”

“I usually have a choreographed strip show to some music I love. I go about it slowly so that the show lasts longer and the audience gets hornier. Then, whoever is in control, like the club owner or DJ or whoever, announces raffle winners who get to come up on stage and have two minutes with me to do whatever they please.”

“Super fucking hot,” said Sam, still stroking his meat in bed as I stood naked before him. “Go on.”

“Well, then each person comes onstage as their name is called and gets to fondle me or make me do whatever they choose for two minutes each. Some lick me, some feed me their cocks, some fuck me, but none of them come. There’s just a rotating door of pervs doing dirty things to me with no release.”


“At the end, I always imagine being in a glass tub, with all the men in the audience ejaculating on me at once until I’m bathing in their hot, gooey cum. Then the women approach and lick all that cum off of me and spit it in my mouth or shove it in my asshole until I’m covered in their spit and filled with their men’s cum.”

“Holy fucking shit. You are a pervert, aren’t you, sweetie?”

“I don’t think of anything but sex, sir. I want to BE sex.”

Sam smiled even bigger. “Well, let’s make your dreams come true. Get on your knees.”

I did as I was told and Sam got out of the bed. He stood in front of me, his beautiful cock bobbing mere inches from my face. “Show me how much you love my cock. Worship it. Make it the center of your being.”

I looked up at him and pressed my face against his throbber. I inhaled deeply and drooled on myself as I smelled his manhood. My five inch cock was super fucking hard but I didn’t touch it. Instead, I stared, cross-eyed, at the magnificent dick before me. I rubbed my face all over it and grabbed Sam’s ass to pull him closer. I lived in his fat cock, inhaling it, smelling it, tasting it on my tongue as it slapped my face. I knew I was made to serve men in whatever way they wanted. This was my place: on my knees, a real man’s cock in my face.

I licked my lips and softly kissed the underside of his cock head. He groaned as I kissed the tip, pursing my lips like a tight, sloppy wet pussy, my tongue exploring his slit. I used my lips to caress his length as I turned my head sideways and smeared my spit up and down his shaft. I never stopped looking up at Sam’s ecstatic expression while I worked to turn him on.

I moved down to his hairy balls and licked his sack. Sam muttered, “suck them,” so I did, making them ache between his legs before returning my attention to his cock. I stroked it with my hands slowly, working my spit into his skin, then I smiled and ever so slowly, eased his delicious cock into my slut mouth. I sucked him in while working his glans with my tongue softly, easing him closer to the edge of orgasm. He moaned deeply as I slid his cock into my throat. gaziemir escort My eyes teared up and I gagged a couple of times but I was determined to take him balls deep. Once he was lodged in my throat, I could feel him throb throb throbbing inside me. I loved that feeling. I grabbed his ass again, working my middle fingers against his hole as I pulled him onto me.

He moaned loudly and suddenly said, “Wait, wait…” but it was too late. He was cumming inside me and he couldn’t stop it. I felt his cock swell in my throat as I held my breath. I felt his cum spurt into me and drip down my throat as he grabbed the back of my head and held me on his cock. Then he pulled out of me and I gasped for air as strings of spit and cum draped between my lips and his fat rod. I sat back on the floor, my hard on still throbbing as I looked up at Sam and opened my mouth. More. I wanted more.

Sam sat on the edge of the bed and laughed. “Jesus Christ, you’re a fucking find. Holy fuck, I can’t remember ever coming so fast from a blow job.” He shook his head and I remained on my ass, my legs out to my sides, my mouth open and my cum dripping tongue extended. I really did want more and I was willing to wait for him to work up a second load. And a third. A fourth. How ever many he could muster.

“Baby,” said Sam as he knelt beside me and tongued my open mouth like it was a pussy. He licked my face clean then leaned over and licked my nipples. He turned to the night stand and retrieved some clover clamps which he put on my little puffies. I moaned at the pain and my cock dribbled some precum. Sam fingered my cock head, spreading my pre around and making it shiny before lifting his finger to my mouth and feeding my own precum to me. I sucked his finger like it was a little cock.

“Oh, god yes,” said Sam. He glanced at the clock. “I’d love to use you the rest of the day, but I have a business meeting in an hour.” I pouted, showing him how much I wanted him. “Don’t worry. There’s plenty of time for me to pound your pussy later. You’re not getting away just yet.”

I smiled. “Thank you, sir.” Then I added, “What would you like me to call you?”

“What do you call Ted?”


“Oh yeah. That’s good one. Since you’ll be working for me, why don’t you call me Boss? I could use an office assistant that sucks cock like you do.”

“Yes, sir, Boss,” I said.

“Good girl. Just one more thing.” He went back to the drawer the nipple clamps had come out of and returned with a transparent, pink plastic cock cage. “We have to keep that clitty cock of yours under control, don’t we?”

I bit my lip. I wasn’t sure what this was all about, but if Sam and Ted wanted it, I wanted it too. “Yes, Boss.”

“Since you did such a sweet job on my cock, I’m going to give you a few minutes to jerk yourself off while I get dressed and watch, then you go in the cage until Ted or I unlock you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Boss. Thank you, Boss.”

Sam clicked his wristwatch over to stopwatch mode and set it to five minutes. “Ready? Go!”

I spat in my hands and began stroking my cock with one while fingering my asscunt with the other. I imagined the two body parts were one and the same as I greased up both with my cummy spit. Sam smiled as he watched me work myself into a frenzy for him. I screamed when he yanked on the chain between the nipple clamps and it sent me over the edge. I spurted a huge load all over the hardwood floor. Rope after rope of pent up cum launched out of my soft, smooth balls to be displayed for my new Boss on his bedroom floor.

Sam licked his lips as he pulled on a snug pair of slacks but no underwear. He slipped his feet into a pair of loafers and buttoned up a crisp, white shirt. He leaned over and said, “Now, clean up your mess for me.”

I nodded and pushed my tongue across the floor, lapping up my own cum like a dog. I cleaned it all up and swallowed it with a smile.

“Good. Now, stand on the bed here.”

I got up on his bed and looked down at him. It was a strange feeling looking down on a real man. I didn’t like it.

“This,” said Sam, holding my little dick in one hand and the cage in the other, “is a gift from your Daddy and your Boss. Wear it well.” And with that, he clamped me into the cock cage and locked the tiny brass lock. He held up the two keys before putting them in his pocket. “Work on using your sissy holes as your sex organs.” He went to the drawer again and brought back a large, black dildo and a butt plug. “Get this dildo up your hole and use this plug to keep your cunt sealed 24/7. Turn around.”

I did as I was told and Sam spat on my asshole before forcing the thick buttplug up my cunt. I yelped and started breathing hard. My cock was throbbing in its cage.

“Good,” said Sam, spanking my ass hard enough to leave his hand print. “Now get dressed and go home and practice.”

I did exactly what the Boss ordered.

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