My Mother’s Revenge

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Author’s note: Welcome to my latest story. First off let me thank all who voted for “A Mother’s Love Never Dies” it did better than I expected. Next, a big thank you to “Gunter99” who was kind enough to do some editing on this. Now “Mother’s Love” had a very sweet ending that along with my summer entry and Home is Where the Heart is has gotten me some ribbing for being soft. So, back to the basics here. There is nothing sweet about this one. As a follower of Anton Levay I have decided to bring you Lex Talionis incest style. Have fun. Lovecraft68


I arrived home from school and tossing my back pack on the kitchen table, went into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. As I stood there drinking it, I wondered where dad was. He went to work for six in the morning and was always home before I was. Tossing the empty bottle into the trash, I grabbed the bag and headed for my room. I’d worked five hours at the coffee shop, before going to my two afternoon classes and the thought of my bed was a damn pleasant one. I had to work on a project for History, but if I didn’t close my eyes soon, I would have nothing left to do it.

My parents had warned me of working and going to school, telling me college classes were much tougher than high school, but I was determined to make some money. If either of them came in and caught me napping, they would bust my balls, so maybe I would try to just muddle through and go to bed early. Then again, mom wouldn’t be home from work for another hour and Dad might be sleeping himself seeing his bedroom door was shut. I slipped my shoes off and picking them up, padded quietly past my parents door.

I jumped at the sound of dad’s voice coming from the other side of the door.

“Oh fuck yeah!” he called out, “Yeah, just like that baby! Ride that cock!”

So much for him sleeping, I thought. I frowned wondering where mom’s car was. Maybe Dad had cleared out the garage when I was at Bill’s this weekend and she had parked it in there. I started to walk away, but stopped when Dad’s obnoxious yelling had been replaced by the sound of mom moaning. Walk away pervert, I told myself, but stayed there anyway. I could hear the sound of flesh pounding flesh and started to picture mom on her hands and knees, her fine ass in the air.

“You like that?” dad called out, “You like getting fucked like that?”

“Harder!” She cried out. “Fuck me Joey!”

Mom’s voice sounded hoarse and I wondered if she’d gotten home really early and they’d been going at it for awhile. Speaking of them going at it, the idea of a nap had faded and I knew what I would be doing when I went into my room. I stopped and felt my cock start to stiffen at the sound of loud squeal from behind the door followed by a series of yelps. Wow, he was fucking the shit out of her today, probably didn’t think I was home yet, I thought as I forced myself to go into my room.

Not that I would blame dad for fucking my mother any chance he could, Mom was fucking hot! She had worked her way through college as a cocktail waitress and she still had the body for it. She was almost as tall as my five ten and her legs were long and well shaped. Her ass was to die for, heart shaped and firm, she drove me nuts when she wore those tight little shorts around the house. Her tits were pretty big and even though she worked in an office now, she always had some cleavage showing in her dresses and blouses. Course around the house she would wear little tank tops that looked like they were either a size too small or her tits were really that damn big.

Her face lived up to her killer body with her long sandy blonde hair and a pair of big brown eyes that I could never resist. I could never turn her down if she widened those big doe eyes and said please. The word please was sometimes followed by her pushing her full lips into a pout, and it was all over. That pout worked on dad too, but I’m sure because of the other things those perfect lips could do.

I always had mixed feelings when I thought of her like that. On one hand, and first and foremost, she was my goddamn mother! I doubted any my friends, even ones who’s mothers were attractive thought of them that way. Then again, I also doubted any of them had seen their mother the way I had seen her. If they had, maybe it would be a different story, but having sexual thoughts of one’s mother wasn’t really the type of thing you brought up with your friends.

Opening the lap top, I thought that maybe it wasn’t so bad I thought mom was hot, but what I was going to do next was pretty sick. As the screen came up, I looked nervously over my shoulder as if someone was going to come though the locked door. Unzipping my pants, I lifted my hips and pushing my jeans and underwear down, settled in to watch my favorite dirty movie. Not that there was anything unnatural about a nineteen year old boy beating it off to porn, but I doubted many did it to home movies of their mother.

Clicking on my videos I found the one marked MBJ and clicked on it. Easing back in my chair, I grabbed my cock and felt my heart beat faster as the video opened. I was looking at pangaltı escort Mom, lying on her stomach, between my father’s legs, with his hard cock in her hand. Dad was holding the camera and I saw his hand reach out and brush her hair from her face.

“Have to have a good view!” His voice came over the speaker.

“Yeah, you want a little show baby?” Mom asked, and playfully flicked her tongue across the head of his cock.

I licked my lips and felt my cock growing in my hand as I saw a trail of sticky fluid going from his cock to her tongue. Mom made a show of sucking it up and smacked her lips. “Hmmm that’s good!” she purred.

“Show me what else is good.” Dad said.

Whenever he spoke I felt weirded out, never mind it was his cock I was seeing. I had thought about watching on mute, but I would miss all of Mom’s hot little sounds. She winked and grabbing his cock, opened her mouth and took him into it. I started stroking my now hard cock as I watched her slowly bob her head, taking my father’s cock deeper each time she went down. Mom removed his cock from her mouth, then as my cock throbbed in my hand, made a show of licking his cock up and down, when she reached the bottom she began licking his balls, while jerking him off and I whispered, “Oh fuck that’s hot.”

At this point I’d gotten my cock sucked by three girls and none of them could come close to this. Mom trailed her tongue back up to the tip of dad’s cock and sliding her mouth back over the head, pushed her mouth down all the way until her lips were at the base of his shaft. Dad moaned on camera and I did in my chair as I started pumping my cock faster. Mom shook her head side to side while moaning around his dick. Placing her hands on the bed, she pushed herself up and I licked my lips at the sight of her huge bare tits hanging down.

Dads hand entered the screen and mom sighed around his cock while he played with one of her nipples. He moved his hand, and she took his cock all the way down again. This time she didn’t pause, but started sucking him hard and fast, going all the way down each time. Her hands were flat and she was giving him that incredible blow job with just her mouth. As she began sucking even faster, I started stroking faster. The entire time she was blowing him; her big brown eyes were staring straight into the camera.

The camera was starting to shake and dad was moaning and rocking his hips. I’d seen the video more times than I cared to admit and knew it was getting to the end. That was fine though, because my leg was starting to shake and I could feel myself getting close. Dad moaned, “Oh fuck baby!” and started thrusting his hips at her.

Mom stopped moving her head and let him fuck her mouth. She was moaning and her eyes rolled back into her head as he cried out louder and his hips pumped faster. Mom’s cheeks hollowed out and Dad let out a noise best described as a whimper as she sucked the cum from him. I could feel my own building within me and fought to hold off to the every end of the video. Mom carefully slid dad’s cock from her mouth and after giving the camera a wink, sat up and let his cum drool out of her mouth.

I moaned as my cock went off in my hand. As I continued to pump it, squirting cum onto my stomach I watched cum drip down her chin and land on her tits. Taking her finger, Mom rubbed some cum onto her nipple, then scooping it up, put her finger in her mouth.

“Goddamn, baby.” Dad moaned.

“You like that?” she smiled and the sight of her cum covered lips, kept me jerking my still oozing cock, “You like when I’m your bad girl?”

The video winked out and even though I’d just cum I dropped to the next one marked “MDS” and clicked it. This time the camera was on the bureau and on the bed was my father fucking Mom doggy style. Her head was thrown back as she moaned and her huge tits were swinging back and forth as my father pounded her perfect ass. I watched, my cock dripping onto my hand, while dad pulled on her hair and started spanking her ass. He then cried out and whipping his cock out came all over that ass.

I clicked to the next one, which was my father holding the camera again, as Mom rode him. I shook my head at the sight of her huge tits swaying and the look of pleasure on her face as she rocked back and forth, her eyes closed, mouth open as she emitted tiny little moans. She leaned back, supporting herself on her hands and the camera lowered. My recently spent cock gave a twitch as I watched my father’s cock entering her pussy. His hand came into view and spreading her lips, started rubbing her clit.

“Oh, right there honey!” Mom groaned.

Balancing herself on one hand she started playing with one of her nipples.

“Christ she’s hot!” I whispered.

Mom was beginning to make little whimpering noises, the ones I heard in the many wet dreams I’d had of her, and with a loud cry, started gyrating wildly on dad’s cock. Again the camera began jiggling and I could hear dad moaning her name. Mom leaned back and pulling his cock from her pussy started pumping it. I watched as his cum pendik escort sprayed across her flat stomach and dripped down towards her pussy. I quickly clicked the video off when I realized that I’d started stroking my cock again. Once was bad enough.

Grabbing some tissues from the box on my desk, I wiped my stomach off and tossing them in the basket, pulled up my pants. I sighed and noticed that even though I’d just gotten off, I was no longer tired. That was a good thing, this way I could finish my paper then just go to bed early. If I was going to do that, I would need a snack; I hadn’t had anything except a bagel at the coffee shop this morning. I started to turn away from the laptop, and with a start remembered I hadn’t closed the browser.

Not that Mom or dad would wander into my room and start looking, but one never knew. I can’t imagine the amount of trouble I would get in for having those videos. Hell, I’d probably get sent to counseling. Worse would be how humiliated I would be, knowing that mom would know I stroked it to her. I clicked the browser closed and nodded at to myself for being that paranoid. After all it was while trying to fix something wrong with their pc that I stumbled upon these videos in the first place.

Apparently mom enjoyed being a star as there were originally about ten videos and now, only three months later, there was close to two dozen. I felt another twinge of guilt and wondered how sick I was. Since finding them, I would periodically go back into their room, use dads password that he’d given me and looked to see if he had added any. When he did, I e-mailed them to myself and enjoyed them.

Walking over to my door, I wondered if there was something wrong with me. I truly loved her as mom, but after seeing that video, my mind had been in overdrive. Even seeing her walking around in shorts had me heading to my room, and there were times it was hard to look at her. I chalked it up to some type of phase. Besides, I’d been watching cougar and Milf porn for awhile now and mom was both those and in spades.

I left my room and as I turned to head for the kitchen saw her heading down the hallway. I only caught a quick glance of her from behind, but it was enough to see she was wearing a red mini skirt and spike heels. I’d never seen her dress like that for work. Unless, I grinned to myself, she had dressed up for dad, but why would she had dressed back up?

“Hey, Mom!” I called out heading down the hallway.

She’d already turned the corner and I could hear her heels clicking across the tiles of the kitchen floor. I started to hurry up to catch her and ask when dinner would be, when my father stepped out of their bedroom so quickly I almost walked into him.

“Nick!” He exclaimed, “What the hell are you doing home?”

“Good to see you too, pop,” I told him.

“I don’t mean it like that,” he rolled his eyes; “I mean why are you home early?”

“I’m not early,” I tapped my watch, “It’s five thirty.”

“It is?” Dad’s eyes widened, “Shit!” he looked at me nervously, “You umm, been in your room?”

I fought hard not to smile at him. He was worried I’d heard him. Now that I looked closer he looked really nervous. Dad wasn’t wearing a shirt and his jeans were unsnapped, his black hair was tousled and he was sweating. Must have been a hell of a romp I thought, but why the hell would he be nervous? Embarrassed maybe, but…

“Well?” He asked quickly, “You didn’t answer me?

As he spoke, he ran his fingers through his hair, a sure sign he was nervous. Not for the first time, I thought looking at my father was like looking in a mirror. Except for our obvious age difference, we could pass for brothers, we were the same height, shared the same black hair, green eyes and I had inherited both his broad shoulders and his desire to go to the gym. I’d also noticed, as awkward as it was, that I’d taken after him down south, as every girl I’d been with had commented that I was pretty good sized and he was no slouch in those videos.

“What are you deaf?” he snapped.

“Hey, easy dad.” I put my hands up, “I was just wondering what Mom was doing home?”

“Mom’s……” he paused, when, no longer able to help it, I started smirking, “You heard something?”

“I think the neighbors heard something.” I laughed.

“Oh, um well…” he seemed at a loss for words, so I took him off the hook.

“Hey dad, don’t worry about it, it’s not like I’m a little kid.” Besides, I thought to myself, there could be a fun new video in my future.

“No, I know” he nodded a little too emphatically, “I…just uh, it’s a little embarrassing.”

“You embarrassed?” I playfully punched him in the arm. “You’re always showing her off.”

“Yeah, but it’s different with you.”

“So where’s she going?” I asked, getting off the subject of what I’d heard.

“Going?” he looked confused, then snapped his fingers, “She’s going back to work.”


“She’s got one of those budget meetings tonight so she’s not coming home until around nine.”

“Oh,” I hit him again, rus escort “So she came home for a little break then headed back.”

“You got it.” He seemed to relax, then added, “Lost track of the time, sorry about that.”

“Don’t be.” I frowned, “Since when does Mom go to work dressed like that?”

“Like…” he looked confused, “Oh, well, it’s kind of…like a game. She came home dressed kind of trashy and pretended to be a….”

“Never mind.” I put my hand over my ears.”Forget I asked.”

“Right.” He nodded.

I started to walk past, when he caught my arm. “Listen, Nick, can you do me a favor?”


“Don’t tell mom you were home okay?” Seeing the question in my eyes, he continued, “She would be embarrassed if she knew you heard her.”

Then what would she think if she’d known I’d watched her? Out loud, I said, “Yeah no problem, didn’t hear anything, didn’t know she came home, got it.”

“Good man!” Dad squeezed my arm, and then nodded approvingly. “You’re getting there kid. Pretty soon you might be able to beat me arm wrestling.”

“Sooner than you think old man.” I told him.

He let my arm go, and I began to walk past him, I glanced into their bedroom and felt a thrill go through me. The camcorder was on the bed; he’d been taping the action again. “Hey Nick, like I said mom’s coming home late, so I’m going to run out and get us some pizza, how’s that sound?”

“Sounds good.” I told him.

“But I have to run an errand first, so I’ll be about an hour; that okay?”

Thinking of the camera and what would be on it, I smiled, “No problem dad, take your time.”


No sooner had dad pulled out of the driveway, then I all but ran into their room. He’d gone back in there for awhile and as I suspected, when I checked the camera, he’d downloaded whatever had been on it. I sat down at the small desk in the corner of their room. Bringing up dad’s folder I clicked on videos and frowned when I didn’t see a new one. I scrolled through a couple of other folders, but didn’t see anything. I sat there disappointed and was ready to get up, when I noticed his e-mails were open at the bottom of the screen.

Bringing up that browser, I saw he’d e-mailed himself an attachment. Grinning, I opened the e-mail and looked at what he’d typed there. ‘Cindy 21’. What the hell did that mean? I smiled when I realized that must have been Mom’s name when she came home. They had been playing some dirty game. I forwarded the video to myself, then took a second to delete the e-mail from his sent folder, before heading back to my room. I locked the door behind me and headed excitedly for my computer.

I was thinking of those heels and wondering if she’d left them on during. I opened my e-mails and clicked on my latest taboo treasure. The movie opened, and lying between my father’s legs, her long blond hair fanned across his thighs and his cock in her hand was….

A woman I’d never seen before.

“You like that sir?” she asked, licking the head of his cock, “You like this naughty little girl blowing you?

“You know I do.” Dad said.

The girl, who had huge blue eyes and couldn’t have been much older than me, smiled and started sucking his cock. Dad started groaning and removing his cock from her mouth, she giggled, “Bet your wife doesn’t suck you like that!”

“Oh, my fucking God!” I exclaimed out loud.

On the screen the girl sat up on her knees and reaching back, removed the lace red bra she was wearing. Her tits were small, but well shaped and cupping them, she asked, “You like my nice young titties Joey?”

“Worth every penny.” He laughed as he reached out and started fondling one.

“If you think they are, wait until you see my pussy” she giggled again

“Oh, no.” I said softly as I hurriedly shut the video off.

I sat back in the chair and took several deep breaths, my whole body was shaking. Dad was cheating on mom, and in our house! Even with my mind racing, I wondered if I went back into his computer and really started searching how many more videos I would find. That girl, Cindy I guess from the movie title, seemed very familiar with him. She’d have to be to be letting him tape her. I wiped my trembling hand across my sweaty brow and realized that as bad as finding this was, I had an even worse problem, do I tell her?

Mom would be devastated. She practically worshipped my father and spoiled him rotten, in and out of the bedroom. She made more money and paid most of the bills. Dad was a few years older than her and had been in trouble when he was younger. His credit had been shot and the house was bought in Mom’s name. In that sense, mom would be fine. He couldn’t take anything from her. That is if she threw him out. What if she decided to try to make it work? How could I look at him and pretend he wasn’t the piece of shit dog I just discovered he was.

I frowned at that last thought as I remembered over hearing a conversation once between Mom and my uncle Bill’s ex-wife Jean. She’d told my mother that my grandfather was a player and all his son’s were too. Bill had cheated on her and she claimed my uncle Jack who lived in California cheated constantly on his wife and she wouldn’t leave him, because they had three kids. Mom had told her that dad was different, that he was a good man and would never break her heart or disappoint his son like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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