My Mom in a Sex Simulator

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Hello My Dear Readers…

This is a story very special to me, and one I took a lot of time to write.

It is an experiment by all means, and I have tried my best to make it as detailed as possible. I hope you like it.

Virtual Sex is now a very common phenomenon, and this story is how an Indian son develops & uses a Sex Simulator to satisfy the cravings he has for his mother.

Though the scenario has Superstars of Indian Cinema as a part of it, I wish to stress on the fact that this story is not connected to any real person, or incident. This is an original plot.

I have followed a naming pattern similar to my earlier work ‘An Interview with Madhavi Doshi’, and the characters mentioned do not exist in real-life.

This Is Purely A Work Of Fiction.

Happy Reading!!

My name is Ashwin. I am 21 years old, and currently pursuing my Engineering Degree in Computer Science.

I have always been interested in the magical world of computers & programming, and from a young age wanted to be an Application Designer.

I was also fascinated by video games, and spent most of my time beating the latest releases. Being a very active member in some of the biggest online communities, I had access to revolutionary ideas and concepts.

While programming and gaming were my biggest interests, I was also completely addicted to my 41 year old mom, Meena.

As much as I loved my mother, I also found extreme gratification in fantasizing about her in the dirtiest & humiliating scenarios.

I never wanted to have sex with her, but I always was obsessed with the thought of watching my mom being penetrated, in the most hardcore fashion.

It started with imagining my mother in hot clothes worn by actresses, and then in advertisements of intimate apparel.

Soon, I was picturing her in place of bikini models, in fashion channels, and then in steamy sex scenes from Indian movies.

In a month’s time, I had started visualizing her in the porn films I watched.

But I wasn’t done just yet. I wanted more.

I wanted something even more filthy to satisfy my insane desire of having my mom objectified.

The need to see my mother lusted upon, grew on me, and now, I wanted to be in charge of her degradation.

It definitely was not a practically possible wish. The consequences were too severe. And, above all, I still did not really have it in me to scheme my mother’s defiling.

That is when I realized the power of my mind, and my skills. That is when I realized the importance of all the knowledge I had acquired so far.

I had created many simulation programs, and mini-games, as college projects, and I decided to develop a Sex Simulator. One that would exclusively feature the woman of my dreams – My Mom.

To start with, I had to make a model of my mother. I uploaded a picture of her wearing a red colored saree & a black sleeveless blouse, as a base for the same.

Then, I added my collection of porn videos to the program’s database. It was around 5 TB of space.

I also added plenty of sleazy Indian content from movies, web series and leaked clips.

It took me two weeks to complete the coding of the program, and add the option of selecting different sexual scenarios & participants.

I did consider a lot of names for the program, but finally zeroed in on ‘THE SLUTIFICATION OF MEENA’. I felt it was the most apt title, and it really pumped me up, as-well.

I was also able to mod games like Grand Auto Slut, Bitch 3 & MF 77, and had a created a Virtual Sex Game with an open world.

The simulator was being designed with the capacity of functioning in 4 distinct styles.

The user would have POV, ULTRA HOT, FREE ROAM and STORY MODE to choose from, before starting a new session.

I further uploaded pictures and body types of men I wanted to see fucking my mom. It was a big list, and included movie stars, celebrities and sports persons.

I also added everyone from my friends to my family members to random people from the internet. And though I wasn’t fully sure about it, I also uploaded a picture of myself.

It took one more week to fix some of the recurring errors, and provide the finishing touches. In-fact, the last few days of development had me skipping college completely.

I was super excited to start using the simulator, and double clicked the launcher icon. The icon was basically a zoomed in picture of my mom’s thick red lips.

“MEENA MUMMY CAN’T WAIT TO GET HER HOLES FILLED!!” said the welcome screen of the Simulator. Just reading the derogatory sentence made my cock leak.

A few seconds later, my mom’s virtual self appeared on the screen, and the model was almost perfect. She was still in her traditional wear, but with just the click of a button she turned completely naked.

The program was working. I had done it!!

And, I considered destroying my mom’s modesty as my greatest achievement!!

Though her thick fleshy body of size 36-27-37 had come out really well, the model still fulya escort needed a few corrections.

I adjusted her height to 5 feet 6 inches, and typed in her weight as 60 kilograms. And, with her fair creamy skin & silky black hair, she looked younger than her age, just like in real life.

The simulator had automatically opted for a clean shaven pussy for my mom. I always wanted to know how she looked down there, and since I now had the opportunity to have it any way I wished, I chose her pubic hair to be trimmed in the shape of the Bermuda Triangle, where men could end up lost for hours and hours.

My mom looked like a real porn-star now, and nobody would believe she was a conservative housewife from India.

To make her look more ‘Desi’, I put a red bindi on her forehead, applied pink lipstick and also made her wear a Golden Mangalsutra.

My conservative mother was ready to be taken!!

The simulator had the options to control the speed of the thrusts, the intensity of the scene, positions and everything related to sex.

I could also just randomize the selection process, and have it on auto-play, if I wanted to simply watch and fap.

But, I was clear about what I wanted. I pressed on the ULTRA HOT mode, and immediately clicked on RUN.

The program was live, and my dream of making a slut out of my mother was going to become ‘virtually’ true.

The very first segment of the sim had my mom standing naked in her wardrobe. I could decide what she was going to wear. I could make her wear anything.

I was controlling my mom, and I had never felt so thrilled before. To be very honest, I still could not believe I was really doing this.

I even had the power to make her walk out of the house wearing nothing, if I chose to play FREE ROAM. The map of G.A.S Bike City was copied into the simulator, to enable this feature.

While STORY MODE was a very interesting concept, it still required a few major fixes. Also, only stories belonging to dangerously raunchy categories were added to the library.

POV was a more personalized, one on one experience, and had a lot of exciting elements to it.

But, I still preferred ULTRA HOT for the first shot, as it allowed me to try out any scenario, without restrictions, and also add any number of participants. It was also the best option to check how smooth the program would run.

And, to further confirm how far I could push it, I decided to simulate a ruthless gang-bang.

I was going to orchestrate a group-sex scene, featuring 20 men and my gorgeous mother.

Yes, I was going to overlook my very own mom’s mass fuck.

As much as I felt like a shameless pimp, I also felt like a champion who had just conquered the world.

I wanted this to be great, and decided to use the Superstars from Bollywood as participants for the gang-bang. I wanted to make my mom feel like a high class whore.

And, I fixed a mansion owned by the Legend of Indian Cinema, Amithej Bajwa, as the location for my darling mother’s hole tearing extravaganza.

To be frank, this was a luxury I was giving her. I could have easily made her get screwed inside a dirty toilet, by a wasted gang of filthy street beggars, if I wanted to!!

“ARE YOU READY??” asked the simulator. And, I felt I skipped a beat when I clicked on YES.

But, to be very honest, I felt a greater amount of venereal sensation, when I added to the MISC menu that my mom’s ass cherry had already been popped.

Things were heating up, and this was getting really exciting.

The simulation finally began!!

Dharamveer : Amith Ji, I am surprised Anashwara is not here, tonight. It is normally your daughter-in-law you offer us. What is the whole point of this party, if she is missing??

Amithej : It is somebody very special, this time, Dharam Ji.

Dharamveer : Who is it?? Your old cunt, Jayanthi?? Hahaha…

Amithej : Haha… Well… It is somebody you can never ever imagine to have… So… Without any more delay, I present to you, The Hottest Desi Mummy – Meena!!

As Amithej pushed opened the door to his palatial master bedroom, I saw my mom, completely in the nude, on a king sized bed.

It was a sight beyond words could explain. Her perfectly shaped firm boobs, and her voluptuous curvy body, could make the whole of India rain cum, non-stop.

I couldn’t wait any longer to start playing. I fast-forwarded the cut-scene, not bothering about missing out on the sleazy dialogues, and moved straight into the action.

“What should I do?? What should I do?! How do I want the first alien touch on my mother’s pure body to be?? Who should it be?!” I had all these thoughts running on my mind, when I took control over proceedings.

It took me a good 5 minutes to start focusing. But soon, I was on track.

My mom’s slutification had begun, and I was the choreographer.

I had her sucking Dharamveer’s 84 year old cock, straightaway, and she was also stroking Amithej’s 77 year old gebze escort prick.

It took my mom just 12 seconds to make Dharamveer cum, and he shot all his load inside her mouth. Amithej too lost control, and discharged just 10 seconds later.

Their aged tools could not handle the pleasure my mom gave them. But, they were also experienced enough to get their hot-rods back to being erect, and penetrate her.

I clicked a few buttons, and immediately the younger generation of actors were on the large bed.

Sridhar Malhotra, Tarun Dhewan and Lion Shroff had come ready to be satisfied by my mother.

Tarun quickly pushed his penis in my mom’s mouth, while Sridhar and Lion had their dicks in each of my mom’s hands. She happily engaged in blowing & fondling their meat, as Dharamveer and Amithej kept poking & drilling her tight holes, together.

That is when I let Satbir Kapoor and Sadveer Singh enter the room.

“Let’s share Meena like we shared Madhavi.” they laughed out loud, undressing themselves.

Dharamveer & Amithej had already cum inside my mom’s tight holes, and they made way for the sex addicted toys of Satbir and Sadveer.

All the 5 young dongs being pleased by my mom, grinned, looking at each other. Though on separate occasions, they had all fucked Deepali Padamsee, too, who was now married to Sadveer.

Sadveer felt jealous over the fact that his contemporaries had entered his wife, before him, and he took out his anger on my mom.

Ramming his pole deep inside her butt-hole, he pulled her hair back, hard, and also slapped my mom’s ass cheeks, increasing the speed of his thrusts.

The sound of her rear-end being slammed was so loud, and her milky booty had quickly turned red. She definitely was being given a lot of pain.

While Sadveer filled my mom’s anal hole with his sticky juices, Satbir did the same to her pussy. Both her holes had received overflowing creampies.

Tarun, still mouth fucking my mom, held her head tight with his hands, pushed his cock further in, and made sure she gagged with his jizz.

She, soon, stopped stroking Sridhar and Lion, and instead, took them in her mouth, one by one, and put an end to the rhythmic movements of her head only after gulping their freshly ejaculated white semen.

All the men fell on the bed with pleasure, and my mom was just hoping to get a break, when the merciless Navas Sidiq stormed into the room. He looked straight into her eyes, and she could already feel her holes gape, and hurt.

Navas completely smashed my mom, within seconds, fucking her like a slag he found on the road. He stuffed his cock inside her, wearing the same condom he had used on 9 other women, since the morning.

“Sometimes, I feel I myself am Sex!! Meena, you slutty bitch… Consider yourself blessed that I am cumming inside you.” Navas told my mom, pulling his dick out of her ass. And, removing the rubber, he entered her pussy, bareback.

My mom was moaning loud, and almost crying, when Akash Kumar, the player, came into the scene. His big dick, was as good as what Navas had, and he packed her mouth with his fuck-pole, shutting her up.

Navas released his fluids inside my mom’s pussy, but did not take his cock out. He certainly wanted to impregnate her.

Akash was, in the meanwhile, pumping out thick strands of sperm into my mom’s throat, forcing her to drink his cum, as soon as they were released, if she did not want to choke.

Akash’s juices were too chunky, and too much in quantity. It dripped out of my mom’s mouth, onto his balls. And he made her lick his hairy testicles, clean.

Navas & Akash, swapped positions, and the bulls, together, made my mom look like a true cum-bucket.

They came inside her, again, and Akash’s seeds looked equally capable of making mom pregnant. Navas’s jism was so sticky, mom couldn’t open her mouth after he jizzed.

“Such a whorry wife she is, Akash Sir. Let us give her what her husband never could.” Navas said, getting back to banging my mom’s love-hole, as Akash gleefully stuffed his meat inside mom’s exploited ass, for the first time.

Their latest round on my mom, was even rougher, and when Abhinav Bajwa, son of Amithej Bajwa, joined the act, he happily announced his arrival by groping my mom’s tits.

He sucked my mom’s soft boobs in an animated fashion, and was relieved it was not his wife who was being shared, for once.

But very soon, Abhinav was vigorously biting my mom’s nipples, making her scream in pain. She had her mouth open so wide that Jacob Abraham, the hunky stud, easily shoved his huge muscled cock, full of veins, for some oral delight.

My mom was a big fan of Jacob, and would have thought to herself that dreams do come true, as she gave him a blowjob.

At the same time, Dharamveer’s sons, Benny & Sammy, handed out their cocks, for my mom to play with. The siblings did not want to cause her grief. They were more keen on being touched, as they exchanged scandalous pictures of gültepe escort their spouses.

My mother was now practically riding Navas, and Akash, who was drilling her butt, adjusted his posture, so that Dharamveer could get in between, and stuff his dick inside my mom’s already occupied pussy.

It was the most magnificent sight I had ever seen. This was the most attractive my mother had ever looked. Her body was pushed to it’s limits, and she was made to enjoy it.

My mom had two cocks inside her torn pussy, a big dick in the interiors of her gaping ass-hole, a monster cock in her mouth, and her fingers wrapped around two horny pricks. And, also, a very keen deviant was still trying to suck milk out of her tankers.

Abhinav had a sly smile on his face, when he noticed my mom’s vacant tit being fed on, simultaneously, by none other than his wife’s ex-flame, Vishal Oberoi.

Vishal smirked at Abhinav, who just could not stop visualizing the two of them doing the same to his wife, Anashwara.

Getting my mom’s melons loved was too soft, compared to all the extreme suffering she had been subjected to.

She tried focusing on the milder treatment, helping her console herself over the destruction of her holes. She was slowly starting to relish over her jugs being loved, even as multiple choppers demanded her attention, when an unbelievable load of hot spunk was blasted on her face by Bollywood’s very own punisher, Gulrukh Grover.

My mom’s entire face looked like dipped in a tub full of clabbered milk. She could just not open her eyes, and felt she had turned blind.

She had just finished wiping the load off, with her fingers, when Sanjog Dutt, Indian Cinema’s bad boy, nutted on her dark black hair.

My mom looked straight out of a porn movie. Her irresistibility only increased each time she was shot cum on.

Soon, the bosses arrived!! The Kaifs were here, and everybody made way for them.

“Damn!! Meena!! I should divorce Kinaara for you.” said Safar Ali Kaif, looking at my mom, very impressed with her lusty looks.

“Gauhar looks like a homeless hooker, in front of Meena. I hate my lady.” Shareek Kaif, the king, told his fellow mates.

“Should have just launched Meena instead of Katherine. I could have fucked her all these years.” said the big brother of Bollywood, Salim Kaif.

“Meena, can I give you a perfectly cute baby??” asked the perfectionist, Ameen Kaif.

My mom happily listened to all of them heaping praises on her, still trying to completely swallow Jacob’s jism. He had discharged just before he halfheartedly guided his meat out of her mouth.

Jacob’s semen tasted exactly like Cookies & Cream flavored yogurt, thanks to his protein powder, and the excess usage of the same. He was just not happy about the fact that he did not get the chance to drill my mother.

Shareek & Safar, took 5 second turns in jamming mom’s backdoor. They were both going to make their wives blow their cocks, later that night, and have them taste my mom’s dirty ass, as well as all the other men that went in her.

Ameen shagged inside my mom’s pussy, very seriously asking her if she could be his mistress. He even offered her the opportunity to move in to his opulent villa, in Dubai.

Salim who had said would go last, after his brothers have had their share of fun, shocked my mom, when he pulled his pants down.

He had a 16 inch long penis sleeve on him, with the words ‘Being Huger’ written on it. And in a single thrust, pushed the entire length of it inside my mom’s cum filled cunt, making her squirt, relentlessly.

He continued to screw her, with even greater force, until she started peeing on the bed. My mom could do nothing to stop leaking.

The penis sleeve looked like tearing into her belly, and coming out of her mouth. The whole of the monstrous plastic toy was gracing the interiors of my mom’s twat.

“Anybody here who wants to have another go at Meena, can join your Big Brother!!” Salim announced. His penis sleeve let him call himself big, without feeling any of the shame he felt before he purchased the extender.

He certainly was a bit taken aback to see the men who came forward, but soon it was a cheerful reunion. Abhinav & Vishal, Salim’s biggest rivals, had joined him in their mission to further degrade my loving mom.

The two did not know how to get both their cocks together inside my mom’s butt, and were confused regarding what to do, when Abhinav’s dad, Amithej, punched his strong fist inside my mom’s ass-hole, in one go, making her back-door split open.

In a matter of moments, it was Salim inside my mom’s pussy, and Abhinav & Vishal, together, inside my mom’s ass.

Mom could not even whine, as Amithej was brutally fucking her mouth.

They all climaxed together, and hugged each other, completing my mom’s ultimate Bollywood gang-bang.

“We are a family!! Fucking Anashwara in private, separated us. Banging Meena as a group, brought us together.” Salim had tears in his eyes, talking to Abhinav and Vishal, as Amithej appreciated the trio for burying the hatchet.

Bollywood was one, again. Thanks to my beautiful mom, Meena.

Once they were all sure they had enough of her, Jacob lifted my mother, only to see her automatically wrap her legs around him.

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