My memoirs of 4 days and 4 nights in Brighton

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My memoirs of 4 days and 4 nights in Brighton
His profile name was SouthCoastDaddy , and his message came out of the blue ..he said that he was just boarding the plane to fly over to my island and will only be here for about 6 hours , enough for a quick business meeting , an even quicker business lunch, and most importantly he said , was to leave his heavy cum load deep in the ass of a local tv slut before jumping back on the Gatwick flight..i instinctively replied a solid yes before even considering the logistics..
fortunately SouthCoastDaddy (SCD) was way ahead of me and along with a pleased sounding message of agreement he also listed simple yet concise instructions on how those logistics are already taken care of..

a few minutes walk from the airport is a TravelLodge hotel , he had booked out a room in advance and would check in straight after landing , once he knew the room number and had been issued a couple of room keycards he’d then take a taxi to town and fulfill his business commitments ..not before hiding one of the keycards somewhere at the far end of the long hotel carpark..once in the taxi he would message me the room number, the keycard hiding place and the invitation to go to the room anytime from then onwards , but definitely 2 full hours before his return flight..

it really doesnt get any easier than this i thought as i replied with an appreciative and promising message..

he quickly replied that its refreshing to be able to make an arrangement like this without too much messing about, multiple messages or unnecessary questions..and signed off saying ‘taking off any minute , see you at 3pm.’

‘that you certainly will’ i replied , which went unread..

So it was now 10 am , i organised myself clothing wise..other than that all i was going to need was poppers, lube and a small plastic ziplock bag of sexual marching powder..
i decide i’d leave the shower and douching until i was in the hotel room..
i packed a black tight lycra top , a very short pleated black skirt, a new pair of black opaque heavy dernier tights , my black rubber hood with zippable eye and mouth holes , and the true foundation of a tv sluts güvenilir bahis siteleri apparel..a pair of very sexy uber fuckme high heels , in black of course, but with red soles that no man alive doesnt find alluring.

before i knew it i received a message saying he’d landed and was on way to the hotel.
i simply replied with an emogi of a high heel …

15 mins later another message saying ‘the keycard is taped to the underside of the picnic table at the bottom end of the 325 , third floor , hope you like the gift… until later..x’

i replied ‘ how very KGB of you, i like it , a lot , and i intend to show my appreciation of your simple yet highly effective arrangements later looking forward to being yours to enjoy at your own free will..x’

‘Oh i will , count on it’ was all he came back with..

fast forward to me walking into hotel lobby ,carrying my rucksack and a freshly found keycard in my hand no more than 30 mins later..into the lift and along the long corridor to room 325 ..which was the last room , my door facing an emergency exit..this excited me knowing that if my door was left wide open then nobody would be passing by innocently..

but for now i was inside the room , laying out my clothes on the bed and stripping naked ready to fully shower and douche myself to the maximum..

fast forward to me being fully cleaned, inside and out , in full slutty gear and strutting the room in my heels in anticipation of the arrival of SCD himself fast approaching..
ive unlocked the room door and disconnected the door closer so it can be left slightly ajar..
ive already hoovered 4 or 5 rails of powder and is swiftly inflating my desire to be bent over and roughly fucked up the arse by anybody that wants to..
ive still got 45-50 mins until the e.t.a. of SCD and am findng it difficult to resist opening the net curtains of the window overlooking the carpark to give a complete stranger or 2 a free pervy look at a genuine hotel whore tv showing off in a window, and even a possible invite to the room..

instead i open the room door fully wide and peek my head around to look down the corridor..its perabet güvenilir mi empty but i hear the lift coming to life so wait to see who , if anyone exits from it onto my floor.
as it happens the lift doors open up and into my corridor steps a guy with a suitcase in tow,he starts to walk towards my end of the corridor…by now im pretending to be talking on my phone with just my head protruding from my room and eventually he spots me before getting to his room , which is one room away but on the opposite he stops to insert his key card he turns to look at me and i meet his gaze directly , and kept it there for a couple of seconds longer than most innocent guests hold eye contact would..
i then gave it a double eyebrow lift as if to say nothing but also everything ..and i then receded back into my room but kept the door wide open..and lying on the floor just a few feet inside the door i’d left the packaging of the opaque tights fully in view..
if that wasnt gonna give him the ‘come cruise me’ signal then nothing was..

i then lay face down on the bed with the lights off and just waited..

a few minutes of laying there , hoping a complete stranger will come into the room i heard a nasal sniff..which i repeated back after a few was then followed by a quiet cough, which i also repeated but louder.that too was echoed by another cough .. the only response now had to be one of a sexual nature , so a exhaled a long lustful moan quickly followed by a slap on my own ass cheek , to which a jangle of keys was the response..
if thats not a definite confirmation then god knows what is..
so i take a peek behind me and sure enough the same guy is standing at the foot of my bed stroking himself through his jeans while staring at my spread legs and perky bottom ..
i moan a little in appreciation of his presence and take an ass cheek with each hand and pull them apart to show him whats on the menu right there for him..
he then shuts the room door and returns already unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans..

‘you want that fucked do you ?’ he whispered in the darkness..

‘yes please..hard tipobet and as nasty as you like’ i whisper back
and with a solid slap of my ass cheek he grabs my hips and pulls me up onto my knees giving him the perfect doggie access..
i feel a couple of taps on my ass cheeks from something that feels fairly heavy and solid , and then i feel a large globule of what i assume his his spit , drop directly onto my hole ..and inevitably i feel his cock pushing hard into me..
first the tip pops in, he waits about 5 seconds before double hip grabbing me and steadily forcing in the rest of his length to the hilt in 1 full felt never ending until i sensed he was maxed out inside me..i judged his cock to be between 7 and 8 inches long with a more than average girth to boot..

it certainly wasnt baggy in there..

when he withdrew his cock he pulled out completely making me shudder and shake but before i could savour the moment he threw it straight back into me ,back up to the hilt causing me to really grunt in ecstasy..
he left it at full depth for about 10 seconds before whispering..’now that your ass has accepted my cocks presence im gonna really give it to you’..
and with that resounding in my ears he began to plow my hole like a fucking machine..full depth in , almost full depth out, repetitively, without a hint of missing the beat..he piston fucked me for a solid 10 mins like that , like clockwork, like a robot …

like it fucking should be..

i had become lost in a state of sexual euphoria that i didnt snap out of until the regularity of his fucking was broken by his sudden statement that he was cumming very soon..i naturally asked him to deep dump inside me to which he said ‘where else would i leave it?’

and within 10 more repetitive strokes he paused with his cock head just inside my hole for a few seconds and as his breathing became heavy panting which became an a****listic grunting he slammed his meat hard back to the balls and unleashed his heavy cum load as it hit home..he growled as his cock pulsated against my insides and all i could give was a loud shriek of pure sexual lust being fucked out of me..

‘you dirty little cunt’

that was all he said as he pulled out his meat, quickly dressed and silently left the room , leaving the door wide open..

it then dawned on me that SCD was gonna be arriving soon and i couldnt have been any more excited about it..

to be continued

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