My Mature Student

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I really didn’t know what it was when I trimmed my bread down to a few days’ worth of stubble. Yes, it had been long, scruffy and rather silly. But had I been the beauty that people seemed to find the new me all along? All of a sudden I noticed heads turning for the first time in my life, even overheard a female friend commenting to another in the pub.

“Yes, it made me forget how good looking he is.”

Men, if you want to be found attractive, grow a beard, to the point where people start wondering about your religion, then cut it off from one day to the next.

We were finishing another lesson and as usual with Liz I couldn’t really tell if I had taught her anything or just filled an hour with the sound of my own voice. She was a middle-aged lady, studying to get a qualification in mental health nursing. Like many of my clients, she had a class in statistics that she had to pass to complete her course. Unlike most of them, she had such difficulties with even basic math like percentages and ratios that I often despaired of her being able to follow any of the instructions I gave her. Lessons usually consisted of us starting at something in the book that she had to know, then working further and further backwards through easier and easier material, looking for something that she could actually take in.

Liz would hurry me a little as we got towards the end of the hour, and one of my theories about her was that she was an alcoholic who denied herself drink until the end of our lessons on the days I came. Sitting alongside her on the sofa, I would stare at the pictures, cards and books in the room and try to figure out her story. How did a plain, large and slightly unfriendly woman live her life, what transpired in this little apartment in the 165 hours each week I wasn’t here?

Teaching stats to someone who takes very little in leads to boredom, and boredom as usual led to fantasy for me. Was Liz a virgin, one of life’s permanent loners or was trabzon escort she a refugee from a broken marriage or unlucky love affair? Did she masturbate herself with violent abandon on this same sofa, was she maybe asexual, or was her life dominated by repressed urges which she tried to keep contained? Any of these seemed plausible.

She handed over my money as I packed my books away and I got up to go. As usual she walked me to the door.

“You’re looking well, Frank.”

She reached for my hand to shake. This wasn’t what normally happened when I left. We had maybe shaken hands the first time I taught her, certainly not ever since.

I stood and paused with her hand in mine. This was clearly the desire I had just been wondering about. What seemed just a handshake was in fact for Liz a momentous triumph over her shyness, a leap into the unknown. It felt equivalent, for a more demonstrative, more experienced person, to unzipping my fly and sucking my cock right there on the threshold.

“Liz”, I said. “Do you want me to stay and spend some time with you here … in your bedroom?”

She looked right at me, breathing through her open mouth. “Yes Frank.”

“Go into your bedroom.”

“Yes Frank.”

I follow her into her bedroom and she turns and faces me in the doorway. We clutch hands again, then move together and kiss. As soon as our lips have met briefly, she pulls away and looks at me.

“Uh, Frank? I don’t know how to… I never have before.”

“Don’t worry,” I say. “I’ll show you what to do.” We kiss again. This time her tongue goes straight into my mouth, before I was expecting it. She is half reaching around me, not sure whether to hold me tight or not. The big woman kisses breathlessly, with an open mouth. I unzip my flies and start to fumble my cock out of the fly of my boxers. As it sticks out of my clothes between us, jerking steadily, I bring her hands down to it in mine.


I am folding trabzon escort bayan one of her hands around the head of my penis. “Push the skin back and forwards over it. Slowly.”

She starts to wank me in her fist. She is staring intently at me. The fingers of her other hand loosely touch the end of the shaft.

“That’s good. Keep going slowly like that. A bit further.” She responds, pulling my foreskin closer in to my body, the round purple head now appearing almost in full with each stroke. I take her other hand and cup it around my balls. She keeps it there as I put my arms around there and pull her back to kiss me again.

“Ah… Ah… A little bit faster.” She dips her head in concentration again. I bend it for another kiss and get her to lift her face and look at me.

“What do you want me to do? You want me to fuck you? To fuck you in the ass?”

“Whatever you want.” She is jerking me faster now, frowning with tension. “Anything.”

“Kneel down.” She is unsure whether to let go or not so I take both her hands and pull them up. She squats and then kneels, holding herself upright on her knees. I am moving closer to her, directing my cock towards her mouth with my hand. She kisses the end. I pull the foreskin all the way back over the head. “Lick it.”

Her pink tongue touches it first as if to taste it, then spreads her saliva all over. I push towards her mouth and she opens it immediately to let me penetrate her. “Keep licking.”

She gazes up into my eyes, with the head completely between her lips. “You have to keep rubbing it.” I tell her, showing her how I pull up and down the shaft with a couple of fingers. She copies me.

“Oh Liz. That feels great Liz. Don’t stop, that feels amazing.” Our eyes meet again and I can see that she would be smiling if she had her mouth free. “Keep going Liz.” Her tongue rotates about it, bringing me close to orgasm. I don’t want to come like this, with her having escort trabzon barely started to give herself to me. I put both hands on the back of her head and pull myself deeper into her. I can see her meeting my gaze to the point where she starts to choke. Here I can feel her throat all around the end of my cock, her tongue touching the join between my cock and balls.

I pull out, first quickly, and then slowly pushing back on her head as she tries to keep me inside her mouth. “Pull your trousers down. Turn and face away from me.”

She stands up and does what I say. Her brown slacks drop to the floor, along with the white cotton underwear. She has long straight thighs and a square, fat bottom. I can see the lower edge of her cunt lips and her pubic hair between her legs. I reach my hand between her legs and feel for the entrance. She gasps and moves her feet to open her legs further. I can feel how excited she is by the fact that my middle and index fingers go straight up inside her without pushing. She catches her breath, and bends over, supporting herself with her arms on the bed. I thrust up a couple of times, to feel her body judder with pleasure, then withdraw.

Now I’m pushing one wet finger much more slowly into her asshole. I start to masturbate my cock with the other hand.

“Does that feel nice and dirty? Do you like it when I do this to you?” As I ask her, I’m pushing knuckle deep, turning my hand one way and the other to insert the finger.

“Yes Frank.”

I rub myself quickly, preparing to ejaculate across her butt cheeks. I try to pull my finger in and out of her faster, but the vaginal juices aren’t providing enough lube any more. My finger catches and pulls the tight opening around the hole as it goes back and forth. I shove it back in as deeply as possible.

My cum spurts out, a thick chain from the bottom of her blouse to her buttocks. I stop moving both my hands. As the next bits dribble out, I move closer, letting it splash the inside of her thigh. I pull my finger out of her ass.

“Don’t move from that position until you hear the door shut behind me, then and only then you can clean up.”

“Yes Frank.”

“We’ll continue where we left off when I see you next week.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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