My Master Whores Me Out, Part II

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*Warning: Contains graphic sexual violence. Doing anything to another without consent is not only wrong, it is evil. But as adults, we should realize that there is a difference between fantasy rape and real rape. Below is one of my fantasies.

I was foolish enough to believe that Jamil and his fraternity had used me harder than my Master intended. I thought if he understood fully what they’d done to me, he’d apologize and considered his revenge against me sated, so when I’d recovered enough that I could walk, I showered, dressed myself, and sat down at my computer to email him. I wrote him explaining everything they’d done to me and ended with a plea:

Please tell me this isn’t what you intended to happen to me. Please apologize that I was so badly used and tell me you will do something to hold those fraternity members responsible for what they did to me. I think we can both agree that whatever harm I may have caused you, I have now suffered more than enough punishment to pay for it. Your revenge is surely now satisfied, and you will leave me alone in the future.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was less than an hour before he wrote me back:

O you worthless, cum dump fuck slave, don’t you try to tell me that you didn’t enjoy sucking all those big cocks and swallowing every drop of cum. I know you loved it, and you’re probably thinking about all those cocks right now and rubbing your filthy cunt.

How outrageous it is that you would think me cruel for giving you such a gift. If it’s cruel that you want, my dirty fucking slave bitch, I am happy to provide it. I’ve told you before that you are now my filthy fucking whore, and you will do whatever I want, whenever I want and with whomever I choose. I also told you that I am going to fill and stretch your ass, cunt and mouth until you are a complete cock sucking cum dump whore. You belong to me, and I am going to use you thoroughly and often.

You’re stinking sloppy cunt, mouth and filthy dirty ass have now been properly fucked by real men so you know what to expect moving forward. You better be on the lookout for your next instructions, and if I hear any more whining out of you, I’ll make sure you regret it.

He demanded that I met him on Skype Sunday rather than waiting for our usual Wednesday session. During the session, he made me beat my tits and ass mercilessly. I was sobbing before he got through with me. Still, I could have taken that if it were for the words that followed.

I still feel sick when I remember the disgusting smirk on his face when he gave me instructions at the end of the call. “Jamil and James have been spreading the new about your ass. They’ve whip up quite some enthusiasm around campus and offered me a good price for a rerun. Tonight at 1:30 a. m. you will go to the gazebo at Big Creek Park. Bring three ropes with you. When you arrive, you will face the lake, drop the rope at your feet, take off your clothes, and throw them in the water. Then lean over the rail, spread your legs wide, and wait.”

He hung up without giving me a chance to beg.

* * *

It was long after midnight when I drove through the empty streets to Big Creek Park with a pile of rope on the seat beside me. I’d had to wait to leave until my husband was asleep to sneak out unnoticed. Tonight of all nights he’d stayed up late, so I was driving fast so I could make it to the park by the 1:30 am time period, my Master had demanded for me to appear. I forced myself to believe that my Master hadn’t been serious. He had just been trying to scare me when he claimed that Jamil and the others would meet me at the park for another round.

My ass still hurt from the pounding they’d canlı bahis given it, and the thought of another cock in my asshole nearly made me stop and turn around. I had no doubt that my Master would use the evidence he had against me, but I was starting to think that going to prison and losing my career might just be preferable to being My Master’s whoring fuck toy. But when I thought of how hard I’d worked to build my career, I couldn’t make myself go home. I told myself I could survive whatever happened tonight. If it ended up being as bad as Wednesday had been, I wouldn’t do it again. I’ll tell my Master to go ahead and send the video and take whatever legal and professional consequences were coming to me. I did deserve some kind of punishment for what I had done.

Still, I felt sick and nearly vomited as I parked my car in an empty parking lot. I gathered up the rope and got up into a freezing drizzle. I had only five minutes to make my way to the gazebo and prepare myself. It was dark with little light other than the moon, but the path was a wooden walkway so I didn’t need much light to follow.

As I neared the gazebo, I slowed and almost turned around. There wouldn’t be anyone there, I told myself. My Master just wanted to humiliate me by forcing me to throw my clothes in the water and drive home naked. He couldn’t be so cruel as to set me up to be raped twice in the same week. Trying to find comfort in that, I entered the dark gazebo which protected me from the rain. Still, it was fifty degrees out, and I was freezing. I dropped the ropes at my feet. When I took my shirt and bra off, my nipples stood out from my bare tits like large pebbles. I finished stripping, threw my clothes in the lake, and bent over the railing with my legs spread wide. No one will come I told myself again.

That happy thought lasted less than a minute before I heard the crunch of approaching footsteps. I glanced back and saw the light of the flashlight coming along the path. I almost ran, but there were only a couple of sets of footsteps, no more than two I figured. Being raped by Jamil and James again would be awful, but I could take it if it meant leaving my life intact.

Their flashlights blinded me so I couldn’t see them clearly, but I recognized Jamil’s voice. “The fucking whore is here, just like the Pinkman promised.”

“As so is her sweet tight ass.” James was with him.

When I remembered the pain of James’s huge cock violating my ass, I straightened up and again considered running.

Jamil shoved me back down over the railing and smacked my ass hard. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, you whore? Who said you could move?”

“Please,” I said. “Please, we can work this out. I can pay you if you leave me along and just tell my Master you used me.”

“What would be the fun of that?” James answered, picking up one of the ropes at my feet. He grabbed my left leg and began tying it to the railing. “I’ve been dreaming of taking your tight ass again ever since I rammed my cock into your rear fuck hole.”

“Sweet memory,” Jamil agree, as he picked up another rope. Before he began to tie, he yanked my legs further apart so until it felt like he was going to rip me in too.

“Oh, god, please don’t. My legs don’t stretch that far. Please, please, let me go, and I’ll pay you a thousand dollars.” I didn’t know where I’d get a $1000 without my husband finding out about it, but I’d find a way.

“Shut up, you stupid cunt,” Jamil said. “Nobody wants to hear your fucking whining.”

“Please, $2000,” I said.

Jamil let out a noise of disgust. “James, you better than brought that ball gag because I’m already sick of the bitch’s voice.”

Having bahis siteleri finished tying my left leg, he straightened. “It’s right here.” I heard him pull something out of his pocket.

Jamil pulled the rope so tight about my leg that it bit deeply into my flesh. “Good, shove into the cunt’s mouth, so we don’t have to listen to her any more.

“No!” I panicked and struggled fruitlessly to free myself. “Please, $3000!” James grabbed my hair and pulled me up straight. “$5000! How much do you want? How much . . .”

Before I could say another word, James forced something into my mouth. I tried to scream around the ball. As he tightened the straps around my head, I reached up and tried to tear if off. James grabbed my hands and tied them behind my back with the third rope. Then he hit me hard on the ass and shoved me forward over the rail. The breath was nearly knocked out of my when my stomach hit the railing since I hadn’t been able to use my hands to slow the fall.

“Now, isn’t that a pretty picture,” a new voice said. In my struggles to avoid the gag, I hadn’t heard anyone new approaching, and I wasn’t sure how many were behind me now.

Oh, god! Oh, god! I never should have come. I should have let My Master expose my crime. But it was too late now.

James finished securing my right leg. “Put the spotlights there and there!” he said to the newcomers. “If the video is going to be any good, we need plenty of light on the cunt’s ass.”

At the word “video,” I panicked and began to fail around, but my legs were spread so far apart I could hardly move.

“Are you sure we should make a video?” James asked. “I mean, isn’t what we’re doing kind of illegal?”

Jamil’s laugh was cutting. “Hey, boys, shit for brains here, wonders if tying a woman up and raping her is ‘kind of illegal.’” At least two other voices laughed in response. I could hear them moving around, presumably setting up the spotlights. “Of course, it’s illegal, dipshit. That’s why we’ll be wearing masks when we fuck her. Now, play with your favorite toy, while we get things set up.”

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” James said, and I immediately felt his hands on my ass, grabbing and pinching. “Professor, I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve whacked off to memory of our sweet tight ass in the past four days. I’ve nearly rubbed myself raw thinking of it.” He pressed up against me, and I could feel his huge cock straining against his pants.

“No!” I tried to scream, but nothing came out by a muffled sob. I could feel vomit rising in my throat. Panicking at the thought of drowning in my own vomit with the ball gag in place, I forced it back down.

Instead, I tried to block out the rest of James’s explanation of what he planned to do to my ass tonight. More people arrived. I could hear the rattle of an ice chest among other sounds. I didn’t know if it was better or worse that I couldn’t see what they were doing.

“Holy, fucking hell!” another new voice that sounded slightly familiar said. “It’s Professor Lilith. This fucking cunt failed me in Freshman Comp a couple of years ago. Nearly lost my scholarship due to her.”

“Isn’t she the one whose tits you always talked about?” someone asked.

“Sweet Jesus, yes. She always wore these tight blouses that strained over her tits like the buttons might pop, and she keep them unbuttoned so low enough that could always see her sweet cleavage peeking through. You should have seen the interesting things her tits did when she breathed. Most days I had to leave classes carrying my backpack in front of me. I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to get my hands on those tits.”

“Now’s your chance, Robbie, my bahis şirketleri boy,” Jamil said. “We still have setting up to do. Grab the bitch’s hair, yank her upright, and her tits are yours to explore. James, let Robbie at the whore. You’ll have plenty of chances to fuck her ass for the cameras.”

I tried to scream again, as James moved away, and someone yanked me upright by the hair. “Hey, professor, remember me,” Robbie asked, as his hands closed on my tits, squeezing hard. I tried to look at him, but the bright spotlights in my face stopped me from getting a good look. “God, your tits fill my hands even more fully than I dreamed they would.” He squeezed hard enough that it became painful, then he let go and began rubbing my nipples, which were rock hard because of the cold. He pinched both of them hard, stretching and twisting them. After the beating my Master had made me give my tits earlier, Robbie’s abuse hurt so much that another muffled scream escaped from behind my gag. “And now Professor Lilith, you’re going to be a big star in your very first flick. Frat Boys Do Ass.”

“That’s a stupid title,” someone objected.

While Robbie squeezed and twisted my nipples and tits, he argued with two other men about appropriate titles for the film of my ass rape they were about to make.

I closed my eyes and told myself that this wasn’t really happened. I was home in my warm bed sleeping beside my husband. But the cold, the growing pain in my tits, and Robbie’s erection pressed against my ass wouldn’t let me believe that lie.

With all the sounds of coming and going I had no idea how many frat boys were now gathered to rape my ass. At least ten, I was certain. Maybe more. Maybe twice that many.

After Robbie had abused my tits awhile, one of the others objected. “You can’t have the professor’s tits all to yourself. Let me have a turn.”

“All right.” Robbie agreed with a final vicious twist of my nipples. He let go, and new hands replaced his. But the new hands on my tits squeezed and twisted just as cruelly as Robbie had.

As the sounds of setting up continued behind me, one pair of hands replaced another and another and another. My tits, especially my nipples, throbbed with pain as one frat boy after another abused them while pressing his erection against my ass and telling me how much he looked forward to fucking it.

Tears streamed down my cheeks, but I tried to stifle them as I grew afraid I wouldn’t be able to breathe through the snot.

I don’t know how much time passed before Jamil called out, “Everything’s ready.”

Whoever had his hands of my tits let go and pushed me back down until I was hanging over the rail again. “Let’s do this!”

“Shouldn’t we give thanks, first,” James asked.

Jamil snorted. “You want to pray for God’s blessing over a rape?”

“Not God’s,” James answered. “Everyone, bow your heads now. You’ll see. Repeat after me.” Some of the others snickered as James lead them through a thoroughly blasphemy version of the Lord’s Prayer, the entire group repeating each line after him.

“Oh Pinkman, who art in town,

Hallowed be thy Cock.

Many each cock cum as

Pinkman’s whore is ass fucked,

As she was in mouth.

Give us this day cocks most hard.

And to fuck the whore’s ass,

As we have longed envisaged doing.”

“What the fuck does envisaged mean?” one of them asked.

“Shut up. You’re being disrespectful,” another answered.

“And as we succumb to temptation,

Deliver our cum most forcefully.

For tonight Pinkman’s whore is ours,

Although she belongs to him

For ever and ever.

Fucking hell! Let’s do her!”

The last line of the mock prayer was greeted with loud cheering, and I wished I was dead. I can only think, “Oh, God, why has thou forsaken me?”

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