My Lucky Day

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My computer has this filming app. An application you can use to create small videos right on your lap top. That’s important to the story. This great story. It turned out to be my lucky day when I answered that knocking at my door.

I was working on a poem. My desk was in the front room. It was small. I had the desk against the wall, a sofa just opposite flush to another wall, and a small dining table under the one window. I lived in a one-bedroom walk-up on the fourth floor of a brownstone on the Lower East Side. I got up to answer the tapping.

It was a young girl, or woman. She was Asian and I couldn’t really tell her age. Young looking, but dressed in a sexy outfit. She wore an extremely short skirt. Her shirt, or blouse, was tight, showing off her taut, perky breasts. I could see her nipples because they were hard. No bra, I guessed. She was in high heels that showed of her legs. I was checking it all out. I mean, she came to me, right?

“Okay, I’m here. I hope I’m not too late. The damned subway. Anyway, you want me to sit down?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. Just walked quickly over to the sofa with her round ass making some nice patterns. She plopped herself down on the sofa and put her bag to the side. I hadn’t moved from the door.

“So, canlı bahis I’m Mandy. I’m eighteen. You wanna see my ID? Here, I got it right here.”

She held out a driver’s license. I stepped over, took it, and saw her picture and name. Mandy Tong. She was eighteen alright.

“I would love to model and act. I think I’d be good at. I know I need to show you that I can do what you need me to do, right? Okay, so let’s start then. Were you gonna film this?”

I looked at her and then went over to my desk. My laptop was open. I clicked on the video app, got it set up to record, made sure it was positioned properly, and hit record.

“There, that’s set up.”

I had turned around. She was un-bottoning her top. She revealed her breasts. She was smiling at the camera. Slowly she took it off and laid it aside, then pushed down the little skirt. Her panties were revealing. I was getting hard. I knew she could see that. I didn’t care. She sat down again and stretched out her hands. Okay.

I got closer and she started pushing down the sweatpants I was wearing. I didn’t bother with underwear in the apartment. My prick sprang up and she giggled. Her delicate hand was now stroking it as she smiled up at me. I stepped out of the pants and pulled my top off over bahis siteleri my head. I was stripped now.

“I’m really good at this. I love cock. I’ll show you.”

That was when she placed her lips around the tip and licked up the pre-cum. My hands went to her long black hair. My fingers grabbed her tresses and I began to thrust my prick into her mouth. Her hand was pulling my nuts down as I groaned.

“You’re good at this. I’m impressed. Now see if you can take me down your throat. Hold your breath. That’s a good girl. Oh, fuck. You are good at this.”

She was making gagging sounds and I could see tears trickling down her face. But she was taking it. And enjoying it, it would seem. Holding her head, I kept jamming my cock into her slobbering mouth. I wondered if she would do something else. I pulled my prick out and she moaned.

“I’d love to see how well you fuck. Are you up for that, Mandy?”

“Of course. Please, fuck me now. I want it. I’m so good at this. Fuck me, baby.”

She was on her back now, on the sofa, and I reached down and pulled her panties to the side. I got above her and slipped my prick into her shaved pussy. She was really ready, I could tell. She was slick and slimy with pussy juice and my cock slid in like a runner bahis şirketleri on first base. I began ramming that wet slit.

“Yes, yes. I love it. Screw me. Fuck me. Am I good? Do you love it? Oh, damn, fuck my pussy, baby.”

“Mandy, you’re the best. Ah. Yeah. Fuck, fuck. Ummm…fuck.”

“You make me cum big man. Oh fuck. I’m cumming good for you.”

I kept pumping her pussy with hard, deep thrusts and she kept moaning and whimpering. What a great fuck.

“That’s it. I gotta cum now. Oh, shit.”

I jerked my prick out and started shooting sperm on her pussy and belly. She was rubbing it into her soft flesh. I was moaning as I kept jacking. Until there was no more. I rose up, and she did to. Her mouth was on my cock again as she sucked me dry. I caressed her hair. That was nice.

She was smiling now as I went to get her a damp towel. I brought it back and helped her clean up. I was putting on my sweats again and she was getting dressed, chattering away about how I was great, and she loved it.

“So that was good. I’ll be waiting for your call. Oh, do you want my number again? Here, I got these cards now. I wanna be a star someday. I can be, I know that. Okay, it was great. You sure you got it all recorded? I gotta run now, baby. Talk to you later.”

She was heading to the door and passed through, waving goodbye. I looked at her card. It said ‘Mandy Tong’ and ‘Actress” on it. Plus her number.

I wondered who she was and who she thought I was.

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