My Loving Mother

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Looking up into the face of a beautiful woman will always give me reason to smile. I was doing just that this morning. Her lovely face was dripping with sweat from the work out we just shared. Her breasts were heaving as she tried hard to get her breath. She smiled back at me and I kind of made my erection jump inside her. She was sitting across me with my full erection jammed up inside her as far as it would go. She smiled back down at me to let me know she felt the jerking cock that was pressing deep up in the world’s sweetest pussy.

“Jerry, baby, you do know how to make your mother a happy lady.”

I laughed and said, “Oh sure all I got to do is fuck the shit out of you till you cum and your happy.”

She frowned and with a twinkle still in her eye she said,” Now that is no way for a son to talk to his mother.” “Sorry Mom I’ll be more careful how I swear around you especially when my cock is up to your fucking belly.” I laughing said.

“Now that is much better, you little mother fucker.” She cried out at me. I started to bounce my hips on the bed making her ride my cock like a bucking bronco. “Oh boy, a fucking bronco you will be- with a cock so hard fucking me.” She rhymed and crashed down on my chest letting her mouth cover mine in a kiss.

It was time to get up and once again play the roll of the dutiful son in front of all the employees at the Holman real estate office. Mother had taken over the business when Dad died four years and I had returned from college to help out. We had always been close mom and I we had never been shay about being nude in the house either. So when things settled down after the funeral we went back to the life style that we had always enjoyed. That is a relaxed and open one. However something happened that first time I walked into the den nude and she was sunning her self in front of the open sky light. She just lay there nude on her back sucking up the sun.

As I looked at her I could no more stop my cock from getting erect than I could stop a run away train. As it grew hard and the head popped out of the heavy foreskin I saw her nipples start to stiffen and she got goose bumps all over her lovely body. I had never noticed just how lovely my mother was before that moment. Long blonde hair, in both places. Full rip breasts still firm for a lady of forty six. Her belly was nearly as flat as the girl I was fucking back at college. I notice Mom eye my erection and smile. Dad had died after a long illness and I know now that Mom had not had sex for etiler bdsm escort over two years. She was ripe for the plucking and I had just the tool to pluck her with.

Walking to her lounge our eyes met in a long silent gaze. I dropped to my knees and let my arm fall across her breasts as my lips came to her ripe red mouth. It was not a son, mother kind of kiss it was a hard wet sexy kiss. But one that said I want to rule over you and drive you crazy with sex. Much to my surprise mom let me touch her breasts and she warmly returned my kisses. Lowering my head to her chest I took one of her firm nipples I my mouth and sucked hard pulling the large nipple into my mouth. I knew it must hurt but all she did was moan and show me that she wanted me to do more.

As I suckled her nipples one and then the other I let my hand slip down between her legs. One touch and she spread her legs to allow me to access her very wet charms. Her clitoris was swollen and fat. I fingered her clitoris slowly till she was molten lava under my touch. She erupted and out of her came a warm wet flow of creamy juice. Quickly I moved my mouth from her nipple to her sweet juicy cunt. I sucked and licker her fluid till she screamed and erupted for a second time. I had lifted her hips up off the lounge and had her firmly by the cheeks as I forced my tongue into her quivering pussy. My thumbs were together pressing her bottom hole. Rolling my hands a little I pulled her bottom hole open. She screamed in ecstasy. My thoughts at that moment were of a very sexy and selfish nature. I had only fucked a girl in the ass a few times but to me that simple act was one of rapture and delight.

Dropping her hips back down on the lounge I raised above her and my outrageous cock found her pussy wet, warm and slimy. Mother or not that cock of mine was not to be denied. As I ripped into her she again screamed and lifted her legs high in the air. She clawed and pulled at me she wanted more. I was banging hard into her. The head of my cock was deep and it was hitting something in there that was making us both get on with our task at hand. My balls were full but not for long. Mother was reliving some moment in time from the past and together we crashed, clashed and full filled a long held in check dream of incestuous lust.

I rolled off her after we both collapsed in exhaustion. Mother was crying and I was in a state of shock from what I had done. I started to cry also. We held one another in our arms for etiler elit escort a long time. At some point during that crying and holding we with out words came to a meeting of the minds that this was something we wanted to happen and that this was only the first time but far from the last. We showered together and dressed with few words. We went out to dinner and had a few drinks before we started to talk about what we had done.

We each admitted we had long held feeling of desire for one another and had not acted on these feeling because of Dad. But even though it was an act of incest we were not the least bit concerned about it. We were lovers and knew we would remain so for a long time.

I drove up the front of the real estate office and mom stepped out. She was dressed in a tan suite, tailored to show she has a figure of a goddess. Her long golden locks were falling down across her shoulders. She has long slim legs and high heels set her off as a real class act.

I drove around back and parked the car and entered through the back. By the time I got a cup of coffee and came out front Mom already had a tall squared shouldered man standing in her office doorway. He reeked of money and I knew mom had a live one in her clutches.

After nearly thirty minute they emerged from her office. She approached me and said “Steven would bring the car around I want to show Mr. Kelly the Markworth property.” I stood and said “Yes right away.” There were no introductions so I took it I was not to be her son for the duration of this gentleman’s visit. They climbed into the back seat as I held the door for the two of them.

The Markworth property was out on the edge of the city and with traffic it took thirty minute to get to the long gated driveway. I got out and unlocked the gates. As I got back into the car I noticed he was sitting very close and it appeared Mom may have had her hand in his lap. I thought damn she is going all out to sell this estate. I open the front door and stood back so they could enter. I got an eye from Mom that said, stay here till I call you.

After twenty minutes I made my way around the three car garage so I could see the pool, the individual cabanas, there were four of them and a free standing roofed area which provided shade for any that did not want to sit in the sun and yet be at the pools edge. There off to one side was Mom and this guy. Mom was kneeling in front of him sucking his cock. She was such a class act she even etiler escort still had her gloves on. He seemed to be well hung but Mom was doing a great job of taking most of her cock down her throat. I pulled out my cock and started to play with it as I watched this wonderful lady do a real job of cocksucking on this guy.

He cum for her, she licked his cock till it fell limp and I shot off in the bushes. She stood, dabbed at her lips and hand in hand they walked back through the house. I was again standing at the car when they came out. I was instructed to drive them to the country club. I ate out back as they spent several hours sipping drinks and talking. By the time we got back the office it was closed and the sun was setting. I acted as if I were the duty driver. After another thirty minutes in her office and many moans and gasps they once again came out. I drove them to the airport where they said parting words and Mom got in the car as we headed for home.

“Well” I said “I guess you sold the property.” Mom was laughing as she said; we had just made a lot of money this day. I told her I had watched her suck the guy off. She laughed and said “I would never have done such a thing before we started making love.” But now she seen to enjoy sex for the fun of sex.

She said, “What the hell if she sucked a few cocks and get fucked it was all fun and if it made money then all the better.” I beeped the garage door and closed it after we were in. As I helped her out of the car I took her I my arms and kissed her. Mom came all apart and went wild. I pulled her shirt up ripping it. With her bare ass pressed to the car door she lifted one leg so I could get my cock in her very wet well fucked pussy. I was getting seconds and I knew it but I wanted her as much as she wanted me. I fucked my mother to a climax and came myself. There is nothing like spontaneous sex.

We ordered in and sat around naked eating. We had showered and still were in a high state of arousal. I told Mom I got so hot watching her suck that guy off it was as if I were in a whole new level so sexual pleasure. She said she knew how I felt and maybe it would be worth investigating this voyeur feeling we both seem to have. I told her maybe if I brought some gal home she could watch from a hiding place and see if she enjoyed watching me fuck a girl as much as I had enjoyed watching her.

Later that night as she sat upon my erection looking down at me we made plans for me to try and seduce the new girl in the office. Wilda was a big tit blonde just out of school and rip for plucking. I thought she was very pretty and already had plans to ask her out. But if this worked out just right I could end up fucking them both when ever I wanted. Sounds like a great deal to me. Gives one some thing to think about… .. But that will be another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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