My Little Purple Rabbit

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I drove like a mad man to my local post office for I had new mail. I had ordered my little gift online almost two weeks ago and the anticipation was getting too hot to contain. I reached the end of my journey and to my gleeful surprise there it was, the plain brown package as promised. I hurried scooped it up in my arms along with the usual junk mail and bills, and rushed back to the house. Once inside, I let the rest of my mail fall to the floor as I rushed to my room with the package.

I dropped onto the bed and ripped into the box. There it was, my new friend, an eight-inch purple rabbit. The ads online had described it as a girl’s best friend that was able to bring a woman to an earth shattering orgasm in record time. I hoped it lives up to its reputation; I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

My next question was; did I need some visual stimulus as I reached for an explicit photograph of my two lovers. The mere thought was making me moist between my legs, my nipples hardening against the rub of the light fabric of my blouse. Excitement was becoming the better of me as I allowed my fingers to rub my clit through my pants while my other hand gently massaged my breasts through the fabric of my blouse. I closed my eyes and began to surrender to that feeling, but before long I knew I could wait no longer. I had to have the assistance of my new friend. Quickly, I removed my clothing and grabbed my toy.

Making sure it was properly feed. My friend began to hum as I hit the ‘on’ switch. I first traced my nipples with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri its bulbous tip, before moving its tip down and into to my seeping cunt, there I teased my body with its ears before placing them correctly over my clit. My juices began to seep onto the bedspread as I moved it to my pussy lips, teasing the outer edges. I wanted to shove the vibrator deep inside of me, but I was enjoying the torture more. My eyes met with theirs and I envisioned them being turned on by my self-pleasuring. My sensual daydreams became too much for me and I plunged the toy into my throbbing cunt.

Slowly, I moved it in and out of me, with only the briefest contact with my clit. It felt firm and smooth. It was thicker than the vibrator I was used to, but I wasn’t bothered. I loved the way it filled me up, sliding wickedly along my inner walls. I closed my eyes and imagined them controlling the toy’s movements with their lips wrapped around my breasts, sucking the nipples to a swollen erectness. I could almost see the smudges of lipstick around their rampant cocks.

I worked the vibrator deeper into my body, its humming sensations sending waves of tingling warmth throughout me; soon I had it pressing continuously on my clit. I lay back on the bed, bending my knees and arching my back. My movements become more frenzied as the pleasure overtook me and my nectar flowed onto my hands. I lay there for a few moments enjoying the aftershocks that skipped through my body before sitting up.

“Mmmm, that was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri definitely worth the wait,” I said out loud to myself.

I placed the photo of my lovers in front of me as I sat up on my knees with my legs spread apart, imagining I was straddling my fathers hips. I ran the tip along my thighs enjoying the sensation as it heightened my need to have the toy inside of me. It trailed up to my hardened clit and hummed along its swollen pinkness. I moaned out loud as it sent wave after wave of pleasure through me. All of my muscles tensed and my body shook with desire as I moved it between my legs.

I held it under my dripping pussy, raising and lowering myself onto the pulsating toy. It began to rub and tickle my clit, gently at first, but with more intensity as I adjusted the buttons on the sex wand. My fingers explored the folds of my pussy as my new friend acquainted its self with my throbbing cunt. I lunged up and down on it, there was no need to for the machine was quiet capable, but I had to do something with my hands. The deeper it went the further I wanted it inside of my dripping walls. All the muscles in my body seemed to tense up at once, readying themselves for the impending orgasm. It felt as if I would explode. Everything in me begged for release, but I didn’t want it to end.

I began to slow down the vibrator’s thrusts before removing it from my sopping pussy. I dragged it along my stomach leaving trails of honey as it bounced along the tense sinews it found güvenilir bahis şirketleri there, before it trailed to my breasts. The moistness of my juices still lingered on its shaft. It felt warm to the touch as I traced my nipples with the tip of the wand then with its ears, again I fantasised it was the hot saliva of my lovers mouths as they wrapped their blood red lips around my breasts.

I let my hand continue to massage my clit until I knew I could wait no longer. I spread my lower lips wide with my fingers before thrusting the vibrator back inside. It was an incredible and long awaited pleasure. My hips bucked wildly on top of the toy as it hummed furiously inside of me. I pinched and tugged at my nipples with my free hand. Then using a pillow to hold my new friend in place, I pinched and tugged at my nipples with both hands. My breath quickened as my nails dug into the tender flesh of my bosom. The sudden pain was all that salvaged my sanity during the orgasms that overtook me. Each time I came and thought I was spent, another wave of euphoria crashed over me. The juices flowed from my cunt in torrents onto the pillow and the bedspread. I collapsed back onto my mattress, panting and covered in sweat and my own nectar. I lay there a while unable to move, whilst my friend slowly extracted itself from my sopping cunt.

When my body returned to normal, I sat up and cleaned off my new toy. Before placing it back in its packaging, I gathered up the picture and put it in the box with the vibrator, so that they would both be right there when I needed them.

“We’ll have to do this again sometime,” I said devilishly looking down at my new friend before closing the lid and putting the container in the bedside cabinet for safekeeping. As a permanent reminder to myself I wrote one word on the dressing table mirror BATTERIES.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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