My Hot Tub

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I’m so glad today is Friday. Another long, crappy day at work was almost over. The whole day consisted of angry people on the phone, filing, paperwork, more filing, a few boring meetings, and then of course more filing. At 8:00, I finally shut my computer down, turned off my light and gathered my belongings. I got into the elevator and pressed the L button. The doors opened and I stepped out into the great New York City traffic. I walked to 15 minutes to my building and got into the elevator.

When I arrived on my floor, I stepped out and opened my door. I set the mail, my keys, and my purse on the table. I slipped my suit jacket off and hung it in the closet. Today sucked. I looked at the calendar and noticed today was the one year anniversary that my ex fiancée dumped me. I was feeling down in the dumps because of it. I poured myself a glass of wine and got undressed.

I went into my bedroom and began slowly unbuttoning my blouse. I stepped out of my skirt and dropped it into the hamper in the large walk in closet. I also shook my blouse off and put it into the hamper also. I reached around and unsnapped my bra letting my aching breasts fall free. I hooked my thumbs in my pantyhose and pulled them off. I also pulled of my soaking wet thong. I reached up and massaged my breasts. They were canlı bahis so full and lush with life.

I grabbed a robe off the hook in the bathroom, grabbed my glass of wine and went out onto the deck. I turned on the jets to the hot tub and looked out onto the city. The lights lit it up like Vegas, the noise comforting my disdainful world. I looked to the right and didn’t see any neighbors out, so I untied my robe and let it fall onto the chaise sitting by the hot tub. My nipples hardened from the cool breeze that was in the air. I shivered as I stepped into it and sank into the relaxing heat. I shrugged my shoulders a few times, circled my neck, trying to get rid of the tense aching. I slowly sipped my wine and thought about my life.

I would have been married by now, but all was skewed because I caught that bastard fucking my best friend. Some best friend I had. Today everything just seemed worse somehow. Sure I had a nice flat in New York and a nice job. But the stress from the job was getting to me. I didn’t have much of a social life and I hadn’t had a good fuck in over 6 months.

I poured myself another glass of wine loving the warmth of the hot tub and letting the wine fill me up. After about my 3rd glass, I was feeling really sorry for myself. The alcohol was starting to affect me bahis siteleri and I was getting hornier by the minute. My nipples were painfully erect now and my pussy was aching to be fucked by a huge massive cock. I let the jets massage the knots in my shoulders and I suddenly got an idea. I read about women getting off by jets, but have never tried it.

I turned around and knelt on the seat in the hot tub. The breeze blew across my hard tits and I moaned. I massaged my breasts, pulling on my nipples hard. I placed my aching cunt against the jet and held onto the ledge. The hot water hit my cunt and I moaned in bliss. I let the water flood my cunt and flow into me, welcoming it with a passion. I gripped the ledge harder and lifted my legs onto the ledge. I pressed my pussy closer to the jet and the water flowed over my hard clit, teasing it with the bubbles. I continued humping the water as it fucked my cunt with a massive force. I knew I was close to cumming and I ground my hips against the jet harder and harder.

My climax hit me so hard, I almost lost my grip and fell backwards into the hot tub. My clit, so sensitive, throbbed still engorged with blood. I was still horny. I hadn’t fucked anyone in over 6 months and my cunt ached for a dick. I ached for a thick cock to pierce my tight hole bahis şirketleri over and over making me cum hard. I ached for my lover to fuck me like a whore, cumming all over my face and tits. I got out of the hot tub and threw on my robe. I went inside and went to my toy drawer. I grabbed the biggest dildo I had in there. It was a 12 inch cock with a vibrating clit stimulator. I wasted no time getting to it. I grabbed my reading pillow and sat in front of my full length mirror. I loved watching myself masturbate.

I sucked on the cock like it was real. I licked my way down the shaft and shoved it far into my mouth, deep throating it, wishing you would cum all over me. I then take it out and thrust it deep into my aching cunt. I turn on the clit stimulator and slowly slide the cock into my pussy inch by inch. I slowly watch it disappear into my dripping hole. When all 12 inches of cock are gone from view, I then begin to fuck myself. I start with long, slow strokes, working up to a faster pace. I reach up and fondle my tits, pulling my nipples into rock hard peaks. I hump my dildo faster and faster, getting ready to cum.

My clit, a hard nub is so big, that when I touch the vibrating part on it, I explode with pleasure. My body rocks violently and cum gushes out of my swollen cunt lips. I moan and am breathing so heavy. After my orgasm subsides, I lick my pussy juice off my dildo, mop up my legs and lick my fingers clean. I clean off my toy and put it away. I then climb into bed and drift off to sleep dreaming of you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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