My Hot Brothers Ch. 3

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After that night with my mother, things got complicated, in a good sort of a way. Mom was like me. If it was a good thing, more was better. I had a hard time keeping up with my two stud brothers and my now sexually voracious mother. I had to think of something.

Moreover, my activities with mom had brought she and I much closer together. She was still Mom, of course. But as lovers, she opened up more to me. More about her past, and so in a way it was Mom who gave me the idea.

One night, while the boys were away at a friend’s, Mom and I had spent the evening naked and making hot sex. We were stretched in Mom’s oversized bed, talking about my father. The one who’d walked out on us when I was two and the twins were babies.

“He was a good guy,” Mom said, holding me round the shoulders while my head rested on her ample breast. My hand was making slow circles on her tummy, and one of her hands was caressing my naked ass. We’d just finished sixty-nining each other to a sensual simultaneous orgasm, and then licked each other’s face and lips clean tasting our own cum on the other’s exhausted but satisfied faces.

“He was a good guy,” Mom said softly again. “But he just wasn’t ready to be a father. He loved his babies. I really believe that. But he just couldn’t face the idea of fatherhood, I guess.” She leaned over and kissed the top of my head thoughtfully. My hand cupped her still moist mound, and my fingers idly played with her large labia lips.

Mom shifted her ass a bit, and her hand tightened on my ass cheeks.

“Mom,” I asked, eyes closed in the sensuous pleasure of her nude body next to mine, her hands gently fondling and caressing me. “How was he in bed? Daddy, I mean. OUCH!”

She had smacked my naked bottom hard, then laughed.

“What a question, Marian!” she said, still laughing. Then her eyes got distant again. “He was great, baby. God, his cock was a thing of beauty. And he knew, I mean he really knew how to eat out a woman. And his hands. Strong hands, and confident. And absolutely sensuous about everything.” She smiled. “Once he made love to my feet. Just to my feet, while I masturbated. He came all over my feet, then licked them clean, then licked me until I couldn’t cum any more.”

I giggled, but I could make the image. I rubbed my thighs together at the thought of Johnny or Jamie’s cock fucking the soles of my feet until exploding cum all over me, then licking me to my crisis, as the other watched stroking and waiting his turn with me.

I smiled, thinking back to the day I’d caught my twin brothers jacking off in the den down stairs. And how we had spent the summer fucking and loving each other. Then just a few weeks ago, Mom and I had become intimate as well.

“And he was playful, too,” Mom went on, unaware of my thoughts. “Oh how he did love his games.”

“Games?” I asked curiously.

Mom laughed softly. “Oh yes. Maid and Master was one of his favorites. Or little bondage games, he liked those too.”

“Bondage,” I asked, noticing Mom’s pussy lips swelled a bit under my fingers as she thought of this. I kept caressing them softly as she spoke. “Like whips and chains and stuff?”

“Oh no, nothing as serious as that,” Mom giggled, but her pussy twitched under my hand, her nub of a clit stiffening slightly. “Some restraints, maybe. Oh and he loved to blindfold me.” Mom’s hand tightened on my ass. “He never hurt me, Marian. He was always gentle and loving. But being tied to the bed frame, and blindfolded,” Mom shivered. “A feather may tickle my nipple. Then nothing. Or he might suck my toes for a bit. Then put an ice cube on my tummy. What ever it was, I just didn’t know where it was coming from, or what it would be. Until at last, I was begging him to mount me.” Mom blushed, and I giggled.

“Wow,” I said, letting a finger slip into Mom’s now wet pussy, and moving it slowly in and out. “Sounds like you two were quite a pair.”

Mom’s pussy clenched on my finger, and I rotated it upward, and found that spongy area in the soft roof of her vagina and stroked it. Mom gave a little gasp.
“Marian,” she said, her voice becoming husky with desire now. “That feels so good, baby.”

I let my head slide over her tummy. Her clit was fully extended now. I let my tongue flick over it lightly, as I continued to finger her. Her legs parted slightly, and her knee found my mound and pressed it. I opened my thighs until her kneecap was tight against my own damp hole.

I closed my eyes and breathed in the scent of my mother’s arousal. One of her hands found and rested lightly on top of my head as I licked that glorious hairy pussy that had borne me. Soon her hips were moving gently up and down matching the in and out motion of my finger and the action of my tongue. Mom’s finger had found my wet hole, and was reciprocating as I licked slowly and sensuously.

Her breath quickened, and I felt an extra wave of her nectar. I stiffened my tongue on her hard throbbing clit, and let three fingers invade her wet beşiktaş escort folds. She thrust up on my fingers and tongue once, then again, and again. With a cry, she came on my tongue and hand, and my lips and tongue were rewarded with a flood of her sweet orgasmic nectar.

As we lay together in the warm fulfillment of afterglow, I began to form a plan. I thought about it for some time, and figured the boys would go for it. If only Mom would, I wondered.

“Mom,” I whispered, caressing those ample tits. “Did you and Daddy ever go in for group scenes? Like sharing someone, I mean.”

Mom laughed quietly. “Before you were born,” she said smiling. “Yes, we used to enjoy three ways. I suppose I ought to be embarrassed to admit that to you.” Mom kissed the top of my head. Then she lifted my chin. “Why do you ask, sweetheart?”

I smiled at her. “Well,” I said, improvising, “there’s this guy I know. I bet they—I mean ‘HE’—would go nuts with a mother and daughter.” I kept quiet for a minute. If mom noticed my slip, she didn’t say anything. “Anyway, if I could convince him to go for it, what do you say?”

Mom had been looking me directly in the eye. I really wasn’t fibbing. It was just that I was gonna bring her two guys, not just one. And I’d figured out just how to do it. She smiled suddenly.

“You and me and a hot stud,” she giggled. “Do you think he’ll live through it?”

“Then you’ll do it,” I asked, just to make sure.

“Oh baby,” Mom leaned forward and kissed me hard and passionately. “Yes, yes
I will.”

I kissed her back eagerly. “But you’ll have to let me do it my way,” I said. “Is that okay too?”

Instead of answering me, my nympho mom went down on me again. I settled back to enjoy her expert licking, my arousal increased by what I’d planned.

* * *

I put my plan to my hot stud brothers the next day. Mom had gone to work, and both their large dicks had spewed hot cum into my eager pussy. My idea had excited the boys beyond their usual levels of youthful horniness, and they’d given me a real ride. I lay between them, their two cocks, sticky and slick from our frenzied fucking, clasped in my hands as I explained what we were going to do.

“Damn, Marian,” Jamie laughed, giving my tit a loving squeeze. “You pull this off, I’ll be your sex toy for life.”

“Sis, that is so cool” Johnny agreed, his fingers diddling in my cum filled cunny.
“it’s gonna be great!”

“Okay,” I said, finding it harder to concentrate. “Let’s go over it one more time.”

We reviewed the plan carefully, as the boys’ hands and mouths were all over me. Then Johnny took me doggie from behind, while Jamie fed me his hard dick from the front. They switched places two or three times, after I starting cumming, until they finished one on either side of me pumping their iron-hard cocks until I was sprayed in a double stream of hot masculine jizz.

* * *

The next Saturday, the boys told Mom they were going camping with a friend. We’d set this up, so they’d be out of the house, and Mom would be more relaxed. Also, I’d told mom that my stud (I’d named the imaginary guy “Deuce”) would be over that evening. If things went well, he’d probably stay the night. Mom had agreed to everything.

The boys left, as agreed, Jamie almost blowing it by kissing Mom good bye, and saying, “See you later, sexy.” Johnny had dug an elbow into his ribs, and they left.

I took Mom upstairs, and drew her a nice hot bubble bath. I lit candles all around the bathroom, and it was beautiful. The soft yellow light of the candles and the fresh clean scent of the bath salts were almost intoxicating. I’d also made Mom a pitcher of martinis, and had that and an ice bucket and two cocktail glasses by the side of the tub.

Mom needed little coaxing to relax in the hot soothing water. I helped her wash her hair and her back, and we only fooled around a little with each other’s naked bodies. I also made sure Mom had several martinis, more than her usual one or maybe two. If I didn’t have her relaxed and pliable enough for the next part of the scheme, it would flop right then and there.

But Mom was as excited as a virgin before her first kiss. I let her stretch languidly in the tub, and excused myself. “Got some things to get ready before Deuce arrives,” I told Mom, and scurrying out of the bathroom into Mom’s bedroom.
It didn’t take me long. I’d set everything out where I would be able to find it easily. Then I rejoined Mom in the bathroom. I giggled as I slid into the water with her. We bathed, and I shaved my pussy clean and smooth. Mom had a fit of the giggles as I shaved away the light blonde fuzz of my mound.

“Should I shave too,” Mom asked. I could hear a slight martini slur in her voice, and I smiled.

“Oh no,” I said, kissing her quickly as I rinsed the soap from my now bald mound and lips. “The whole point, Mom, was ‘daughter and mother.’ Deuce is gonna love your sweet hairy beşiktaş eve gelen escort mound. I just know it.”

I glanced at the clock on the counter near the bathroom sink.

“Well, we have to get moving,” I said, standing up and wringing the water out of my hair. “Deuce will be here soon,” I told Mom with a wink. Mom was smiling at me, her eyes on my freshly shave smooth pussy. She reached and touched it softly.

“I hope,” she said huskily, “that this Deuce is open enough to watch a little girl-on-girl action. Honey, on you that shaved pussy looks lovely.”

I took her hand and pressed it against my silky smooth mound. “Oh, he’ll love it, Mom,” I assured her, giving her fingers a little squeeze between my thighs. “He’ll just love it.”

I toweled off Mom’s voluptuous body, and helped her brush her hair. She did the same for me, and we both giggled as she toyed with my tits and ass. “It must be the martinis,” she said, her voice just pleasantly slurred. “I don’t know what’s come over me.”

I took her hand, and led her into her bedroom. I was afraid I’d muffed it, because Mom took one look, and gave a gasp of surprise.

I’d put candles all around the room, and drawn the shades tightly. The room flickered with a soft yellow light, and the scent of various candles mingled pleasantly. The bed had been turned down, revealing the black satin sheets and pillowcases I’d put on the bed. But the thing that really made her gasp were the four restraints securely fastened to the uprights of the brass headboard and to the posts at the foot of the bed. A blindfold was folded neatly on the middle pillow. And on the bedside table, I’d laid out a variety of toys, lotions, oils, and objects which seemed innocent enough but were enough to make my own breathing quicken as I realized now was the critical moment. If Mom balked, the game was up.

“Marian,” Mom gasped. “Did you do all this?” We were arm in arm, and Mom’s arm tightened around my waist. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“I remembered how excited you got,” I explained, leading her gently towards the bed. “When you told me about you and daddy playing games. I thought you might like to play again. You will, won’t you? I promised Deuce, and you said you’d do this my way. . .”

Mom stepped away and went to the bedside table. She looked closely at the objects, her body golden and lovely in the candlelight. She picked up the fat butt-plug, and I saw her ass clench. She sat on the edge of the bed, and crossed her legs. She asked for another drink, and I got her one. She downed it in one long swallow. Then she smiled at me.

“You won’t hurt me, darling,” she asked softly, looking down. “And you won’t let him hurt me. I don’t like pain.”

I sat beside her and kissed her softly yet thoroughly. She was trembling, but not from fright.

“I’ll be right here with you,’ I assured her, cupping a breast and noticing the nipples were already stiff with arousal. “I’ll make sure you’re taken care of,” I promised, pulling on a taut breast and fingering the large brown circle. “Oh yes, I’ll make sure you’re completely taken care of.” I kissed her again, and let my hand slide down the smooth firm skin of her tummy and rest on the soft fuzz of her mound. “We’re going to have a great time,” I assured her. “A really great time.”

Suddenly, Mom hugged me fiercely. “Oh god, Marian,” she whispered almost breathlessly. “You are good to me. I love you so much, darling. Just tell me what to do.”

I helped her lie back. I tied the blindfold over her lovely blue eyes, not tightly, but securely. Then I fastened the two restraints on her hands, and then the two on her legs. I smiled as I bent over her. I could already smell her sweet clean aroma of arousal.

“Comfy?” I asked, tweaking one of her nipples. Mom jumped, and gave a nervous laugh.

I picked up a bottle of oil, and opened it. “You’ll like this,” I said, pouring a small puddle on one of her breasts. I rubbed it in, and then blew on it.

Mom gasped, and her arms tightened against the restraints. I giggled. The oil when applied felt cold, but when you blew it suddenly turned hot. It also had a peppermint flavor, so licking afterwards was yummy.

“Oh my god, Marian,” Mom said breathlessly. “That’s marvelous.”

She squealed and moaned as I applied the oil and blew to several places; her knees, her elbows, her nose, and finally, her clit.

“Oh no, darling,” Mom squealed, her legs pulling futilely at the restraints. “No, baby. Please, not there.”

But when I blew over the oiled nub, it turned bright red, and swelled visibly. Mom gave a throaty groan as her clit went from icy cold to fiery hot. I leaned over and licked it lightly, teasingly. Mom squirmed, the restraints making rustling noises over the satin sheets.

I nibbled her toes. I took the whip (really just strands of silk, lightly knotted into a handle) and gently whipped her breasts, her thighs, beşiktaş grup yapan escort and the soles of her feet. This didn’t hurt her at all. I’d had the boys try it out on me earlier. It was a pleasant brushing sensation, more than anything else. And around your boobs or cunt, it was more torturing without pain than a cattle prod! I put an ice-cube on her navel and stepped away from the bed. Mom was whimpering in a state of frenzied arousal now.

“What is it, Mommy?” I teased her, stepping over to the window, and peeking out.

The twins were pulling in the van quietly, and I smiled. They were right on time. In just a bit, the party would get underway in earnest.

“Oh baby,” Mom groaned. “Oh god, honey, I’ve got to cum. I have to. It’s killing me baby. Bring me off, Marian. Please, honey, bring me off.”

“Can’t have that,” I giggled, rubbing the melting cube over her belly and mound. The melting ice was leaving rivulets of cool water over Mom’s glistening skin. “Oh, I think I hear Deuce,” I said as the downstairs doorbell rang. “You wait right here,” I said happily. “I’ll bring you just what you need in a minute.” I picked up a dildo, and placed it upright between her thighs. Not inside her, because she would have cum in a second if I’d done that, but so it’s length would rub up and down the length of her oozing slit.

I slid off the bed, and walked to the bedroom door. Mom was moaning behind me, her thighs squeezing of the fat artificial cock between her legs. It wasn’t touching her clit, and she was writhing against the restraints trying to get something, anything, in her hungry wet pussy.

I opened the bedroom door, and there stood my two grinning brothers. They had stripped to the skin in the hall outside Mom’s bedroom, and were gloriously naked and sporting a huge boner each. The boys had heard some of my teasing Mom, and their eyes were alight with lust. Jamie looked me up and down, and his eyes widened when he saw my freshly shaved pussy. He quietly nudged his brother. I smiled and kissed each one in turn, slowly and lovingly. Their arms went around me, and the three of us stood for a moment in long embrace, their hard cocks rubbing tantalizingly on my tummy.

I took each by the hand, and led them to the bedside. “Mom,” I said, trying hard to keep the laughter out of my voice. “Someone’s here to see you. Say hello to ‘Deuce’, Mother.”

“H—h—hello, Deuce,” Mom managed to whimper breathlessly.

The boys stared in fascination. Mom was securely tied to the bed. Her lovely body was golden and glistening in the candlelight. The blindfold obscured her beautiful face, of course, but the rest of her was displayed in lustful perfection to the twins’ appreciative gaze.

“Now, Mother,” I said my own voice husky, as I realized what was really going to happen. “What was it you were saying you wanted? Deuce would love to know what that was, I’m sure.”

“Marian, please,” Mom whimpered. “Please, baby. This has gone far enough. Please untie me and let me meet your friend properly. . .”

I picked up the whip and tapped the sole of her foot with the handle. “Now, now,” I said. “You said we’d do this my way. Deuce loves looking at you like this. If you don’t behave,” I giggled, “I’ll keep him all to myself. And you won’t even be able to watch. You’ll just have to listen, Mommy. Wouldn’t that be terrible?”

Jamie and Johnny were trembling with pleasure, seeing their beautiful mother stretched out and tied to the bed. Moreover, the scent of her arousal was plain enough in the air, even with all the scented candles giving off their own perfume. We’d agreed they’d say nothing until I gave the word. And now I was grasping each of their hard cocks, stroking them as I teased the tied and blindfolded woman on the bed.

“Now be a good girl,” I said, “And tell Deuce what you really want; what you really, really want.”

I took one of Johnny and Jamie’s hands, and put them on Mom’s heaving breasts. “Oh, Deuce loves your tits, Mom,” I said. The boys began to squeeze and knead those ample globes, fingering the nipples and pulling at the firm flesh. Mom groaned, and her back arched. “Now tell him what you’d like, Mom. Deuce would love to hear it.”

“Fuck me,” Mom cried out suddenly, pulling against the restraints. I thought for a moment they’d give way, but they didn’t. (I need to add too, that Mom could have gotten free anytime she wanted too. The bands around her wrists and ankles were just cloth-covered foam closed with Velcro. They’d hold against pulling and tugging, but could be slipped off easily if the “captive” really wanted to get free.)

“Fuck me,” Mom said again, her voice desperate with need and desire. “Fuck me or eat me out. Oh god, Marian. I can’t stand it any more. Please, take me anyway you want, but just take me.”

I climbed on the bed, and moved the dildo and let a finger slide in Mom’s wet clasping pussy. She clenched down on it with a sigh. I fingered her slowly, letting her pussy juice wet my finger as it slid teasingly in and out and over her clit.

“That’s better,” I said, as Mom thrust her hips upward to meet my finger.

“Oh god, oh my god,” Mom moaned, her hands pulling at the restraints.

“Oh, she’s soooo ready,” I giggles. “Well, Mom. You be patient just a moment longer. I’ll get Deuce ready for you.”

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