My Half Sisters Pt. 06

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*authors note*

*I am back after a time away from writing. I have taken my readers comments into consideration and appreciate the feedback. This story is very much my first of this type and is definitely my experiment, but I also want others to enjoy it, so I do take on board the criticisms made here and consider them all. With that said, this next chapter I very much hope will be enjoyed by all. Again, please feel free to start from part 1 in my profile if you haven’t already!*


I stir to the sound of my mobile phone ringing, the sound slightly muffled by the duvet that it is lying on top of. I immediately notice that my eldest sister Elle is not underneath my stale, smelling-of-old-sex body, and she’s not in the bedroom either. Must have gone to the toilet, or the kitchen, oh hell I am so hungry come to think of it. I pick up the phone and answer. I notice the time as being 3:00 am. Who’s calling at this time? Wow, it’s Jane’s phone number?!

“Hi, Jane?” I enquire.

“Elpy… So sorry to call this late. I wanted to hear your manly voice. Oohh..”

“I’m glad you called Jane! I missed your soft voice. And other things too.”

“Oh, I’m so glad, I was so nervous, I felt like maybe I was a throwaway object to you. I know, stupid, how thoughts run their course in your head..”

“I love you Jane. Not just for bringing 2 of my perfect sisters into this world. I truly love you Jane, the individual, the woman with the soft skin, big lips, and the heart that beats out the warm heat of love like an open fire. Wow, 3am is the time for creative thought, I don’t know where that came from! It’s true though.”

“Elpy, you make me so…” Jane is seduced entirely.

“Jane, tell me how wet you are now. Are you fingering your pussy for me?” I tease her raunchily.

“It’s a real mess down there Elpy. Oh god…”

“I really want in on that kind of mess. So hot! Did the girls tell you what they have been up to?” I ask her as she probes her body, moaning softly down the phone.

“Yes, they told me everything, they are beside me sleeping right now. I’m really proud of them. Unnh… They also gave me your message, which has kept me up, wondering if they made it up or if you could really happen to say something that I wanted to hear so much.”

“Ah yes, the message,” I confirm, “I’m really looking forward to fucking you again soon.” I remove all doubt about the authenticity of what I said.

“Oh god, yes!” Jane whinces as I easily hear her fingers wetly flashing over her big clitoris. “I want that cock so much! Ooooh!”

“You beautiful woman.” I speak gruffly into the phone. “I want my cock inside you while you orgasm hard. I want your slimy labia messing up my crotch as you have multiple orgasms. Your pussy Jane. Your big, frilly beautiful cunny. I’ll clean you all up with my tongue when you have had so much of my cock that you can’t orgasm anymore.”

Very heavy breathing is all she can manage for the next minute, so I continue talking sex with her. “I can just imagine how soaking it is between your legs, how your body is shaking, hot flashes striking across your body, your yummy curves glistening in the low light, your big hard nipples ready to be sucked and stroked.”

After several gasps for air she can finally talk again. “Yeah, oh my god, ohh yes!”

“You are getting it so fucking hard when I get back, Jane. I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

“Please, do it!” Jane continues to gasp.

“I love you Jane, and if you ever feel doubt about that, just talk to me. I’ll show you how completely I love you.”

“I must be dreaming…” Jane sighs happily in her soft motherly tones.

“Dreams never go quite the way you want. This is real Jane. My penis is hard for you!”

“I love you, I love you, oh yes!” Jane feels complete once again.

“Jane, my sexy lover, you have a deep rest in that bed with your daughters, and make sure to kiss their pussies for me in the morning. Tell them only 1 more sleep before I come back to sexually ravage everyone.”

“Mm, I will my love, goodnight!”

“I’m stroking my cock and thinking about you Jane. Goodnight my beauty.” I put the phone down and, trying to shake the image of Jane and her fantastic pussy from my head, turn my attention to the bedroom. I decide to get up out of the bed and go searching for my sister. Completely naked, erect cock in one hand, I open the bedroom door into the hallway to begin my search.

I check the kitchen first, but nothing, light off, empty. Then it’s either living room, bathroom or spare room. Probably beşiktaş anal yapan escort not the spare room, so I will check the living room first. Again nothing. Given the time of night it probably is just a wash room break.

I approach the bathroom door and pull down on the handle. The door comes free and begins to open, so it wasn’t locked. But I immediately notice that the light is on.

“Oh, are you in here sis?” I stand on ceremony, respecting the privacy of my sister should she want it, also taking my hand off of my penis.

“Oh, come in brother!” She invites me.

I open the door to find her nakedly sprawled in the bathtub, steam filling the room and bubbles scarcely covering her nude figure. The soft pink interior of the walls and the smell of her chosen bath products penetrates my senses.

“Oh Elle, this is sensual in here!” I absorb the atmosphere and breath meditatively, stepping in and closing the door.

“Come over here Elpy, my brother.” Elle gracefully waves me over to the side of the bath with one hand. My cock is rising like a drawbridge on steroids. I gaze down at her body as she soaks in the hot water, and her body shows itself off to me, with a slight change down there. Wow, she has shaved her thick bush and her pussy is as bare as can be, the yummy, shapely labia sprawling along the length of her tender slit, crowned by a pronounced clitoris that proudly gives away her state of arousal.

“Sister, you shaved your pussy!” I moan excitedly.

“I felt like it was hiding my true self, like I want to be seen as clearly as possible by my brother…” Elle philosophises.

“I love how easily I can see your vagina Elle!” I gaze at the enigmatic vaginal folds distorted through the bath water. I reach one hand down and drag my fingers over her freshly shaved display.

“Ooh! Now you can see me like I can see you. Is there any sperm left in there, brother?” She lifts her hand to gently cup my balls, clasping them between her fingers.

“Completely full again. It has been well over 20 minutes, after all.” I boast of my virility, and she knows I don’t need to exaggerate.

“Feels heavy and full, I would love another dose of my brother’s seed.” She tickles the hefty base of my cock behind my balls with her fingertips. I toy with her labia, rolling them out between my fingers.

“I’ll douse you in my cum whenever you like, Elle.” I lean down and strongly kiss her lips, squashing them under my own. Her hand squeezes on my balls and my cock inflates to full 7 inch rock hard power.

“Hey I was wondering sis,” I continue gently drawing circles over her pussy with my fingers as she squeezes on my balls, “Was there any time before now where you felt attracted to me and wanted me sexually? Remy told me that one time while I was asleep she started playing with my cock. I woke up and she pretended she was tickling me. I fell for it and rationalized my raging boner as morning wood or something.”

“I haven’t thought about it, maybe… There haven’t been many times where we shared a bed together or anything like that…” Elle searches her mind for something, anything. Something springs to my mind as she says that.

“Oh yeah, but we have slept in the same room a lot more often… Remember that time I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor and you had a couch in the same room?” I ask, flicking her pussy lips slowly under the hot water.

“Maybe, was that dad’s place?” She checks. “Yeah it was, I remember actually peaking at you one morning, out of curiosity of the female body. Before you got dressed I manage to see up your nighty as you walked out of the room to go get a drink or whatever it was. Since I was on the floorI saw the outline of your pussy but it was really dim light so I didn’t get a sense of the colour or texture, just shapes… It turned me on trying to see your private parts, you definitely were not wearing underwear.”

“Stupid pervert!” She giggles and grabs my cock to pull on it playfully. “Ooh! Yes and that changed when you put the light on and got dressed. I saw you take your nighty off and you were naked. I remember now… I saw the colour of your skin and a glimpse of your girly pussy between your thin thighs. And your cute tits!” I tease her a bit as I enjoy remembering the encounter.

“You asshole! She pumps my dick angrily. Wait, didn’t you have a girlfriend back then?”

“Oh yeah, I did… She was on the mattress sleeping while I set my eyes on your naked body. Obviously I had to fuck her pussy hot and fast that morning beşiktaş bdsm escort after seeing you like that.” I explain.

“That should have been me who got fucked, you dick head!” Elle takes her jealously out on my shaft and pumps me good while I finger her in her shaved cunt.

“True, you did all the work to get my penis hard and she just stole the benefits, hmhm!” I smile in agreement.

“Too bad for her you dumped her for being a psycho!” Elle remembers the trouble I had towards the end.

“Sure, she sure fucked up by thinking I would put up with that. Looks like I came off pretty well from that decision.” I remain petty and bitter in my reminiscing, yet smiling down at the view of my hand over my sisters cunt and her hands on my male breeding device.

“You have me and our sisters, not to mention their mother too. Try not to add too many more girls to the collection or I might get withdrawal symptoms if you don’t cum inside me enough.” Elle worries at the growing demand for my love, stroking my cock bashfully.

“When I take you to stay with them, I’ll show you how fun sharing me with your sisters will be. I’ll fuck you right now though sis…” I threaten what we both want to happen.

I stand back up and my cock hangs over above the side of the bath, twitching impatiently for some more sibling action. Elle leans forward and places the shaft of my cock between her lips, just as a dog might pick up a bone. I feel her teeth gently press the soft underside of my cock where the urethra is cased, and the stiff inflated veiny topside, filled with my endorphin laced hot blood.

Then her tongue slithers along the side of my cock inside her mouth and she runs her mouth along the length of my cock, wrapping her lips around my tip. Her left cheek pops as she goes down from the tip of my cock, and her right cheek pressing into my pubic mound as she hits my base. She works up a nice coating of saliva around my shaft and glans as I tower over her watching intensely, Elle barely able to look up at me as she remains captivated by her brother’s thick warm penis.

I step into the bath and kneel between her legs. The water rises and is up to my ribcage with my cock just fully submerged and Elle covered to her shoulders as she reclines. I stroke her legs with my big hands, then continuing to move across her belly and breasts, squeezing and pressing, manipulating her skin with my fingers. I push myself to the foot of the bath and gaze on her submerged form.

“Sis, you feel great in my hands!” I squeeze her thighs in my grip and toy with her calves.

“Don’t stop brother!” She stares between my arms down at the looming shaft between her knees.

“Let’s see how long I can hold my breath…” I hint at my next move, then inhale and drive my head underwater, grabbing her torso and bearing down on her shaved pussy with my mouth. I feel her pelvis thrust as my lips cover her clitoris and my tongue presses into her wet flesh. I hear her moan seep into the water via her body and fill the water around me. I can hold my breath for a minute thanks to regular swimming sessions back home. I flick her clitoris with my tongue, water rushes over it as I open and close my mouth. I bring my right hand down between her legs, and passing it under my chin, my fingers press into her bright red labia, 2 fingers finding her vagina and sinking inside.

I deeply stroke her pussy with my fingers, sucking and licking on her clit with steady pressure and increasing speed. I only have another 30 or 40 seconds before I need air. I feel her pelvis bucking, forcing her pussy into my face and sliding her clit across my nose a few times. I re engage her big shiny clit between my lips and flick her rapidly and strongly with my tongue. I’m letting bubbles loose from my nose now as I near the end of my oxygen. She is shouting profanities loudly above the water as she gets her orgasm strong and suddenly. She can only grab the handles at the side of the bath to keep herself in position as her body stiffens rapidly and submits to the rough pads of my fingers inside her cunt and the soft, hot flicking pressure on her clit between my lips and tongue.

Finally I have to surface for air as her orgasm winds down, still rubbing her pussy inside with my fingers. Water pours down my chest as I wipe the liquid from my face so I can see properly. I then slide forwards, my legs passing under my sister’s ass and my cock presses up against her smooth vulva. Without words, as we both pant for air I press my craning cock down onto her vagina, splaying beşiktaş elit escort her labia and touching her clitoris. She tenses at the sensation of my cock stroking on her cunt in the hot water, a mutual massage of pure nirvana.

I push my cock down among her labia and watch her silky lips envelop my thick meat. I rub up and down further each time until my tip burrows into her vagina. Inside her pussy my cock is moving through steadily as her pelvis sinks into my lap and my balls rest into her butt.

“I feel hot softness from inside your pussy sis!” I keep the penetration deep and pressured to make her feel my intention all the way down inside.

“That was the best orgasm I’ve had yet..” Elle whimpers and pants, awash with sweat and hot water beading over her face and shoulders.

“I’m going to fuck you nice and hard now.” I lock her gaze in mine and bear my intention upon her with a mischievous frown.

“Wash my pussy with your cum brother!” She shuts her eyes and braces herself against the bathtub, pressing her legs against the sides and grabbing my arms as I grip the handles firmly.

Her body, impaled by my cock and exhibited before me in complete vulnerability makes me brim with a dominant urges. I begin my first thrust, feeling her soft cunny flesh massage my shaft and tip as I travel through her. I make sure every thrust is full and pressing, never neglecting a single spot inside her vagina. Her discomfort at the hard and accelerating pounding is nullified by the complete and deep stimulation my cock drives into her body. At times like this our free will is markedly compromised, neither of us able to stop even if we would ever want to. As sure as my cock pounds my sister hard and fast, sending her into oblivion’s pleasure, my body will never stop until it has satiated me and erupted my load into the deep inside of my sisters gorgeous frilly cave.

The orgasm she has is wildly strong, her hands squeeze on my muscular arms in pulses as the hammering she gets maintains her climax.

I feel her vascular system pumping blood hard through her pussy and I see the jugular artery in her neck rapidly fluttering as she lets out a lewd and noisy scream of primal sexual nature.

Her body weakens under the exertion of sustained orgasm, her ample & mature breasts jiggle under the water, her body in a semi ragdoll state getting pummeled by my solid meaty cock. Her pussy is soft and tight, and feels so satisfying every time my glans thumps into her cervix.

“Take that cock… like a good sister!” I grunt at her and focus on the sensation of her soft vagina wrapping it’s flesh around my wet rod that I cannot relent from pushing into her again and again. Her weakened state lets me build a steady hard thrust up into her that throws me past the event horizon of my orgasm.

Her face expectantly wonders as she knows looking at me that the time is here. My rhythmic pounding judders out in to a slow, deep thrust as my peripheral vision vanishes into a tunnel and my thick load bursts into my sisters cunt, painting her white inside. I let out a thunderous roar as Elle accepts my lustful package of gungy white semen straight up against her cervix. I collapse a little, sinking down upon her torso, submerging us both to her neck and my lower back.

We have no ability to speak for several seconds and just pant against each other exhaustedly, my breath rasping & purring over my throat as I nibble at her shoulder. I feel her vagina still pulsing against my shaft, and I feel her battering heart with my tongue up against the blood vessels in her neck. We lay cuddling in the hot water for a minute, staying connected through our sexual organs while we fondle, nuzzle and kiss each other gently.

I lift my head to level with hers and weigh her down with an intense gaze.

“I fucking love you Elle.” before she can say anything her mouth is covered by mine, our tongues tied together as we devour each other obsessively. As soon as I give her the opportunity she has to speak her mind, in her whispy, post orgasmic tone.

“Elpy, I love you, I love you, ohh…”

As the water cools, I embrace her and lift myself out of the bath. She clings to me like a limpet, unwilling to separate from my penis and keep as much of my cum inside her as she can. Of course some did escape into the bath, but as I begin to towel us both down my soft bulge finally falls out of my sister and a glob of messy semen and cum hits the tile floor with a loud splat.

We both start giggling, feeling pretty proud of ourselves for making such a huge sexy mess on the floor. We finish drying off and head out of the bathroom, stark naked.



“I am fucking hungry…”

“Haha! My lady garden didn’t satiate you?”

“Mmm hmhm, god yes she did. But really, I need to eat though heheh!”

Our hands poke playfully at each other’s intimate parts as we head to her kitchen.

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