My Girlfriend’s Payback PT 3

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I lay on the bed breathing heavily as Katie continued to suck on my hardening dick. I was exhausted having came so many times already, as I looked over at my girlfriend with the looking at her like she was nuts. I was getting tired of her telling me what do you as well, like I was her bitch or something, and the way she was talking to these girls.

Rhiannon said, “well Eric now its time that you slid that dick in me and fucked me good, then our two sluts here can clean me out.” She laughed. “Oh I’ll fuck you good alright,” I thought to myself. I decided it was time that Katie, Lauren, and I turned the tables on Rhiannon.

Rhiannon got up and began untying Lauren from her binds, as she did I pushed Katie away from my dick and helped her untie Lauren. When Lauren was finally free of her binds, Rhiannon said, “ok lets tie them together on the chair.” But I had other plans. When Lauren got up off the bed, her legs really wobbly and weak, I reached out and grabbed Rhiannon’s arm squeezing tight. She looked at me, “what do you think your doing Eric?” She asked.

I threw her down on to the bed hard, I quickly jumped on top of her, “Katie, Lauren help me tie her down quick,” I said, as Rhiannon was squirming under me trying to free herself. I pinned her arms to the bed as Katie and Lauren quickly tied her legs to the corners of the bed, then they moved to the head of the bed and help me tie her arms down tight to the upper bed posts.

Rhiannon was squirming all over trying to free herself, “what the fuck do you think your doing Eric?” She asked. “I’m going to fuck you like you want,” I answered. “You motherfucker let me go now!” She yelled at me. I slapped her hard across the face as I continued straddling her, “now there is no reason to talk to me that way your dirty whore.”

Tears were forming in her eyes as I slowly slid down her body canlı bahis down between her legs. “Hey Katie why don’t you let her eat that pussy of yours while I fuck her,” I said. “What about me what do I get to do?” Lauren asked. I turned to her and said, “you can make sure she does a good job with Katie’s pussy.” She nodded as she moved to the head of the bed with Katie climbing up and straddling Rhiannon’s face. Katie’s pussy lips were still really swollen and there was some dried semen mixed blood on them, as lowered herself down over Rhiannon’s mouth. Rhiannon turned her head from Katie’s pussy as it got close to her mouth. Lauren slapped Rhiannon on the cheek and said, “eat her pussy your dirty whore like you made us do to each other.” Lauren grabbed Rhiannon’s head and turned so Katie could lower down the rest of the way finally make contact with her pussy on Rhiannon’s mouth. Katie started grinding forward and back hard.

I grabbed my dick as I knelt between Rhiannon’s spread legs and guided it to her pussy lips. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her lips as I nudged her clit with the tip of my dick, causing Rhiannon to moan into Katie’s pussy. I slid my dick down splitting Rhiannon’s lips apart and slowly pushed the head of my dick into her pussy. I stopped there with just the tip inside of her pussy as she tried to lift her hips up to get more of my dick into her, but I pulled back as she lifted up. I put my hands on her hips and pushed her back down on the bed, holding her there as I very slowly begin to slide the head of my dick in and out of her pussy, going to deeper each time. I pulled back then slammed hard into her causing her to jump a little, I stayed there for a bit, my dick twitching deep in her pussy as her pussy muscles contracted around my invading member.

I slowly pulled back out until just the head of my dick was in her, bahis siteleri then placing my hands under her ass I pulled her up at the same time I buried my dick back into her, hard and fast. I did this several times causing her to moan each time I slid into her pussy. Lauren reached down between us and started frigging Rhiannon’s clit, rubbing it up and down hard. Rhiannon’s hips started moving as she was getting closer to orgasm. I slammed into her pussy one more time when she let out a scream of pleasure into Katie’s pussy, Rhiannon’s pussy clamping tight around my dick as I continued to slide in and out of her, now very wet pussy, pussy juice running out around my dick and covering my balls. I looked up and seen Katie close her eyes as she started to let out a long moan of pleasure and begin coming as well, grinding her pussy harder into Rhiannon’s face, covering her face with pussy juice, still more of my cum from earlier.

Rhiannon finally finished cumming, I had not cum yet, after having cum so many times already before. I pulled out of her pussy and untied her legs and lifted them up on the bed and over my shoulders. Her pussy glistening from the recent orgasm. I slid my dick back deep into her pussy once then pulled back out. “Lauren guide me into her asshole please, let’s show her what it’s like,” I said. I could her Rhiannon trying to protest it as Lauren moved down and grabbed my dick guiding it to Rhiannon’s puckered hole. As the head of my dick nudged it I pushed forward but it just slipped up above and along her pussy lips, I pulled back Lauren grabbed my dick again and guided it to her asshole, I pushed forward again, this time the head slipped in and I heard Rhiannon scream in pain.

Katie had finished cumming and was laying on top of Rhiannon now. I told her to get so Lauren could take her place. Katie looked up at me as she was exhausted, bahis şirketleri she slowly climbed off Rhiannon’s glistening face as Lauren got up on the bed and straddled Rhiannon’s face. She lowered her pussy down to Rhiannon’s mouth and began grinding hard against her face.

I forced my dick the rest of the way into Rhiannon’s asshole, my balls resting on her ass crack. “Ok bitch its time for that fucking that you wanted,” I said. I pulled back out slowly then slammed back into her ass hard, making a smacking sound as I buried my dick in her bowels. She screamed into Lauren’s pussy as I continue slide out then back in hard and fast, showing no mercy for her tight asshole. After having cum so many times already tonight I thought I would last longer, but I was wrong, watching Lauren get her pussy eaten and being buried deep in my girlfriend’s ass was bringing me to the edge again already. I pulled out then slammed back into her ass one more time when the first shot of my cum shot into her ass, at the same Lauren started cumming on top of her, letting out a loud scream of pleasure. I continued to pound Rhiannon’s ass as I came deep in her bowels, shooting a total of 3 times, but I know it wasn’t much cum that I shot.

As Lauren finished cumming she collapsed on to Rhiannon, as I finished cumming I collapsed on top of both of them, my dick quickly softening in Rhiannon’s ass. It finally slipped out of her ass as I told Lauren to get up and off. I moved myself up and told Rhiannon to clean off my dick for me now. She looked up at and spit at me, I slapped her across the face and said, “don’t you ever spit at me you dirty bitch.” I grabbed my limp dick and told Lauren and Katie to her head still as I fed my cum covered dick into her mouth. She reluctantly gave in and opened her mouth taking my dick and sucking and licking it clean.

After she was done licking it clean I collapsed on the bed next to her totally exhausted as Katie and Lauren fell asleep on the floor.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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