My Girlfriend Gets what She Wants

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This is my first story! It’s based on me and my girlfriend, with slight alterations, both of us are over 18. Please feel free to comment and give me your opinion!


My girlfriend always gets what she wants in our relationship, which you would think gets annoying, but I like to look at the positives.

It was just a usual Saturday afternoon when she came by, we had been dating for almost two years now but still every time I saw her, my heart skipped a beat.

She was wearing a sundress, that reached just under her thighs, and a pair of sunglasses I got for her a few months back.

I was living in my student housing, it was a tiny flat, one bedroom, a small kitchen and connected to it a living room.

She jumped into my arms playfully and we hugged, she loves hugging, she’d find any excuse to hug me, she said she felt safe in my arms.

She smelt like lavender as she strolled past me into the house, and I already knew the meaning of this little visit, because when she jumped over the couch to lay down, I could tell she was wearing no panties under her dress.

I bit my lip and followed her inside, she motioned for me to lean down and give her a kiss, smiling her sweet smile up at me, her beautiful brown curls covering my couch now.

I do as she wants and lean down to kiss her lips softly, and as our lips meet I can taste how sweet her lipstick is, and how badly she wants me to have her.

See my girlfriend was not one for subtlety, she was very honest about what she wanted, and I was always happy to comply.

After our lips part from the soft kiss I sit down next to her and she quickly climbs onto my lap, sitting facing me with a little cheeky smirk, as she can already feel my bulge through my trousers, see I was not one for subtlety too I would say, my body gives away what canlı bahis I want as well.

I lean forward to lock our lips again, this time deeper, with more passion, a flurry of lips moving against one another quickly and hungrily, her thin waist grinding against my bulge to stimulate her, and I’m happy to push my waist up against hers.

My hands rest on her sides and hers wrap around my neck to deepen the kiss, our tongues starting to wrestle together while she lets out a tiny moan into the kiss, starting to grind harder against me, needing her stimulation.

My hands grab the fabric of the dress and pull it over her head, forcing us to stop the kiss only for a second, and she takes that chance to immediately take my shirt off as well, running her hands over my chest.

She was braless too, she came with only one intent into this house as I already knew and didn’t want to waste time with unhooking bras and taking off panties.

Her breasts were incredible, B cup she told me, but to me they were always bigger than that, when I suck on her pretty little nipples I didn’t care a damn about a cup size, I just knew how amazing it felt.

I slid my hands up her body to her breasts, cupping them softly at first before leaning up to kiss her again, while squeezing, fondeling and massaging her breasts in my hands, and as always it made her moan and whimper into the kiss.

I start traveling lower with my kisses,down her jawline, her neck and down to her breasts, taking one into my mouth, sucking on it softly, my tongue assaulting her nipple before I softly bite it, to elicit out a moan of my name from her, something that only made me suck harder on her teat, her nipple hardening in my mouth. Her other breast was not left out, it was handled by my free hand which was tweaking the nipple, pulling at it softly to harden bahis siteleri it, on the brink of pleasure and pain, getting it ready for my mouth as I switch between her globes, and leave a long lick in between them.

By this point she is driven by lust, dropping down to her knees in front of me and frantically tries to take off my belt, tugging down my trousers along with my boxers as well, all the way down to my ankles as my cock springs out in front of her face and she licks her lips, and in no time she grabs it by the base and starts licking around the tip for any drop of precum that may have come out, her brown eyes focusing the wonderstick in front of her before she takes it slowly into her mouth and looks up into my eyes instead, making gagging and moaning voices around my cock to send vibrations through my body.

I sit back and enjoy the sight of her gagging on my length, my hand softly grabbing her hair and forcing her down more, helping her stay down and around my cock, as she manages to get a few groans and moans from me as well.

Hell it was hard to resist, with her tongue working so enthusiastically around my cock, along with the feeling of hitting the back of her throat, and to add to that, the sweet sounds of her gagging, slurping and moaning, it took everything I had not to finish right there.

She slowly pulls up from my cock and starts licking around it, all the way down to my balls, then starts sucking on them softly while her hand grabs a hold of my length to stroke slowly.

When I feel like I can’t control it anymore I stand up and push her on the couch, she was on her knees with her big ass up in the air and I instead get on my knees to greet her wet little pussy with my tongue, which pushes into her deeply without warning, making her squeal a little, before making her moan, my tongue exploring bahis şirketleri her inner walls, pushing against her wet folds, her cries of pleasure muffled by her pushing her face into the pillows.

When I’ve tasted enough of her cunt I carefully stand back up, teasing her pussy lips with the tip of my cock, waiting for her to beg for me to push it inside her.

When I finish my tease I finally slide inside her love hole with a low moan of satisfaction, but it doesn’t last long before I start thrusting deep inside her, she pushes back against me too, wanting to feel me deeper inside her with her moans and cries getting only louder, making me thrust with more power, feeling my cock stretching her little pussy.

I place my hands on her plentiful ass, the sound of my waist hitting her ass with each thrust and the rattling of the couch could be heard across the flat.

She moans for me to go faster, harder, deeper, all of which I happily do, plunging my cock deep inside her with each forceful thrust, my balls hitting against her each time.

I grab a handful of her hair to pull back, just to let her feel dominated, my other hand moving down to her clit to rub, so her legs barely hold, shaking from the immense pleasure.

When she collapses down from her orgasm I flip her around and lay her down, carefully climbing over her and pushing my cock back where it belongs, locking our lips again while I push my length all the way into her tight hole, making us both moan in sync of pleasure of lust.

It feels like it goes on for ages before I feel my balls swell up and I have to pull out, and she, with impressing speed gets down on her knees, closes her eyes, and prepares for the rain of hot, white, sticky cum about to come down on her chest and face, and as it does she takes everything I had, wave after wave of hot white cum covering her chest and face, swallowing what landed in her mouth and licking her face she lays back down and looks up at me with her innocent smile, covered in my goo, knowing she got what she came here for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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