My Friend Jennie

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Working as a pharmacist in a chemist shop, I was constantly asked to apply my first-aid knowledge to minor cuts and bruises. Being trained in that field also meant the doctors surgery next door would often send people to me rather than going through the rigmarole of filling forms in and to keep down unnecessary costs to them. This practise over spilled to my home life also, often I found myself the first person advice was sort from before a doctor or hospital was needed to get involved.

This suited me as my house could get lonely sometimes what with my sons both moving on and the once large family house now being used as an unused place where kids could run around. Some of my close neighbours and friends in fact became so familiar with me that mostly I was able to treat more complicated ailments; often a phone call to my doctor would have me diagnosing and treating quite complicated procedures.

One family living just a few houses from me seemed to be here more than most. The mother was a one-parent person around my age, she had three children, all from different fathers and in the early days, the cold and their lack of heating meant that it seemed always one or more were coming around for something. Becoming friendly with the mother, she was often around here asking my advice as to where she had gone wrong. All still young teenagers the eldest daughter was pregnant and still at school, the son was involved with drugs and I was forever seeing police cars pulling up a their house.

Not wanting to interfere, I did help the youngest with her baby. A lovely little boy and I was simple glad when she would come around for some advice, warmth or have me baby-sit her boy while she went out alone.

The middle kid was a girl, beautifully attractive and knowing it, was clever enough to stay out of trouble most of the time. She would sit alone with me many nights also, expecting to go on to university she was interested in anything medical, so was always asking me questions. Helping her nightly with her studies, I was as pleased as her mother when she picked up enough grades to go on to university. Although a sad day for us all really, the eldest had already married and was on baby number three. The son had gone and was living in some down and out place in the middle of town. So, when Jennie left for university there was both happiness and tears from us all as she waved us goodbye from the train station.

I was still getting other friends around for help and Jennie’s mother was constantly around, usually just to tell me how her three kids were doing and especially Jennie who apparently was doing very well and was soon off to a medical college. Before that though and having three months off she did not do a great deal with herself. Daily she would come to me and this time I was able to learn from her as a lot had changed since I had last studied some twenty-five years ago now.

Growing into a lovely confident young woman, I was almost as proud as her mother must have been and needed to stare long and hard at my son as he met her here once and couldn’t keep his eyes of her. I was with someone at the time, although only casual but this particular evening she caught me as I was getting ready to go out. My date wasn’t anything to serious, a friend really although taking time to dress I did tell her that I would probably not be coming home until the morning.

Knowing that was the first time I thought something was strange as she never mentioned one thing about who he was or anything. It went as far in fact with her leaving rather abruptly and ignoring my son as though he didn’t exist. We had a laugh about it at the time as his confidence had just been knocked for six.

Her attitude did change though towards me and I tried hard to put a very awkward question to her mother. Going about it in a long way she was also aware that Jennie had never mentioned a boyfriend before. Telling me that it was strange also, her best friend at university although not achieving sufficient grades to go on to medical school was none the less going to live over near Jennie’s new address. We had both put two and two together at the same time, which made Kathy, Jennie’s mother very annoyed and wanted to go and confront her daughter. She had a wild temper and knowing how that confrontation would go I succeeded in calming her down. Although with Jennie doing all she could to avoid me, telling her mother to stay in my home I thought up a feeble excuse to go and confront Jennie around at her house.

Was it any of my business I thought to myself as I rung on her doorbell. Knowing she was in alone and able to see it was me at the door, it was the third time I rung on it before she came to answer it. Leaving the door open and without a word spoken she walked up to her room knowing I was going to follow her up. I had not been there for years, the last time she was young and the place was a mess. This time however it was decorated out beautifully, as we sat on her bed; I tried to ask her casino siteleri whether everything was ok with her. Shrugging her shoulders her mood was very subdued as I tried to get to the bottom of why she had gone into her shell.

At the same time, inviting her to a non-existent party with my boyfriend and my son I noticed a picture of a young women in a frame on her dressing table. Without answering me, I stood up, held the picture frame, and in silence waited to hear whether there was anything she wanted to tell me.

“Why are you here Pat, and where is mum?” She asked, her voice showing concern as she took the frame from my hands.

“She is around my place Jennie, she wanted to come and confront you; however I have told her to wait there.” Complete silence as I looked at her staring into the picture frame.

“Is she annoyed, are you annoyed Pat?”

“Your mum is fuming, however let’s go and see her to talk it over nicely.” I answered, my voice as calm as could be expected under the circumstances.

The poor girl seemed in shock as I cuddled her closely on the short walk to my house. Breaking down in tears, facing Kathy was the best thing that could have happened as her mother hugged her baby while I thought it better I leave them.

Some ten long minutes past, before I heard footsteps come down the hallway. Jennie was smiling, her eyes red and sore as she told me her mum was OK and wondered why I had left them both. Telling her I had made a pot of tea, we went back to the lounge where at least we were able to talk it over like civilised adults. Kathy hoped it was just a passing phase in her life. I told them that I did also, and when she gets to her medical school then things will change.

Still never close to Jennie again, I did become closer to her mother though. We were both alone together and so started spending nights out. All perfectly harmless, the odd occasion when some men would chat to us would often end quickly as I still had my occasional boyfriend for my fun and didn’t need to complicate things more. She had told me of her daughters split with that girl she was seeing, and although Kathy was full of sympathy to her daughter, she was however relieved it was over.

Over the coming months little was said of Jennie, she wasn’t keeping in contact with her mother as much and had the two of us worried. I didn’t show much concern, just shrugged it of telling Kathy that work does get very intense before the years end and so she is probably hard at work studying. Knowing I was telling a lie my eldest son who is also a junior doctor studied at the same school where Jennie was studying. Over conversation once with my sons I brought her up and told him of my concern for her.

My eldest boasted of knowing all the places the students went to in the evenings although when I mentioned that she might be frequenting the gay bars he did become very silent. Asking my other son whether he wanted to go looking for her, they both told me that they would go and find her for me. Darren knew what she looked like and so the following weekend I stayed by the phone hoping for a call from them.

Telling them I would be up all night, I sat rooted to the phone as the evening turned into morning but still the phone didn’t ring. I was asleep in my bed when finally it rung and my sons were both at a gay bar where they had seen her with a group of women. Tired, relieved though I was able to sleep peacefully knowing no harm had come to her. It wasn’t until the next day when my son came around and told me the facts that I really did get worried. The once beautiful Jennie was now completely different and my youngest told me that she was obviously into drugs as the place they found her in was a haven for it.

Feeling scared now I felt I had an obligation over her and without telling either of my sons or her mother I drove down the following night to that club. Alone, I was welcomed in and although it was early, I felt very uncomfortable as people from both sexes were eyeing me up and probably wondering what I was doing there alone. I didn’t care as I sat alone in a darkened corner looking at everyone coming in as the club slowly filled.

A group of loud women suddenly came walking in, they were dirty looking, some older than me and had obviously been drinking elsewhere earlier. In the middle was Jennie, her beauty still shining through, yet her nicely groomed hair looking matted and dirty and I had never seen her without her face made up in public. Smoking and laughing with the others my body was boiling over as I tried to refrain myself. A woman, dirty and older than me pulled her close and crudely planted a kiss on her lips. Even though Jennie responded, it hurt me to see it, so much so that I went into the group of them and physically pulled her from them.

She was somewhere else and didn’t even recognise me as she staggered and smiled into my eyes. Thinking I was with her party, she even tried to plant a kiss on my face as canlı casino I quickly pulled her face from mine. With jeers from her friends, I marched her from the club; she didn’t resist and was in no position to either as I took her out into the coldness of the cool night.

Taller than me she cuddled around my neck as I tried to walk in a straight line with her. Still not knowing who I was we finally came to rest at a deserted park bench. Sitting her down I wanted desperately to brush her hair and bring the beauty back into her looks yet as I touched her I was simply greeted with a submissive cuddle from her. I was dressed for the cold night Jennie had barely a skimpy tee shirt and jeans on though as I tried to wrap my topcoat around her for warmth. Whatever she had taken began to wear off, tired now she looked at me for the first time and was able to recognise who I was.

Looking around worriedly she asked what was I doing there. Assuring her, I was only there to help her and that her mother didn’t know, I saw her eyes fill with water as she cried uncontrollably on my shoulder. Knowing the pain she was suffering I was unable to control myself also as we cuddled up, without words we seemed to just feel so at ease together. I was shivering, Jennie must have been more so as we pulled ourselves up from the park bench and slowly she took me back to her flat.

It was a dirty place and while she slept, I cleaned it from top to bottom for her, silently and when she finally woke up, I was sitting by her bed exhausted having never closed my eyes all that night. She was a changed person, had fallen out of college with no way back, the past couple of months had found this group of friends that meant more to her than anything else. Telling me also that she was happy and that no way was she ever going home to her mother again.

That first night I stayed dirty but dressed as I slept alone on the couch while she stayed in her bed. Home wasn’t that far away and I could have gone there to get some changes of clothing. However, Jennie was penniless and so thought up an idea where we both get some new clothing together, that way at least I knew she would have some new stuff. It turned out to be a lovely day and it was nice to be able to get home to her place so as to try them on. After a much- needed bath, I felt good going back into the living room, clean and sporting a super soft towelling robe. She made me buy some exotic underwear sets for myself and felt embarrassed when she asked me to put them on. Even more so, when she handed them to me, before doing so she carefully picked out the gusset of the panties and planted a long kiss on them.

I didn’t realise how skimpy they were with the gusset almost cutting a parting to split my labia as I cheekily modelled them for her benefit. Seeing me topless and with a piece of nothing more than a satin string to hide my modesty changed the whole situation. Her voice changed from one of laughter to one of seriousness as she approached me. Making me a little nervous, I suddenly wondered what was happening as she knelt down before me. Before I could stop her, she had the backs of my legs in her grasp and pulled me towards her. Kissing the front of my panties, I could feel her lips on my sensitive pussy. It did feel nice, however reluctantly I had to stop her. Lifting her off her knees, I held her hands, kissed her but told her not to be foolish.

We stayed in that flat a while and each day I seemed to be able to make her feel increasingly confident in making the journey home. Nakedness by now was becoming common and at least I was safe in that she hadn’t made any more passes towards me.

Sleeping happily on the couch one evening though, I was suddenly awoken by laughter from Jennie. It felt very late and I was disappointed she had brought someone home with her. Up until then she seemed to be doing well, although not at college I thought I was reforming her and almost ready to take her home to her mother. Trying to cover my ears their talk was disgusting me and I got offended when she told her friend that I was just some do-gooder trying to put her back on the straight and narrow. Hearing Jennie’s friend giggle as she whispered something I couldn’t pick out, Jennie laughed and obviously referring to my sexual likes told her I was straight. Hearing them kissing the last recognisable sentence I heard from them was her friend telling Jennie that it was a shame.

Although pitch black in the room I could hear and imagine every noise and movement from them. Having been reading most of the night I too was in a very mellow state, which was heightened as I could hear and imagine the pair of them exciting each other. After Jennie had commented on my nakedness the other evening, I went out to buy just about the most sexless pack of pyjamas I could find. I had never worn leggings to bed yet felt they were appropriate and while she didn’t mind parading her nakedness around the flat she was soon to realise that I did.

I hadn’t kaçak casino a clue what they were doing, they were making love though as I could hear the sighs and murmurs from them. Quietly loosing the cord of my leggings, I slipped my hand down to cup my shaved pussy. My labia opened effortlessly while sliding a finger or two inside and hearing the pair of them, I was suddenly getting myself off to the sound of their sex. I believed by the noises around the room that I was the first to climax, in complete silence my mind must have been beyond there’s as I calmly brought myself off listening to her friend mainly, groan and moan to Jennie’s touches. They must have been quiet, as I had relaxed myself sufficiently to be able to sleep my way through their erotic tones.

It was later than normal when I woke up, after a few seconds I realised we had company though, so adjusting my pyjamas, warm, I threw the heavy duvet off me. Decently dressed for that time of the morning I was surprised that Jennie’s friend wasn’t with us. She had gone; Jennie’s money and bankcards had also disappeared with her friend, as I was speechless in trying to console her. Luckily for Jennie, her bankcards were useless anyway and the small amount of money missing made the pain of being duped much easier to bear for her. I gave her the money she had lost and although she wanted a telling off for being so gullible I was on her side all the while and never said anything bad about her choice of friends.

We got into the same rut as before, I wanted her to go home, and she was bordering on saying yes although meeting her friends changed everything. Again, she went down the same road, this time however even I needed to give up on her. I had lived at her place long enough without any success so leaving on good terms I told her that if she didn’t want her mother to know anything then I was always there for her.

Deep down she was a lovely kid and over the coming weeks, I missed her not being around me. Seems I am at my best only when helping others. It seems all my life I have helped others, my sons for instance and then her, now though my life was simple, going about its everyday routine.

Early one morning, still dark I was suddenly awoken by the blue flashing light of a police car in the street below. Being so close I was in the middle of putting my wrap on when there was a knock at the door. Frightened now, knowing it was the police, all manner of things flashed through my mind as I hurriedly went downstairs to answer the door. There standing at it was a WPC, leaning against a wall a very drunk, bedraggled Jennie. The police had found her walking the streets near her university and decided to bring her to the only address she would give rather than arrest her.

The poor love was in a state as the WPC tried in vain to give us a lecture with me worried about the state of her. Yes, yes, yes, was all I could say as I closed the door in her face with Jennie barely conscious, leaning on to me, her head buried quietly into my nape. Obviously still the worse for drink I didn’t want her in my living room; the spare room wasn’t made up so cautiously we went slowly up the stairs to my bedroom. Giggling and happy to herself I managed to get her on the bed, she needed a bath but I think she might have drowned that night, so with her helping me I discarded her filthy clothes. Naked, I swung her body around on to the bed and tried my hardest to make her comfortable before leaving her alone to sleep.

That and a few uncomfortable hours on my couch had me awake early and going about my business as usual knowing it would be hours before she woke up. Unable or unwilling more like I ordered some groceries to be delivered, knowing her liking for food I had a nice meal here waiting for whenever she awoke and was ready to eat.

In all the time I had known her she had never been upstairs in my house and wondered whether I should call out to her when hearing the floorboards creek, telling me she was awake. The room was littered with my belongings, with the walls covered with pictures of my boys and me, so I knew that when she became focused would realise what house she had slept in.

Hearing her come down the stairs I stayed seated in the settee expecting her to come in to me. She didn’t, as I heard the tap go on and cupboards opening as she was no doubt looking for a glass. It seemed ages as I looked over my shoulder a dozen times before I sensed her walk into the living room behind me. Completely naked, her body looked abused, her face painfully roar and swollen and without a single word of an explanation sat down in an armchair facing me.

Her filthy body, covered in tattoos and jewellery hanging from her navel and one of her boobs. Her body though as lovely as ever as she gave me an embarrassed greeting before dinking down the large glass of water. I stayed silent, never wanting to condone her ways, neither to tell her whether she had done wrong. I was glad she was back home though, even though she did not intend to let her mother know. Here at my house I did have some control though and would have put my foot down if things went wrong. Knowing everything was going to be fine, I went to the kitchen to prepare her favourite meal.

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