My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 10

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So the questions are: Am I out or not? Do I tell Denise what happened? Do I ever even call Jessica again? Am I a horrible person?

So not two days after the “almost kissing Jessica” debacle, Anna is over and my mom is telling her all about it. I was very embarrassed at first, but then Anna was so amazing and just made me feel so good about everything.

So later when my mom wasn’t around Anna confides in me and tells me that’s how she met Sydney. They were friends and Anna didn’t know if she was a lesbian and then she just makes a move and lucky for her, Sydney was. Of course come to find out she did this when she was dating my mom. I don’t think she planned on telling me that, but she screwed up and told me when it happened and I knew when her and my mom started dating so I pointed that out to her. So Anna just bites her lip and says, “Nothing really happened” or something and blows it off. I wasn’t sure what to think about that.

So later that night as I’m out in the back getting our pool ready for the year, I come back in through the house and I hear my mom talking to Anna about me. And she’s talking about my boobs and stuff. So I just stood around the corner and listened and I swear my mom is talking about how hot I am and how lucky Denise is, and how my mom bets Anna wishes that my mom was my age.

Of course Anna is completely denying it and saying how amazing my mom looks, and she really does, but my mom just keeps saying stuff like, “Yeah, but I bet if we weren’t dating you’d be all over Lucy.” So I’m thinking, did my mom over hear Anna talk about Sydney and she’s jealous, or what the hell else is going on here? That night my mom comes in my room and we talk for a long time and then she starts asking me all about what I think about Anna. So I’m thinking, wow, my mom must have been so excited about almost having a three-some with Denise and I, that now she is seriously considering doing a three-way with Anna and I.

I just told her that I thought Anna was great and that the two of them made a great couple. So she starts talking about sex with Anna and as she does she starts touching my chest. Next thing I know her hand is sliding down my shorts. We started kissing as she rubs my clit and occasionally slides her finger inside me. Then she starts telling me that she wants me to watch her have sex with Anna like she watched Denise and I make love. I of course tell her I’d like to. Wow that got her horny, cause soon my shorts are off and she’s licking my clit. Then after I climaxed, she starts fingering me again and it feels so good I start asking for more. She gave me so much more.

Holy shit, she just gave me every finger and I just spread my legs and took it all. I asked her if she ever put her whole hand in Anna and she told me no. I begged her to give it to me and she did. Shit, it was so much and she just kept pressing her hand in so deep. She just sent me over the edge, and I started moaning and saying all sorts of dirty things, one of which was that I wanted to do a three-some with her. That got her so horny. She just pounded my pussy so hard with her hand that I almost couldn’t take it. I was putting my hand on hers, but she just kept giving it to me harder and harder.

I told her I wanted to use the double dildo and she was happy to oblige. But before we did that, I sucked my juices off her hand. I don’t know why, but she put her hand in my mouth and I just started licking all my cum off of her hand. I sucked the fingers and licked the rest, and my mom said some pretty kicky shit. Most of which I can’t remember. I don’t know how long we used the dildo, but it was exhausting. I swear that is a great work out for your thighs when you’re both on all fours.

We slept together that night and I sucked her tits for so long. I just love her huge tits in my mouth and against my face. I could just lie on them every night.

So the next morning we showered together. I licked her ass as usual and I fingered it too. Then this time she licked my asshole and, I must admit it’s different, but good.

Anna came over again after she got off work and I was so horny I decided to flirt with her like I used to. I walked around in a bikini and I kept touching her when ever I’d talk to her and smiling a lot and lots of eye contact. She could tell I was flirting and she almost looked embarrassed. It was adorable. My mom seemed to be turned on by it, so I just kept it up all night.

I put on the sexiest tiny little tank top and just bağdat caddesi escort wore my underwear, when I came down stairs later to tell them both good night. Just like my mom had with Denise. They both checked me out. Then I knelt in front of them and told them both how happy I was for them. Then I gave my mom a kiss. I waited till I thought it was just a little longer than it should be and then I waited just a little bit longer. I actually got really wet doing that in front of Anna. Then I leaned over and kissed Anna goodnight too. I told them both I loved them and then hopped up to bed.

I had the best orgasm after that masturbating in bed. I pictured my mom’s tits in my face as Anna ate my pussy. I waited a while and then I thought I heard them, so I snuck out to the balcony and they were kissing down in the living room. They kissed and talked for a long time and I didn’t think they’d ever do anything, but finally my mom started sucking Anna’s breasts. Anna has perfect breasts. My mom sucked them for a while and then ended up going down on her. Anna was quiet, really quiet, but she did make the cutest little noise when she finally climaxed, and she pulled my mom off and they kissed. It was very hot.

Then my mom started fingering her. She was more gentle with Anna, and only used two fingers, but Anna seemed to love it. Then my mom asked her if she liked kissing me. I was almost numb when I heard Anna say yes. Anna was rubbing her own breasts and my mom asked her if she wanted to touch mine, and again Anna said yes.

Holy shit I felt my pussy getting so wet and almost tingly. It was weird. I started freaking out wondering if Anna wanted me or if it was just the sex talking. I knew I said things I didn’t always mean when I was horny, but I really liked the idea of Anna wanting me. She was this sexy older woman. Well she’s 27 anyway, and to me that seems older.

Anna then rubbed my mom’s clit while she kissed her and sucked her breasts until my mom climaxed. I went to bed after I watched them snuggle for a while. I almost masturbated again, but I was so tired I fell asleep.

The next morning I kissed my mom when I first saw her. Anna was in the kitchen and my mom was setting the table. Then I went into the kitchen and rubbed my hand across Anna’s lower back as I went by her to the fridge. She smiled and said good morning. Then I helped her with breakfast and occasionally would bump against her or graze my breast against her. It was very sexy.

Later that day when Anna came back the three of us all laid out topless. I loved watching Anna and my mom rub oil on each other’s backs, and I know they watched me as I rubbed my own chest with oil. As horny as I was I decided right then that I wasn’t going to cheat on Denise with Anna. It wasn’t fair to either of them, though I did suddenly have this strange desire to do things with my mom behind Anna’s back.

That night I made out with my mom while Anna showered at our house. Our oiled breasts were rubbing together as we kissed and it was hard for both of us to not just throw each other down and go at it. Once that night when Anna was busy I stuck my hand down the back of my mom’s shorts and slid a finger right in her pussy. Anna was looking at something and she had no clue.

When Anna left late that night I made love to my mom right in the front room of our house. I couldn’t wait to get her upstairs. I sat on her face and she licked me so good I had orgasmed in just a couple of minutes. Then we kissed and I tasted my cum and that got her really horny when I told her I liked it. We slept in her bed that night.

The next day I woke up with just the sickest feeling. I was not myself at work and that night I got up the courage to call Jessica and apologize. I didn’t really know what to apologize for, other than that I had tried to kiss her. She told me it was ok and we talked and I thanked her for not telling anyone. She even said she missed me as a friend. It was sweet, but I thought better than to ask her if she wanted to ever get together and she certainly didn’t offer.

Then I called Denise and asked her if I could come to her house this weekend. Amazingly she told me yes, but she made me promise to be on my best behavior and not to even hint that either of us were lesbians. I was ok with that because I now really understood how important it was for her to not have anyone know yet. The rest of the week I was just in a great mood. The bahçelievler escort next two days just drug by though and I never touched my mom, short of a kiss goodnight once.

I got lost twice on the way to Denise’s house. I blame her directions for one and my inability to follow directions for the other. I even had a print out. When I got there her family was all waiting for me. It was weird and fun at the same time. Plus I felt really nervous, like I was meeting my future in-laws or something. Her mom and dad are both very nice, though her dad seemed to compliment me to much and it sort of freaked me out. She has one sister, just a year younger and the cutest little brother, who is only ten. I really liked him.

We all ate dinner that night together around the table and laughed and joked a lot. They are so fun. Then all us kids and her mom played cards (Uno mostly) the rest of the night, while the dad watched TV.

I’ll have to admit that I think her sister is totally hot, and her mom would have been if she were ten years younger, though she still looked really good for her age. She’s quite a bit older than my mom. Either way I could see where Denise got her body from, and her sister, Lyndsey is equally blessed, though she looks more like her dad’s side of the family. Still very cute though.

I slept in the den on a pull-out sofa. I thought about sneaking into Denise’s room, but I remembered what she asked of me, so I was a good girl. The next day her mom and dad both made breakfast for all of us, and then Denise and I went driving around her town just so I could see where she grew up. It was fun.

Then we went on a bike ride and we stopped off on a side road and made out for a while. It was sort of wooded and we could hear if any cars were coming. It was very hot. That afternoon she got invited to go to a cookout, and so she took me. It was with a bunch of her friends and parents of several of them were there too. We played all sorts of games and I impressed Denise with my Volleyball skill. The boys I think just liked to watch us girls jump up and down, because they played like shit. I got hit on by nearly every guy there, I swear. Still they were polite about it and not jackasses at all. I just told them I was seeing someone. Denise winked at me once when I said it.

Denise introduced me to her best friend. She was sweet, and fun, but sort of hard to talk to, for me anyway. After the party Denise and I drove to a park and made out in Denise’s car. Denise was so nervous she’d get caught though that we didn’t do much or for very long, but it was nice to finally get to touch her again.

Her sister and dad were awake when we got home, but he went to bed as soon as we got there. I thought it was cute that he waited up for her. We sat up and talked with Lyndsey all about College and I found out she was going to our school next year. That sort of made me nervous because I wondered if she’d be around and we’d have to hide our relationship from her all the time, but I’m not going to worry about that now.

That night I masturbated in bed thinking about Denise and Lyndsey having sex together. I came so hard. The next day Denise and I went for a walk and we had sex in the woods. I bent over in front of her and grabbed my ankles and she ate me out as she knelt down behind me. It was so incredibly sexy. Then she leaned back against a tree as I sucked her huge tits and then I put my hand down her shirts and rubbed her clit until she climaxed. We kissed so passionately afterwards. When we were walking back we found a swing set at a small park and just sat on the swings and talked for ever.

I brought up how cute her sister was in a joking way, but she just made a joke back and that was all about her. We talked about having sex in the woods and she wished we had thought of it two days before. Then we talked about her friends and I mentioned that I had made a new friend, but then lost her. For some stupid reason I told Denise about Jessica and even told her about the kiss. She was pissed and hurt and cried and so did I. I wanted to hug her so bad, but she wouldn’t let me and I wasn’t sure if it was because we were in a public place or if it was because she was so mad at me.

We talked for so long and afterwards she said she was ok, but I still wasn’t sure. I asked her if we were ok, and she again said yes, but again I wasn’t sure. We didn’t talk much on the way home and she did a poor job of acting bahçeşehir escort like nothing had happened in front of her parents as I got ready to leave. And maybe it was just because I knew, because they didn’t seem to notice, or maybe they thought she was just sad because I was leaving.

I hugged her mom goodbye and Denise hugged me too, and I told her I’d call her, and I did that night when I got home. I told my mom everything that night and she held me while I cried a little bit. I was and still am very confused about my feelings for everyone. I had really liked Jessica. I do really love Denise, and then as always there’s my mom. Plus here I’m lusting after Anna and now Lyndsey a little. I am one messed up girl.

Monday night Denise called me and she apologized to me. I couldn’t believe it. She told me she couldn’t be mad at me for wanting to kiss Jessica, when Denise had kissed my mom back in January. I hadn’t really thought about that as her cheating on me since I had also been with my mom. But she had done it behind my back so technically she was right. I told her it didn’t excuse what I had done. She told me she wanted to meet Jessica. I told her that we didn’t do things together anymore. Then I wondered if she believed me.

Later on the phone Denise admitted that she still thought about sex with my mom and often thought of her when she masturbated. For some crazy reason it didn’t make me jealous. In fact as she talked about it I pictured the two of them naked together and my hand was soon down my shorts. I didn’t cum though, because we changed the subject soon enough.

We talked for another hour before she finally had to get off the phone. We were good and I was happy. Then, shocker, Nikki calls me (Remember that’s my roommate Alley’s friend from college). I was totally surprised. We talked for ever and then she asked if she could come up and hang out this weekend. I sort of wondered why, but I was very curious. Still I had made plans with Denise that weekend and I told her, but said she was still welcome to come. She told me that sounded great, but I didn’t think she sounded as excited as earlier on in the conversation. We talked for a while longer and then she suddenly remembers that this weekend isn’t good after all. Ok, so maybe I’m dreaming, but I’m thinking Nikki wants to be alone with me. That made me really horny, so I acted like I was really disappointed that I couldn’t see her.

The next day Anna comes over to swim in our pool after work. The three of us had a great time, and my mom kissed Anna a few times in the pool. They looked so cute together. I told Anna about Denise and I making love in the woods and she looked so horny. Then my mom takes off to the store and leaves Anna and me alone. At first we just talked about whatever, but then she brings up how my mom has been talking a lot about me to her. She even said it’s almost like my mom wants the two of us to have an affair. I was shocked and excited. Then she flat out asked me why I kissed her the other night in front of my mom. I told her it was because she kissed Denise just like that in front of me. Anna didn’t seem jealous as all.

Then I asked Anna why she thought my mom left the two of us alone. Anna didn’t say anything, but I have no idea why I did it, but I leaned over and kissed her. She didn’t hesitate at all. She kissed me back right away, and it was very sexy. Anna is a great kisser. She started telling me how beautiful I am and just kept kissing me and finally she started touching my breasts. Her hands felt so wonderful. She squeezed them and pulled my suit down and just attacked my nipple with her mouth. I could tell she had wanted me for sometime and I really wanted her too, but then I thought about Denise and I stopped her.

She looked shocked and so let down, but she was also understanding. Then suddenly she looked terrified and asked me if I was going to tell my mom. I told her I wouldn’t, but I wasn’t sure. I told her that Denise wanted my mom and that if they were to do something together than I wouldn’t feel bad about being with her. She got excited about that, and I was just a little bothered by how quickly she agreed to sharing my mom with someone else. Though I have to admit that it was also very cool to see how much she wanted me. I was just thinking I hope no one gets hurt from this.

Now the rest of that night after my mom got home I teased both of them behind the other’s back and I even grabbed Anna’s breasts when my mom wasn’t looking. I swear they’re the exact same size as mine. It’s like I’m grabbing my own.

I’m looking forward to this weekend, and I think I’ve made up my mind. And if everything works out I might just have sex with my mom in front of both of them. Who knows though? I might chicken out as always.

Wish me luck,


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