My First Time Being an Indian Sissy

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I was a 19 year old guy who was interested in sissy type of lifestyle. I was into being a sissy but I was also interested in girls. I was on an app for a few days. I hit up with a guy. Actually he was a man who had a family. We exchanged numbers and really hit it up. We had a sexy talk and had fun talking about his life. But we decided to move this sorta relationship forward. He invited me to his house as his wife and kids were going out to his village and he had to stay for a few days. So I was looking forward. We had not shared nudes as we wanted to stay safe from internet. So I was excited to go to his house. I bought some stuff from amazon extremely girly. I bought a bra and panties. I was very excited as it was my first time. I had photo of his face and i Imagined me riding him.

Alas, the day comes. I was a bit hesitant to go but i went. I was below his building when told me to wait for him down. I waited and he came. He was in shorts and a t shirt with a big bulge in his shorts. I got pumped antalya escort looking at him and his bulge. I saw his body and my adrenaline rose like hell. I was feeling like a bitch in heat. I was so excited to touch him but we were in public. He took me to his house. In elevator we did a bit of touching as there was no camera. He was standing next to me and slowly went in my pants and started touching my asshole and giving it a soft brush now and then. I was enjoying it. He came close to me after touching his beardy cheek and my soft cheek and said “I am going to melt you’. I was ravishing for his cock. I went in his shorts but as soon as I reached we had reached his floor.

We went inside and he started drawing his curtains close. Then he came to me with a coke and I started drinking it. After I drank it, he started touching my body. I was heating up for his cock. I took him to his room and made him lie down on his bed. I undressed for him and he stared at me like i am a god. I was enjoying lara escort the attention. I was completed naked by then and he pulled me to him. We started kissing. As it was my first time it was a bit weird but then I started enjoying it. It was fun really. Then i started undressing him. He started kissing and sucking my boobs. Ohh it was painful. But bared it. After that I got his cock and it turned out to be around 6 inch. Not that big but it was my first. I thought it would be bigger but eh. I slowly started sucking his cock. Very gently. Then I sucked around the tip of the cock. I circled around him and he enjoyed it. He was moaning so I did it more. Then he told me to come closer and i did and he started kissing me more. Ohh I loved it. Then I went back to sucking and he grabbed my head and choked me on his cock. I didn’t really feel like choking but yeah it was fun. And then I slowly started sucking his cock and the licked the part between the cock and the balls.

After side escort that sucking he got up and told me lie on the bed and put my feet in the air. He went and put Vaseline on his cock. I was feeling like a bitch which i was. I knew that my cherry was about to be popped. He came back and started spreading my ass. I felt a cold wind coming in my ass, as the A/C was on. He started put vaseline around my ass and then it all began. He started putting it in my ass. HE pushed it slowly and i felt a lot of pain at first. My ass was not accepting the cock. I then tried to open my ass using the muscles. And then it slowly went in fully. It was painful at first but then it turned into pleasure. He was pounding me with every inch of his cock. While i was laying with my legs up he started stroking my cock. I was in an ecstasy. Ohh the feel was unreal. I was feeling like a bitch in the heat He made me cum in like two minutes. I was loving the feel. Then as he was close he asked me whether he should cum in the ass or the face. I wanted to be breeded. SO I said in the ass. He put his cock deep in me and blasted his cum in my ass. I felt soo good.

After that we kissed and we showered together and then I left. One of the best times. Hope I have some more time together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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