My First M2M Experience Pt. 02

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…continued from my first submission

This is still a very true story of how I was slowly seduced by an older man when I was a bi curious college student.


After that night in his apartment when he spit on his hard cock while we watched porn, I couldn’t get my mind off of that image and what could have been. I also couldn’t wait to get back there alone and hope for a similar scene to emerge so I could finally take the plunge and let another man suck my cock.

Well, the good news was that I didn’t have to wait long since I think we both knew what was coming next. The following weekend, I found myself back in his apartment drinking with some other friends and just waiting for them to leave. When the last (unknowing) person left we were finally alone again and my heart was racing. Even as horny as I was, I was still very timid to jump right in. I needed him to guide us into the situation — and that he did.

Finally alone, he suggested a card game. I agreed, knowing that we’d place a wager on the outcome. It was a simple bet: the winner gets to pick the porn movie. My plan was to lose on purpose hoping he’d pick a gay movie. The first part worked and I lost pretty quick — maybe a little too obvious but I didn’t care, I needed to get my dick sucked by this man. I was already starting to get hard just with the anticipation of what was to come (cum). Unfortunately, he picked a straight movie as I guessed he didn’t want to scare me off again — understandable. He asked what I liked best with a girl and that he’d find a scene to accommodate me. This was a no brainer: put on a blowjob scene. “I love blowjobs!”

He fast-forwarded to a perfect side angle shot of a gorgeous brunette blowing a thick and throbbing cock. At this point I moved to sit on the bed while he sat in his chair about 10 feet away — both of us in full view of the other. I was now achingly hard and I could see the tent in his pants as well. We were both rubbing ourselves over our clothes. He then said “that’s antalya escort cheaters head.” I returned, “What is cheaters head?” He said, “when someone uses their hands to rub the cock while they suck on it. It’s cheating. It’s too easy to get the guy to cum that way.” I knew exactly where this was finally heading, so I asked “you mean, you can get a guy to cum without using your hands? Just using your mouth?” He said “Oh yea, I’m a master at sucking cock!”

At this point, I was about to explode in my pants but still needed him to make the first move. I was so hot and excited but still so nervous and shaking. Luckily, he knew what to do. On the screen another guy entered the scene and she was now blowing both men. Referring to the new guy in the movie, he said, “I’ll bet you’re about that size, aren’t you?” I hesitated a bit and just barely spit out “yea, I guess I’m about that size.” He was right, the guy on screen was just about matching my 7 inches with a thick mushroom head.

His next words ensured what was happening next. He simply said, “Let’s see it.” Oh fuck, I thought, this is it! So, I obliged and slowly undid my belt, then the button to my jeans and carefully, almost seductively, zipped them down. I opened the fly, shuffled them down my hips a bit, reached into my boxers, grabbed my throbbing cock and pulled it out. I was now fully hard and exposed in front of another man who, at this point, had done the same thing. We were now both in a dark apartment, watching porn, alone with each other and rubbing our hard cocks. I had to keep taking my hand away as I was dripping pre-cum and so close to just bursting with all of this pent up anticipation and the thoughts of how wrong this was — but how much I wanted it and had been waiting for it.

Then it happened. His next words changed my life forever as he said “bring it over here.” This time I did not hesitate a bit. I got up, dick in hand and slowly walked over to him. I walked right up to him as he was sitting in a chair lara escort with my hard cock pointing right at his face. Oh fuck, this is it. This is it! Slowly and deliberately reached out and for the first time in my life, another man was touching my hard cock. The first touch was electric as he then moved his fingers down my cock then back up to the tip and rubbed the pre-cum around the head of my cock with his fingers. Then he gripped the base of my cock firmly and started rubbing my up and down. He added his other hand and I was now receiving a full on hand job from this man. This was the best my cock has ever felt and I was getting so close to cumming as I looked down at the realization of what was happening.

Knowing what I wanted next and that I’ve gone this far and being so close to cumming but afraid to just ask for it, I said “you better stop or I’m going to cum. I’m gonna make a mess.” He got the hint pretty quick and he leaned his head forward and licked the tip of my cock. I moaned out, as this felt so fucking good. Sensing I might be really close, he gave me what I wanted. He wrapped his warm, wet mouth around my throbbing cock and took me in slowly. He didn’t just pounce on it and start gagging away, he took it in nice and slowly. He pulled back off and looked at it with hunger. Moving back in, he enveloped my cock with his mouth and started to expertly give me the, hands down, best fucking blowjob of my entire life — both up to that point and to this day. I don’t know if it was because this was the first blowjob I got from a man, or if this really was the best, but I could not contain myself. I gently placed my hands on his head urging him as he sucked me. I was coming out of my shell a bit as I got more and more into this intense pleasure I was receiving. I realized, I’d already gone past the point of no return and might as well enjoy it!

He kept pulling back off my cock, rubbing it a bit with his hands and then diving back in. I could tell he was enjoying side escort this (almost) as much as I was. I was trying so hard NOT to cum as I wanted to make this last, but it was too much for me. It was too intense of a moment and he was so damn good at this. No girl has ever enjoyed sucking my cock as this man was. He was doing things with his tongue that I, to this day, have not experienced again. He would go slow then fast then pull back as he sensed my inevitable release. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and had to let go….

Not knowing the proper etiquette for man on man oral sex, I wanted to do everything right so I could experience this again. I didn’t know how he would react when I started to cum but didn’t want to just let it go so I told him “oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum”, waiting for his reaction or for him to pull off, he just started sucking me deeper and harder. That was it, I knew he wanted it as much I wanted him to have it. I held it in as long as I could and finally let it go. I started cumming rope after rope of cum in this man’s mouth and he was taking it down his throat as fast it was flying out of my cock. He couldn’t get enough, which was even more of a turn-on than could’ve imagined. I’ve had girls swallow before, but never like this. When I was finally drained, my cock got really sensitive and I had to pull out of his mouth. I kept following my cock with his head wanting to fully clean me off but I had to pull back. It was too intense for me. I was completely drained as my cock started to slowly deflate.

Although, the realization of what I had done was setting in, I wasn’t as ashamed of myself as I thought I would be. I told him that he couldn’t tell anyone about this and that I’d never done anything like that before. He assured my secret was safe with him, as I started to pull my pants up and buckle my belt. He rubbed himself while I was getting ready to leave the scene of the “crime” but knowing full well that I’d be back very soon. I very often think about that one particular blowjob when I masturbate and when I do, I cum harder than usual. It’s still one of my all-time go-to memories. There were plenty more of those nights with this man as I was pretty much hooked right then and there.

More to cum……

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