My first flashing experience

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My first flashing experience
This is the first time I’m posting something up, so feel free to share your views on it..
This is something very true which happened a few weeks ago with me..
Me, along with a few of my family members and other relatives had been to our grandma’s place few weeks back.. It was like a get together kinda event… Most of the people from our family had got together there…
there were around 30 of us…
But let me tell you something about me first.. I’m a young k** who is crazily intrigued by the concept of sex and its fantasies and all that stuff.. I watch porn a lot, I masturbate almost everyday, even though I have tried to control it, I just haven’t been able to.. so I just get along with it..
coming back to the story, along with me and my cousins, there were my mom’s sisters and brothers, and even other elderly people there.. I don’t know if it is weird or something, but I have huge crush like thing on my 2 aunts, a lot of sexual thoughts pass through my mind when I see them… but I cant do anything about it, and end up pleasuring bahis siteleri myself in the shower thinking about them..
so, one day, I had gotten up early there and had bath and breakfast quite early than usual.. later in the morning, me and my cousins made plans of a short drive.. I was sitting there in my casual shorts and a tshirt.. as soon as the plan was finalised, everyone started getting ready, and all I had to do was change my shorts, into jeans.. there were only 2 huge rooms at that place, which had connected bathrooms… one room was completely occupied by the ladies, and the other room’s bathroom was used by men as well as women for bathing and stuff.. all my cousins got ready, but I still hadn’t changed into my jeans.. so, I quickly grab a pair of jeans, and rush into the room to change.. I noticed that one of my aunt was sleeping on the bed already there, and one of grandma’s sister was about to go have bath in the same room.. as I was getting late, I decided I will change my shorts in that room only.. so I go and stand behind this pillar so bedava bahis that my aunt (whom I didn’t have crush on) wouldn’t startle if she woke up while I’m changing.. but my grandma’s sister was about to go to have bath, and we could see each other well.. I went and close the door of the room.. just as I turned back, she had her back turned on me, and she was removing her blouse outside the bathroom door itself… I was shocked at first.. she took it off, and covered her boobs with her saree pallu…
and for god’s sake, I had an instant boner there, and from this moment onwards, I don’t even know what i was thinking, it was like I didn’t have control over myself anymore.. so this is what happened in the next few moments:
I took my shorts off there, standing near the pillar in the room, while she was folding her blouse and was about to go inside.. I started a conversation with her in that moment, while I was in my underwear.. I had my eyes locked on her eyes, but I could see her loose boobs and her dark nipple. I had a huge erection inside, bedava bonus and I decided to bring down my underwear.. now I was straight up flashing my dick to her, while talking to her, but even she was looking at my face, and not down at the thing.. I now start stroking my dick in front of her, still talking to her about some silly ass topic, and now I knew even she was trying to not look at it, but alas, she looks at it now, and she is staring at it..
this might have went on for about 2 minutes, where I was stroking my cock and she was looking at it.. I could even see her nipples now, so dark and tempting… But soon, I had to cover myself up, out on my jeans and get out, as my cousins were calling for me outside.. she had gone inside the bathroom by now..

to be honest, I never thought that I would get hard seeing an old lady’s boobs… but being the curious young teen with all these crazy things happening within me, many more things are to come ahead.. and this was my first flash to anyone..
And since this incident happened, I have been wondering what would it be like to flash to other people in the family, like my other grandma, or my other aunt (whom I’ll be visiting soon).
Reading all these i****t stories on this site is giving me chills guys…

Hope to share my other happenings soon

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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