My First CFNM Night Ch. 01

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I take one last trip around the block before I approach the heavy black metal doors of the club, surreptitiously glancing around to catch anyone who might see where I’m going. Pushing inwards, my anxiety skyrockets as I find myself in a dingy little vestibule with a coat check window and a set of double doors slightly ajar. Purple light and music pass through from the other side, beckoning and warning at the same time.

A short, curvy young lady in coat check raises her eyebrows at me, as if to silently question my presence.

“Um, uh, hi – ” I stammered out, “Is this uh, is this where—”

“Nuh huh sweetie, its in there – but you give me your money”. She leaned forward on the half door pushing her carmel-toned cleavage in my direction, looking curious, but unimpressed.

I pulled my wallet out of my back pocket and paused, as I heard raccous cheers and laughter from the other side of the double doors. I took out $50 and handed it to the girl.

“On your way then, just through there -” She motioned towards the purple light, and went back to her drink.

Every step I took brought me a mixture of dread and exhilaration. As I moved through the double doors and the room came into view, I knew there was no turning back.

Opposite my entrance was a group of 20 women, of different ages, shapes and backgrounds. They wore trendy dresses that flattered their bodies, and seemed in great spirits, chatting and drinking. One by one, they all seemed to look up at me, with smiles spreading across their faces.

“Wooooooooooohoooooo! Here he is!” One of them yelled from the back, before they all began to cheer and laugh. I feigned a polite grin, unsure of what to do next, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. A slender asian woman with sharp bangs, alsancak escort bayan and sharp eyes had approached me unseen, and had taken my arm.

“Welcome little boy, I’m Mistress Nadine – I’m the host of this evening. The rules are simple. You will strip naked for the women in this room, and not dress until you leave, you may respect the women here as if they are your queens, but you do not have to participate in any activity you do not feel comfortable with, understood?”

I could barely form words. “Uh, yes… Mistress”

“Mmm, good boy,” she purred “Now, we’re doing something a little different tonight, as a first timer it shouldn’t make any difference to you of course – but, instead of having you choose your armband to indicate your level of service, we’re just going to have you submit to questions from the gallery here, and then be granted the appropriate colour, now how does that sound?”

I had concentrated on every word out of Mistress Nadine’s red lips, but was shyly glancing over at the ladies who had momentarily gone back to chatting amongst themselves while waiting for me to take their attention.

“Um, uh – that’s great. Uh, Mistress. So Do I—?” I nodded my head to the middle of the room where it seemed the lights had been pointed at. My heart was in my throat, and I couldn’t believe I was about to strip naked and submit to a room full of women I didn’t know. Though I suppose, women I didn’t know were better than showing my cock and balls to ladies who knew me in real life. Agggh. This was intense.

“Yes Boy,” Mistress Nadine now hissed at me. “You’re number 6 tonight, and as soon as you’re naked, you will bring me your clothes and put them in this bag, where they will be returned escort alsancak to you by the end of the night, understood?”

I nodded. Then walked to the centre of the room, as the chit chat hushed, and all eyes fell upon me.

“C’mon you little bitch boy, show us your cock!” They roared and clapped at this, beginning to cheer me on and tease. I removed my jacket, looking around for a place to lay it, before realizing – everything was just going on the floor for the time being.

I unzipped my sweater, and added to the pile, feeling more and more aware of my surroundings, and the women eying me.

Weirdly, some sort of logic seemed to take hold as the wolf whistles increased, and I opted to remove my shoes and socks. I reasoned, that I’d look stupid stark naked with black socks on, wouldn’t i? Fuck me. I’m going to be standing here naked.

With the clapping and good spirits, I felt a bit more emboldened. I WAS going to do this after all. This was going to be great. I had a half smile on my face as I tore off my t-shirt and flung it at the ladies, a move that I quickly learned wasn’t that respectful.

“Boooooooo!” “who the fuck does this boy think he is?!””Some tiny ass white boy is gonna get a whuppin’ tonight!” “That ass is mine”

Reduced to a non-speaking object, I didn’t know how to apologize, my eyes darted around the room looking for a way to act contrite. That was the first time that I had noticed the other men.

Three of the men were at least a decade or two older than me, stockier, hairier, with thick cocks and unruly bushes, a tall well muscled fellow with dark black skin and a slender uncut penis stood beside Mistress Nadine wearing leather gauntlets on his wrists looking displeased. alsancak escort bayan On the other side of the room, looking sheepish and cold was a tall skinny young guy wearing glasses, with an awkward patch of hair between his nipples, a furry belly and shaven privates. Off to the side was another young looking guy with muscles, tattoos, and perfectly manscaped genitals, which were leashed and being held by a curvy redheaded spitfire with cruel intent in her eyes. Being reminded I was just one of a handful of naked men in front of all these ladies, brought me down to earth.


Snapping out of my haze, I’d realized that i had absentmindedly unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. I lifted one leg, and then the other to pull my pants clear off – leaving myself in a pair of tight black boxer briefs in front of a room full of shouting and jeering women.

“TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF” became the deafening chant, and I began to crumble a bit. In high school, I never showered with other men. I avoided it at the gym, and had only ever been naked in front of my 3 past girlfriends, and my doctor. And here I was, about to not only reveal myself to a room full of strangers, but to basically admit that I was a gigantic pervert who had fantasized and masturbated to the idea of being naked and submissive to women. But that was just it, I had indeed gotten myself off more than a few times to CFNM and femdom porn, imagined myself submitting to a woman, and on a couple occasions even a guy. It got me hard all the time, and here I was, finally breaking the boundary from fantasy to reality.

Standing in the purple light, with a room of people calling for my dick, my feet on the cold tile, and nothing but a cotton pair of underwear separating me from pure submission, I was about to take the biggest risk in my life.

I looked up at the women and the men, hooked my thumbs in the elastic waistband of my shorts, and slowly pulled them off across my thighs, and over my feet, kicking them to the side, standing up straight, exposed for all to see.

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