my favorite school day

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school has always been boring to me. i am a 13 year old boy who has just changed schools and is adjusting to his new one. on the first day of school he relized that the girls in his class were hot including some teachers. his fantasy witch is about to become reality is to have sex with his teacher annamaria and a student alexa. annamaria is a very good looking young lady she is 25 years old avarge size titts but an ass you couls not get out of your mind.alexa was very well developed for her age she was 13 but had the breast of a pornstar. about a week into the school year we both got detention. and it was annamaria who was watching over us. we had alot of time in our hands so when annamaria left the room alexa and i started talking. “your cute” alexa said i did not know that she had a reputation of being the school slut “so are you” i replied. “go lock the door i have a surprise for you” said alexa. without hesitaion i ran to the door and locked it thinking that i will get laid right there and then. when i got back her legs were spread shownig her sweet pussy through her miniskirt and her big buetiful breasts exposed. she started to finger herself and then she told me “you have two choises 1 stand there and materbate or you can come over here and let canlı bahis me suck your dick.” being the horney little teen i am i took off my pants and showed her my dick which was rock hard by now. she got on her knees and strarted to blow me.

little that i knew the webcams on the computer were on recording everything but i continued but as she was blowing me i was about to shoot my load inher mouth and i relized she was about to cum to i grabbed her head and started cumming all over her mouth and she swolled evrything. “your turn “she said as she got on the teachers desk and spread her legs. i went over there and started to eat her out. i was licking her clit and humming on it she was very quick to cum as she was getting close to cum while she was sucking me off she cummed in my mouth and then we made out for a couple of minutes. afterwards she laid down on the floor and i was titty fucking her as soon as i insertes it it loked like my dick was lost. evry thrust i gave she licked the tip on my cock resulting in me cumming all over her tits.”enough playing around fuck me now.” i inseted my dick in her wet vagina as i inserted she was moaning loud enough for the school to hear “ohh my god your so big” she screamed .” i own this pussy now bitch”i screamed.”its bahis siteleri your pussy pound the shit out of it ohh im cumming fuck me fuck me fuck me!!!!!”. i cummed and as she felt me flooding her pussy with my cumm she had a series of orgams.

at that moment annamaria came in the room that she had unlocked with her keys. we didnt here her come in over the sound of my dick punding alexa and alexa moaning. “what are you doing” she asked. we were speachless. “wat cat got your tounge or is it still in alexas pussy”. annamaria said. now as punnishemnt you have to fuck me and fit that big hard cock of yours in my ass. i smiled as annamaria pulled out a vibrator and threw it at alexa “entertain yourself” she said. “no he was fucking me first let him finish what he started. “shut up you little bitch and go play with the vibrator”. i spread her ass open and saw her ass was not a virgin. there was yearss of pounding in that huge ass. i inseterd my dick in her ass and started to fuck her. “fuck me harder” annamaria said. she started to finger her clit and the alexa came and got on top of annamarias face. “if hes not going to fuck me you will”. said alexa. “ok”said annamaria.
as she started to eat out alexa i started to cum harder then ever before. bahis şirketleri i guess it was some thing about a women eacting out a 13 year old that got me hard.when i was finnished i moved to her pussy and was putting the shit out of it. she could not eat out alexa after all the orgasms i had her going through.”oh my god oh my god oh my god i have never cummed likeed this before”. annamaria said. her pussy exploded as she cummed oon me and every were else i went to her mouht and she stared deep throating. and within seconds i came in her mouth. then she made out with alexa. w walked behind alexa and started to fuck her virgin asshole she was screamimg in pain but within seconeds those screams of pain were replaced by maons of pleasure as she qucikly cummed in annamarias mouth and she swolled every single load she coluld get . i pulled out and went to annamaria to let her suck my dick.”i want to drink your cum”alexa told annamaria as she moved to her wet pussy and ate her. my balls were about drained from all the fucking i had that day.

so i cummed the last drops in her mouth and looked at them tounge fucking each other. annamaria quickly cummed and alexa drank every drop. when they were done we looked at the clock and we relized detetion was over and so was the recording of me fuckin the two hottest looking people in the school. so we made out 1 last time and left waiting for the next school day

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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